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updated as of Oct 2nd 2015

several bands of the 70s have been added to our wanted list below, how about INDIGO JONES produced by IAN KIMMETT of JOOK ? the ELECTRIC DOLLS ?, 5 gals who called themselves GLAMOURPUSS in the mid 70s ? ever hear of a tiny glam band of the 70s called PISTOL ? see below....

This page features

SPECIAL SECTION of 'WANTED MUSIC', full of rare and obscure 60s - 70s music we are looking for, and music that sound INTERESTING,......................... so you'll want to maybe print out some copies of the bottom section of this page if you consider yourself like us - music detectives :). . . also this page spotlights

in depth reviews of the 70s Glam rock band Hello from several of their rare cds, plus demos and music of ARROWS/ALAN MERRILL, recently in the spring of '05 we've received the new Arrows cd with more rarities than what was offered on Tawny Tracks, plus new music by Alan Merrill so stay tuned for updates......

on this page you'll also find a section for the 70s glam rock band the RATS, plus BRETT SMILEY,

HELLO video review

HELLO videos are considered rare to come by these days, aside from their songs played in 'SIDE by SIDE', there are only a handful of their 70s videos available, we were lucky to have received a 3 song set from German tv in '75, songs played are ;

1 'BEND ME SHAPE ME', 2 'THEN SHE KISSED ME', then an announcer comes in and mentions SHOWADDYWADDY playing next week and a band called P.F.M. whoever they were ?..........then he reintroduces HELLO and they play 'LET's SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER' ........the last one gets cut off after 30 seconds, this video is cool, you can see the band performing in their trademark platforms and faded denim outfits.......

others from them we have are 2 different videos of 'N.Y. GROOVE', '* STUDDED SHAM', and a super glam one for 'LOVE STEALER' with Vic shown phoning in the interludes via telephone onstage where he sings 'BETTER COME QUICK, BETTER COME QUICK, CALL THE POLICE'.........and so on.......:) .. . this tape also contained what is considered a performance of Hello in the 90s but only featuring Bob Bradbury and no other original members, so then this is not Hello but rather a tasteless imitation, the music is tacky and nothing like the original band . . .



this is an EXCELLENT cd containing their first single and b side, early demos, and some songs no one is quite sure where they came from, come back here soon for few reviews......the first 2 tracks are 'I CAN'T LET YOU GO', and 'YOU GOT CLASS BABE', does anyone know when they were recorded ?


this one sounds like an early demo from the band's career, its a pop-rock number with STONES/FACES guitar sound, with the teen vocals, it leans a bit towards bubblegum.......'OH YOU'LL ALWAYS BE WITHOUT, YOU SAY U PICK ME UP AND TURN ME ABOUT, I'LL TELL YOU A SECRET I KNOW, I CAN' T LET YOU GO'.......good song.......:)


GLITTERBAND influence dominates here, good bass playing, better than the opener, with shouted vocals at the beginning 'YOU MAY NOTICE OR YOU MAY NOT, , I BEEN MISSING'.........and........' IT's NOT THE WAY YOU DO IT BABY, ......YOU GOT CLASS BABE, OH, OH, OH, !


fun pop-rock we'll label this song, as it was one of the band's earliest compositions.......' I KNOW YOUR MAMMA THINKS I'M A CLOWN, BRING ME UP, AND SHE PUTS ME DOWN, SHE TRIES TO CHANGE ME BUT I REFUSE, JUST TRY TO STAND INSIDE MY SHOES.............SO ASK YOUR MAMA CAN YOU COME OUT TONITE' ?.....with the sweet vocal harmonies this one is really bubblegum....

4 'the WENCH'

Glam rock with cool guitars and heavy bass the way HELLO does it best......'YOU COULD HAVE A HEAVEN ABOVE, YOU CAN BRING HER'.......and.........'YOUR NOT TOO GOOD YOUR UPSIDE DOWN'.........( later )......'SHE GLIDES, SHAKES, AND SLIDES, SHE WALKS RIGHT UP, SHE GETS.......'.....this one is a very early b side.....


many Glam rock fans don' t know that before MUD released this single that CHINN/CHAPMAN gave it to HELLO to try out, and the band did a GREAT version allthough we'll say MUD's is slightly better........with electric guitar, drum, bass,.........'SHE WALKS RIGHT IN LOOKIN' LIKE DYNAMITE' !



gyrating guitars, HEAVY stomp, glam vocals echoing 'OH CAROLINE MAKE IT ALL RIGHT, OH CAROLINE MAKE IT ALL NIGHT'.........GOOD song can be found on several HELLO compilations.....


'YOU KNOW THE JOINT WAS ROCKIN, MOVIN' ROUND AND ROUND, REELING AND A ROCKIN' FROM THAT CRAZY SOUND, KEEP ON ROCKIN' !! straight ahead RAMONES type rock with that STONES influence, GREAT number,as good as the STONES themselves, HELLO always brought excitement to their covers....


bad song, sounds kinda like blues but not really, never sounded like them at all, skip this one....


an EPIC HELLO tune *, one of the band'd finest compositions, a GREAT song that must be heard, this one was recorded in the latter part of the 70s 11 'REBEL, REBEL'

this and the next track are glam rock covers by the new HELLO, which is BOB BRADBURY backed by 3 musicians none of whom even resemble the original members, why is this here, some of you know we don't care for the new HELLO, allthough a cd called 'BEDTIME STORIES' has some GOOD tracks which sounds like it came out in the 90s ? ( anyone know ? ).....this number here sounds flashy and cheap

12 'I LOVE R-n-R'

this sounds worse than their cover of 'REBEL, REBEL', the ARROWS version is far superior, better that JOAN JETT's version which came out in the early 80s......sorry BOB, but were being honest,.....

13 'N.Y. GROOVE'

yet another version of this song with extra percussion, as good as the original, but the one we like best is the original version which surfaced on a vinyl lp called ' THE GREAT GLAM ROCK EXPLOSION' is this one on a cd anywhere ?


slightly different intro than the above with some 'HEY's' thrown in at the beginning, sounds more like the GLITTER BAND, excellent pre-punk sound here......!


'just like a band of gold you gotta lotta soul' ! GREAT song by HELLO is done better on this version here, this is the last song on the cd, complete with extra percussion, vocal changes, etc.

from the 'CIAO, HELLO, BON JOUR' cd


this song ends the above titled HELLO cd, the other songs are ones you'll find on other HELLO cds , we had never heard this one before, so we can say it is a pretty good GLAM/POP number with electric guitar notes which sway, with the synth intro at the beginning 'DOO, DOO' ( x 4 ).......IN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT CREEPING AWAY IN THE MOONLIGHT, JAMIE MOVES OUT LOOKS FOR A FRIEND IN THE STARS ,THEY SAY I LOVE YOU, HE's KEEPING'..........

from HELLO ( The A's and B's )


this one too is a hard to find b - side we had been searching for for yrs !, EXCELLENT song ! essential Glam Rock, this one should been a hit.......kinda hard to understand some lyrics.....it begins slow iwth acoustic guitar then the band kicks the song into HEAVY glam rock, so it alternates between these 2 styles.......'OUT OF THE STREETS....( ? )......AIN'T NO CONVERSATION WHEN THE BOYS WALK IN, DOWN AT THE RED LIGHT ( ? THE RANGE ? )'......and.....'SHE LOOKED LIKE A BROADWAY STAR, PLAYED ALONG JUST FOR KICKS...REBEL, REBEL !!..........BOB's singing EXCELS here......consider this one of their BEST....

upcoming reviews will be on songs from HELLO's 'GOOD TIMES' cd, such as 'OH WHAT A BEAUTY' also from the rare cd 'BEDTIME STORIES'


our source from Germany notified us in Jan '06 to say that VIC FAULKNER bass player of HELLO now has a site, see our links 4 page for the link :)

"Everyone should be friendly for the service of the Lord. Everyone should praise another's service to the Lord and not be proud of his own service. This is the way of Vaisnava thinking, Vaikuntha thinking. There may be rivalries and apparent competition between servants in performing service, but in the Vaikuntha planets the service of another servant is appreciated, not condemned. This is Vaikuntha competition. There is no question of enmity between servants. Everyone should be allowed to render service to the Lord to the best of his ability, and everyone should appreciate the service of others. Such are the activities of Vaikuntha. Since everyone is a servant, everyone is on the same platform and is allowed to serve the Lord according to his ability." ~ SB 7.5.12

ARROWS at a practice session

some more demos resurfaced in addition to Tawny Tracks, we placed them after these old reviews here, scroll down.......


well now there were over an lp and a half songs that the ARROWS had in their vault, and were never released, these songs range from GOOD glam-rock songs, STONES-type ROCKERS, and SUPERB ballads, including a demo version of 'I LOVE R-n-R' and another version of 'ALWAYS ANOTHER TRAIN'....BILL WYMAN produces and plays on a couple of tracks,the rest range from fair to Bland demos, please send your money to the ALAN MERRILL site to get your copy, you can hear 2 songs from his site ( see our downloads page), however most of them are better than the 2 samples given.......off to the reviews...the first 3 songs are from the original 3 ARROWS, the rest all have different lineups with session musicians mostly including the 4th ARROWS member to jion late TERRY TAYLOR.......


begins with piano and organ, a very soothing 70's soft pop-rock sound, solid drum beat, lyrics such as 'when u left i didn't worry, i knew u were coming back to me', and 'the goodbyes don't bother me no more'.......sparkly elec. guitar comes at the end, this one was produced by BILL WYMAN....*


funky laid back sound, reminds one of the STONES '76 sound specifically 'HOT STUFF'......'come on all u dancing people, if u don't there's something wrong with u', and 'i dare u, i dare u, i dare u, i dare u not to dance', this is ok, nothing else.....


SUPERB rock song, original sound, elec guitars, drum beat, reassuring lyrics, this song originally came out on MERRILL's lp 'NEVER PET A BURNING DOG', which were sessions from '77-83, the original was from '77 which closed the lp, featuring MICK TAYLOR from the STONES !.....this version here by ARROWS is just as GOOD...with a goodtime feel not unlike FACES music.....'SOMETIMES I THINK ABOUT U YES I DO, AND THEN I REALIZE IF U MISS THE TRAIN THERE'S ALWAYS ANOTHER TRAIN, COMING ALONG DONW THE TRACKS'..........


COOL laid back funky tune, good drums.....reggaeish.....'from the first time i saw her in the cradle of creation, i knew she 's one of a kind'....more lyrics to come...


good funky STONES-type number about life at a party where there are 2 girls for every guy, plenty of liquor and music, MERRILL himslef claims it's a true story, and no one would doubt it.........GOOD bass played by BILL WYMAN !

this comment sent in by MERRILL himself;

Tawny Tracks". The bass player on "Candy Shop" is Bill Wyman. The drummer Dallas Taylor. You can hear Bill working toward his "Si Si e suis un rock star" sound on the song, which he wrote later that year.


EXCELLENT rock song, very much in the same vein as the STONES 'DOWN the LINE'......guitars rock out, great bass/drum pattern, 'she gets her face in high society', and 'puttin' on the ritz


soft 70's style ballad, soothing.......'a love like ours, will go on and on, we both know where we belong', and 'your sayin' that i'm not the same, maybe we both have changed'.........


tight guitars, very nice percussion sound.......is that a rototom there ?.....'''u like this, and i like that, there's more than 1 way to skin a cat'......


STONES rock sound, song about life around rock stars living in a hotel, allright tune.......


GOOD one with interesting lyrics .....SMOOTH glam guitars play throughout this mystery song....'EVERYBODY HERE IS UNDER SUPICION, BUT WHAT WE GET HERE IS CONTRADICTION', and 'WHO DONE IT, IT's a MYSTERY'.....


'THERE ONCE WAS A TIME WHEN I WAS LOSING MY MIND, wwwwwoooooooo', and 'THERE's a LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL', and 'U KEEP PUSHING RIGHT ON THRU.....GOOD, almost country rock guitar sound within this 70's rock sound, guitar sound like FLYING BURRITO BROS./STONES.........

'I LOVE R-n-R'

EXCELLENT DEMO version of their famous b side, this one is just as GOOD, tight guitars, EXCELLENT vocals........in the same style as the original.....maybe a different drum used......' singing I LOVE R-n-R, PUT ANOTHER DIME IN THE JUKEBOX BABY, I LOVE R-n-R, TAKE A LITTLE TIME AND DANCE WITH ME' !


alt. take to 'cheating woman' above , ....intro is spoken-sung, 'cheat, cheat, cheating woman, ( x3), cheat, cheat', 'u can't fool me so early, your messin around'....more 70's rock thyan glam,with good bass improvisation.....


GOOD song, tight bass, looser guitar, ARROWS sound.....'I FEEL MY MOTOR RUNNING, FEEL MY ENGINE HUMMING'........


GREAT ! ROCKIN' SONG.........with liquid guitar, rockin' drums, 'KICKING UP DIRT IN THE FACE OF A COUPE deVILLE, , and ''DRIVIN ALL NIGHT, DRIVIN ALL NIGHT', ............


KEITH RICHARD's guitar sound here, SUPERB instrumental jam , liquid guitar slides thru bass and drum pattern, VERY GOOD MUSICIANSHIP, somewhat similiar to JOOK's 'RUMBLE', which was a b side inst. of '73 they did.....


GREAT number, this is the kind of old fashioned-good-time rock music they don't make anymore, distinctive 70's sound the kind u can sing-a-long to, elec piano taps out a good-time beat, with lyrics 'COME ON , COME ON BABY, U KEEP ME UP TO THE MORNING LIGHT'....more lyrics to come....


no not the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE song, this one is an original, and what a GREAT one this is , 70's rock sound, elec guitars, piano, good rhythm...'DON'T U NEED SOMEBODY TO TALK TO, DON'T U NEED SOMEBODY TO LOVE' and 'TAKE A LOOK AND SEE'.....more lyrics to come.....


naturally the ending songs has to be a great one, and this one is, the ARROWS singles are gold, as is the lp, however the song that ends the lp 'GOTTA BE NEAR U' is good but not great, this one here would have made for a better ending, GREAT guitar riffs on this one, snare drum beat, GREAT bass solo, 'FEEL SO GOOD, KNEW I WOULD', ......after the bass solo liquid guitar plays against the drums and organ superbly , more lyrics ; 'TOO MUCH WHEN WERE TOGETHER, TOO MUCH WHEN WERE APART', and 'EVERYBODY NEEDS SOMEONE'........

well there you have it, if u never heard of the ARROWS before this then you must get some, the singles are the best to start with, u can now get them along with the lp of '76 on a cd, after hearing that then get these demos 'TAWNY TRACKS', cause there's a whole lp and a half full of should have been hits, and outtakes.........

1. Goodbyes 2. Dare You Not To Dance 3. Always Another Train

4. Baby Doll 5. At The Candy Shop 6. A Love Like Ours

7. Horny Lips 8. Cheating Woman 9. Rock 'N Roll Hotel

10. Who Done It? 11. International Gypsy Lovers 12. I Love Rock 'N Roll

13. French Cheating Woman 14. Motor Running 15. Driving All Night

16. Basing Street Leslie 17. Come On, Come On, Baby 18. Somebody To Love 19. Feel So Good

writeup sent in by MERRILL himself -

There are two mp3s from that album on this site, in the sound clips section. http://www.alanmerrill.com

They are both Bill Wyman productions. "At The Candy Shop" has Bill Wyman on bass guitar, amd Dallas Taylor of Crosby, Stills, and Nash on drums.

Late joining Arrows band member Terry Taylor is on gutars, and I sing lead and play the Carribean marimba. "Goodbyes" is the Arrows intact, all original three members, Jake, Paul and me, with Terry Taylor added.

Keyboards by The Who's John 'Rabbit' Bundrick and Backstreet Crawler's Mike Montgomery on that one.

to see some writeups sent in recently by MERRILL look towards the bottom of page 5.......

Nature's law affirm instead of prohibit. If you violate her laws, you are your own prosecuting attorney, judge, jury, and hangman.

-- Luther Burbank (attributed: source unknown)

Let us read the Bible without the ill-fitting colored spectacles of theology, just as we read other books, using our own judgment and reason, listening to the voice within, not to the noisy babel without. Most of us possess discriminating reasoning powers. Can we use them or must we be fed by others like babes?

-- Luther Burbank (attributed: source unknown)

Prayer may be elevating if combined with work, and they who labor with head, hands or feet have faith and are generally quite sure of an immediate and favorable reply.

-- Luther Burbank, quoted by Joseph Lewis in "Burbank the Infidel


the following demos are in addition to the ' TAWNY TRACKS' comp. which appeared a few yrs back, these songs are really great, and we think overall far better than most of 'tawny tracks' , some of the tracks featuring CHRIS SPEDDING on guitar and 2 tracks have COZY POWELL on drums, they were released in '05 repackaged with the ARROWS singles collection....



( spoken; 'did u see her yet, uh huh, i hope she's not mad anymore, oh look here she comes now ' ).........' BAM BAM BATTERING RAM, BAM BAM .........STUCK IN A JAM, HERE SHE COMES NOW......................LAST NITE SHE WAS CRYING, TRYING, DON' T U SEE IT's TRUE'...........this EXCELLENT glam rock number features 2 drummers ( PAUL VARLEY and COZY POWELL ) and can be classified as bubblegum glam like no other, think ' TRASH' by the DOLLS, u know it has that N.y. camp played to the hilt except they turned it into a bubblegum song, listening to the intro and the song brings to mind the SHANGRI LAS, of which Alan says he was listening to at the time they wrote this one, and WOW what a song it is, now this shoulda been a single !!


a GOOD cover of an old classic it goes, 'DREAMIN, I'M ALWAYS DREAMIN' THAT MY WISH COMES TRUE, TELL HER, TELL HER THAT I LOVE HER'............this one features 2 drummers as well.........

3 ' WAKE UP'

hhhmmm rather different style than the rest of their output, consider this one the cd's 'hidden track'............this is keyboard dominated rock, begins with jangly folk guitars then comes into play the keyboard.....'LAST NITE OUR LOVE WAS ON FIRE, 2 HEARTS BRUNING WITH DESIRE, CAN' T TOUCH SOMETHING, I CAN HIDE, DON' T STOP FEELING GOOD INSIDE, DON' T STOP, TEMPERATURE RISING............WAKE UP GET UP TIMES COME TO COME HOME, TO COME HOME'............



slow number in a classic rock vein ( Arrows fans know glam was fading and Arrows went on to a more 'classic rock' sound in ' 76 )....'BRING IT ON HOME, WHEN THE FLAMES BEGIN TO FLICKER, I REACHED FOR THE LIQUOR, THAT THE THOUGHT OF LOSING U, AND SAYING GOODBYE'


EXCELLENT number ! cool glam rock, 1,2,3,4, rock sound, streamlined bass.......'DRIVING DOWN THE HIGHWAY WITH MY RADIO ON, BLASTING OUT THE MUSIC AND THE MUSIC IS ON '....( chorus ) ' I AIN' T GONNA SLOW ONLY 45 MILES TO GO, CAUSE I'M A LOVE RIDER DRIVING TO THE................HERE I COME' !


a slow gentle rock number, ( we also have this on an old Arrows video, they performed it on a show that featured guests the B.C. ROLLERS, and SLIK.......' GIRL I WAS DOWN TILL U CAME AROUND, I WAS SHUFFLIN' MY FEET ALL OVER THIS TOWN, HANGING MY HEAD AND WISHIN' I WAS DEAD, AND U CAME INTO MY LIFE (chorus), CAUSE I HAD FAITH IN U, FAITH IN U, I HAD FAITH IN U, I GOT FAITH IN U....



ALEECAT came out in 2003 , it featured 10 new tracks by Merrill plus 4 demos left over from RUNNER the short lived rock band he was in back in ' 78, the new songs offer a few good cuts , but we have to say sorry most of the music is somewhat routine and don' t offer anything new in the way of rock music, but if you like new music by Alan Merill you know what to expect, his on again off again project Vodka Collins sometimes come up with good rock numbers, folks interested can check out the retrospective VODKA COLLINS comp. that features upbeat tracks like 'RAPPONGI, RAPPONGI', amongst others and ends with a live version of ARROWS ' I LOVE R-n-R', here are our reviews for Aleecat -

1 'EVERYTIME SHE COMES AROUND'..........familiar old rock sound here with good background singing ' I GET A FEELING WHEN IT COMES IN LACE, MONEY SLIGHTLY IN AND OUT OF PLACE, THERE' s A CURRENT AND IT's PULLING ME '

2 ' ILLUSION '......slower approach with electric piano 'I'M A CITY BOY, I'M A CITY BOY, I'LL STAND IN THE SHADOWS OF A SKYSCRAPER, I STAND IN THE CORNER IN THE STREETS OF VEGAS'............( there's 10,000 guys doing songs like this, something with a different approach would have been better )

3 ' TRISHA UPTOWN'..................'OOOHHH OH YEA TRISHA UPTOWN I'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND YOU THE..........( hhhmmmm notes here are faded....mote to come'

' NO SPEED LIMIT'.........' I'M A FIRE ON THE OPEN ROAD, MOVING INTO OVERLOAD...........I CAN SEE THE LIGHT AND SLOPE AS MY TAILLIGHTS AND PATTERNS FADE,....... ( chorus ) OOOHHHH THERE IS NO SPEED LIMIT THOUGH I' V E SEEN THE LIGHTS 1000 TIMES BEFORE'.........( the sound here is so m.o.r. and these lyrics are more suited for the kind of Great rock Merrill had with Arrows, specifically the song 'LOVE RIDER' now there was a classic never released till many yrs later )

5 'STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART' ...........the BEST cut so far, the band hits a good riff here and stays with it, this is a lot better than any of the previous cuts, it's a sing-a-long number ' WHEN U DO IT, U GOTTA DO IT HARD, WHEN U DO IT, DO IT STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART, SHOUT IT OUT STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART, DON' T BE LAZY'..............:)

more to come, 'PHOENIX and the RENEGADE' is a Good one about his ex wife and the lp ends with SAXAZONE an instrumental cut.......


this is a FINE Christmas lp with some songs that remind us of his 90's VODKA COLLINS lps, and also KEITH RICHARD's solo lps......seasonal songs about family, friends, and homeless people fill out the lp....


'WALKING DOWN THE STREET LOOKING IN THE WINDOW, ALL THE PRETTY THINGS SNOWFLAKES, AND TINSEL', well now that does kinda sound like a RAMONES title doesn't it ? this soft rocker is a good opener that greats the listener with a familiar vioce *


'tiss the season for rhyme and reason, and popping corn, the organ here has a spiritual sound, this is a song about family and friends at christmas......


this one is bluesy, sings about the temptation of booze at the holidays....'relations come by since u been gone' and 'every nite i hope and pray you'll come back this xmas'


slow song about having to spend christmas without a loved one, nice lyrics and vocals....


......VERY GOOD laid back KEITH RICHARD's style number, this one like the next has lyrics about the homeless....'HOMELESS PEOPLE LIVING ON THE STREET Y'ALL, AND THE CREATURES THEY WILL PREACH, C'MON EVERYBODY, LET's THINK ABOUT IT'........


a song about the homeless with GREAT lyrics about urban life, and MERRILL asks for people to give and help out the less fortunate.......'HOMELESS PEOPLE IN WORN OUT CLOTHES, IT's XMAS IN THE CITY AGAIN', and 'PUT A QUARTER IN HIS CUP', and ' IT DON'T LOOK SOP PRETTY IN THIS SIDE OF TOWN, CAN U LEND CHANGE TO YOUR FELLOW MAN'.......distictive MERRILL sound, one of the lps best ! '


a xmas song about and for children, guitar flows smoothly, slow shiny organ plays thru......... 'CALLING ALL THE CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD, CALLING EVERY BOY AND GIRL, COME AS U ARE'.......in the song alan asks the kids if they want a chance to be heroes....


GOOD STONES-type rocker, this is a rock/glam duet with JIM CARROLL, GREAT VOCALS with their roots in glam, 'WHY'D U LEAVE ME STRANDED, SINCE THE PLANE HAS LANDED' ?, one of the lps BEST !.....more lyrics to come....


....this one is more SPIRITUAL rock with shiny drum sound,, nice organ,good vocals.......'TURN THE LIGHTS DOWN LOW, COME AND SIT BY ME, LET THE SPIRIT SURROUND US, SHOW US THE WAY WE WILL BE', CHRISTMAS IN LOVE, CHRISTAMS IN LOVE'...............


GREAT ending, very good lyrics, this one is a duet, reminds us of some of the ARROWS ballads from their '76 lp.......'IN THE MIND OF A CHILD, LOOK AT HIS EYES FOR A LITTLE WHILE, SEE THE WORLD THRU BLACK and WHITE , IT's a CASE OF SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE', and 'KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING'.....more lyrics to come.....

well head on over to the ALAN MERRILL site to buy your copy of this christmas lp, you can get there directly from our downloads page.........and see page 5 for some special writeups he sent us on ARROWS and STREAK wwhich was the pre-ARROWS band,......


I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

12:3 For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

12:4 For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office:

12:5 So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

12:6 Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith;


if you found this section on BRETT SMILEY, then you have found it by searching deep within the 70s invasion, we have it unmentioned on the homepage because it was nearly so, UNRELEASED, actually he had a super single released in '74, and the lp was never released, the same reviews can also be seen on a link at the bottom of our page 21, ( page 28 ) along with SPACE WALTZ, JOBRIATH, and several other acts who were BOWIE devotees....

BRETT SMILEY unreleased lp of '74

above is BRETT SMILEY's 45 'VA VA VA VOOM/SPACE AGE', see page 15 for reviews,..... listening to this lost classic of soft glam is like discovering a hidden treasure few people know of................................ SMILEY EVOKES SOPHISTICATED SOUNDS THE WAY STEVE HARLEY, and BOWIE did, as well as LOU REED, JOBRIATH as well, he shows a strong influence from those artists mostly, he has some of the softest vocals ever heard perhaps comparable to PETER PERRETT who at the time was in ENGLAND's GLORY, who had a GREAT lp before goin off to the ONLY ONES ( see page 4, and 6)his vocals also kinda predates the vocal style of TELEVISION PERSONALITIES, see page 6.............and maybe one day our friends will be able to get this unreleased lp out on cd, not sure of the proper track order, anyways here goes.......


a very GOOD song about a girl named heidi riley......original plastic rock sound with horns, ROXY-type experimentation......some lyrics ; 'THAT SHE's AN ENTERTAINER, THE BOYS ARE TO BLAME', and 'WITH LEGS LIKE THAT , LIKE A PERSIAN CAT', and 'REALLY LIKE YOUR MASK'........ and 'WHY DON'T U STAY AND WE'LL.......' he does not say anything after that part, but u can guess the implication.....towards the ending he says 'HEIDI, HEIDI'......


.......GOOD followup to the opener, with STONES-type guitar, bongos, horns, similiar in style to JOBRIATH's 'WORLD WITHOUT END'again similiar to ROXY.....'I'LL JUST DO IT SO, DON'T ASK ME WHY', IT's SO EASY I DON'T EVEN TRY', and 'HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE TO SEE WHAT YOUR WEARIN', and 'WHY NOT GIVE IT ALL UP AND STOP CARING....


'LALALALALALALALALALALA.............goes the band at the beginning of this WONDERFUL pop song about a girl named April in the town of Paris, that sounds very influenced by LOU REED 'TRANSFORMER' era lp, campy ambiance, background singers sound like they are acting like kids..............'CRYIN IN THE NIGHT CAUSE NOTHING GOES RIGHT WITH HER, I'M THRU, AND U HOLD ME SO TIGHT THAT I LOST MY SIGHT, AND EVERYTHING SEEMS OK ', and 'OHH I'M LOVIN' IT', and 'WHAT CAN I SAY I'M A MILLION MILES AWAY', and 'A NIGHT WITH APRIL IN PARIS', and 'CRYIN' IN THE NIGHT, OH THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING NEW'........


WOW ! IF THERE EVER WAS A song that stands OUT IN AN LP TOGETHER THIS SONG IS IT !.....strong HARLEY/LOU REED style, very sophisticated pop song with great ambiance, very very slow with lovely piano and violin, violin begins the song ' ELEVATE A DIFFERENT PLANE, FABRICATE AHHHHH, JUST ENTERTAIN', andeslewhere Brett sings about 'A FAR OFF SUNSET', and ' A TRAGEDY OF BROKEN HEARTS'.......'IM JUST A QUEEN OF HEARTS, A QUEEN OF HEARTS'.......SMILEY really holds this song together well,


'Sugarpie honeybunchYou know that I love you,I can't help myself I love you and nobody else,In and out my life you come and you go,leaving just your picture behind,and I kissed it a thousand times'.....yes the old motown cover from the 60's, done up here in a camp style that suits the singer and the audience well, then in the middle of the song out of nowhere he sings a line from 'OVER THE RAINBOW', 'somewhere by a rainbow way up high there's a song that i heard of once in a lullaby', .....this song has been covered by many people....


listen closely if u ever come accross this UNRELEASED lp which very few have heard, here u can hear a song that sounds very influenced by LENNON's 'JEALOUS GUY' ......'I'M JUST A LONELY MAN' sings brett...sorry our copy did not come with the cover of the BEATLES ' I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND', but i bet that one sounds great..

'RUN to the SUN'

another GREAT one, campy glam-pop, here BRETT evokes the sounds of COCKNEY REBEL's 2nd lp, using a keyboard sound that reminds us of some of JOHN CALE's unique pop ..........EXCELLENT VOCALS here.....'EVERYTIME I TRY AND TOUCH THE SKY, IT'S JUST THE SAME, AND IT STARTS TO RAIN.....', and 'EVERYTIME I RUN TO THE SUN.......' 'SO DAY TO DAY IS THE ONLY WAY, PLEASURE, PAIN, THE SUN AND THE RAIN, ALL THOSE CLOUDS CRYING OVER ME, I SAID SINGING IN THE RAIN', and 'ALL I EVER KNOW I'M SINGIN' IN THE RAIN, SO TODAY IS THE ONLY WAY, PLEASURE, PAIN, IT's STARTING TO RAIN'......the mellotron is it ? and the guitar make a pretty sound together as the song plays into it's last minute....

'YOUNG AT HEART' this very lovely ballad closes the lp, and it's a winner indeed, very slow, soothing vocals over piano, just as good as SINATRA himself who made this song famous......

Fairy tales can come true, It can happen to you, If you're young at heart!

( Young at heart! )

For it's hard you will find To be narrow of mind, If you're young at heart!

( Young at heart! ) You can go to extremes, With impossible schemes, You can laugh when your dreams Fall apart at the seams . . .

And life gets more exciting, With each passing day, An' love is either in your heart, Or, on the way!

Don't you know that it's worth, Every treasure on earth, To be young at heart! ( Young at heart! )

For as rich as you are, It's much better by far, To be young at heart! ( Young at heart! )

And if you should survive, To a hundred an' five, Look at all you'll derive Outta bein' alive!

And here is the best part, You have a head start . . . If you are among, The very young at heart!

( Don't you know that it's worth, Every treasure on earth, To be young at heart! For as rich as you are, It's much better by far, To be young at heart! )

And if you should survive, To a hundred an' five, Look at all you'll derive Outta bein' alive!

And here is the best part, You have a head start . . . If you are among, The very young . . . at heart!

~ (featured in the 1955 film "Young at Heart" Music by Johnny Richards with lyrics by Carolyn Leigh, 1954 Arranged by O.B. Masingill )


here is the track listing for the unreleased lp we just reviewed from Smiley, that was recorded and shelved in '74, see our reviews of his FANTASTIC single and even better b side 'VA VA VA VOOM/SPACE AGE' '74 on page 15, and see page 21 for a gallery on him with 3 pictures ....*

Solitaire, Pre-Columbian ,April In Paris, Sugar Pie Honey Bun, Young At Heart,

Run For The Sun, Space Age, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Queen Of Hearts, Heidy Riley

....our tape copy did not come with 'I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND' the BEATLES cover, however on here are 3 other covers as u can see.........WHAT A GREAT UNDISCOVERED TREASURE, then he went to star in a film 'CINDERELLA'in '77, we ask did Smiley record any other music ??

NINA ANTONIA who wrote books on JOHNNY THUNDERS and the DOLLS is the person behind getting out a book on Smiley, we corresponded with her a lot on music and ideas for a while online,........singer STEFAN SHADY on L.a. glam band SHADY LADY also wrote to say that Breet used to play him some songs that were never released back in the 70s....

SMILEY played in london in aug '03, to see his site see ths 2nd page of our links....

"When a living entity comes in contact with the material creation, his eternal love for Krsna is transformed into lust, in association with the mode of passion. Or, in other words, the sense of love of God becomes transformed into lust, as milk in contact with sour tamarind is ransformed into yogurt. Then again, when lust is unsatisfied, it turns into wrath; wrath is transformed into illusion, and illusion continues the material existence. Therefore, lust is the greatest enemy of the living entity, and it is lust only which induces the pure living entity to remain entangled in the material world. Wrath is the manifestation of the mode of ignorance; these modes exhibit themselves as wrath and other corollaries. If, therefore, the mode of passion, instead of being degraded into the mode of ignorance, is elevated to the mode of goodness by the prescribed method of living and acting, then one can be saved from the degradation of wrath by spiritual attachment." BG 3, 37

the RATS

here is a track listing of the RATS lp for now.......this is really GREAT, sounds range from hard glam, to T. REX styled rock, etc..........a single and b side 'TURTLE DOVE/OXFORD DONNA' are reviewed on page 15.........allthough 'TURTLE DOVE' is perhaps their greatest moment, and a hell of a glam rock song, their lp contains some gems, and rocks all the way thru....

RATS lp of '74


this is a REALLY GREAT lp which mixes BOLAN styled glam with hard rock, and just the a dash of country rock which makes for a GREAT lost treasure,no this is not RONSON's RATS, who also had an lp in that year, but an entirely different band, this band featured DAVE KUBINEC who later recorded an lp produced by JOHN CALE in '78, see page 12 for a review of KUBINEC's 'SIT ON IT' and more info on him..........off to the reviews of the RATS lp,


GREAT ! STRONG ROCK guitars, BOLAN vocals, mixes glam with hard rock, 'I CAN FEEL IT, COMIN' ON, DON'T STEAL IT, LEAVE IT ALONE, CHILD HE DIE, CHILD HE DIE'......








....HARD ROCKER about life on the road outside los angeles, BOLAN styled, the background singers sing like SWEET, .........handclaps, GREAT riffs from the guitar......'GOIN' OUT IN THE OPEN ROAD, THE NIGHTS ARE WARM AND THE DAYS ARE COLD'.....and 'I'LL TEACH U TRICKS I'LL EVEN TREAT U DINNER', 'ALLRIGHT, ALLRIGHT', then guitar solo comes in...........


this one hits hard too kinda like a SLADE b side, strong guitars, great guitar solo.......the rythm sounds like WARREN ZEVON's 'WEREWOLVES OF LONDON', really listen closely.........lyrics such as 'THE MORNING SUN IS IN MY HAIR ', and 'IT's LIKE A KISS', and 'I GOT TO GET STONED' !


one of the best songs on the lp......this one has a dash of country rock added to the hard rock sound......'I'M A ROLLING RAILROAD WAGON, I AIN'T GOT A TICKET , BUT I'LL GET IN ANYWAY'.......elsewhere he sings about the signs he's seen and trying to find a little girl, and 'I'M A LONELY RAILROAD WAGON, AND IT HURTS, AIN'T NOTHIN' WORSE'....


the closing song is a HEAVY boogie-glam rock song again with the vocals sounding a lot like BOLAN, only a bit rougher........good lyrics here 'LOOKING LIKE A NIGHTMARE ON THE RUN, MAYBE U SEEN HIM WAITING ON A STATION'.........and 'WATCH ME RUN, MAYBE U SEEN ME BLEEDING', and 'I GOT A CLEAN MACHINE, I'M GOING RIGHT ON THE MAINHORSE COWBOY'.........

EXCELLENT LP we say, see page 15 for a review of their single and b side, and page 28 for DAVE KUBINEC........

HELLO, BELOW IS OUR LIST THAT WAS PREVIOUSLY ON PAGE 1, THEN WAS MOVED TO PAGE 12, HERE IT WILL REMAIN ON PAGE 14, ALLTHOUGH WE HAVE SOME MUSIC OF THE ARTISTS BELOW, WE ARE LOOKING FOR HARDER TO FIND SONGS, AS WELL AS VERY OBSCURE BANDS FEW HAVE HEARD OF, IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE TO GET SOME OF THE MUSIC BELOW, PLEASE CONTACT US , see the homepage for our addresses.........you will also notice over the yrs that some of these bands and songs we have found and have reviewed them, we just have not had time to go thru this list in sometime.......

MUSIC WE ARE LOOKING FOR; Music to consider.......

lots of links here....

1 the NATIONAL GALLERY, this is our most obscure record from this n.y. rock band released in '68 that sounds like the VELVETS 1st and 3rd lp's, does AnYoNe know about this band ????????? lp reviewed on page 2...single on page 13

at FRANK's VINYL MUSEUM , called 'the internet home of wierd records' u can hear 3 songs from THE NATIONAL GALLERY, check out the archive section for many oddball records, u can get there directly from our downloads page, here is the link -

- http://www.franklarosa.com/viny l/Exhibit.jsp?AlbumID=18


this band was the pre-SCREAMERS band who played in seattle in '76 before punk rock had really arrived, yes some recordings of their shows exist, one day we'll get to hear them.....they sang some of the songs that became SCREAMERS classics, see page 19, and 7 for full reviews of the SCREAMERS, also page 6....

3 JOOK unreleased songs; 'THATS FINE', 'DOLL', and 'COOCH', and TREVOR WHITE member of JOOK, we found out another song he had was called 'UNDERSTOOD', or maybe 'MISUNDERSTOOD' supposedly there is an unreleased JOOK lp in the vaults somewhere, a bootleg cd is now out in the states, it has all the 5 singles, b sides, plus the 4 song ep that was releasd in ';78, 4 yrs after they broke up, u can see these unreleased songs mentioned on the Jook/Milk and Cookies discography accessible from the bottom of page 21....reviews of Jook are on pages 4, 5, and the homepage....we will pay you good money for these unreleased songs.......

4 RITZ ...from washington d.c., in the mid 70's they had a few songs in a COCKNEY REBEL style.........

5 any rare songs from glitter gals STEPHANIE de SYKES, KRISTINE SPARKLE, ZENDA JACKS, and BOBBIE McGEE......(see page 4)

6 the first 7th WAVE lp or KEN ELLIOTT 60's band - SECONDHAND- (see page 4, and 2 for Secondhand)

7 RICKI WILDE's any demos, or any unreleased songs he may have done....,

8 PVC2 -the punkrock lp that SLIK put out when they wanted to change their style, also features MIDGE URE who later went on to play with the RICK KIDS, and ULTRAVOX*

9 the DEADLY NIGHTSHADES, recorded in the 70's, they had a few folk lps, see the links page for more info, see 'AUREALM women's music site'

10 SYL JOHNSON's 'stuck in chicago' (funk/rock)

11 GENERAL CROOK's 'Fever in the funkhouse' (funk/rock)

12 any all girl bands in the early - mid 70s who covered or sounded at all like the N.Y. DOLLS.....somewhere such a band existed :)

... 13 EDWINA BIGLET and THE MIGLETS - 'Thing'.....either glam rock or pop, who's EDWINA ?

14 TRUTH and BEAUTY 'tuff little surfer boy' '74...supposedly sounds a bit like 10cc, and the b-side is a ROCKY HORROR cover...

15 KAPTAIN KOOL and the KONGS...yes from the KROFFT SUPERSHOW we have their rare pop lp from 78, and some RARE videos we are interested in any more rare songs/performances they did other than whats listed on page 5....

16 MILK and COOKIES...from n.y.,recorded in 74 released in 76, a teen band who supposedly sound like SPARKS, we have reviewed their lp on page 4, we are looking for unreleased songs; 'TYPICALLY TEENAGE', BUY THIS RECORD' 'TINKERTOY TOMORROW'..see pages 4 and 5 for more info

17 WOODEN HORSE .....this folk band featured NOOSHA FOX before she sang for FOX, see page 4 for reviews, we are looking for the 2 hard to find lps they made

18 PLANETS, MARBLES, and the BRATS, all n.y. early-mid 70's pop/rock bands...similiar to the WHO.....


n.y. city ALL GIRL new wave punk Band, they had opened some shows for the FAST, they were around probably beginning in the mid to late 70s, we know of one single that exists ; 'QUEEN of the BEACH/GIRL WITH THE HAIR', said to have the crunchy sound with the bass, guitars, drums, and raunchy guitar solo, ANY INFO AT ALL ON THIS BAND, PLEASE SEND IT IN TODAY !

20 C.A. QUINTENT 'trip thru hell' lp from 68, very disturbing pysch,...influenced from the dark side of the DOORS...

21 MOUTH and MACNEIL...more songs needed from this mid 70's DUTCH pop band... see page 4 for reviews

22 FANCY...they had 3 glitter style lp's in the mid 70's, including a cover of 'wild thing' , wqe are interested in the lps see page 4 for review, and the 'Gateway' for a picture *

23 BOXCAR WILLIE the man, yeah we like some country, we would like to one day here this guy....

24 ELECTRIC EELS/ MIRRORS/ STYRENES / ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS Cleveland art/punk bands from the early 70's of whom a few members went onto play in the great bands DEAD BOYS, and PERE UBU.

25 SUBWAY SECT...early london punk band whom BERNIE RHODES worked with from 76-78...

26 CRIME ...early punk band who had some singles in 76-77, from san fran...in a sort of rockabilly/punk (site http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palladium/3365/

27 PAPER DOLLS...girl glitter band from the early 70's......see the Glitter discograhy from Ken Barnes on page 21....

28 RAK singles of obscure bands from 73-74; THE SECRETS, THE SHADES, ANGIE MILLER, THE HOOD.

29 WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE...glitter pop...from '74-75' see page 5 for a writeup someone sent us about this singer in an ALVIN STARDUST- BARRY BLUE mold....

30 MAC and KATIE KISSOON , we have 2 great songs, we want more see page 4 for a review, and the gateway for a picture *

31 INDEX...just go to www.allmusic.com , and read about this obscure PYSCH band who released a very disturbing lp in the late 60's...

32 CUPS 'good as gold' '69, MUCKY DUCK 'pyschos on the run' '70 these 2 singles were produced by JOHN HEWLETTE of JOHN's CHILDREN......we'd love to hr them...

33 RATS lp of '74, MICK RONSON'S RATS,

34 RUDI....irish punk band who took their name from JOOK's 'OO-RUDI' single....

35 VULCAN 'MUCH TOO YOUNG'/'ACTION MAN' from '74 sounds like SLADE and BARRY BLUE type glitterrock in one song if u can imagine ! b side is a GREAT SANTAANA-like number.......see page 21 for review, we saw a pict of an lp by a band called VULCAN - 'MEET YOUR GHOST', had a brunnette girl on the back cover and looked to be from the 90's, so that could not have been them...anyone know anything else ?

36 BILBO BAGGINS 'SATURDAY NITE', from '74 ? ....yes the B.C ROLLERS hit covered by this glam band ....they had a few other songs, 3 of which we review somewhere on this site, they may have taken their name from a mythological creature, they were managed by Tom Patton, anyone know anything else ? see page 12 for a small writeup sent to us

37 RAINBOW COTTAGE 'CLOPPA CASTLE'......... rare single, early 70's pop band, anyone know how this sounds ??????

38 QUACKY DUCK powerpop band from the mid 70's ?? who played in some n.y. clubs, was TONY BENNET's son the guitar player ???

39 SCREEMER 'INTERGALACTIC TWIST' glam rock from the 70's, a viewer said they were produced by PHIL WAINMAN, and this song is a GOOD one, sounds like a cross between ROCKY HORROR , and SWEET.....also BIG WHEEL 'SHAKE A TAIL' 70's glam, the same viewer said they sounded a bit like ALVIN's HEARTBEATS, a guy said this made his top song list, take a look at this site, with other 70's music.... we are looking for any other songs by either of the 2 bands http://www.geocities.com/catacombo/old45 s-2001.html


a BLACK GLAM ROCK BAND from north london who sound like SLADE ! the same viewer said they wore platforms, and had big afros, they had 2 singles ; 'MARY JANE'/OH LORD/THE HOLY HOUSE( on sunday) '72, also 'JUNGLE' '72, later they released a song called 'I DON'T WANT OUR LOVING TO DIE'.....we would LOVE to hear them..........see page 12 for a little more info , and NICK's site for an article and picture !, copy and paste this link -


41 CRAYOLA.......this n.y. girl punk band used to open shows for the FAST (see page 6), we know nothing about them, another girl band from the glitter days in n.y. were the HARLOTS...could be good... also RUBY and the REDNECKS, they were a DOLLS type, and the BERLIN BRATS have one rare single out somewhere....

42 the SCREAMERS.......l.a. underground punk sensation, this band came on like a cross between the SEX PISTOLS , and SUICIDE, wild futuristic punk with keyboards.......(see page 6, 7, and 19 for reviews) we are looking for rare music by them especially the pre-SCREAMERS band the TUPPERWARES who played in '76, yes a demo tape exists......here's a GREAT site -http://www.synthpunk.org./screamers/

43 DEBRIS.......'STATIC DISPOSAL' ....... early punk lp from '76 from this band from oklahoma, SCREAMERS member K.K. BARRETT was a member, this one we'd REALLY LOVE TO HEAR !!........we have a picture and more info in our -gateway-

44 the MAGIC BUBBLE, supposedly had a great pysch lp in '70

45 NEWCASTLE 5, jangly folk rock wonders circa '65, led by a female vocalist, (see SUNDAZED link for more info on page 2 )

46 JONATHAN KING, has done some novelty and bubblegum songs, and produced others as well.......

47 DANA GILLESPIE.......had 2 lp's in 73 and 74, worked with BOWIE on the first one, check out allmusic.com for more info, see our gateway for a picture of her

48 THE ROCKETS from france.....this band were kinda like a hard rock band using KRAFTWERK-like synthesizers, they began in '75 and played for several years.... http://members.aol.com/uheep6/rockets.htm

49 STILLETOS......there existed at least 2 bands with this name in the 70's, one was a trio of' gals in the mid 70's featuring DEBBIE HARRY ! ,the other was a punk band circa '78, featuring SARAH STILLETTO... :).......picture on page 6.......:).....also EDDA and the STILLETOS were a band featured in a film called - PUNK ROCK, which came out in '71, according to the reviewer this glam rock band were horribble, and had nothing to do with punk rock, we'd be interested in the music from this film only,see this link for a picture of the band and a review -



50 the NERVEBREAKERS.........this band played in a NY DOLLS-STOOGES-STONES style, they opened for the RAMONES, JOHN CALE, and many others in the 70's, and were the opening act for the SEX PISTOLS in dallas '78 , a site - http://www.ussrlabs.com/

51 KAROMBOLAGE.......some gals from germany who made music similiar to the SLITS in the late 70's , sounds interesting...

52 GOLDIE 'making up again', this was on a 70's glitterock comp., but we know nothing about this band....allthough they are not GOLDIE and the GINGERBREADS the girl pop band of the 60's, one day we must get some of their music too.......

53 SPIRITUAL CONCEPT.....funkrock, we are looking for any other singles other than 'I DON'T WANNA HEAR' which was one of the best songs of the 70's :) (see page 4)

54 HEART, an obscure girl glitter band who sound like SUZI Q......looking for the 1st single, and 3 b sides see page 4 for review....

* 55 THUNDERTHIGHS glitter girls , they sang backup vocals on LOU REED's 'walk on the wild side'......... (see page 4) ...take a look at some obscure bands from the 70's these gals worked with, we are interested in the following, but don't know who these bands are; Adrian Wagner Instincts (1977) Alquin Nobody Can Wait Forever (1975) Flash Fearless Flash Fearless Vs the Zorg Women (1975) John Verity Band John Verity Band (1974) Jonathan Kelly Wait Till They Change the Backdrop (1973) Shusha Before the Deluge (1975) Stomu Yamash'ta Go (1976) The Crazy World of Arthur... Lost Ears (Puddletown Express) (1976) Various Artists Flash Fearless Versus the Zorg... ANY INFO ON THESE BANDS WHOM THUNDERTHIGHS SUNG BACK UP ON WOULD BE APPRECIATED...

56 PEARLS - early 70's girl glitter band similiar to thunderthighs, they had songs such as 'you came ,you saw, you conquered', and 'guilty'.......


- early D.C. PUNK band from 76-77 :........a father (mr. ott) and son duo that put out bizarre music, 3 singles - 'i could puke', 'i'm so straight', 'i hate',..... other d.c. bands around 77-

58 the LOOK - early band whom after they broke up the guitarist went onto form the URBAN VERBS, the RAZZ, a new wave band who played in a srt of early FLAMIN GROOVIES style, 2 other lesser knowns were the RAGE, and the PENETRATORS....

59 GLITTER BANDS FROM the netherlands and yes they sung in english ; ) LEMMING - a horror rock glitter band who played in the style of ALICE COOPER , in the early-mid 70's, there is a picture of this obscure band on page 5 along with a discography BONNIE ST. CLAIR and UNIT GLORIA pop band who made glitterrock stomp on songs like 'clap your hands and stomp your feet', there are a few songs were looking for, see our page on them as well as a gallery too somewhere on this site :)

these 2 and many more bands can be seen on the NEDERPOP ENCYCLOPEDIA, accessible from ALEX GITLIN's site -


60 ZOLAR-X , a SCI-FI pop band who played at RODNEY BINGENHEIMER's club back in the mid 70's,a picture is on page 5 and a gallery also from page 21, you got to see this !! www.geocities.com/zolarx1/

61 BENTWIND, an early 70's band who released an lp called SUSSEX i believe, which sounded like a combo of STOOGES, ALICE COOPER, MC5, http://www.bentwind.com

62 STARBUCK, band who had a single or 2 around 73, or '74......we review one great single and b side of thiers on page 4, looking for anything else....

63 DAMIAN early 70's rock band, had a good song called 'face in the crowd', and what else ?

64 the WHITE HORSES 'jacky' '68 , a camp/kitsch tune that was the theme song for an old kids tv show, anyone remember ? this osng is reviewed on page 17, we are looking for similiar songs along these lines

65 MICKEY MEZZ and the CLEAN.........mid 70's rock band from boston

66 FOLK PASSION, rare folk lp from '69, that cam with a large bookelt....

67 ARK 'poverty train' 60's pysch band similiar to CLEAR LIGHT ( see page 2)

68 the FROST - released 3 lp's 68-70, VELVETS, PINK FLOYD, ALICE COOPER sound, one member would go off to play with LOU REED's mid 70's band...

48 SPRINGFIELD REVIVAL pop-rock lp of '73 ?

69 the ROTARY CONNECTION.......outta site 60's pyschedelic-soul-lounge act, led by MINNIE RIPPERTON (see page 5)

70 JENNY DARREN.......had some lp's in the late 70's, someone mentioned her and said the music reflects the STONES, and LULU's sassy spirit.......

71 FABLE, played tight melodic rock, recorded 1 lp in '73, it was released in '74, on the MAGNET label.......

72 HERBIE FLOWERS lp - 'plant life', this famous musician has played with LOU REED, BOWIE, BLUE MINK,TERRY STAMP, and many others.

73 BEVERLY BREMERS........GREAT early 70's pop singer, (page 5) we are looking for any of the RASCALS songs she covered, and a b-side called 'chioce of love'....

74 CANDLEWICK GREEN 'who do u think u are' '74 may be the same song as sung by BO DONALDSON

75 MERLIN glam band who played like SLADE, see our review of their lp of '74 from a link on page 21, we are interested in any singles and b sides not on the lp....

76 EDDIE HOWELL 'man from manhattan' 75, we don't know anything about this guy, but this song is supposed to be glittery

77 the HEYETTES the 'FONZ SONG' from the heyettes, a campy number from '76 is GREAT, we are looking for the lp or any singles ?? u can download this song from our donwloads page, or from this link - http://www.franklarosa.com/vinyl/Exhibit.jsp ?

78 TAGGETT.....this band has a huge list of session players that played on their one and only lp, a must for british rock fans, according to ALEX GITLIN this one has sounds ranging from ROXY to HELLO to the H.M. KIDS.......see this link for more info - http://www.geocities.com/alexquo/taggett.htm

79 BIG JOHN?S ROCK AND ROLL CIRCUS 'Lady Put The Light On Me' (later covered by BROWNSVILLE STATION)

80 BUZZ 'The Rock Roller Coaster', another uk glam-pop band.......we have this single looking for the b side or the 'MADNESS' single, and b side.........

81 HOUND DOG 'Rock 'N Roll Show', another rare glam single were looking for

82 HARLEY QUINNE, this band featured 2 members of JOE's HOME BREW, in '72 they charted with this song 'New Orleans' , other singles we would like to get from them ; 'Such A Night', and 'Rock & Roll Is Back Again'............we have 5 of thier songs reviewed somewhere, looking for others....

83 ROCKET FROM the TOMBS, this band played in the mid 70's and featured bands whom would go onto play with PERE UBU and the DEAD BOYS....

84 APRIL , 70s glam rock band, had at least 1 single; 'Come On Down/ Rollin' It Over',.......not sure if it was one singer fronting a band or an all girl band...


'Mass in blue Communion'lp from '69, supposed to be somewhat of a masterpiece, we heard a little of his mid 70's lp 'shot thru the heart', the songs had a slight HARLEY influence, but his first lp is supposedly the one to really get....

86 LOTTIE GOLDEN, and COLLEEN COLVERT, girl singers from the late 60's who were on the hippie goddesses section



'THATS ALL WE NEED'......girl garage rock from '66 or '67 written by BILL KENT.....the words that staart with a 'C' in this band's name may have started with a "K', not exactly sure.........

88 the GIRLS

a RARE 70s release, this band was a GIRL ROCK BAND FROM JAPAN who released at least one lp, in '78 their lp had covers of the RAMONES, STONES, and BLONDIE !....see our gateway for a great picture, we really want this !


this band featured MARKY RAMONE ON DRUMS IN THE EARLY 70's !!, yes before he played with RICHARD HELL in '77, he was with this hard rock outfit who had 2 lps, see this link for more info - \



we have been after old music of this guy for some time now, heard a great song he did circa '66 sounded very much like the STONES, only more plastic, in fact he has recorded lotsa plastic electronic music and worked with many people including CHICORY TIP, DONNA SUMMER, etc.

91 FUMBLE , this was supposedly the uk SHA, NA, NA, we have been told they had some good numbers, some songs have a glam pop sound along the lines of SHOWADDYWADDY.

92 DIMITRI: 'Got a dog named Sally/ Strange is the grass' (Polydor S 1247, HOLLAND 1967).....this one is said to be a great dutch pop-pysch unknown treasure....



JIM AVERY of THIRD WORLD WAR was in this punk band who had only 1 single in '78, not known if they had anymore, however this is said to be a hard punk #, not to be confused with other punk bands of the same name.....see our review of THIRD WORLD WAR and a writeup sent in by AVERY's old partner TERRY STAMP....read more about them and see a RARE picture sleeve at GRANT STEVENS site - http://www.grantstevens.de/Frame2/Fr_music.html

this band not to be confused with RAZAR, a punk band of australia who seem to have a few singles released in '78, see # 124 below for more info....

94 TNT

from ARF ARF records u can get this cd of a mid 70's boston band, featuring a young ERIK LINDGREN, he the leader of ARF, ARF, records, from '74-'76 these songs are along the lines of the RASPBERRIES, and BIG STAR....see this link - http://www.arfarfrecords.com/arfarf/home.html

92 ALIASES ALVIN STARDUST released, yes alvin released some numbers in the early 70's under different names , just like his friedn MARTY WILDE, we'll bring the info here soon...


this was a 60s rock band who supposedly cut some great garage and pysch 45s as the 60's went on, also looking for music of SHARON TANDY whom worked with this band, and also SHYSTER,,,,which was an alias that FLUER DE LYS recorded under for at least one single in '67....


australian hard glam rock band had an lp in '74 called 'KNIGHTS OF LOVE',maybe on the Philips label, may be good, may not be, track listing as follows;


NOTE; ( we received and reviewed the following songs by stated bands by the numbers here # 95 - # 113 back in '03, this section was written before that, so we'd be interested in other songs by these bands....

95 ABACUS 'Indian Dancer'.......70s glam rock or maybe pop.....

96 BARRY BLOOD 'Poor Annie'

97 BROTHER SUSAN 'See My Fingers Fly', and 'Ride Ride Ride'

98 'COLD FLY' 'Caterpillar'

99 'MICHAEL FENNELLY' 'Lane Changer', unlike most of these here this guy has a good size following, this one is supposedly glam....

100 FRANKIE & THE PHANTOMS 'Rock N Roll Band'.....with a name like that, they probably had a release in '73, more likely '74, sounds like it's a name straight of the film 'Phantom of the Paradise', doesn't it ?

101 GIGGLES this band had at least 5 singles and supported SWEET on tour at one time , we'd be looking for them all ya know, here are 2 titles; 'Maria' (The Enchilada Song), and 'Giggle Wiggle'

102 HOUND DOG 'Rock 'N Roll Show'....been after this one for some time when we found out about it from the NoBrains mailorder site

103 KID DYNAMITE this band did a pretty decent glam pop number with 'BREAKING THE ICE', see page 21 for review, were interested in 'Call Me Sunshine Superman',....STUMPY had a release with 'MAKE ME A SUPERMAN', not sure if our source here got this one confused, also looking for any KID DYNAMITE b sides....

104 RENEGADE......this band had a SUPER glitterrock effort with 'MY REVOLUTION', full of pre-punk revolutionary lyrics, searching for the b side, other songs, any info at all, ANYONE PLEASE ??

105 MUSTARD 'Good Time Comin'.....seems these bands picked the coolest names eh ?

106 NUTZ 'As Far As The Eye Can See'

107 A RAINCOAT 'I Love You For Your Mind' (Not Your Body), and 'It Came In The Night'

108 THEO SCHERMAN 'Champagne In The Starlight'

109 SCOTTY - 70's glam pop

110 SMALL WONDER 'Ordinary Boy'

111 THIEVES 'Ali Baba'

112 COLD FLY ?

( actually we long ago received songs from bands # 106 - 112 , still looking for more songs of theirs )

113 PETER STRAKER 'Don't Take That Away', and 'Ragtime Piano Joe', this black singer was one of the few black glam artist of the 70's, he was in plays such as 'HAIR', and 'ROCKY HORROR', we'd like to hear these 2, elsewhere black artists such as ERASMUS CHORUM made the scene ( see above # 40), and MAC and KATIE KISSOON's 'BIG HELLO' was definitely glam rock ( see page 4), and of course PARLIAMENT FUNCADELIC was the best glitter funk band ( see page 5)

114 REDDY TEDDY......we have a small review of 2 of their song from their sole lp of '76, ( see page 4) they are in a ALICE COOPER/MOTT the HOOPLE style, we are searching for their rare 45 that came out in '74 'NOVELTY SHOES/GOO GOO EYES', supposedly along the lines of T.REX, SWEET, etc, u can see a picture on our 'gateway'

115 MIKE McGEAR 'leave it/sweet baby'....these supposedly sound like WINGS, which makes sense since he was the brother of one - PAUL McCARTNEY *

116 B GIRLS - 'FUN AT THE BEACH' '79......believe this was an all girl new wave band, one member a blonde was in the cable tv interview of SID, NANCY, and STIV BATORS in '78, she was featured as STIV's girlfriend........and wouldn't ya know it, years later came a cd of demos, of course SPEDDING had a hand in it, see this site for more info - http://www.chrisspedding.com/session/bg/bg.htm

117 LITTLE NELL aka LAURA CAMPBELL.....yes LITTLE NELL from the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, has a few singles prior to the film, not sure if they are glam or not, some titles ; 'DO THE SWIM', 'STILLETOS AND LISTICK', 'FEVER', etc....see our downloads page for direct access to a site with Mp3 downloads ! - http://www.rockyhorror.de/biography.html

118 TRACKS a boston punk band led by gal named LORRY DOLL....we are looking for these singles; 'BRAKES ON U/BOMBS AWAY'...'77 single, 'NEVER AGAIN/LOVIN' KISS' '78........see this site for more info - http://www.lorrydoll.com/



this ultrarare single is a DOLLS-like rocker, only 500 of them were released in may '74, possibly in oklahoma since this is the pre-debris band, DEBRIS were a pre-punk outfit based in oklahoma who supposedly had one lp in '76 along the lines of the STOOGES mixed with experimental art niose, drummer K.K. BARRETT was a member he later jioned the SCREAMERS in '77, (see pages 19, 7, and 6 for reviews of them), to see a rare pict of the DEBRIS lp see our galleries, wish we had a pict of this rare single, if anyone has any info at all on this band or DEBRIS please write us, this page has a little info -


120 ALVIN STARDUST - rare singles

we have his first 2 GREAT lps of '74 and a few singles reviewed on page 5, we are looking for some rare singles he recorded in the early 70s under aliases; JO JO ELLIS - THE FLY', and either under this name or his real name he used in the 60'- SHANE FENTON - he recorded another single called 'EASTERN SEABOARD', Both were released on the FURY label.......thought we have heard of a few more under these aliases......?

121 the GIZMOS

this band were an early punk band of assembled musicians and critics, they ahd about 8 members, the sound supposedly ranges from the DICTATORS, EDDIE COCHRAN, VELVETS, etc. the band had released 2 groundbreaking EPs in '76, and another in '77, yrs later cds of demos and rehearsals were released, see this link for more info -


122 the SOHO JETS

'Hi Heel Tarzan/Denim Goddess'........glam pop band from the u.k. featuring GRANT STEVENS, see our review of 'DENIM GODDESS' on page 4, see the site and download this glam-pop # at -



u.k. glam band who debuted with a single 'WELL KNOWN LADY/FEEL ALLRIGHT' in '74, the band had their first lp 'OSCAR' released in '74, we've been told it's a great glam lp, the 2nd one that surfaced in '76 'TWILIGHT ASYLUM' is said to be more folky and progressive, they had a 3rd lp in '77 which is said to be a good one, before breaking up, all songs were written by BRIAN McGLADDERY....


australian punk band who had a release with 'Stamp Out Disco/ Task Force (undercover cops)' - (Able AB-002 9/78) -both on MP2, also they had a few more singles - Money/ Self Destruct// Shutdown Countdown/ Here Is The News (PRS-2645 7/79) -all on MP1......the 1st single mentioned here 'STAMP OUT DISCO' was selling at ebay for 326. dollars as of 4-6-03......


pre-punk boston band who released 1 single in '76, 'FURY IN YOUR EYES/BOSTON CITY LIMITS' see our galleries for a rare picture, and page 4 for a review, were looking for any other 45s any members would have released, there is a very good story about how this band opened up for the HEARTBREAKERS and others in the old days, see the BOSTON ROCK MUSEUM link on our links page....


'FLASH of the MOMENT/DERELICT BLVD' '76, another boston glam band who released a hard rockin' pre-punk single in '76, did they release anything else ?


"Pieces Of Me" lp '71, on Vertigo, she was backed by Chris Spedding and Soft Machine members John Marshall and Karl Jenkins......the lp was said to be more varied than her former band AFFINITY, who had a good lp in '70, her sound ranges here from soft folk, to hard rock....


legendary punk-glam band from n.y. who shared the stage with the DOLLS, HEARTBREAKERS,PLANETS, etc, actually we listed them up top somewhere in refernece to their single on the MAX's '76 comp. we are looking for more songs of theirs, seems they had a few, plus a cd of demos is out now, and it should be stated that RICK RIVETS was the leader who previously played in ACTRESS the pre-DOLLS band featuring JOHNNY and ARTHUR, u can find reviews on the links from the bottom of page 21.......see also his site -



obscure new wave-punk band who released one single in '79, their has been a cd of demos released with old tracks, and one song includes ex N.Y. DOLL - JERRY NOLAN......the band featured 2 gals....


so u may have not heard of this band, chances are most of you have not cause u been too busy listening to MISTER, MISTER, HUEY LEWIS, and all the disposable crap from the 80s.......the CONTENDERS were from new orleans and played DOLLS, HEARTBREAKERS styled punk in '76 -'77, there is a cd out now, get it thru RAVE UP RECORDS.......sometimes u can just sense these things....

131 the LONDON PHOGG...'THE TIMES TO COME/TAKIN'IT EASY...A&M RECORDS 1966...the a side is an early sounding girl garage/pysch number, b side has lotsa fuzz....did these girls do anything else ??...for some rare girls in 60s garge rock, see old issues of 'CHA, CHA, CHARMING'


this band had an avant garde theatrical rock lp in '74, and opened for ROXY music, we now have this lp, were searching for the single 'HOLLYWOOD' find more on them here -


the next few are yet more unknown 'junkshop glam' rock, and 'pop' of bands who more than likely only had a single or 2.......

133 ARIEL,

134 BITCH,







141 MICHAEL FENNELLY (who had previously fronted the groups The Millenium and Crabby Appleton), we reviewed one song of Fennely on page 12, vrooommm.....

142 FLAME (nothing to do with the Slade movie)

143 GIGGLES (who toured with The Sweet and released around 5 singles)reviewed on page 12, were interested in the b sides....

144 GRAME GRACE - WE WANT THE LP FROM '75 reviews of 2 songs are on our gateway, they sound a LOT LIKE COCKNEY REBEL....

145 HOT ROCKS (Produced by Mike Leander)

146 HOUND DOG,m one song reviewed on page 12, looking for more....



149 SLACK ALICE, this band featured a female singer, not sure of their sound....

150 SMALL WONDER - we have the super 'ORDINARY BOY' reviewed on page 4, looking for any other songs such as 'RIDE A BLACK SHEEP' and any others....



(note ; there was a play based on these original story, may have been about some serial killers who....never mind)


now one of u out there has to know who these guys were ??



...our friend at GLITTER SUITS and PLATFORM BOOTS raves about this POP number by SUNNY who was formerly in the BROTHERHOOD OF MAN, and who went on to be a session player, see this link for more info and a photo -



one rare single from Laurie, she was a mod star of the time, or should we say mini *, anyways this song 'i want him' is pysch freakbeat pop, the b side is no doubt a cover of the song Christie sang........did she release anymore songs ?

156 BO FLYERS 'do the buster'

157 CAPT. SKIDLID - 'She Knew Him Too' on the RCA label...

158 Billy Hamon - Butch Things

159 PAUL ST. JOHN - 'The Flying Saucers Have Landed'

160 MAXAYN - 'let me be your friend/trying for days'.....'72, not sure how this sounds, just curious....

161 DADDY MAXFIELD - 'Rave And Rock'

162 ANTHONY BYGRAVES - 'Painted Lady'

163 the DEEP - LP 66, Psychedelic composition, contains niose and sound effects, produced by MARK BARKAN and RUSTY EVANS........the lp is worth lots of money nowadays....

164 DENISE and Co - 'WHAT WILL U DO THEN' ? obscure girl garage band who released this single, perhaps in the mid 60s.........

165 EARTHEN VESSELL 'HARD ROCK' '70, this lp is supposedly a GREAT lost gem of the pyschedelic ear and considered on eof the top lps of the JESUS MOVEMENT, of which the next few lps we decided sound great to get....here is a good list ( 166 - 170 ) from this link


166 Randy Stonehill - Get Me Out of Hollywood (Phonogram)'73

167 ALL SAVED FREAK BAND - 'Brainwashed' (Rock the World )'75, this band featuring one member from the Pac. Gas and Elec Co., were led by LARRY HILL...

168 OUT OF DARKNESS - black pyschedelic christian rock band along the lines of HENDRIX....

169 LAST CALL OF SHILOH - self titled lp, Affiliated with the Jesus People Army group out of Idaho, one of the earlist of the Jesus movement's lps...

170 LARRY NORMAN 'Beyond This Rock' lp '69, another one of the earliest lps of the Jesus Movement....


'GIVE ME TAKE YOU' , '68 debut folk lp, comparisons to NICK DRAKE, yet more baroque, he had another folk lp in '73, then in the late 70s he changed his style completely and released 2 rock lps sounding closer to ROXY music than anyone else, we'd be interested in all these lps.........

172 the FLIRT

'DON'T PUSH ME/REGENERATOR',.....detroit city punk rock circa '78, with female vocals, they also released an ep a few yrs later called 'FASTER THAN U'.....check out the girls' threads on the single here -



'I DON'T WANT TO DIE/ALWAYS THE LOSER' '78 ....some sort of glam rock or pop, produced by MIDGE URE.........


HIGHLY sought after lp was released by this band fronted by Damon, the lp 'SONG OF THE GYPSY' is said to be a great pysch lp of the late 60s, today worth over 3,000 dollars, we are interested in this lp as well as the following 2 singles; Song Of The Gypsy/Oh, What A Good Boy Am I '68

Don't You Feel Me/Poor Poor Genie.......after great response he released a followup 30 yrs later,here is the site for Damon -


...u can also get there thru our links 2 page, and our downloads page....:)........ as of nov '03 we heard them and the songs are decent........


this band released what is said to be a masterpiece folk lp 'HUSH' in '71,........the band formed in 69 and went on to tour with TULLY another band from the land of australia whom had a good size following, this lp is said to have BEAUTIFUL vocals from Shayna Karlin.......


this japanese band played N.Y. DOLLS syle glam rock, and had an lp in '75, led by TAKUBA ABE (vocals) and MASAKAZU OSHIO (guitar), they had a STONES influence as well, KAZUHIKO KATO of the SADISTIC MIKA band produced this lp !....... see this link at a site called Landolt-C - http://www001.upp.so-net.ne.jp/tsuribe/CDs/jpope.html

177 BITTER SUITE 'DRIVIN'/GOODBYE AMERICA'......'74 glam rock or pop, see this link for more info -


178 the MEL WYN TREND - 'PUT YOUR BELLBOTTOMS ON/GOOD TIME', not sure of the b side title however the other side is the correct title, one of us spotted this in a thrift store, could not find any info online about it, it's either late 60s or 70s music judging from the word 'bellbottoms', anyone have any info ????


60s folk singer whose 1st lp 'ASK ME NO QUESTIONS' '69 is said to be a great one, her sound is comparable to NICO, JONI MITCHELL, etc. she released 3 more lps thru the early 70s, then many yrs later released another in the mid 90s, as of '04 she's still playing live !

180 THE WILD ANGELS 'OUT AT LAST' lp from '72, supposedly somewhere between glam and hard rock, don't know anything else about them...

181 THE WILD ANGELS, aka THE SASSY ONES.....this band were a girl garage band of whom a cd came forth recently, they are said to be somewhat like a gargae version of the SHANGRI LA's.........

182 the CAKE

today considered another of the unknown girls of pop, these gals were from the 60s a trio ; Eleanor Barooshian, Jeanette Jacobs, and Barbara Morillo, they released an lp in '67 produced by JACK NITSCHE, and another in '68 called 'SLICE OF CAKE', the music is pop, and pop-psych, if anyone has a picture send it in.


trio of gals; CHARLETTE CORNWELL,JULIE COVINGTON, and BETH PORTER who were on a tv show under this name, they played rock musicians, and 2 lps came out in the mid 70s from the show, we'd be interested to know how they sound, see this link for more info -


184 the MIRRORS - very rare super PUNK 45's from Japan by this late 70s band 'SHOGEKI X' was one single, the other was 'out of order', are source tells us the 2nd one is a lot easier to find, see our gateway 2 japanese section for a rare picture :)

185 MARY MCREARY 'BROTHER' '74, rare single, don't know anything about her


folk lp that came out in '68, comparable with JONI MITCHELL, and her vocals somewhat to JANIS JOPLIN, this lp was highly praised, she even sang on the JOHNNY CARSON show, then dissappeared for many years, until making a comabck within the last few yrs...see this link for more info -


187 the ARZENBOYS 'BUMP ON MY HEAD/BUMP ON MY HEAD' '75 glam rock, obscure,.....apparently the a and b side were the same on this obscure uk glam 45 release....


this band had a what is said bizzarre folk lp in '71 called 'FIRST UTTERANCE', an ep came out about this time, then an lp in '74 which is said to not live up to the first, we'd love to hear all their output, well maybe one day, see this site for more info -



'STRAIGHT OR LAME' was the name of the lp by the Daisy Chain this was an all girl flower power garage band who had this highly sought after release in '68, the following single may or may have not been by them as well 'It's My World/Beach Ball'........

190 PIETJE POTENT - brand in het bordeel / want jij '75

PIETJE POTENT, this guy is said to be some kinda SCHLAGER star, whatever that is...... "Brand In Het Bordeel" was released in 1975 on small private OJEE label, original Dutch pressing.....explicit X rated lyrics with WEIRD effects specialy on B side where rhythm sounds like a waltz, the 45 sleeve has a bunch of broads running nude down a street one chasing some guy, in black and white and red......


maybe you've read about this reissue recently, this one were a very obscure 70s rock band who recorded a SUPER unreleased lp in '74, sounds ranged from the VELVETS, to the STOOGES, to PINK FLOYD, they had a sci-fi element to their music, and the lp was previously unreleased, the band however did manage to continue till '78 when they released a power-pop single, tracks recorded in '74 thru '78 have now been released on a cd entitled 'CYBORGS REVISITED', see this site for more info and a download -



experimental sounds came forth from this 60s musician, whose recordings are highly sought after today, see this link for more info -


193 HUSKY 'GIVE IT UP' 45 from a french glam band, could sound like trash, maybe they knew the FRENCHIES, who knows ?


back in the early mid 70s this Pennsylvania band played lotsa shows at Max's in n.y. and other clubs, they were one of the very first bands to wear makeup, their music is said to be for fans of BOWIE, JOBRIATH, etc. they released an lp called 'FACE FACTS', around '74 or so, singer T.ROTH had an afro bigger than ZENDA JACKS',we'd be interested in hearing their lp or any demos, here is a forum on them -


and a picture site for ANOTHER PRETTY FACE -


195 BANG

more of a heavy hard rock band than a glam band, BANG led by singer FRANK FERRARA, had a few lps in the early 70s, some singles too, and have apperntly reunited and released music in recent times, here is a link -



glam act from Spain circa mid 70s, read more on this link -



this one sounds great just reading about it, a trio living in vancouver released this lp called 'TROUBLE', LORNA TOWERS wrote the songs, her son CHRIS TOWERS put her Christian lyrics to music, and rocked on electric guitar, and drummer JAN TIESSEN backed them up, the result is said to sound like the SHAGGS with VELVET UNDERGROUND influence, flower power meets Christian evangelism meets psych rock, there were only 100 copies made of the lp and mostly they went to friends, the band did manage one gig in a cofee shop before breaking up in '70, the same year the lp was made, see AQUARIUS RECORDS for a download, also accessible at our downloads 2 page -


198 UTURN 'living in the city', australian band who sang glam and prog rock, released sometime in the 70s, came out on the Laser label....


Christian folk singer who had an lp in '74, where are u today Lilly ?


this one were a u.k. Christian folk band who had an lp in '74, could be good , maybe.....see a picture of this lp in our gateway 3....


what a great name for a band, this one were a 3 piece all girl rock band who had at least one single in '69 'Hi Heel Sneekers / Stardust Come Back' on the tiny Pentagon Records #001 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) they were 3 sisters from Milwaukee, the a side is a raunchy out of tune number with screaming vocals , driving organ, and pounding drums....


another girl trio from the same ear as the band mentioned above GIRLS TAKE OVER, on a rare private press 45 the MAM'SELLES had a good one with 'Bubble Gum World/Get Ready/Let The Sun Shine' with organ/bass/drums trio backup & cool vocals, they had an lp which goes for a lot of money these days, said to be a mix of pop rock, garage, and lounge music, bet this one is great !


yea mosty people never heard of this sacramento band who played less than 10 shows from '77 - '80, released 3 singles, then had a dutch only release of their lp in '77, actuall;y the band developed a cult following due to their SCI - FI IMAGERY, and music that strongly resembled a mix of LOU REED, STONES 60s pysch,BOWIE glam and new blend of punk, their lp was called 'ALPHA JERK', and a cd was released in recent times which has all their releases, plus demos,...who knows maybe they sound a bit like ZOLAR - X ?? and a story booklet,. see this Cartoon site for more info -


and their story here -



this was called a bunch of flops of the 60s and 70s and put onto a vinyl comp. we'd love to get it, read all about it here -



rather obscure Glam rock band from France, they released at least one lp in '73 or '74, sounds range from the N.Y. DOLLS, SLADE, T.REX, to ROXY Music, a page with reviews of the band is now on our gateway 3, the band were connected with one JEAN MICHAEL JARRE, we are looking for the single 'JOLLY DOLLY' which was released probably about the same time as the lp in '73....... maybe they played some shows with the FRENCHIES, who knows ?

205 STU DAYE's......well they were a part of a small scene in n.y. during the mid - to late 70s, they had to have been more than a bar band right ?

206 DALTON's DIAMONDS.......u.k. glam act of the 70s perhaps, anyone ?

207 PI-CORP.........early - mid 70s act based in cleveland, the singer was the same for GRANICUS whose drummer produced the legendary previuously unreleased Glam lp by PANDORA, anyways Pi-Corp's music is very heavy acid rock, PINK FLOYD, HAWKWIND type sound.....


'Drano in my veins/Circus Highlights' this is said to have been a punk 45 that came out in '75 influenced by SYD BARRETT, if u can imagine, like the above band they too were from Cleveland, maybe they were friends with Pi-Corp, or the guys in the Left End, who knows, do u ? no u don't.

209 MAD ANDY's TWIST COMBO 45 'Painted Smile/X-tra, X-tra, read all about it' came out in the late 60s, very strong DOORS influence here, they were on Original Sound Records in L.a.....

210 WILDERNESS ROAD...........early 70s band who opened some shows for BOWIE had 2 lps or so, then dissappeared, they played a wide variety of music inclduing some glam and some Christian rock, their lp from '73 was entitled 'FOR THE PREVENTION OF DISEASE ONLY', see our gateway 3 for some photos, and see this site for more info -


211 IRON CROSS - 'Little Bit O' Soul / Sunshine 7'

said to be great 70s glam rock along the lines of SLADE, 'little bit o' soul' is said to have a riff taken from 'SUMMERTIME BLUES', the flip is similiar, probably from '74, maybe '75, on the Barclay label, original French pressing......the band were probably from the u.k., see our gateway 4 for some pictures of this RARE 45....well we now have it and it is reviewed on page 21, interested in the b side, and anything else they maybe did ?


this late 60s - early 70s songstress released this song a comment on equality amongst religions at the time, were interested in hearing this number naturally, she had an lp in '69 and worked alongside GEORGE CLINTON and others in Funkadelic for her 2nd lp which is said to be a letdown from the 1st lp.......see this link for more info -


213 TERRYDACTAL and the DINOSAURS 'Sea side shuffle', this single was released sometime in the 70s, it's probably a glam pop or novelty number

214 BRENDON 'ROCK ME' probably a bubblegum single of the 70s, maybe veering towards glam-pop, it was produced by JONATHAN KING Ariola records # 7666.......

215 ICE AND THE HIGH SOCIETY SELECTION - we have 'Pretty Woman/Bird of Prey' which is maybe an early 70s single of rock/psych, the singer's accent sugests they are from a non-english speaking country, not bad, what else did they do ?

216 The PROTECTORS 'Jump The Sidewalk / Loretta' '75,....these guys played glam, not sure if it was pop or heavier ?.........Label - Live Wire SON 4004

217 BINZI ' Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me / Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me (Instrumental) '75........Label - Antic K 11522

218 PUZZLE 'HOULA/DO YOU FEEL THE PAIN' '75.....a side is soft pop rock, b side is said to be cool glam,...

219 PHILLY DOG 'You've Got The Gun / Hijack' '74, with that name and these titles it sounds cool, could either be great or a dud ??.......Label - Penny Farthing PEN 851

220 LIGHT FANTASTIC 'Love Is Everything / Gone Are The Days' ' 73, Label - Mam R 105.......this band had an allright tune called 'Don't let go' which made the cut for BOOBS ( rpm comp. ) , this one appears to be another single from the same time, perhaps they did more ?

221 SCOTTIE 'Sweet Rock N' Roll / Don't Hold Back', '76, Label United Artists UP 36067......this one were a pop band, can' t get too crazy about them, a photo may appear in our gateway 4 somewhere and we have a cover they did on page 5, they had another with 'PUSH BUTTON ROCK AND ROLL ' in ' 75

222 THE CRUISERS 'SCHOOLGIRLS' '73 on Emi, this glam band had a cool cover; 3 girls dressed as schoolgirls eating bananas, see our gateway 4 for a picture

223 ELECTRIC DOLLS 'DR.LOVE' '73, on DJM , hhhmmm cool name, maybe they heard of the N.y. Dolls and wanted a glam sounding name too eh ?...KISS had a song with this title too , love to find this one......

224 AIR BUBBLE 'RACING CAR' ' 76 on NEGRAM......maybe glam-pop, don't know......cool name though

225 ELLIE 'TIP OF MY TONGUE' ' 74 on FRESH AIR, this glam gal was on the scene and did some backing vocals for certain artists, a viewer once said that this song 'tip of my tongue' is one of BARRY BLUE's best, not sure if it is a cover, we'd like to hear either song.....and you probably would too if u are reading this :) 226 BITTER SUITE 'GOODBYE AMERICA' ' 74 on BUS STOP....here is their current tour schedule on this link -http://bittersuiteband.com/

227 DAN's BAND 'Annie The Dancer / Lelly I Love You' ' 74, Label - Penny Farthing PEN 833, both songs said to be excellent glam rock, what else did they do ?

228 INDIGO JONES 'Noel Highway / Prodigal Son'

would love to hear this, produced by IAN KIMMETT of JOOK, in ' 71 a year before he formed JOOK,this is probably the sole release by this obscure artist........uptempo folky pop rock Christmas song backed by an excellent uptempo UK pop rocker....both sides written by Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle (perhaps they are Indigo Jones),.....some of u know that JOOK covered Gallagher and Lyle's 'CITY AND SUBURBAN BLUES' for their 2nd single.......see our gateway for a RARE picture of this 45.......and so who was INDIGO JONES ? someone told us that he was a famous botanist in england a long time ago, maybe INDIANNA JONES took his name from them ? hhhmmmm think maybe were onto to something now, could be a clue hidden here were not seeing, maybe a ahh yes a revelation about a secret of the universe!

229 SMIFFY 'SUZIE' ' 74 on the PHILIPS label.....a band called BLOODCHAINS had a single with this title in ' 74, could it be the same band ? maybe it's just another band who wanted to sing a song about Suzi Q. ?

230 WHIZ KIDS 'SADIE/ LOVE ME JUST FOR NOTHING '73 on the DISCREET label.......seems this one is ZAPPA related, see this link - http://globalia.net/donlope/fz/related/labels.html


232 PETER BLAKE 'LIPSMACKIN ROCK N ROLLIN' '77 on the UA label.......

233 THE ANGELETTES-DO YOU LOVE ME ? / I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU ' '73 on the UK label.......these gals sang backup on BRYAN FERRY's 'These Foolish Things' lp, here is a site for this girl band - http://www.spectropop.com/Angelettes/

234 BRIMSTONE 'THE MONKEY SONG' ' 71 on the Deram label

235 HOAGY POAGY-ONE STEP BEYOND MUSIC ' 74 on the PYE label they also did DON'T YA KNOW' in ' 72 on the DERAM label

236 CONKERS 'TINA' ' 75 on the CUBE label, maybe on the UK or EIRIE label as well.......


'Are You Ready / If You Ever Get To Heaven' '74......now this glam single from '74 we'd really like to hear, the a side is said to be heavy psych approaching glam, with raw vocal and hammond organ, and the b-side 'IF YOU EVER GET TO HEAVEN' is said to be a real masterpiece,kinda like MARC BOLAN and T. REX jamming with SYD BARRETT!!!! WEIRD ACID GLAM FUZZ guitar, loads of PSYCH effects, Bolanesque vocal and more !


'SIX MACHINE GUN/GUITAR PLAYER' '75 on the fresh air label, now take a good look at this band's name again.......hhhmmmm.......

the next few are rare singles by Glam Girls of the 70s :


'Donny / Come Into My Heart' '72

kinda glam, leaning more towards northen soul of the 70s which was popular in the u.k., sweet sounding vocals like the 60s girl groups( PHIL SPECTOR )"Donny" is "Donna" cover.....( RICHIE VALENZ )'Come Into My Heart' is a groovy instrumental with breaks and chants....a picture sleeve from Belgium can be seen in our gateway 4........another single they did in '73 was called 'A Boy Named David ' .......could this band have been the same as RUBY and the DREAMBOATS with a different singer ? ( see pae 4 for that band )...........:)


'BIG WHEEL TURNING' was the name of this SUPER GLITTER ROCK track which made the VELVET TINMINE cd, along the lines of SUZI QUATRO, actually much more like RICKI WILDE, this was no doubt a female fronted band, what else did they do ? later we found out they had at least 2 more singles ....from '75 was a DION cover 'TEENAGER IN LOVE / HEAR THE BAND PLAY', and another later that year, Big Wheel Turning was their 3rd single :)


german glam girl who had at least one single being SUZI Q covers, see this link at our gateway 4 -



from the Philipines ! sure glam was everywhere even in the far east, see the same link as the above for a photo and record info on this RARE release -



this underground N.y. group which consisted of the LUSTETTES sure dressed the part with platforms and boa feathers, for some photos see the MAGIC TRAMPS site at this link ( look under 'Cast of Characters ) -




5 beauty queens who managed to get on TOTP on Bbc tv in the mid 70s, to see a great photo see our gateway 4, their music may possibly be a LYNSEY de PAUL knockoff, still we'd love to hear them we know of at least 2 rare singles released in ' 76




'YESTERDAY AND YOU / TIME OF OUR LIVES ' ' 73, glam-pop single, an american artist, she scored the single 'DAY BY DAY', broadway version for Godspell, and sang here and there in the 70s and 80s , see this link for more info - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holly_Sherwood


'HOUSE OF CARDS/MUSIC BRINGS US JOY' ' 75, glam rock single, something about this one intrigues us....


'IT's SO EASY/SECRET LOVE', pop single, early 70s ?


'PING PONG SONG/THIS IS MY LIFE' , ' 71,, not glam, rather a novelty single feauting a singer from the YOUNG GENERATION



'I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU / TROLLY SONG ' ' 75 , glam-pop single , CRUNCHING GLAM ROCKER stomper, this was not a girl , but a guy who played in SAVOY BROWN, his lp of ' 74 has a cool cover,


released feb 10 '79, just a week after SID died, yes his vocal track was recorded onto this single which makes this a collectible item for PISTOLS fans, features ALT. TV member ALEX FERGUSON, GRUER and others, not sure if it's all that great ?


' YOU'VE GOT YOUR BABY BACK ', .........released jan 15 ' 75, RARE single it's about PATTY HEARST who was just released from the SLA back to her family, has picture of her on the cover, in a 50s doo-wop style, the b side 'BALLAD OF THE CAVE MAN' is 1:30 seconds


one of the first american punk bands, from Cleveland these guys had ripped t shirts with safety pins in them and this was in ' 75 ! yea how do you like that ? kaboom, .......single was 'CYCLOTRON/AGITATED' , they were into 'ART TERRORISM', this single came out may 24th ' 75 and was RARE in those days, see this great site for more info -



band that as around from '79 - '81 or so, copmparisons were made to BLONDIE and they featured singer WENDY WU, see this site here of LOST BANDS OF THE NEW WAVE for more info -


see also this story on SATAN's RATS who were the PHOTOS beforehand -

http://www.punk77.co.uk/groups/satan.htm 256 MARK TWO - Going Away Today - 45 - Fine Glam Pop Rock!

257 SECRETS 'Sha La Ley' 70s Glam Pop Rock

258 FYNNIUS FOGG - 'Roller Skatin Baby' 70s Glam Pop Rock

259 LITTLE ACRE - 'Takin Me Away', 70s Hard Glam Rock


261 STRIDER 'SEEMS SO EASY', 2nd single 'ESTHER'S PLACE' both said to be 70s junkshop glam

262 MAX MERRITT and the METOERITES , ( not sure about the name ) , 70s glam

263 CHAPEL 'LORD I WANT TO KNOW' Chinnichap glam 45



265 SPODE 'ANGELINA', 70s glam ?

266 VINEYARD 'CHARLEMAINE' rare prog/glam 45

267 C.U.B. 'WATCHA GONNA DO', 70s glam ?

268 RICH TEA 'SING ME, SWING ME', 70s glam 45 ?

269 BLUE SWEDE 'HUSH' (deep purple cover) 70s glam ?

270 RED HOT '-L-L-Lazy Days', 70s Glam Pop Rock

271 MARK TWO 'Going Away Today', 70s Glam Pop Rock!

272 JACKPOT 'Midnight's Alright', 70s Glam Pop Rock ?

273 SECRETS 'Sha La Ley' , 70s Glam Pop Rock ?

274 SCARFACE 'Dance To The Band' Hard Rock Glam B-Side

275 MAGIC 'Disco Kid', Excellent Glam Pop Rock!

276 PACIFIC ROCK 'Rock A Hula Baby' Nice Glam Pop

277 RICH TEA 'Na Na Na Everybody Sing' Glam Pop Rock

278 ROCK BOTTOM 'Tambourine Queen', Glam Pop Stomper....not sure but this one may have been from a girl band of the time, see our gateway 4 for a press sheet, it may be on the same gallery as GlamourPuss who were a girl glam lipstick group of the 70s.......

279 JUMBO 'Round And Round' - Glam Prog Rock Psych Mix....

280 STEVENSON'S ROCKET 'Here I Am' Fine Glam Pop Rock....this one were a kid band....

281 ME AND HIM - 'For The Sake Of The Show' Glam Pop Rock

282 RICHIE PITTS - 'They're Comin' 45 - Black Glam Pop Rock!.......we do have a rare photo , see the bottom of our gateway 4 for this rarity,....

283 THE TESTORS.......led by SONNY VINCENT these guys were a heavy punk band who made music from '76 - '79 or so and like the SCREAMERS they're music was not released till yrs later, said to be in the DEAD BOYS / GERMS vein, check out some new videos of Sonny's at Youtube.com, see also this link ~


284 THE SHIT DOGS....... band from way to the left had an lp called WORLD WAR THREE, were they from Loiusianna ? we have since found out about this band, they were a late 70s band info is on page 23 maybe....

285 SIMON PLUG & GRIMES- 'Don't Push Me' 45 - Glam Pop Rock

286 ABEDNEGO & THE PICCADILLY ST.CHOIR - ' Save Piccadilly/Goodbye Piccadilly ', ' 72, glam-pop

287 HOCUS 'HE/THE SWAN' ' 72, obscure glam-pop

288 SHEPSTONE & DIBBENS - ' Please Tell Her I Said Hello/'Just Another Day' ' 74 , glam-pop

289 ANGELS OF ISLINGTON - 'We Want A Superstar For Xmas/Have Yourself A Merry Christmas'......' 75...........Crunching Glam Pop Stomper!

290 WELLINGTON 'ALLRIGHT I'LL SEE YOU TONITE/'How Would You Like To Rock With Me', ' 73, said to be above average glam rock, we have a photo in our gateway 4 perhaps....

291 ROCOCO - Follow That Car ?

292 HAPPY VALLEY - 'I'm A Bum/Amazon Lady' ' 71, glam-pop-rock.....Great song title whoever they were ?

293 MAGNOLIA 'JESU CHRISTO/The Music Of My Mind', ' 72

294 JUSTIN PAIGE - hard rock / glam act circa '74, we have a photo in our gateway 4 maybe, featured Dick Wagener from THE FROST....they were from canada....

295 THE DISCO KID - Roller Coaster on RAK '75

296 HERITAGE -I Wanna Be A Superstar on MAM '72

297 SMILEY and CO. - 'You Got Me Runnin' on Jet ' 75

298 THE DOGS - Hot Dog on Bus Stop '74 ( think the title is actually 'hot dog' - bus stop was a record company that put out some obscure glam stuff in the 70s )

299 BIG JIM SULLIVAN - Out Of The Question on MAM '77

300 MARDI GRAS GIRL - 'I've Got News For You' on Map City '72

301 CHIPS - Twice A Week on Decca ' 75

302 JACKPOT - Midnight's Alright on EMI ' 76

303 LUAN PETERS - Crazy Annie on RCA ' 70

304 EVEN SONG - Dance,Dance,Dance on Philips '73

305 LAZY BUTTERFLY - Leaving / Home Number 9 ?? on Bellaphon ' 73

306 ST CLEMENTS WELLS - Lazy Lady on Bell '73


308 HOCUS - He - Nice 70's Period Pop....

309 SHEPSTONE & DIBBENS - Please Tell Her I Said Hello

310 ANGELS OF ISLINGTON - We Want A Superstar For Xmas- 45

311 WELLINGTON - Alright I'll See You Tonight , we may have a photo of one of this band's 45s maybe in our gateway 3 or 4, or gateway 5, recall something about 'boots' in the title....

312 ROCOCO - Follow That Car 45 Fine Glam Rocker.....may have another single listed somewhere above.....

313 GOOD HABIT - Find My Way Back Home, Fine Glam Rocker

314 TIGER TIM - Stargirl.... Glam Rocker

315 CRASH BROTHERS - Hoodoo - 45 Fine Glam Stomper +

316 SPODE - Angelina - Fine Dart Label Glam Demo

317 BOGART - Sin City - Glam B-Side Promo

318 GODSON - All Dressed In White, Glam Stomper!

319 THE ARZENBOYS - Bump On My Head -

320 WHISKY GALORE - One For The Road, Odd Glam Folk Pop!

321 SHY - Disney Girls - Demo, Nice 70's Pop Glam B- Side! ....could be about Tinkerbell, Snow White or one of those cute gals, not really sure ??

322 HUMBUG - Sweet England - Odd Pop Reggae

323 BUMPERS- The Bumper Song, Odd Pop Reggae Calypso

324 CAKE - 'No Money, No Love'......Obscure Pop Reggae Ska, we doubt this is the girl trio of the late 60s, see towards our gateway 5 for that CAKE, a gallery is there with info on a site on them + video downloads :)


obscure glam band of the 70s in the junk shop glam mold, we have a rare single from around '74 or so, it's a pretty good one at that wherein they try to stoop to a sound a bit lower than say what the GLITTER BAND were doing at the time, what else did they release ?


ENO produced or was involved in some way with this all-girl, or mostly all girl experimental rock band who rehearsed and played a few shows we believe in '73 or '74 another male said to be involved was MARTIN KAUFMAN, and one of the girls name was ANNE BEAN ( see below ), basically they played avant garde music in the era of glam rock, we have saw some pictures of these gals dressed in funny costumes playing guitars, synths, etc.......so did they ever record ?


from ENO's band mentioned above BEAN released this rare lp sometime supposedly before punk came about, but when exactly and how does it sound ?


tiny N.y. band who featured JIMMI DESTRI of BLONDIE, and IRA ROBBINS 2 demos were brought from the vaults and released as a single in '78 on restless records - 'Denunciations/Drums Of Love,' .......said to be for fans of SPARKS and MILK-n-COOKIES.......

329 The SLEAZ band from scotland, early 70s hard rock band who had a few singles, ( not to be confused with SLEAZE who were a COCKNEY REBEL-type u.k. act ( ADVERTS-related, in '75 who had one rare single 'Hollywood' and an lp that got only 50 copies, actually we are much more interested in this band SLEAZE than the scottish act ) see this site for more info....


330 THE NEW TOYS ‘Better Late Then Never’ lp circa '80, for fans of DEAD BOYS/HEARTBREAKERS style 70s punk

331 DARLING........late 70s new wave powerpop band with strong glam influence, their singer was none other than ALICE SPRINGS of glam band SLACK ALICE who had a great lp in '74....see our gateway 7 for a photo....


very rare lp recorded in '71, released in '74, acid-folk music, pressed on a private label....'Ghost Of Emile Zola' is the epic long track, see this site for more info and while your there check out her review of WOODEN HORSE using our complete review of one of the lps, ya know we've noticed a lot of you clowns out there over the yrs have lifted words and info on all these rare acts from our site, it's alright as long as you give us credit....


333 Robert Besnick Band - French Pictures in London '75

well this one was unreleased for 40 yrs till the producer accidentally found the unreleased lp by these underground Cleveland musicians, so you know there are members of Pere Ubu, Michael Hronek an associate of Peter Laughner and so on, as one can expect having been recorded in '75 there are elements of experimental art rock, at our latest downloads page # 13 you can sample 2 tracks ; lilly white, and 8 30 pm Victoria haze, interesting . . .

331 CATHERINE HOWE - late 60s folk, 'What a Wonderful Place' is the name of the lp which is said to be very good

332 LINDA PERHACS - late 60s folk, really good singer, if you like VASHTI BUNYAN, JONI MITCHELL, etc.....check out one experimental tune 'PARALLELOGRAMS' at the bottom of our downloads 5 page....

333 THE FINAL SOLUTION 'BROTHERMAN' soundtrack for a film that was never released, from the mid 70s, prior they had released some strong funk cuts in the early 70s, they were from the chicago area, see this link for more info from the Numero Group -


( the next lot of bands are 70s hard rock/metal, a lot of which were hit and miss but some of their output we can recommend, and some not at all )

334 CAPTAIN BEYOND....... ' 72 lp featuring members of DEEP PURPLE and IRON BUTTERFLY, this hard rock lp is said to be well played throughout venturing into space rock and the lp takes it's cues from the MOODY BLUES and each song feels connected to the next one...

335 TRUTH and JANEY - 'No Rest for the Wicked ' is their sought after lp - the hard rock from Iowa

336 BUDGIE.......beginning in '71 this band released several lps that are said to rival led zeppelin at their heaviest, they had a lot of hard rock/metal fans

337 TRAPEZE....this hard rock/old metal band released a strong lp in '70, info coming

338 DEATH.......black mid 70s trio who recorded a single in '74 which got released on their own label Tryangle Records in '76, this is said to be 70s hard rock/pre-punk, the band were from detroit, but this one were not the same band who did 'depression' around '74 they were from wisconsin we have a section for both bands on page 23, and we have lots of info on Death on our page on Black 70s Punk along with Pure Hell and others, you can find it on our gateway 2 or 3 or see this link to get there quicker for reviews and a download :)


339 QUASAR and the SCI -FI Family

not quite sure about this one, sounded like soundtrack music, sci-fi pop, campy, unique to say the least, probably from the u.s., it was released around '76, seems to be hard to find any info about them....


this band is probably up there on the list somewhere as we've heard a little about them over the yrs, they were a glam band circa '74 - summer of '75, who had a COCKNEY REBEL like sound, featuring TIM SMITH, who would later go onto the great punk band the ADVERTS, he was in the area of South Devon Technical College, with Andy Bennie, they formed Sleaze, releasing fifty copies of a recording they had made....one of the tracks, 'Listen Don't Think,' later turned up on 'Crossing the Red Sea' retitled, 'Newboys', they also had a very rare single called 'Hollywood'....( Note; we finally reviewed the lp, see maybe the most recent gateway and our downloads section to hear these well crafted songs....

441 PUNCTURE...early uk punk band who formed in '76, in October 1977 they released a single called Mucky Pup/Can't Rock N Roll (in a Council Flat ), the EXPLOITED later covered 'mucky pup' on their 1st lp...see our downloads page 7 for a download .

442 small bands who operated in the N.y. underground in the mid 70s came under the names ; STING RAY, SILENT PARTNERS, HAMBONE SWEETS, UNCLE SUN, and CROSS.......

443 VIOLENT LUCK.....early uk punk band who opened for EDDIE and the HOT RODS and others, KELVIN was their lead singer and they were said to sound like MOTT the HOOPLE, a little STOOGES, etc. the source SNIFFIN' GLUE u.k. fanzine 1st and 2nd issues ( summer '76 ) says they may have changed their name to SISTER RAY, somewhere out there someone has some recordings ?

444 QUEEN CITY PUNKS.......mentioned in a book titled 'LICK ME' about CHERRY VANILLA, seems she was at a concert of theirs in '75 with ANGELA BOWIE in springfield missouri....

445 RYMBO BAND.......a band CHERRY VANILLA played with in the mid 70s before she got a record contract, maybe some demos exist somewhere ?

446 SCRAG '71.......this may be some kind of club rather than a group, not sure, but the girls dancin' in the video for Sakkarin 'Sugar Sugar' ( 4 - 29 71 ) at top of the pops are wearing white t-shirts with this phrase written on them, sakkarin was another alias for Jonathan King, see our downloads page 8 for more info...

447 SIDEWINDERS........a lot of bands used this name, the lp were interested in was from a boston band from '72 featuring ANDY PALEY, BILLY SQUIER, and it was produced by LENNY KAYE, it is a mix of powerpop and some cool hard rock, ( we are a fan of a few of SQUIER's early 80s commercial pop rock songs so we've read that this lp is a gem, yrs ago one of the Paley bros. wrote us, check out our old guestbook for an entry, we have back home in storage the lp of the Paley bros. from '78, it's a nice lp of fresh pop-rock and acoustic pop, never got around to reviewing it though,...........see this site on the PALEY brothers for more info -



with glam gal DIANA DEMON, they released what is said to be a glam milestone in '74, we might have an early song by this band about '71 or so reviewed somewhere on this site, maybe it's a bit more prog-like....


MEYCE and TELEPATH played in a very early d.i.y. punk show on may 1st 1976 in seattle, according to a SCREAMERS website ( the Tupperwares eventually became the SCREAMERS ) a tape of the show does exist, see this link for info and photos of MEYCE who played more melodic music than the other 2 bands mentioned on this bill....... MEYCE were Paul Hood, Jennie Skirvin, Lee Lumsden, and Jim Basnight.......not sure about TELEPATH


450 ? not sure who did this one but it's a really great 60s folk-psych song along the lines of say DEL SHANNON's psych work of '68 ( think 'magical mystery box' and so on, it has that sort of baroque midieval sound, some lyrics are ' the antique people are down in the dungeon......pretending the masquerade towers are not really real, oh the new children dance, i am going all around................oh the new children play, i am going under a juniper tree'.........? anyone know ?


this one were an experimental band probably from L.a. who had an lp released in '80, they feature Lauren O'Connell

452 The Native Hipsters......"There Goes the Concorde Again", or maybe the song is called Mr Magic, anyways this was released in 1980 and ranks up there in the bubble gum hall of fame, Nanette Greenblatt's unique vocal style really make this a standout, see our review on page 5....:)

453 I DRIVE SUPERSTAR.......this band had a rare 45 released in spain in '72 called 'Castle in the Sky', it was written by FREDY CUPER, the b-side 'Coming on Home' was written by KAY STILL, both are strong rock songs in the T.REX vein, the a side has some supersonic guitar work, definitely worth checking out at the Pure Pop Blog, they are wearing glam makeup, and cool threads, some folks probably wondering how their scarce lp released in '72 sounds.....they were from Altringham, a town in the u.k.


folk singer who began in the 60s and in '71 reelased an lp called 'Sarah and Friends', later toured and sang with the Grateful Dead, and moved to memphis where she jioned an all girl punk band called the Klitz for their last 2 shows in '80, you can see a photo on a site called 'Hooterrollin' Around'


ultra rare pilot for a tv show that was never actually released ?? well this glam rock vehicle starred LUAN PETERS and SUSAN SHIFRIN and about 12 or 13 episodes were filmed from '72 to maybe into '73 for Bbc tv but were shelved and all that is left is a 30 minute pilot which can now be see at youtube, it was a campy crime caper with music, dancing girls, etc. 2 sites say the show had a small devoted following, a couple of other sources say it was never released, there are a couple photos online of Luan from the series and they are courtesy of Cachondissimo, see above for a song she did in '70 called 'crazy annie'.... a review by us on our gateway 9 under the title 70s Actresses ; Luan Peters, or just type this link in ~



this was a film that came out about '70 or so featuring actors who more or less played themselves, so they were not Hollywood trained actors, strong counterculture theme, it is supposed to be a winner, a trailer is at youtube

457 Agincourt - Fly Away - 1970

musicians Howell and Ferdinando get together with female singer Lee Menelaus and made a unique lp of MOODY BLUES influenced pop-psych, they record an adventurous lp, whimsical in parts and very well made from what weve heard of the lp, and it was only given to a few friends and family members, so it was basically unreleased, judge for yourself at this link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOHucsC34Hs

458 The DEBS

kinda pre-punk all girl band from springfield missourri, . . . probably never actually released a single, then again .......see this here for more info -


459 Alice Goodbody aka Gosh

well this is one of the 70s softcore sex comedies, but the reason we are mentioning it here is because it has some rock bands featured in it, and it's from '74, this would worthwhile seeing for the obscure rock bands of the day playing in the background more than likely...

500 Agnes Strange

this band were a heavy rock trio from southhampton uk, their first lp featured a graveyard photo and has some cool tracks, ranges from rock to hard rock to a bit of the glam sound on tracks like 'Give Yourself a Chance' , they recorded music in the early to mid 70s and then probably faded, this cool site Silverado reviews obscurities, check it out ~


- The next few bands mentioned all played very authentic sounding Gospel music, they had their heyday in the 70s/60s and prior some of them, we strongly recommend them -

501 Anne Marie Welch and the Spiritual Twilights

502 The Holy Echoes ( from Waynesboro, Va )

503 John Newton

504 Troy Ramey and the Soul Searchers

505 Curtiss Maldoon lp of '71, mixture of folk, rock, and pop

506 Wilson McKinley

'The Spirit of Elijah' is a great mix of rock and soulful songs about the Lord, this one was one of the great Christian rock bands of the early 70s, up there with Earthen Vessell and similar bands, this lp came out in '71...

507 Madison and Shippens ( or maybe it's Shiggens ), whatever their name was and we still may have not remembered correctly, but of what we heard from this very rare folk lp released in '75, the band played their music very well, they probably never released anything else,.....then again...

we'll be bringing more unknown music of the 60's and 70's, and before and afterwards here,.........


1 members of COCKNEY REBEL and THIN LIZZY attend a HARE KRSNA festival for GEORGE HARRISON in feb 02, search the ISKCON UK site , and find a similiar festival attended by STEVE HARLEY and PAUL McCARTNEY........:)

http://www.iskcon.org.uk/news/2002/feb/ge orgec.html .

this group is trying to revive the current hare Krsna movement, the way Prabhupada meant it to be functioning, lots of good articles here - http://farsight

************************************************* 2 BUBBLEGUM MUSIC of the 70's they have a section of songs about God from pop stars http://www.rockinwoman.com/70s/bubbleg um.html

3 the NOSTALGIA SITE, 70's section http://www.batej93.fsnet.co.uk/seventies.html

4 GEARHEAD.....huge database of music links; 60's music, glitter, punk, pop, etc. http://www.gearheadmagazine.com/HTML/l inks.html#


All Creatures Christian Vegetarian Association http://www.christianveg.com/

Hallelujah Acres http://www.hacres.com/home.asp

Order of the Cross The Nazorean Way Monastery http://essenes.crosswinds.net/which.html

PETA's "JesusVeg" Site


6 tons of 70's FUNK, SOUL, R and B, links


7 CBGB punk and glitter bands of '76 record review from artist direct site, mentions MINK DEVILLE, TUFF DARTS, and others

http://ubl.artistdirect.com/store/artist/album/ 0,,194295,00.html

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