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( Sid and crowd shot from the Pistols concert at Dallas, jan '78 )

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PASTICHE . . . boston punk band who began in '76

LOOSE HEART . . unreleased tracks from '76 by this French punk band . . <> METAL URBAIN . . . French punk late 70s . . .

JT IV . . . .late 70s - early 80s Chicago punkster

The SUBTERRANEANS rare new wave styled pop single of '80 featuring Nick Kent and Rat Scabies...

The KLITZ ( all girl new wave band ), TYRANNA ( Canadian punk band w / girl singer ), also PISTOL WHIP, and DEAD's HEAD also reviewed below in the no hit wonders section. . .

ZANE....from '76.....see Swedish section below...

also the HUMANIST ADVENT CONCEPT, also from '76....

again the bands are in no particular order... *************************************************


the FAST

teenage-glitter-punk! from n.y., from the mid 70's, we have 3 songs, 2 from MAX's KANSAS city compilation '76, 'WOW,POW,BASH,CRASH' is an incredible release of teen angst, reminds us a bit of the ARROWS(see page 4), 'boys will be boys' sounds a bit like SPARKS, and 'kids just wanna' was another great pop-punk song that helped to usher in the new-wave...with lyrics such as 'kids on the west coast , in rome and france, kids just wanna dance, great keyboard sound, one member used to style the hair for members of the RAMONES and BLONDIE.........their rare video collection features one Donna Destri, sister of Jimmy,.......the MARBLES featured on the n.y. video BLANK GENERATION were also part of the scene who had a 60's punk sound in the mid 70's! ....here is a great FAST website - http://members.nbci.com/fasthomepage/about.html


,screaming vocals, keyboard explosions, nothing else on the planet sounded like this n.y. duo, who debut was in '77, highly recommended if you want to annoy your neighbors, the lp has some great songs like 'ROCKET U.S.A., and good slow songs also like 'cheree' and 'remember', but the 10 minute live 'ROCKET U.S.A' on MAX's KANSAS city 2nd comp is an incredible buildup of energy and really sounds like a rocket blasting off......*,this has to be heard to relive the expierence,

and 'FRANKIE TEARDROP' is another musical GREAT freakout that sounds like no other band around at the time... REV MARTIN and ALAN VEGA went onto to release more albums in the early 80's, good stuff that can be compared to GARY NUMAN and RICHARD STRANGE (see above), amongst the highlights of the 2nd suicide lp in 80' are 'diamonds, fur coat, champagne' 'harlem',' be-bop kid', and 'shadazz', good pieces of electronic new wave music, but nothing compares to their early days, nothing....the MAX'S comp. of '76 also features the GREAT band PERE UBU doing an incredible early experimental punk tune called 'FINAL SOLUTION' !


we have a section for this band on page 1 allready, here are the reviews for demos from their cd, ......... the demos begin with an unreleased song called 'DOCTORS of MADNESS' good punk tune along the lines of the DAMNED, featuring BLITZ's great violin attack ! next is an acoustic version of 'mitzi's cure' which blends into an acoustic version of 'I THINK WERE ALONE NOW'.....the latter features an EXCELLENT organ in the background, accompanying the guitar....next is an acoustic version of 'B-MOVIE BEDTIME' with strong guitar playing......these 3 tunes cover a similiar territory as LOU REED's 'BERLIN' lp, and CALE's acoustic work, great songs to listen thru the night,

afterwards comes an EXCELLENT LIVE version of 'MARIE and JOE', kid strange begins by saying the lyrics might as well be about SID and NANCY......the vocals along with the music on this song makes this one the real standout, the idea of having the band sing along on this tune with the audience cheering sounds perfect ! even better than the lp version....and the closing 'WHO CRIES FOR ME' with FUTURISTIC 3-D guitar sound ,is the icing on the cake, these songs were from their last show in '78, and the latter one would surface on his solo lp about 3 years later, these live versions are FAR BETTER than the studio versions........u can find this cd on the OZIT label in the u.k. ....... 3 sites on the DOCTORS, and KID STRANGE http://www.doorag.f9.co.uk/doctorsofmadness/ http://stage.vitaminic.co.uk/happiness/ http://www.btinternet.com/~mcaves/madness/


according to TROUSERPRESS magazine the ONLY ONES 'ANOTHER GIRL, ANOTHER PLANET' combines the sounds of HARLEY,REED, and FERRY, into a pop-punk song, and what a song it is, probably one of the best of '78, we have the ONLY ONES compilation 'special view' and it's packed full of hits!...such as 'peter and the pets' and 'from here to eternity', SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT and 'the whole of the law' later covered by YOLETANGO

.......... singer PERRETT was in a band in the mid 70's called ENGLAND's GLORY, (see page 4) in '79 2 members of the ONLY ONES went onto join MR.JOHNNY THUNDERS for his lp 'SO ALONE' an all-star lineup featuring; SEX PISTOLS-STEVE JONES and PAUL COOK, PHIL LYNOTT of THIN LIZZY, CHRISSIE HYNDE, and PATTI PALLADIN on backup vocals, this is one of the best lp's on this idiot site.....here is a site on PETER PERRETT - http://www.sierrabravo.co.uk/perrett

the DOGS

allthough quite a few bands have used this name, these are the early l.a. punks , originally rom detriot i believe, who moved to n.y where they found a more sympathetic audience, the DOGS started out with the SUPERB 'younger point of view' in '76 which we acquired from the RHINO comp. 'D.i.Y. l.a. punk', , EXCELLENT early punk single, their singles are extremely rare to come by these days, they had a 3 song 45 in 77 ; 'CHARLIE WAS A GOOD BOY', '19' and 'my way' (EDDIE COCHRAN cover ...3 GREAT songs either from , strong STOOGES influence, they really rip it up!!! i wonder how their single 'teen slime' sounds?...


opening for the SEX PISTOLS on their legendary jan 14, 78, the AVENGERS were according to trouserpress records a national asset...fronted by lovely PENELOPE HOUSTON they put out a 4 song ep in 78 produced by STEVE JONES, great songs like 'the amerikan in me' 'uh-oh', and the incredible 'CORPUS CHRISTI'!!! ranting about the judgement day and america's political consciouness, ha! other songs like 'we are the one' showed them getting stronger, the AVENGERS released an album of their singles and PENELOPE went on to release some folk music in the 80's , however as recent as oct. 99, she got together with 1 former member and regrouped as the scAVENGERS and played in hollywood...


led by FAY FIFE and EUGENE REYNOLDS... new-wave space pop/punk similiar to the early BF2's , but the sound is more punk..i think 'my baby dOes good sculptres' was one of their first singles , really campy that one , they had a great lp in 78, and then released a live lp which featured a cover of SWEET's 'ballroom blitz'!, in the early 80's i think 1 or 2 members left and they had a super lp called REV UP ! with songs like 'motorbike beat' 'johnny come back' and a cover of 'the hippy hippy shake' and a rewrite of the ROCKATEENS trash hit 'woo hoo' , retitled as 'YEAH, YEAH,......... very plastic and very entertaining all the way through!...highly reccommended... http://www.revillos.co.uk

PUNK GALS section *********************

Well there are so many SUPERB female musicians who fronted punk bands in the late 70's however commercially only a few had large commercial success, the most commercially successful in the late 70's and early 80's were DEBBIE HARRY of BLONDIE, PATTI SMITH of THE PATTI SMITH GROUP, CHRISSIE HYNDE of the PRETENDERS, KATE and CINDY of the BF2's,...and EXENE CERVENKA of X,( see l.a. punk below), and the GO-GO's.....

most punk gals were in bands backed by guys such as the wonderful AVENGERS (see above) with PENELOPE HOUSTON, and the REVILLOS with FAY FIFE and another gal,(see above) and POLY STYRENE of X-RAY SPECS, other great bands featured GAYE ADVERT of the ADVERTS, PAULINE of PENETRATION, BETTE BRIGHT of DEAF SCHOOL (see below), JENNIFER MIRO of the NUNS LENE LOVICH and NINA HAGEN both had successful solo careers, as did SIOUXSIE of the BANSHEES,

and as far as all girl bands, there were a few who made GREAT records such as the RAINCOATS, and the SLITS (singer ARI-UP's mother married mr. ROTTEN)... and some bands whose music we have never heard are KLEENEX, MODETTES, CASTRATORS, and SNATCH featuring PATTI PALLADIN and JUDY NYLON, well there are quite a few more, we could list songs by all these gals, but it would take too much time as there are sites you can go to, as for the songs they have done are AS GOOD AS their male counterparts, so just take our word for it...and for some real 60's amatuer punk try the SHAGGS...or the PLEASURE SEEKERS...for a great site on 70's girl punk try http://comnet.ca/~rina/ also typical girls is really good , they have a great discography on girls in the underground '75-80 - http://www.sextant.nu/typicalgirls/ *************************************

back to the guys *************************************


one of the greatest bands to come from Ireland , the UNDERTONES led by singer FEARGAL SHARKEY, put out some GREAT lp's in the late 70's, they opened shows for the CLASH, and developed a cult following in the punk circuit...released an ep entitled 'teenage kicks' in '78, and put out a GEM of an lp in '79...the lp is similiar to RAMONES style music and shows influence of 60's pop, and 70's glam rock, the lp starts off with a bang ;'family entertainment', and a few songs later comes the N.Y. DOLLS influenced'TEENAGE KICKS', pop-punk at it's best, every song is entertaining, 'here comes the summer', 'jimmy, jimmy' (hit single), all the way to the closing 'CASBAH ROCK' !...a must have for punk fans...2 more SUPERB lp's followed, then a fourth somewhat uneven lp came along......


known as the english RAMONES their first single was 'we vibrate' from 76, they did a song or 2 with CHRIS SPEDDING (see page 4) before recording their first lp..., 'POGO DANCING' is a classic punk tune, helped to usher in the surge of bands, and the b-side 'the pose' was a decent tune abounding with a new sound, SPEDDING played and sang on both tunes their debut lp from 77 is super! many great pop-punk tunes throughout the lp; 'into the future' !'sweet,sweet heart', 'babybaby'* 'she's bringing you down' and 'whips and furs', they had a second lp called -v2-, and they too recently reformed and played.....

the BOYS

formed by ANDREW MATHESON and CASINO STEELE of the HOLLYWOOD BRATS (see page 4) the BOYS combined punk and pop music in a similiar way the RAMONES did, only poppier with less angst, 'i don't care' was the first single, and an lp followed in '77, and they supported JOHN CALE on tour in '77,....... we have the 2nd lp, 'alternative chartbusters','78, it's full of punk-pop gems such as 'BRICKFIELD NIGHTS', 'tcp', 'classified suzie', and even a cover of sway' 'independent girl' was a good tune they did in '78, and they did an EXCELLENT song called 'YOU CAN'T HURT A MEMORY', which sounds like a cross between JOHNNY THUNDERS and JOHN LENNON... really.....they released several lp's, into the early 80's.


From l.a.'s early punk scene, the WIERDOS started out with the excellent STOOGES-like 'LIFE of CRIME' in '77, they had an anthem with 'WE GOT THE NEUTRON BOMB'! and went on to release more singles throughout the late 70's and early 80's with a CLASH-like sound, like; 'fort usa' and 'happy people'...they are now looked upon as legends of the l.a. punk underground....look for their hits comp.


led by JIMMY PURSEY this band began in 77 with a 3 song ep with great tunes, 'i don't wanna' ! 'london', and 'ulster', showcasing defiant lyrics with a strong punk attack...their lp released in '78 is half studio, and half live, and it's a punk classic, full of political hatred of the system , and supporting the working class, 'tell us the truth' and the experimental 'it's never too late' are the standouts on the first side , while the second side has some of the greatest audience participation ever heard on vinyl ! soccer hooligans sing along to SHAM's best songs of the day like RIP OFF !, 'george davis is innocent'

and the super charged punk rock classic 'BORSTAL BREAKOUT' ! and an ep released in '78 features the anthem 'IF THE KIDS ARE UNITED' !...also features the great punk tune 'hurry up harry'...they would go onto release quite a few more lp's , some good , some have songs that begin to sound alike, and they experimented on one lp with synthesizers...SHAM 69 were a great asset of the working class....


arguably one of the best punk bands of the 80's, the EXPLOITED led by vocalist WATTIE BUCHAN, would see lots of musicians come and go, as the years went on.......they began with a SUPER debut 'PUNKS NOT DEAD' , '81, from the title track, to songs that put down the army like 'army life' to their own army song 'exploited barmy army' the band had developed a large underground following, other highlights on the lp are the campy 'sex and violence', and 'I BELIEVE IN ANARCHY' an homage to their forefathers such as the SEX PISTOLS.......

their early lp's are recommended, such as the crudely recorded 'LET'S START A WAR'........where they sang 'let's start a war said maggie one day' refering to ms. thatcher, amongst the highlights are 'pyscho' where they ask 'what does it mean' ? 'god saved the queen', and 'another day to go nowhere', fast paced and entertaining all the way are how one can descibe these lp's, they released several more lp's in the 80's, and this is a band who put lots of emphasis on their political lyrics, love 'em for it.......the band G.B.H. had some strong songs in their day as well, try the lp from '83, 'city baby's revenge'...


...well we've listed our 2 of our favorite l.a. punk bands above the DOGS, and the WIERDOS, X fronted by the lovely EXENE were probably the most successful of the l.a. punk bands, who had many great lp's and tunes such as 'white girl', 'los angeles', and 'we're desperate, which is the title track of the Rhino l.a. punk comp. that came out a few years back...aside from these bands the comp. also features the POP's 'down on the boulevard' from 76, which shows a band in transition from glitter to new wave,... the MOTELS 'counting' from 77 is a superb pop song,

GERMS had quite a few hits, we love 'forming' the ZEROS (from san diego) had some glitter-tinged punk raves like 'don't push me around'...and the LAST had an EXCELLENT tune called 'SHE DON'T KNOW WHY I'M HERE' '77, which sounds like a melding of 60's pysch and 70's punk,... allthough not on the lp some other bands who contributed to the l.a. underground are ,THE BAGS, and the CHIEFS.....and close by in orange county the CIRCLE JERKS made a lot of great niose, our favorite is their 45 called 'JERKS ON 45' , a famous medley of 70's pop tunes...'close to you' , 'afternoon delight' etc. !! look for this 45......the SCREAMERS were the best see pages 7, and 19 for reviews....


'I'M GOING STEADY WITH TWIGGY'.....EXCELLENT SONG ! performance is from 12-6-77......the frantic sound and musical sounds reminded us of SUICIDE.......TOMATO was in some glitter bands also, starting with the COCKETTES, ZE WHIZ KIDS, SLAVES of RYTHM , in '74 in ny, and then the TUPPERWARES, before becoming the SCREAMERS....GREAT SITE - http://www.synthpunk.org./screamers/....... member K.K. BARRETT was in an early experimental punk band in oklahoma called DEBRIS, in '76 they released an lp called 'STATIC DISPOSAL'......go to allmusic.com to read more.............:) or see our pages 7, and 19 full of video and demo reviews :)


boston was a breeding ground in the late 70's for lots of new wave and punk acts, the most musically successful were THE MODERN LOVERS, and probably the REAL KIDS, both are reviewed on this page.....rhino put out a great punk comp called 'MASS AVE' D.I.Y. 75-83....... 'mass ave' '75 is the leadoff track from WILLIE ALEXANDER, but it's really a STONES-glitterrock-type song, ....the NERVOUS EATERS had a fine power-pop song in '76 called 'loretta'.......UNATURAL AXE's 'they saved hitler's brain' has a campy intro, before the blitzkrieg kicks in....(more info on this band on the - break my face - link below) and 'BETTER OFF DEAD' from LA PESTE is definetely one of the best punk singles to come out of this town in '78, this one is super-charged ! the NEIGHBORHOODS 'no place like home' is a good power pop tune, and

HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE had a big hit with 'jackie onassis'...................MISSION OF BURMA's 'thats when i reach for my revolver' is very good mid tempo punk, the LYRES 'i want to help you ann' has some garage-pysch type guitar flashing, the ATLANTICS 'lonelyhearts' has that late 70's new-wave power-pop sound....... the DEL FUEGOS had a good song in here, kinda rockabilly, and the closing band the OUTLETS 'KNOCK ME DOWN' is pure power-pop-PUNK, great RAMONES-type rocker with GREAT vocal harmonies.......this comp. is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...


the nation's capital had some great hardcore/punk bands, some well known , while others were known only to some locals.......the most famous was probably MINOR THREAT, led by IAN MACKAYE, this band had a large local following in the early 80's, their '83 lp is a great one to start with, full of short super-charged songs that are filled with punk rage, amongst the highlights are 'I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT', 'seeing red', 'in my eyes', and the closing cover 'STEPPING STONE', the band inspired many youngters to develop interest in the local scene, then they broke up, cause they did not want to become too big,

BAD BRAINS was a group of 4 reggae musicians who were inspired by bands like the PISTOLS, they too had a large local following, and had a great debut in '82, with their now famous single 'PAY TO CUM', the lp has some hardcore tunes mixed in with reggae, and 3 years later they hit big with an lp called 'I to I'......... GOVERNMENT ISSUE was another strong hardcore band, their '84 lp has lots of good tunes such as '4 walls' and 'TIME TO ESCAPE' , ......SCREAM had a good hardcore debut in '84 with such songs as 'FIGHT/AMERICAN JUSTICE, the acoustical 'laissez faire', and 'u suck a/were fed up' , and BLACK MARKET BABY was another band around in the early-mid 80's who developed a good size local following as well....


from boston, one member lived in the same neighborhood as JONATHAN RICHMAN as a kid, the REAL KIDS debut in 78 is PACKED with real solid gold all the way with should-have-been-hits! A POWER POP MASTERPIECE like; 'ALL KINDSA GIRLS', 'BETTER BE GOOD', 'just like darts', a punk cover of BUDDY HOLLY's 'rave on' and the closing reggae,reggae', the sound draws from the RAMONES and STONES, with very tight playing, they went onto to release other great lp's...highly reccommended...


GLEN MATLOCK from the PISTOLS teamed up with MIDGE URE of SLIK and PVC2, STEVE NEW and some other guy and released this punk/power pop classic, many great songs, , 'marching men ' 'ghosts of princes in towers', and 'rich kids' are among many highlights of this brilliant and often overlooked lp... in 78 GLEN joined SID, STEVE NEW, and 1 other musician in a band called 'vicious white kids', the concert was documented on SID VICIOUS 'live at the electric ballroom'...great lp, but he turns in a better perfromance on 'SID SINGS' with JERRY NOLAN and the IDOLS...MATLOCK was later in a band called SPECTRES who had a nice pop tune called 'stories' available from the 'AFTER THE ANARCHY collection, which has lots of the post PISTOLS output....why were the LIGHTNING RAIDERS not on there ?


Punk pioneer RICHARD HELL was a big part of punk's early days... in the early 70's he was in a band with TELEVISION's TOM VERLAINE, in a band called NEON BOYS...there is some of their music available, they broke up and he joined MR.JOHNNY THUNDERS to form the wonderful HEARTBREAKERS....he contributed A LOT to their sound...he released a solo ep in '76, and then finally had his first lp in '77 called BLANK GENERATION...

the lp is a real gem for old punks aside from the great title track it also has great manic punk songs like 'love comes in spurts' and the terrific 'another world'... the lp features 'ROB QUINE' who later played with LOU REED, and MARC BELL aka MARKY RAMONE ..'destiny street' was released 5 yrs. later, and contained another good batch of songs...he would then go onto relase an lp every few years, and in the 90's he collaborated with members of SONIC YOUTH....i wonder if mr. hell was influenced by the old be-bop tune with lyrics 'i belong to the beat generation'....hhhmmmm.........


fine punk band led by ANDY ELLISON of JOHN's CHILDREN (see page 2) and MARTIN GORDON of SPARKS (see page 3)...allthough i've seen an ep that came out in '77, their first single was called 'dirty pictures' '77, 'stop it' '77 , was next, followed by a promo single, then came their GREAT lp titled ' SONGS FOR SWINGING LOVERS' '77, the lp features a corpse hanging from a tree...'GOOD PERSONALITY' opens the album with lyrics like 'she looks like a parrot with a nose like a carrot, she's got good personality'...! other GREAT tunes are 'is it really neccessary',

'ERIC', and 'buy chiswick records'...the band came on like a 70's punk version of john's children, harder, faster, and still off key...the holiday album was the followup, and in '78 TREVOR WHITE of JOOK (see page 1) would jion up...the band broke up later that year...a compilation of songs, plus outtakes is called... '2 minutes mr. smith' , for a complete radio stars discography go to - the impossible discographies, also try martin's site - http://www.geocities.com/martinjjgordon


as much music as we have from the early-mid 70's we only have a little of the DICTATORS, from the bronx they have credit due them for releasing an lp in 75 'GO GIRL CRAZY' which broke a lot of ground, but all we have is 'the next big thing', which is a fine pre-punk tune, 'manifest destiny' was the next lp, and the one lp we own is 'bloodbrothers' from 78, it features GREAT tunes like 'SLOW DEATH' which has a great STOOGES-type sound, and 'stay with me', but the lp is plagued by boring nowhere metal tunes,... the members would continue in music to produce other bands' music...


hard to categorize this one, they released an unusual rock lp in the glitter era in 75, with lots of good songs, includes the classic 'white punks on dope' !, some other tunes like 'what do you want from life' showed their versatality.....we haven't heard too much more however 'don't touch me there' from '76 reflects the sound of ROCKY HORROR...their live shows were supposed to be a real hoot,full of crazy costumes and madness onstage...


from Australia the SAINTS kicked off punk in early 77 with their hit 'i'm stranded', the debut lp also featured fine punk classics such as 'erotic nuerotic', the followup 'eternally yours' added horns on some songs and is also a classic, among the highlights are 'know your product', 'memories.....' and the superb 'international robots'...in '79 one of the founding members left and they went on to release more lp's in the 80's with the style changing from punk to a high energy blues-type sound.....RADIO BIRDMAN is another great austrailan punk band in the late 70's with a STOOGES influenced sound.

the FALL

this GREAT band started in the late 70's, their sound has been described as ANTI-ROCK, thats a good description for some of their songs...'bingo masters breakout', one of their earliest singles, is a punk gem, their first lp 'live at the witch trials', is highly sought after...they are led by MARK E. SMITH, who has some of the most unique vocals ever sung on vinyl... the lp which has a sound close to P.I.L. and MAGAZINE kicks off with ' frightened ' with piercing guitars and rolling keyboards, 'rebellious jukebox has gyrating strong keyboards, , on 'no xmas for junkies' smith shows off his vocal progress.....

'VARIOUS TIMES' one of the lp's BEST, has a unique rollerink keyboard sound, you can hear the past and future both here...on 'LIVE AT THE WITCH TRIALS' smith sings 'i believe in the rock-n-roll dream' r-n-r as primal scream', 'eggheads, boneheads'.......and the closing MUSIC SCENE, travels far into the mind.... the second lp DRAGNET is as good as the first'psycic dancehall ' features the rodeo punk guitar sound, 'printhead has tribal drums, and grinding punk guitars, elsewhere 'the moon falls' has a secret agent sound... 'SPECTRE VS RECTRE' has a doomsday gothic sound, and 'put away' is a strong chaotic ending, these lp's keep pounding away and never let up....

'curious orange' was another great single, and.....a comp. lp of 83 OF different bands, called SPEED TRIALS has 2 very good songs from them called 'smiles', and 'tempo house'...the FALL have released MANY lp's, and influenced a lot of people, and are still around making music...they have also covered 3 songs of 60's punks the MONKS (see page 2) for more of this sound try the band HALF JAPANESE which features JAD FAIR...


HOWARD DEVOTO left the great punk band the BUZZCOCKS early, and put out 'shot by both sides' that was a big hit, and in 78 MAGAZINE released an EXCELLENT lp called REAL LIFE, really good songs, everyone , among the highlights are 'shot by both sides' 'RECOIL' with the lyrics 'you will forget yourself, you will forget' perhaps he is talking about reincarnation.........,...'BURST' is another GREAT one, ...'the light pours out of me', and the closing 'parade' make for an utterly UNIQUE lp , gets our vote for one of the BEsT lp's for 78, keyboards are everywhere mixed with slashing guitar, very original, 'back to nature' from '79 showed them experimenting more...and they would go on to release many successful records , and evolved with each one...


this band played their first show in march of '77, they featued 2 members from the pub rock band DUCKS DELUXE.......their debut lp in '77 showcases a band that sounds like a giant streamlined music machine.......the lp opens with the 6 minute 'DANCING the NIGHT AWAY' a power-pop classic, the songs were generally longer than other punk songs of the time, 'cold love' is a good rock number they attempt, while 'PHONEY HEAVEN' is a GREAT hard-edged punk tune, with the band's signature gutter-guitar sound.......side 2 begins with 'BRING in the MORNING LIGHT', another power-pop classic......

and the closing 'SUMMERTIME is CALLING' hits right on target, with great vocal, and 3-D background vocals accompanying the guitars, the lp is a mixture of punk, pub-rock, and new wave -power-pop, in '78 they released a STUNNING pop song called 'AIRPORT' a really GREAT atmospheric type of pop tune that brings about a feeling of deja-vu, ....we have been told that the second lp has more of a pop sound, and the 3rd leans more towards rock......we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the first lp, the singer departed after the second lp to form BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY....see below....we hope to add lyrics of 'summertime is calling' on page 7 soon :)


PETER BRAMALL (BRAM) left the MOTORS early on and joined with 2 others to release a superb new-wave classic, similiar to the MOTORS style (you know streamlined.....buzzzzzzzzzzz)...great punk-pop tunes such as the 1st track 'strange man/changed man' lonely dancer, 'girl of my dreams' 'turn on the light' and the excellent pop tune 'I'M THE ONE THATS LEAVING'... this lp is BETTER than the MOTORS first lp , they released 2 more lp's , but the first is the one to start with...


tom was in a folk band called CAFE SOCIETY, and they released an lp in '75, that was produced by RAY DAVIES....in '78 the band scored big with the EXCELLENT punk/pop single '2,4,6,8, MOTORWAY' a great sing-along-tune....then came forth a strong lp called POWER in the DARKNESS, amongst the highlights are 'up against the wall', 'long hot summer', better decie which side your on', and the title track with a strong organ based sound, my copy came with an ep of good songs such as 'right on sister', and a version of DYLAN's 'i shall be released'.......the lp can be compared to the CLASH, with it's slashing guitars, and politically infused lyrics...


eccentric new waver who had his debut in '77 with WILD BILLY BARRETT, they released quite a few lp's, into the late 70's and 80's, we have the lp 'DEEP THOUGHT' '80, the lp begins with the galloping 'the man who shot liberty vallance', 'dk 50/80' features interesting keyboards, lotsa GOOD songs in here, the standout being the SUPERB 'BEWARE OF THE FLOWERS', with it's stop/start guitar attack, this song is essential for those in search of new -wave oddities.......the lp closes with 'CHERYL'S GOING HOME', a strong reassuring number, that was also the song he sang live on the 'urgh' compilation, 'now cheryl's going down the track, she goes choo, choo, choo, choo'...........


...featuring JONATHAN RICHMAN...first had an excellent self titled lp recorded in 73, and sounding like no one else but themselves at the time, truly an original, demos were first recorded by KIM FOWLEY, later JOHN CALE came in and produced what came to be their lp... KEYBOARDS, GUITARS, AND SUPERB VOCALS DOMINATE the lp with songs like 'roadrunner' (later covered by the PISTOLS)...'dignified and old', and 'government center', but in wasn't released till '76, and in that same year they released their 2nd record, which i personally like even better, this one features many folk songs and a nice nice version of 'amazing grace' -an essential record-,

their 3rd lp found jonathan entering MR. ROGERS territory, wonderful silly songs like 'ice cream man' and 'monsters on the bus' are just a few of another essential lp, JONATHAN continued a great career releasing many GREAT lp's, too many to mention here, and in '98 he sang on the film 'SOMETHING ABOUT MARY' .....country y espanol lp's tambien!!!.......*


who put out a unique lp in 84, with many campy, out of place, pop-tunes! among the highlights are the KRAFTWERK-like 'x-1' and 'ray-de-oh', 'macho robot' is kinda funny, but the definite standout is 'livin in the 50's', very tongue-in-cheek-camp... some of the tunes are a bit overblown, but this is a great lp for fans of sci-fi


This lp from 79 called 'music for parties' is a sci-fi sendup of 50's and 60's covers, and does have a few originals as well, starts out with 'memphis tennessee' with keyboards everywhere, other highlights are 'yesterday man' 'doo wah diddy', 'just like eddie' and 'judy in disguise'...this lp was mainly the work of DAN MILLER who released that ol' electronic classic 'warm leatherette' under the name THE NORMAL...the silicon teens lp also features PAUL WELLER of the JAM ! on percussion... this has to be one of the most plastic rock lp's ever released, and was on par with new-wave pop band 'THE FLYING LIZARDS'...we love it.


DAVE CUNNINGHAM was the genuis behind this masterpiece of new-wave looniness...it begins with 'der song der mandelay'...and a couple of songs later the super-plastic 'TELIVISION' comes to life ! ...the lp had songs that got radio airplay, really campy versions of 'money' and 'summertime blues', great female vocals are throughout the lp...musically this lp reflects the sounds of the RESIDENTS and KRAFTWERK...on the followup lp PATTI PALADIN would sing vocals... highly reccommended !!!...their music is similiar in style to the BUGGLES...who had a huge one hit-wonder called 'video killed the radio * '...


they showed up in 77 to record an lp , but producer JOHN CALE threw out their songs and made them write new ones on the spot ! the result was an excellent debut with songs like 'take me i'm yours' and 'get smart', next lp had another great batch of songs like 'cool for cats' and the excellent 'GOODBYE GIRL' *, another good lp in '80 features 'pulling mussels from a shell', one of their best !...their lp's had really good new-wave type keyboards, accompanied with electric guitar, backed by a really talented band ,DILLFORD and TILLBROOK would release a few more lp's with squeeze before branching out on their own...bassist HARRY KAKOULLI was in ENGLAND'S GLORY back in '72...(see page 4)


early new wavers with a great pop appeal, '14th floor' is the title of the 77 debut, we've never heard it , however 'PART-TIME PUNKS' from the '78 ep is a TRUE LOST CLASSIC of the new wave...they had a sound reminiscent of early PINK FLOYD, they even sing about SYD BARRETT ! ...great albums came forth such as '...and don't the kids just love it', and 'mommy your not watching me', both feature excellent new-wave pysch-pop,...like 'lichenstein painting' and just listen to 'IF I COULD WRITE POETRY' with lyrics such as 'if i could write poetry i would, and tell the world i love you, i love you, ..............thinking we would always be together'........some side projects of the band were called o-level, and teenage filmstars, both of whom released singles in the late 80's


mr. NUMAN began with the TUBEWAY ARMY in the late 70's melding the sounds of ROXY, KRAFTWERK, and DEVO, into some of the first tech-pop songs...they had a couple of groundbreaking lp's in 78 and 79, and the first hit was 'are friends electric'?, in '79 he released a great lp called 'replicas' full of sci-fi pop, such songs as 'down in the park' , and the terrific I NEARLY MARRIED A HUMAN'.......

showed him to be a pioneer in this field of new wave-synth-pop...my favorite is the 'telekon' lp from '80, especially the second side with incredible dream-like songs such as 'remember i was vapour', 'please push no more', and 'JOY CIRCUIT'.!..he would go onto release many lp's in the 80's, took a break in the 90's and came back with an lp in 98 for his die-hard fans *


DAVID SYLVAN and MICK KARN formed JAPAN, releasing an lp in 78, said to be full of BOWIE-DOLLS type music, unfortunately we've never heard it, after that they are said to have done a 360 degree musical turnaround, and released a 2nd lp called 'obscure alternatives', not a bad lp, but not a great one either, a lot of the songs sound seem to be structured around ROXY's 'bogus man' my favourite is the closing 'tenant' a sombre piece of classical piano music, the next lp 'QUIET LIFE' is where they begin to hit their stride,

great songcraft on tunes like 'in vogue', 'alien' the ROXY-ish 'other side of life', and an interesting cover of the VELVETS 'all tomorrow's parties'...the lp 'gentlemen take polaroids' came next withgreat synthesizer work ! and it had more good songs like the title track and 'taking islands in africa' with RYUICHI SAKAMOTO from Y.M.O. with whom DAVID SYLVAN would continue to work with throughout his career...on the lp 'tin drum' they begin making music which strongly reflects oriental music, and the members would all continue pursuing their musical paths...


led by BOB GELDOF, this band from ireland began making great music that had a significant hARLEY-influenced sound, the debut in '77 has many great songs, and in 78 they released an lp 'tonic for the troops' both are great new-wave lp's with lots of acoustic guitars, 'looking after no. 1', 'joey's on the street again' , and 'mary of the fourth form' are but a few of the many gems on these lp's, in 79 they released 'the fine art of surfacing' great tunes here as well, however it has some throwaways as well...other tunes that showed some of the punk spirit are 'rat trap' and 'she's so modern'...


an early new wave band who modeled themselves after ROXY music, and were into high fashion, led by CLIVE LANGER and the lovely BETTE BRIGHT, they released their first lp in 76 called 2nd honeymoon, in 77 they had an lp called 'don't stop the world'...these are both fine lp's with many good songs and are reccommended for fans of ROXY music and BRYAN FERRY, ...the 3rd lp 'english boys with guns' has a few throwaways, but has great tunes on it such as the title track, 'what a week', and 'o'blow'...BETTE BRIGHT put out a solo lp in the early 80's...


the lp called 'MULTIPLAY' '80 by the RIVITS, is fairly obscure amongst the thousands of new-wave lp's that came out in the early 80's, the band led by singers JESS RODEN, and PETER WOOD, use keyboards and guitars to define their electronic sound , and they were pretty successful, amongst the highlights are ; 'some vision' the title track, 'OLD BROADWAY' listen closely at the end and u can hear some old radio broadcast of a bygone era of the 40's, nice campy touch, also 'future soon' and 'red light on' are pretty good as well, wonder what ever became of this band ?


formed in '76, the name is in reference to ALDOUS HUXLEY's book 'BRAVE NEW WORLD', in '78 after they were declared best new underground band by VILLAGE VIOCE......their first lp is full of GREAT ones; the title track, 'FA-CE-LA', their first single, 'moscow nights', and covers of both the STONES and BEATLES, strong percussion similiar to what the TALKING HEADS were doing at the same time, and well tuned guitars all over the lp.....the band broke up apparently to pursue other projects, then got back together in the mid 80's

to release a SUPER lp called 'THE GOOD EARTH'....the highlights - ALL OF THEM ! songs such as 'SLIPPING', and 'WHEN COMPANY COMES recall the VELVET UNDERGROUND at their most playful, while the closing very quiet 'SLOW DOWN' shows a good LOU REED influence..........they would record 2 more lp's with GREAT results 'only life' in '88, and another lp in '91, then it seems they broke up for good, maybe they'll reunite someday.....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...

***************************************************************** 1JOHN 1:7

Brothers, I write no new commandment to you, but an old commandment which you had from the beginning. The old commandment is the word which you heard from the beginning. 2:8Again, I write a new commandment to you, which is true in him and in you; because the darkness is passing away, and the true light already shines. 2:9He who says he is in the light and hates his brother, is in the darkness even until now. 2:10He who loves his brother remains in the light, and there is no occasion for stumbling in him. 2:11But he who hates his brother is in the darkness, and walks in the darkness, and doesn't know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes. *****


Punk no hit wonders;


...after they left the SEX PISTOLS, and before the PROFESSIONALS, STEVE JONES and PAUL COOK released a rare 3 song 45 under this name in '78 ,'PYSCHEDELIC MUSIC' is a super charged punk tune in the PISTOLS style, and 'views' is pretty unique, we forget the other song...this is essential !...look for a GREAT song by the PROFESSIONALS called 'here we go again', not on the lp...


...'chelsea 77'/'ain't no legend' -from 77 super 45 from this obscure punk band, the first is manic, uptempo punk, and the 2nd tune is even better, as good as anything the DEAD BOYS put out !...


...'TEENAGE TREATS/SHE MADE MAGIC', from 77, the first tune is pop punk like SPARKS, and the b-side is a tale of a punk gal with blue hair and a 'face sickly white' ...GREAT! THIS IS THE SOUND OF UNDERGROUND PUNK circa '77...

4 the SPEEDIES...'let me take your photo' from n.y. great pop/punk tune from the comp. 'the great n.y. singles...

5 the MARBLES...'red light' new wave pop, also from the lp 'the great n.y. singles' this is a superb pop tune i think from 76, they were featured in the video 'BLANK GENERATION'

6 SOME CHICKEN 'blood on the wall'...from 77, manic punk, brutal ! and lyrics that go 'head against the wall the punk's gonna leave u dead' ....'dddddddd dead !' the flip ''New Religion' is just as heavy a punk tune, they had a couple singles and a 3rd one recorded much later and sounding very different . ..

7 the LONELY BOYS 'phantom poster man'...really cool tune, sounds like a cross between DEVO and the GANG of 4, from the KIM FOWLEY produced lp 'vampires from outer space' of '79

8 101'ers

...'keys to your heart'...before JOE STRUMMER was in the CLASH he fronted this pop rock outfit, they have a rare lp , that shows hints of what was to come, and this song is a very tight pop song from '76, and is essential for CLASH fans...this band also featured ALVARO-PENA-ROJAS, from south america, who is said to have recorded a wide body of experimental work...

9 EDDIE and the HOT RODS

...'Do anything you wanna do' is a great power-pop song that this band released in '77, also 'teenage depression' '76, was another good one that kinda bridged pub-rock with new wave in the early days.


.....more than a one-hit wonder, Klaus sported a bizzarre appearance, and sang tunes somewhat similiar to GARY NUMAN's style, and very original...we have the unique 'ding dong' (the witch is dead), a very campy version of that OZ classic...he had a few lp's...


this band began as the B-SIDES, 2 members went of to form ADAM and the ANTS, 2 other guys BID and LESTER SQUARE, formed the MONOCHROME SET....'HE's FRANK' takes on artistic approach to writing a pop-punk song, very good single, while 'alphaville' takes a more sophisticated approach, with FINE vocals, search out also the single named after the band, they would go onto release many lp's which are highly sought after,


formed in '76 by NIKKI SUDDEN, and EPIC SOUNDTRACKS, an art punk band had a single called 'read about seymour', in the first weeks of '78, and less than a year later released a scorching tune called 'DRESDEN STATE' full of chaotic niose and feedback, they would release many lp's...

13 MUMPS this n.y. band was a favorite of the n.y. bands in mid to late 70's, led by LANCE LOUD, they were produced by the j-j team (see page 5 - jook), 'scream and scream again' is a strong piece of camp punk, with hypnotic bass, and distorted guitar, their is a cd out , and it is regarded as quality punk music...

13 U.K. SUBS led by vocalist CHARLIE HARPER, this band first played shows back in the old days with CRASS, they released their first single 'c.i.d' in 78, and in the summer of '79 had 2 GREAT punk singles, 'STRANGLEHOLD' features strong guitar playing, and chanting similiar to SHAM 69, the next single 'TOMORROW's GIRLS' has a strong old-english punk sound, and is a bit more poppier than the other tune.......the first lp was titled 'ANOTHER KIND of BLUES'.......

14 ELTON MOTELLO this guy hung around PLASTIC BERTRAND, therefore rewriting his hit into a song called 'JET BOY/JET GIRL',a campy new-wave classic...the song was covered by many people, among them the DAMNED...he had some strong singles such as 'POGO' with it's rapid-fire guitar work, and 'ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION', with great pairing of vocals and music....resulting in an lp called 'victims of time' '78, never heard that one, however the followup lp 'POP ART' '80, features many GOOD songs, somewhat serious , and more synth pop, than the punk nature of the 2 songs mentioned above.......

15 the APOSTLES 3 song underground 45 came out in '84 in the uk., the jacket had anti-government slogans printed on it, such as 'kick it till it breaks' :), 'I WAS ALIVE IN 1985' is the standout on this decent mix of songs, good song with wailing vocals...they were led by ANDY MARTIN and DAVE FANNING, they released many cassettes with homemade artwork.......

16 SPIZZ campy new wavers, whose songs dealt with sci-fi themes, 'soldier' was the first single, they scored a BIG hit with the GREAT 'WHERE'S CAPTAIN KIRK' strong keyboards, and guitar attack on this song, they followed up with ''spock's missing', more sci-fi madness, they would continue to record under different names all beginning under SPIZZ, for example they also released music under the name SPIZZENERGI, and so on...........

17 BOBBY J and THE GENERATIONS ...'LOST IN TIME' recorded in 1959 ! from the comp lp 'baltimore's teen beat' this is vintage-50's-juvenile delinquent-music, the singer sounds really violent and this sounds out of place , like it was recorded years later... kinda rockabilly-pysch...excellent !


'I ain't no punk'.......this band was actually a prog rock band who wrote this song and released this single in '76 in reaction to an early punk band opening for them, in all fairness it's not that bad, more an experimental attempt at what was to come, with synths, the rest of their music sounds like 70s prog....we put it here for fun...


'My Flamingo/Veiled Woman' '80 . . . . interesting history behind this band . . .in '75 they formed and included Nick Kent, Rat Scabies, Bryan James who would both go to form the DAMNED a few months later, they played a show in may '76 and the girl who sang for this show was in the band shortly, her name was HERMINE, she was Kents girlfriend of the time, they played some oldies and the 2nd half of the show they played new songs, one song was 'New Rose' ! . . . but there were only 8 people in the show......Chrissie Hynde and was also in the band around this time and was also Kent's girlfriend...fast forward to 1980, they recorded this jangly new wave song 'My Flamingo/Veiled Woman' in a Pretenders pop-rock style....begins the song ' You always take my breath away, and your cut right to the quick, you always find my heartbeat' . . :)


' i was standing at the station, you were coming from another nation, i looked at you and you looked at me too, you and i were going back, you and i were going back ' go some of the lyrics from this power-pop new wave gem from germany entitled 'You and I Were Going Back' it was released in '78 and it can be heard at the Pure Pop Blog where he compared it with the ONLY ONES 'Another Girl/Another Planet'...............and yes it sounds like maybe they heard that great single sometime in '78 and wanted to write something like it and came up with a very very good number, we really like this one......'I Love You' the b-side is another enjoyable rocker....


uk punk band who began in '76 and broke up in '78 managing to get out one single, Joe Crane was a member and the sound is somewhat like the BUZZCOCKS only a bit of a harsher attack on some songs, youtube has 18 minutes of unreleased material, judge for yourself at



this one were a 4 piece all girl pop-punk band from St. Louis Missourri, beginning in their teens in 1975 and releasing a single for the punk era 'SOS/TEENAGE DEBUTANTES' in the punk era reveals 2 really catchy songs showcasing talent beyond their yrs, they had some demos which can be heard on youtube and also regrouped a few yrs back for a great set ! see also our gallery on these great lookin gals in our latest gateway . . .


female fronted punk band from Canada had one rare single and recorded also a lot of demos, they were together from '78 - 79 and featured vocalist Vera “Rabies” Skye, and bassist Gerry “Johnny Bubblegum” Smith, and 2 other members, later others came and went, 'Back Off Baby' is fast and loud and is their most well known song, another good one is called 'Johnny'....these songs are so aggressive and well played that they are one of those bands who had a lot more potential bubbling under the surface . . . if only . . .check out youtube for these rare punk numbers...


'HEARTHROB/UNTOUCHABLES', cool glam inspired punk single that came out in 77, their only release, they were from erie Pennsylvania and the 45 shows 5 guys with short punk hair and lather jackets and t shirts, perhaps they picked up on the Pistols early on and wanted to do their own punk release, not sure how the a-side sounds but 'Untouchables' is a cool glam inspired number turned into a new wave punk song, they take the fun sound that KISS did with 'Kissin Time' and made it into something new for the punk era and they succeeded ! .....'When your out in your car or baby down in the bar, you know you see them everywhere, fancy shoes......'......the band resurfaced many yrs later and played live with the original lineup, see this link for this cool song



Wichita sisters Shari and Kathy Kelley, better known as The Bampots, released an lp in a punk/new eave style 1982 on BMC Records, it was recorded at High Fidelity Recording Studio, Wichita, KS........not sure how many other members were in the band or who they were but one can tell just from the cover that this must be pretty good, soon we may have a gallery in our gateway


Victim of Society, Mother Earth, I Believe, The Animals are Out, That's What You Get,

Backseat Lover, Everybody's Looking for Someone, Raymond, Cool Numbers.

26 The KLITZ

all girl Memphis punk band who were active in Memphis in the late 70s and had production and band help from ALEX CHILTON of BIG STAR. The members were GAIL ELISE CLIFTON, LESA ALDRIDGE, GAIL's sister and 2 other members played with them in the late 70s to about '80, then in '80 a singer named SARAH FULCHER who sang for the GRATEFUL DEAD in the early - mid 70s and ended up playing with the KLITZ for 2 shows.....they had a single release and quite a few demos are out there, more info to come, check out a youtube documentary with JIM DICKINSON and also there are a few later day downloads on youtube that are pretty good we must say, check out also for some good latter day songs by a late 70s band by another all girl punk band called CHEAP PERFUME, here is a documentary on the KLITZ -



this punk trio of girls surfaced about '79, they sing new wave punk influenced type tunes and were featured on the CHRISTY ENGLISH a show which featured Christy singing usually on acoustic guitar to one of her pop numbers or covers then she would introduce bands, this was a cable tv show and can be seen at youtube. . .

28 JT IV

this guy mostly gave away his rare 45s and was a member of the Chicago punk scene of the late 70s - early 80s, although his first single 'Death Trip' came out in '80, not the Stooges song, on youtube one can find strong stuff like 'I Love You' which was recorded in '77, this song has a classic sounding razor sharp guitar and cool singing . . . ' I'm living on the edge of insanity, fighting all of humanity, ( ? ) till you came around you made . . .', other cool songs are ones like 'in the can', 'go wild', and a cover of ROXY music's 'In every dream home a heartache' wear it shows him wearing a mask and says he was disfigured in a car accident, see this link for more info - Victim of Time -



wow what a cool band this was that came out in '77 in france, they had a small but devoted following as punk did not hit as nearly as big here as in the uk, upon hearing or seeing and hearing them on video in '77 the first band that they will remind you of is the Screamers of L.a....... the first single in '77 was 'Panik' which shows the 4 piece utilizing guitar, bass, plus syhtn and a drum machine while the singer sings/screams forth the lyrics sung in French, the b-side 'Lady Coca Cola', possibly influenced by the Frenchies 'Lola Cola' ( who were a pre-punk glam band from france ) is even better, more futuristic in sound as if they were influenced by Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music,

.....next came 'Paris Maquis/Cle De Contact', which was also a trong release in a similar vein, followed in '78 by 'Hystérie Connective/Pas Poubelle', the band broke up sometime in '79, and an lp of various tracks surfaced in '80 called Les hommes morts sont dangereux, which translates as Dead Men Are Dangerous,.....in 2004 a compilation of all 70s songs came out and there were 24 in total, check out numbers like 'Creve Salope' which features gun shots from pistols within the track, it translates as slut to English, this one one cool punk band who made very unique and original music . . .


this punk band came in very early on the scene in france, 1976 to be exact and they recorded some heavy sounding, violent punk rock, of course the gigs were small but it wasn't till many yrs later that the unreleased 3 tracks they recorded were finally released, they are ' Alone'..... ' I'm Alone,.....and I'm in my room.....and I'm in my cell'....hard to decipher some of the lyrics but we managed to derive some of them from listening, this is well played fast punk with a damn good drummer, this tune gallops along to a quick pace and doesn't let up...'Hot as a Gun' is another fast paced tune with some super charged elec guitar playing, and the drums and bass follow suite...on '1000 Dreams' . . . the guitar kicks and jabs left and right and goes wonderfully straight down the drain just as you'd want it to, 'Thinking I should be like you.....how's your baby' ? are just some of the shouted vocals as the band plays in top form, this is strong stuff, the stuff dreams are made of, this is said to be the Holy Grail of early French punk rock . . .

here are the 3 members names with the more well known bands they went on to play in Pierre GODDARD (STRIKE UP, 1984), bass: Pascal REGOLI (ANGEL FACE), drums: Hervé ZENOUDA (ANGEL FACE, STRIKE UP, STINKY TOYS). Order from Danger records . ..


Punky Xmas / Nightmare '76

early punk track about xmas, mentions johnny rotten, it's not punk music though, it's a novelty record, maybe the flip is ? they lasted long enough to release an ep in '77


this one were an early punk band from boston, who began in '76 and released an excellent proto-punk single -'Flash of the Moment/Derelict blvd', the a side has the sound down pact with some wild guitar playing throughout and the singer is pretty good also as he sings with conviction, ' Flashing lights, what a sight, theres people running around in every direction'......'searching round, lost and found'....... the b side is just as strong allthough slower in a more experimental vein musically with gloom guitar sound ( sounds a little like Iron Virgin's b side 'midnight hitcher' )........'your lover calls, but you dont hear, out on the streets looking for your 3 years, another bottle falls, there's shit on the walls, we tried so hard to escape derelict blvd, aint no use, hooked on that juice', ......

Pastiche was Mr. Curt(Curt Naihersey) ,Ricci LaCentra, Mener Sheene,Dave Godbey , and Kim Preston, yrs later in the early 80s the band recorded a few more songs, not sure if they were released as singles ? they are ....'lost in the subway' from ' 79 which is new wave pop-rock that came out on a bootleg lp........'lock it up/things i always do' was a single from '81......the a side has a semi reggae beat, the flip is more new wave pop-rock......'boston lullaby', and 'terminal barbershop' are more songs from their catologue....and at youtube there is a collection recorded onto cassette called Tense with different band members allthough Mr. Kurt seems to be the main musician in the band...

Mr. Curt: guitars/vocals Brad Hallen: bass/vocals Rod Marinick: keyboards Ken Scales: vocals Rick Martin: drums

1 Flash of the Moment 2 Lost in the Subway 3 Write Down Your Number 4 Birthday Special,

5 I'm Going Blind 6 The Only Recourse is the Fast Course...of course! 7 Terminal Barbershop 8 Talk Show,

9 Paperback P.I.L. 10 Lock it Up 11 This Reminds Me of the Future 12 You Like the Look,

13 Air Raid 14 Psycho Blonde 15 Running in Place 16 Incognito,

17 Adios...Goodnight...Goodbye 18 Clean Life (Bonus Track) 19 Like I Always Do (B side)


Bhagavad gita 6:34

: For the mind is restless, turbulent, obstinate and very strong, O Krsna, and to subdue it is, it seems to me, more difficult than controlling the wind.

Prabhupada -

: The mind is so strong and obstinate that it sometimes overcomes the intelligence, although mind is supposed to be subservient to the intelligence. For a man in the practical world who has to fight so many opposing elements, it is certainly very difficult to control the mind. Artificially, one may establish a mental equilibrium toward both friend and enemy, but ultimately no worldly man can do so, for this is more difficult than controlling the raging wind. In the Vedic literatures (katha upanisad 1.3.3-4) it is said:

: atmanam rathinam viddhi sariram ratham eva ca : buddhim tu sarathim viddhi manah pragraham eva ca : indriyani hayan ahur visayams tesu gocaran : atmendriya-mano-yuktam bhoktety ahur manisinah :

: 'The individual is the passenger in the car of the material body, and intelligence is the driver. Mind is the driving instrument, and the senses are the horses. The self is thus the enjoyer or sufferer in the association of the mind and senses. So it is understood by great thinkers.' Intelligence is supposed to direct the mind, but the mind is so strong and obstinate that it often overcomes even one's own intelligence.

Such a strong mind is supposed to be controlled by the practice of yoga, but such practice is never practical for a worldly person like Arjuna. And what can we say of modern man? The simile used here is appropriate: one cannot capture the blowing wind. And it is even more difficult to capture the turbulent mind. The easiest way to control the mind, as suggested by Lord Caitanya, is chanting 'Hare Krsna, the great mantra for deliverance, in all humility. The method prescribed is sa vai manah krsna-padaravindayoh: one must engage one's mind fully in Krsna. Only then will there remain no other engagements to agitate the mind.

: Bhagavad-gita 6.34 The chariot of the body. The five horses represent the five senses (tongue, eyes, ears, nose and skin). The reins, the driving instrument, symbolize the mind, the driver is the intelligence, and the passenger is the spirit soul.




were indeed a national asset in japan in the late 70-early 80's , Y.M.O. as they are sometimes referred to made excellent sci-fi pop music in the mold of KRAFTWERK and DEVO, look for the excellent lp 'SOLID STATE SURVIVOR', which has the title track plus other great songs like 'technopolis' and a sci-fi cover of 'day tripper', Ryuichi Sakamoto founded the band along with one member of...

the SADISTIC MIKA BAND ..experimental art punk from the mid 70's, we'd love to get some of their music as we have only heard a little bit, they were associates of VODKA COLLINS

VODKA COLLINS - a GREAT GLAM BAND who had a superb lp IN '73, led by ALAN MERRILL , an american who led this japanese rock band, and later would go on to form ARROWS...see pages 4 and 5...

Y.M.O. site - http://www.tech n odon.com/~Kyong/ymo.html for current japanese pop go to http://www.japanguide.com/e/e2069.html

coming here HIBARI MISORI...


japan has lots of talented bands , 2 bands in a RAMONES mold are GUITAR WOLF and japanese riot girls SHONEN KNIFE , both have had great records in the 90's...



pretty obscure band this one, they released this AMAZING single in '76 'STEP ASIDE/DAMAGE',.....this could easily be classified as pre-punk, then again the drums are comparable to say the DAMNED's production sound somewhat, synths prevail throughout on the a side 'Step Aside', the b-side 'Damage' has a similar attack, listen closely as the singer works in the vocals while the band plays, .....band members were Björn Persson -guitar, Mario Somenzi -drums, Moreno Tondo - guitar, vocals, Per Strömstedt - bass, Tommy Strömstedt -vocals.....special thanks to the Pure Pop Blog for resurrecting this one, and yes the lyrics are in English,. . .

a friend sent us some 70's bands from sweden on tape; EBBA GRON ( led by THASTROM ) and KMSB were truly national assets, punkrock influenced from SHAM 69 and the CLASH , great bands! also NOICE and ATTACK, sounding more tamer ,similiar to BLONDIE and the BUZZCOCKS, NOICE were featured on kxlu l.a. radio on a punk special, in the year 2000, the dj said NOICE released their first record when they were all 16!

NIOCE's 'en kvall i t-banan' translates to english as '1 night in the subway',.... slemming torsk, .tyst for fan, die mauer,....rock-n-nroll dragen, EN ZOM EN ZOMBIE !!! ...and i'll say 'N?ra av Sveriges b?ta runt 79-83 var...EBBA GRON, NIOCE, KMSB, und ATTACK'...som utgjorde grundpl?en till vad som senare skulle bli det svenska popundret'....another swedish pop-punk tune that we liked is by

PER's GARAGE...'jo-anna farval'...good punk-pop tune with an ELASTIC organ/guitar attack, released in '89..., and our friend also sent us a song composed by early century composer EVERT TAUBE, called

'SOLOLA', as performed by the HOOTENANNY SINGERS...GREAT song, that reminds us a bit of some of the old european beer-house tunes... also known as the HOOTEN singers...


german bands site -www.yahoo.de/unterhaltung/Musik/Kuenstler/Cover-Ba nds

CAN in the late 60's and 70's had some real milestones, like 'monster movies'in 69 and 'future days' from 74, experimental, electronic collage, art-rock, etc. JOHNNY ROTTEN himself said CAN was a major influence on his life...

KRAFTWERK...has du das lied 'RADIOACTIVITY' von gehort '75, well they are well known, we LOVE KRAFTWERK, and this one is the best!!! MAN MACHINE, TRANS-EUROPE EXPRESS, autobahn, and 'computer world' are all electronic masterpieces...

AMON DULL 2 ...experimental pysch rock from the late 60's... they began as amon dull, after the first release phallus dei in 69 they added the '2' to their name, great lp's followed such as yeti, taniz der, and in '72 'carnival in babylon'...fans of HAWKWIND would appreciate the heavy pysch sound on these lp's...

the TEENS.... a power-pop band in the late 70's , sounding a bit like the BAY CITY ROLLERS, only with a more new wave sound, they had some good songs like 'PUNKGIRL'.... see page 5 for more info...

BIRTH CONTROL ...we have a song called 'gamma ray' from 72, electric rocker, lead singer sounds like ERIC BURDON...

OUGENWEIDE...fine band who made renaissance like music that reminds us a bit of STEELEYE SPAN...

und von HUNGARY;

OMEGA...'don't keep me waiting' from the lp 'time robber' '76 reminded us a lot of PINK FLOYD's early 70's sound, really nice, and yes you can get their records on musicblvd.com


....the most popular dance band in cuba, and a great salsa band... led by JUAN FIRMELL...formed in '69,..... for years they were unable to get their music outside of cuba, because of the strict laws there...we have the lp 'songa' '88, it is a fine lp, with lots of professional musicianship...among the highlights are 'MUEVETE', one of their biggest hits, 'que palo es ese' , and 'y que tu crees' which translates as 'whadda ya want'.....the band would continue to release many lp's in the 80's and 90's, and are still playing...*

CAETANO VELOSO, OS MUTANTES, and others....... from south america these hispanic artists played a mixture of pop, rock, and avant garde style, GREAT MUSIC, there is a resurgence of this music now on indie radio....

see page 13 for some ROCK en ESPANOL bands....


60's pysch; RUSSELL MORRIS, MARS APPRENTICE, MIKE FURBER, excellent songs, (see page 2)

MARCUS HOOK ROLL BAND.......early 70's rock/pop band (see page 3)

SAINTS (see above)

RADIO BIRDMAN.....we owned a GREAT compilation from this punk band, but lost it long ago, all the songs ranged from good to GREAT, styles ranged from the CLASH to the STOOGES, GREAT BAND !



this offbeat pop band led by the FINN brothers, began releasing lp's in the mid 70's, one day we hope to hear some of their early recordings, perhaps their most famous lp is 'TRUE COLOURS' '80, a new wave MASTERPIECE *.....the lp begins with the smash hit 'I GOT U' and descends into a synth pop world .....chock full of hits .......other standouts are 'shark attack' with it's endearing keyboard attack :)......the lovely ballad 'I HOPE I NEVER' showcases TIM FINN's great vocal work, and the closing 'THE CHORAL SEA' closes the lp, and is another standout, great electronic echoes on this song...

the BLUE STARS - 'SOCIAL END PRODUCT' EXCELLENT 60's pysch ! (see page 2)

***************************************************************** The next group is set more by the music, we never judge or try not to by look or style, but even though we hear these bands on the radio, and in bars,we still don't like it, so then one could say it's a matter of opinion, a fact to one person , but an opinion to everyone else... everyone has a sense of humor ya know, try and look at it that way, laugh

well its been here long enough so we decided to remove it, we'll just leave a funny comment here we once read where devil worshippers used to show up at Black Sabbath members hotel rooms, wait outside and chant to evil spirits, so one of them goes ; mate the only spirits were interested in is wine, whisky and gin :)

here are the lyrics from SHAM 69's


For once in my life I've got something to say I wanna say it now for now is today A love has been given so why not enjoy So let's all grab and let's all enjoy

If the kids are united then we'll never be divided If the kids are united then we'll never be divided Just take a look around you What do you see Kids with feelings like you and me Understand him, he'll understand you For you are him, and he is you

If the kids are united then we'll never be divided If the kids are united then we'll never be divided If the kids are united then we'll never be divided If the kids are united then we'll never be divided

I don't want to be rejected I don't want to be denied Then its not my misfortune That I've opened up your eyes

Freedom is given Speak how you feel I have no freedom How do you feel They can lie to my face But not to my heart If we all stand together It will just be the start

If the kids are united then we'll never be divided If the kids are united then we'll never be divided !!!!!!! _________________________

1 we were interviewed for an article about our political views here it is --http://www.theonion.com/onion3613/south_postpones.ht ml

2 some of our relatives have websites too, check out granny's site - http://www.bettybowers.com/

3 UK PUNK - the best site ! http://www.punk77.co.uk/

4 PUNK ROCK INDEX - huge index of bands from the 70-s - today http://www.punkrock.org/

5 SEARCH and DESTROY - old punk, new punk, great links ! http://www.trashsurfin.de/

6 BOMP RECORDS - old punk, new punk, good reviews ! http://www.bomp.com/

7 site that has some PETER LAUGHNER articles, he was an early member of both the DEAD BOYS, and PERE UBU -http://www.plateofshrimp.com/

8 YEEHAW ! ANTI-COUNTRY SITE, really funny http://www.members.tripod.com/~Kalamazo o/index.html

9 POWER-POP MOD SITE http://mod79.citeweb.net/index.htm

10 PUNKNET 77 - Great site with discographies, and images.... http://www.hiljaiset.sci.fi/punknet/

11 BLANK GENERATION.......n.y. punk, great site ! http://www.bestweb.net/~rline

12 BREAK MY FACE .......some obscurepunk bands, including info on bands like the WIERDOS and UNATURAL AXE - http://www.breakmyface.com/bands/index. html

13 women in the underground '75-80 http://www.mindspring.com/~acheslow/Aun tMary/bang/wip.html

14 PUNK SITE........huge site with SUPERB gallery of PUNKS and PUNKETTES.......http://www.sufferinsuffra gettes.homestead.com/index.html info on the ADVERTS - http://.www.comnet.ca/~rina/adverts.html

lyrics to JOHNNY THUNDER's - 'All By Myself'

I don't want to talk too much I just want to get to you I don't want to see you there I just want to get you there All by myself Not everybody else

I don't need no wedding hall I just watch your rollerball Forget your friends and what they do I got to get inside of you I don't need society To open up my life for me I don't need no audience To shoot you in my cunning sense

I don't think you understand What's that dripping in your hand All the things you thought you do You finally met your Waterloo


The greyhound's rocking out tonight To maximum rockabilly When two punks chose to risk the subway For a tube to Picadilly And the Zephrys stir fast gangs for glory Another dumb casualty Having fun In South West six When a hidden flick knife flicks Kiss me deadly tonight

Another battle was won and lost Down The Bishops End last night Spotlights pick the kids in triumph With a thousand scarves in flight, see how they run Spring from the terraces in black and white Young and old into the fight Having fun In South West six With violence for a fix Kiss me deadly tonight

Seven o'clock they stand in rank For the thirty bus uptown And later in a downstairs room She pulls her lover down In ecstacy but they can't make a sound Case her mother might come down Having fun In South West six Discovers teenage sex Kiss me deadly tonight

The snooker hall is empty Cos they're all out playing pool Hustling down the Fulham Road Doing deals with Mr.Cool They're on the waterfront now instead of school Too old now to dig pinball Having fun In South West six Having fun When a hidden flick knife flicks With violence for a fix Discovers teenage sex Tried shooting up for kicks Kiss me deadly Kiss me deadly Kiss me deadly Kiss me Kiss me tonight

quotes on vegetarianism

"I am full of the burnt offering of rams and the fat of fed beasts. I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of goats...Bring no more vain offerings... When you spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes though you make many prayers, and I will not hear you. For your hands are full of blood..." > Isaiah 1:11-15) >

> "I will have mercy and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings..." > Hosea 6:6 >

> "...Therefore the Lord will give you meat and you shall eat. You shall not eat one day or two days, or ten days or twenty days, but till it comes out at your nostrils and becomes loathsome to you, because you have rejected the Lord..." > Numbers 11:18-20 >

> "...He who gives permission, he who kills the animal, he who sells the slaughtered animal, he who cooks the animal, he who administers the distribution of the flesh, and at last he who eats the flesh are all murderers and all of them are punishable under the law of karma." > The Laws of Manu (5:55) >

> "Meat can never be obtained without injury to living creatures, and injury to sentient beings is detrimental to the attainment of heavenly bliss; let him therefore shun the use of meat." > Manu >

> "Having well considered the disgusting origin of flesh and the cruelty of fettering and slaying of corporeal beings, let him entirely abstain from eating flesh." > Manu

lyrics to -


in these times of contention it's not my intention to make things plain i'm looking through mirrors to catch the reflection that can't be mine i'm losing control now i'll just have to slow down a thought or two i can't feel the future and i'm not even certain that there is a past i believe in the worker's revolution and i believe in the final solution i believe in i believe in i believe in the shape of things to come and i believe in i'm not the only one yes i believe in i believe in when i poison my system i take thoughts and twist them into shapes i'm reaching my nadir and i haven't an idea of what to do i'm painting by numbers but can't find the colours that fill you in i'm not even knowing if i'm coming or going if to end or begin i believe in the immaculate conception and i believe in the resurrection and i believe in i believe in i believe in the elixir of youth and i believe in the absolute truth yes i believe in i believe in there is no love in this world anymore there is no love in this world anymore i've fallen from favour while trying to savour experience i'm seeing things clearly but it has quite nearly blown my mind it's the aim of existence to offer resistance to the flow of time everything is and that is why it is will be the line i believe in perpetual motion and i believe in perfect devotion i believe in i believe in i believe in the things i've never had i believe in my mum and my dad and i believe in i believe in there is no love in this world anymore there is no love in this world anymore i'm skippin' the pages of a book that takes ages for the foreword to end triangular cover concealing another aspect from view my relative motion is just an illusion from stopping too fast the essence of being these feelings i'm feeling i just want them to last i believe in original sin and i believe what i believe in yes i believe in i believe in i believe in the web of fate and i believe in i'm going to be late so i'll be leavin' what i believe in there is no love in this world anymore there is no love in this world anymore there is no love in this world anymore there is no love in this world anymore there is no love in this world anymore there is no love in this world anymore there is no love in this world anymore there is no love in this world anymore..................

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