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'We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of our exploring will be when we arrive where we started and know the place for the first time ' T.S. Eliot.

'Never be afraid to tread the path alone. Know which is your path and follow it wherever it may lead you; do not feel you have to walk in someone else's footsteps'

Eileen Caddy



...Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail....

Muriel Strode


" It seems to me that origination is perhaps instinct, not intellect." - Joe Strummer

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umm, we are FIGHTING a WAR AGAiNST COMMERCIAL MUSIC, and RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION, and against the MEAT INDUSTRY,the MeDicaL InduStry, the FdA and a few others.........

the VEGETARIAN INVASION is growing in strength and numbers every day, see this link before proceeding -



Downloads 15 our most recent -


beware of your governments attempt at SUBLIMINAL brainwashing,...........have you been conned by the govt. and the meat industry ?

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Gateway 1 link ~



LAURA KARPMAN / JESSYE NORMAN . . .' Ask Your Mama' . . . avant garde music of 2016, this is one part of a poem originally written by Langston Hughes before he died and this new music is a mix of classical, experimental jazz, hip-hop, pop, spoken word interludes, etc.


'Were All Mad' .. . new music of 2016 from this multitalented singer and actress . ..

HOUNDMOUTH . . . 'My cousin greg'...2015...cool pop-rock...

FANCY SPACE PEOPLE . . . reviewed below in new music section

see the - New Music section below half way down this homepage for these reviews ,


Pavone was an italian singer/actress who began in the 60s, we reviewed her crazed FLIPPED OUT bubblegum rock song - 'MY NAME IS POTATO' ! from '77 on page 5, see also our downloads 3 section for the Amazing video which fans of the old SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK would love.......Rita dances up a storm !


......Rpm's latest in the 70s uk junkshop glam series, this one has many surreal pop/bubblegum non-hits as produced by JONATHAN KING, see page 21 for reviews,

dig the sounds of ANARCHIC SYSTEM and many other obscure 70s junkshop glam rock bands, reviews are now up on page 15 and elsewhere on this site....

The MEDICAL INDUSTRY is running a scam on the public, ( check out a book called - THE MEDICAL MAFIA ), charging them billions for meds that don't work, all the while clinics that offer NATURAL MEDICINE work and get shut down by the FDA all the time, see this link for more info -



* Some Soulful Music *


crazed old timer teamed up with youngsters in recent years and released some amazing really whacked out FUNK from '99 to the present, see reviews in our Funk section 2 below on page 16....


Super-pop tune 'ROCK n ROLL' ( from '07 ) from this young uk gal.......see new music section below.......

UNKNOWN HIP HOP Band, well they sing about vegetarians and carnivores, maybe you know this tune, review is on our 2nd funk section on page 16 below....


'MR COOL' - genuine early 70s funk outta chicago, see page 16 our 2nd funk section below


the theme song from the film, sounds at first like very serious music from '69 about an interracial couple, but you never heard lyrics like these before !! see page 5 for review and video link now !


* Lost 70s Punk *


late 70s Black Punk band from Philly, released one Excellent single in '78..........'NO RULES' is essential listening for 70s punk enthusiasts, see our downloads section 2 to hear a clip,.......the PURE HELL cd is now out as of '06 and see our gateway 4 for reviews and info we have a small page on Black 70s Punk there,you'll also find reviews on DEATH who were a mid 70s pre-punk trio.......if you don't know where our gateway 4 is, see # 25 on this link here -



late 70s all girl punk band from the gutters of N.y. city, see page 7 for reviews of this band with an AMAZING sound, see also our downloads page 8 for old and recent reunion video clips such as 'Ordinary Girls' . .

METAL URBAIN . . . '77 - '79 experimental punk rock,. . . also LOOSE HEART . . . unreleased tunes from '76 by these early French punk bands, see page 6 . . .

PEROXIDE - late 70s punk band - 2 girls, 2 guys, they later became NOW, see page 7,


Kipper single handidily started the Punk movement of the 70s, thats right folks, the black leather clad KIPPER were the band who set the wheels in motion for the whole punk movement, fans of early punk should see this u.k. film they starred in, in '75, the film is a silly and sometimes FUNNY comedy except for the performances of KIPPER which must be seen to be believed, find out the film title and more, reviews on the very bottom of our movie page, page 9 :)

you'll find some more latest punk additions and interviews with members of 70s bands on page 7, ......but in 2014 we were unable to access that page so since then we posted our latest punk/new wave reviews on page 6 and also in our B movie section 2, which would be # 10 accessible from our Gateway 8, or see this link ~



* The N.y. 70s Underground *

the next lot of bands played in the N.y. underground from the early - mid 70s alongside the N.y. DOLLS, and some were the DOLLS biggest competition....


INTERVIEW with JOE VALENTINE SAUSA of 70s N.y. glam rock band the RAGS in on our gateway 4, also our reviews on their cd of previously unreleased songs which is now out, this band is the MISSING LINK BETWEEN THE N.y. DOLLS and MILK-n-COOKIES, RAGS were one of the best kept secret bands of the N.y. 70s underground,.... .....also see their site on our links 4 page.......

The HARLOTS of 42nd St.

INTERVIEW with SETH GREENKY the producer of this band, their brilliant RARE single of '74 is now reviewed on page 23 and in their gallery on our gateway 4, also info on this and related bands in this N.y. section is at the bottom of page 23...


INTERVIEW with singer Ruby Lynn on the early N.y. city 70s rock scene, this band played an enthusiastic set of zany glam-pop-rock along the lines of ROCKY HORROR, see the bottom of page 23, reviews now completed.......a version of this band regrouped and are still playing music today....


INTERVIEW with band member SESU, this band were from the same scene as the N.y. bands mentioned above, this experimental theatrical band led by ERIC EMERSON, the first part of their music reflects Native American Indian music, the 2nd half is great 70s N.y. hard rock trash, see the bottom of page 23 for...in-depth reviews.......a version of this band regrouped and are still playing music today....


INTERVIEW with band member TIMOTHY JACKSON, see page 23 - N.y. section, this one were a glam band of the N.y. underground who had an lp in '74 somewhat musically along the lines of RICHARD HELL / TELEVISION.......reviews were finally posted with the interview in nov '07... :)


INTERVIEW with SAL MAIDA bass player for the band who also played with ROXY MUSIC, see page 4 in our M and C section for an interview with Sal that we posted on may 12th '06.....* NEW info on this band on page 4 *, and see Sal's myspace page for info on MILK-n-COOKIES' 30 year reunion show !


this band featuring a backing quartet of girls also played N.y. glam rock with a trashy street appeal, see page 23 for reviews....

.......see also our Gateway 5 for info and photos on rare 70s acts such as LUGER, STREET PUNK, DYNOMITERS, etc.......

.......over the yrs we've actually done several interviews with quite a few musicians of the past, from 70s artists as diverse as say BEVERLY BREMERS to ALAN MERRILL to TERRY STAMP of THIRD WORLD WAR, and many more, you'll find them as you travel around the 70s invasion website . .


* 70s Glam Girls *

KUNY ~ amazing rare single reviewed from '73 from this gal in a pre-punk style, she even has a blond crew cut to match....


5 piece girl glam band from the mid 70s released rare single 'TONITE/PROPELLER LOVE' in a cool STONES-like glam rock style and a few other gems :)

reviews of both these singles are now in our 2nd Glam Girls section.....along with bands like PUNCHIN' JUDY who were a 70s band led by a glam gal, who you'll also find galleries on all these glam girls and many more in our gateways ....

our first section on this Girl Glam scene is on page 4, the 2nd one can be found at the bottom of our page 21 links, you'll find more recent additions there, see this link to get there quicker ~


RAIN featuring ( STEPHANIE de SYKES ) :) !

the very best of u.k. 70s pop, this Great pop band experimented a bit with glam as well, glam-pop along the lines of BARRY BLUE as he co-wrote 2 songs from this lp of '74, a review of this lp is on our gallery 1 of Mrs. de Sykes in our gateway 1, see also the youtube link below to see her a super video of her in action, see this link to get to our shrine to Mrs.de Sykes ~


Lost POP

Jimmy Webb .. . 'Music for an Unmade Movie' . . ...unique pop rock in 3 parts, see page 3 for this lost gem . . .

see page 5 for more of this long lost pop music of bands like FIST, and some bands who helped kick start the . . .

SKATEBOARD SCENE which began in the mid 70s from southern California . . .

The SHARON PEOPLE, obscure Christian rock circa '74, see page 5 and you will also find other experimental gospel rock bands like the SOUNDS of SALVATION.... . . .


EDY STAR.......for a review of this glam rock star and his lp from '74 see our gateway 1 towards the bottom....and on page 13 you'll find our section on bands from south american and spain such as SECOS E MOLHADOS, BURNING, CARMEN,etc...

* Lost 60s *

VISION of SUNSHINE ' Summer Sundown Woman....gets an award for one of the very best folk-psych songs....on page 5

SMOKEY and his SISTER.......reviews of this midwestern folk duo are around the bottom of our gateway 5....

POCO....reviews on this country rock band on page 3, also there review of MANFREDD MANN's forgotten pop tune 'Pretty Flamingo' :)........

70s invasion sometimes Top 33 Retro videos at YouTube.com

1 GODSPELL - 'DAY by DAY' - from '73


2 the SEX PISTOLS at San Fran '78, 'NO FUN' ... ( the Dallas encore of No Fun is just as strong, showcasing playing in a small club as compared to the winterland arena )



3 PRABHUPADA - The Person the Illuminati Don't Want You to Hear






6 FOX - 'HE's GOT MAGIC' ' 75




8 RUSSELL MORRIS - 'Three into Paper Walls '69 . . . fantastic 60s psychedeliC rock from Australia, rare live clip



'MY NAME IS POTATO' circa 1977, this must be seen and heard to be believed, Rita dances up a storm ! highly recommended for fans of SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK...



A commercial set within this film which is about an interracial couple, real funny lyrics set to a serious song, classify under odd 70s, actually it's from '69, the movie is dull, tries to be funny but is not , this commercial from it is really good though, it is the sole highlight, and would help out interracial couples wanting to date :) see our reviews on page 5....



HARE KRSNA devotees singing and dancing in the late 60s w/PRABHUPADA :)


12 FOX 'Strange Ships' '75


13 GIRLS 'NORANEKO' ( all girl japanese new wave band circa '78, cool ! ) see our gateway 1 for more info on these Girls....


14 STEPHANIE de SYKES and RAIN - 'ODYSSEY' ( A Beautiful Book )'74


15 Stephanie de Sykes and Rain - ' Born with a Smile on my Face' '74


16 PHILLIS DILLER and JIM BACCUSS ~ 'Delicious' !!

Love it and you will too, if you want to find out what the 70s invasion is all about stop and listen to this first then come back :)


17 STEPHANIE de SYKES - 'Only Love' '74


18 The Viletones - Last Guy in Town' !


19 SPACE WALTZ 'BEAUTIFUL BOY' - '74, INCREDIBLE SCI-FI glam, actually the lp version, not the live version


20 PUNCHIN JUDY . . . glam band perform their song live with lead vocalist Barbara O'Meara, this is one HOT chick, this is from a rare dutch program, the band also recorded a great rock lp in '73 which we have been meaning to review for a long time, very much like Suzi Quatro


21 THREE DOG NIGHT ' Olde Fashioned Love Song' - Live '75 from the midnight special, this classic rock band does a live version of their hit from 2 yrs earlier or so and the vocalist to the left steals the show with great improvised singing that is a must for 70s rock fans, this performance belongs in a hall of fame somewhere, and well it does make the 70s invasion hall of fame :)

22 FLYING LIZARDS - Tv - '79

Real cool new wave synth rock, with unique campy vocals from Vivien :)

23 Parliament Funkadelic - Up for the Down Stroke - Tv commercial '74

24 Small Faces - Itchykoo Park '67 . . . Vintage black and white video of the band playing one of the greatest songs of all time :)

25 John's Children - Smashed Blocked ' 67

26 ACE of CUPS - 'Gospel Song' - '69 :) . . . these lovely birds sing like angels *


27 ADAMS - The BIBLE - '68 . . . One of the very best of 60s pop-psych, a surreal song sung in japanese by this GS band


28 Orchestra Luna - 'Love is not Enough' - Live - '75


29 Orchestra Luna - Helen of Troy - Live '75


30 Carmen - Bulerias and Bullfight - '74


31 Devo - Beautiful World - '81


32 Jimi Hendrix - Live Newport - 1969


33 taking off opening 1971 ( film, various girls singing, priceless footage, wonder if the full footage of these birds singing was recorded and sits unreleased some where?


Note : YOU CAN FIND OUR MOST RECENT ADDITIONS OF VIDEOS AND AUDIO, FROM THE PAST - THE PRESENT ON OUR DOWNLOAD PAGES, ACCESSIBLE FROM OUR MAIN DOWNLOADS PAGE, PAGE 24 BELOW, simply scroll to the bottom of each page, keep clicking till you get to the last one to see our latest choices....this link for example is downloads 15 our most recent which was updated spring of 2018 :)


Article on the our CORRUPT MEDICAL SYSTEM , the FDA, and the ANIMAL HOLOCAUST is below close to the bottom, for more info on this subject see the bottom of our page 8, plus the bottom galleries of our gateway 3, and our Gateway 4....


- - . - . You will find text next to text and photos that has nothing at all to do with one another all over this website . . . well now isn't this just like the world we live in :) . . - - . - - . .


ALABAMA's GHOST, ( '73 ), The TOUCH of SATAN ( '70 ) THE TRIAL of BILLY JACK,('74 ), ORPHEUS ( '49 ), and more now reviewed on page 9.........

Note - previously we extended our movie reviews to our gateway 8 because of technical difficulties wherein we are no longer able to make updates to our B Movie page, so we made a B movie section 2, which would be # 10 accessible from our Gateway 8, see these 2 links -



the next few films were amongst the all-time greatest of the 70s films, we have a lot more campy films reviewed on our page 9 as well....


film review of this Super 70s rock film about the life of JESUS as sung by flower children circa ' 73, review is on our gateway 3, our original soundtrack review is on page 5, musically it's close to HAIR, and THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, but far, FAR BETTER, if you wanna get there quickly copy and paste this link ~


see this link also for a great site on Godspell



Clips of the film, complete songs can be found at these links ~




we have revised our MOVIE review of this SuPeR glam rock/pop musical comedy film from '75 starring the BEAUTIFUL STEPHANIE de SYKES,and will do so as time passes , a review for this film is now on our gateway 3, it also stars ; HELLO, MUD, DAVE MOUNT, FOX, KENNY, and many others, as well as BARRY BOYLE, JENNIFER GUY, and BARRY HUMPHRIES ( DAME EDNA ), AND TERRY THOMAS, this film is highly recomended for fans of ROCKY HORROR, and 'R-n-R HIGH SCHOOL',if you wanna see what pre-punk england was like in the mid 70s, this is it, see also the bottom of page 4 for some related films.... and we've added several galleries of Mrs de SYKES recently in our gateway's 3, 4, and 5 plus 2 downloads for her on our downloads 2 page,........you could simply copy and paste this link instead of searching for our gateway 3 -


SIDE by SIDE is now available for viewing at youtube, it was uploaded by a 70s rock fan in march 2017, we are thrilled to bring you this news, see our downloads section 14 # 58 :)

The Trial of Billy Jack. See our download section #16 links 55 - 57 below for the Trial of Billy Jack as to how Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor changed the film industry forever, and brought attention to native American Indians of whom are the largest group of people on our planet whose lives and way of life the u.s. govt was most successful at destroying.



also epic masterpieces like SOLARIS a sci-fi film from russia made in '72 that is like no other film you'll ever see,


From Back To Godhead "letters section " Jan / Feb ' 06

What should we follow----our mind or our heart ? Does Krsna give power to the mind to think ? If so, why do we get negative thought ? Vijay Raj

Should we follow our mind or our heart ? We should follow God. God is in our heart, but until our heart is pure, we cannot see God and get his pure dictation. So we chant the holy name of God to purify our heart. And we follow God's representatives and his instructions as given in scripture.

Krsna gives us the power to think, but we create our particular thoughts by our past positive and negative activities. Krsna also gives us free will to cultivate positive or negative thoughts at the present moment and change our destiny. We can also choose to surrender to Krsna's advice in Bhagavad-gita, become free from all our karma, and attain the spiritual world.

~ this same message is expressed in the film - THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK, from '74....


MORE News and Articles;


excert on 'WAS PRABHUPADA POISONED', a story about Prabhupada being given POISON by some head devotees of Iskcon shortly before his death went on the bottom of our QUESTIONS and ANSWERS page , page 8 below, u can see and u should read the full story here -


an even BETTER LINK -




we've done several promos for this site based in Italy which promotes lost 70s punk, see our Gateway 3 for bands such as the CORPSE GRINDERS, BRATS, CONTENDERS/BACKSTABBERS, CHAINSAW and others, just look for LOST 70s PUNK.....here is their link ~



while reading this mess download A 70s JunkShop Glam show done by some associates of ours, this was on oct 10th '04, very obscure, and INCREDIBLE songs that you've read about here, plus comments and interviews !, hear it all - RICKI WILDE, JOOK, MILK-n- COOKIES, the RATS, etc........see this site - WFMU, you can also get there thru our downloads 2 page -


3 a 2nd junkshopglam show was done with more associates of ours at RESONNACE Radio at this link ~


4 - An article written in early '06 by one of us can now be read at our friend's online magazine called QUIRKY, ( see bottom of the site ) from there you can see an interview that was done with one of us in 2004


old interview on US is at this link -


5 Local L.a. Radio News ;

'She Comes In Colors' sat nite KXLU 88.9, they won the award for best radio show in L..a by the L.a. weekly ( in '04 Jonesy won :) ), tune in sat nite at 10:30 and give them a call.....they played several of our requests last fall and this spring and summer of '05 and plugged this site as well over the course of a year on the air a few times too :) ......... you can download the show at Kxlu.com

6 Downloads section ; see the bottom to get there....

MSG is everywhere, in a lot of your foods and spices, even some Vegetarian food companies place the additive in your food under different names, see this site for more info -



( the following is music eventually we'll review somewhere on our site, we recently have been sent tons of music from friends around the globe so it'll take a long time to review the following ) ;

Junk Shop GLAM - various singles from early - mid 70s , etc. see atop page 15 for more info....

CLAN ALLELUIA - 70s Christian rock from Italy

VASHTI BUNYAN 'Just Another Diamond Day', beautiful folk music from a beautiful soul from 1970, the cd reissue offers 4 bonus tracks, we've actually had this for sometime, for now see the bottom of our page 18 on the Flower Children :)

The NIGHTCRAWLERS - 60s garage collection, WILSON PICKETT - 70s funk era

LOVE - FOUR SAIL + demos '67, + '68, alt. takes, etc. For now check out ARTHUR LEE and LOVE - interview + live concert footage circa 1970 ! at this link -


SPURTS - THE RICHARD HELL STORY... begins in the early 70s with the NEON BOYS, then then VOIDOIDS , later the DIM STARS, great cover of 'RiPOFF' , and the song he did in '04 'She'll be Coming,....outtasite !

GERMS - 'Anthology', late 70s punk by one of L.a. best.......

THE ROCHES - 1st lp + their lp of ' 82

T.REX - A Work in Progress, 70s solo and band demos,

CARPENTERS - Close to You lp '72 :).......SERGIO MENEDES and BRAZIL '66 - 'LOOK AROUND' '67 pop lp.......

late 70s punk bands singles; P.S., HELEN WHEELS, mid 70s pre-punk - MIRRORS / ELECTRIC EELS rarities,


( DEBRIS were the band K.K. Barrett was a part of before the Screamers, they had an lp in '76 ) the music is really out there, sounds range from experimental to pre-punk, listen closly to their demo of 'other things' and it sounds like the DAMNED....elsewhere their influences range from CAPTAIN BEEFHEART to the STOOGES....

HANG on the BOX - yELLOW bANANA - 1st lp by these bejing punk girls, see old reviews below page 22 for their 2nd lp........PETER BLAST - 'PURE ORGANIC JUNK' new cd '07, the 2 ballads sound just like ZOLAR X,.......,The Rings ( Twink of Pink Fairies '77 punk band ) single

SMALL FACES - 'Autumn Stone'- GREAT lp !! of outtakes, odds and ends to be reviewed eventually on page 3...... JOE BATAAN........'SWEET SOUL' lp early 70s, has an excellent version of 'SHAFT' ! amongst other cuts.......THE FLYING BURRITO BROS......some songs from their 1st lp and odds and ends, reviews allready started....... see page 3.......they really were the best country rock band ever !

the SLUGS late 70s RAMONES-type punk band featuring former N.y. DOLLS KANE and RIVETS....see our gateway 4 now for some info...., VODKA COLLINS comp. etc. 1st half is reviewed on page 14....COCO .........lp from the late 70s, this is lost pop, you could say really lost pop, they painted their faces, the leadoff track was written by STEPHANIE de SYKES....see Gateway 3...

reviews to come also on the NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND...

this section of unreviewed music has been here for a few yrs, who has the time these days ?

and of course we update many of the pages with little comments here and there, with many articles on various subjects, mainly spiritual, some political, some humorous, added now and then,.......

VELVET TINMINE was released feb, 3rd '02, it has many of the RARE 70's glam rock, and pre-punk as reviewed on pages 15, 12, 21, and page 4 of the 70's invasion, ....we have reviewed most of the followups such as 'MORE GLITTER FROM the LITTER', GLITTERBEST, and 'BOOBS The JunkShop Discoteque', and UK BUBBLE POP cd, .....reviews and info for these 70s compilations are on our page 21, see below.......




check this link out -

what is the BIBLE CODE ? is it an ancient computer code set within the bible by God, many yrs ago, that has predicted many major events for the past 2000 yrs, well we're not sure after we read we wondered it if it is true or made up, but it's rather interesting.......see page 21 and elsewhere on this site for more info....


ROMANS 12;2 'and be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is good, acceptable, and perfect, will of God'.........

Hello and welcome to the 70s invasion, our idiot website on oBsCuRe music, especially 70's ; PUNK, NEW WAVE, GLITTER, GLAM, and lost POP, and about Jesus and Hare Krsna as well, cause we have GOD to thank for this wonderful music...

PLUS.......reviews of


and NEW MUSIC too....

and many girl bands from the 60'- today ; 60's girl garage bands, 70's glam gals, 70's punk gals, etc.

for fans of 60s garage and pop we have a few pages with in-depth reviews of many obscure bands, the links can be found at the bottom of this homepage....we review many international bands as well you'll find lotsa japanese music of the 60s and 70s reviewed as well as some new ones from china for example.......:).....obscure bands from holland too,

plus B movie reviews, a VEGAN/VEGETARIAN resource center, and MUCH MORE ! consider this site an online reference center unlike no other online.....look around and you'll find several INTERVIEWS we've done with non-famous musicians in the past and in the present as well,

and no were not stuck in the past completely, we have NEW MUSIC reviews below on this page; punk, rock, pop, hip-hop, folk, etc. on page 12 we even have a section on country music....

to our previous visitors as you know the site had been destroyed since we began on sept. 22 '99, with CREATE UH PAGE, due to computer error it crashed on jan 2001, but we suspect otherwise, and we had to recreate it again, ... WE WERE WITH HOMESTEAD FROM MAR 2001-SEPT 2002, we moved to ANGELFIRE in sept 2002.....







WE HAVE NOW RESTORED THE SITE TO IT'S FORMER GLORY, and then some! we would like to first thank our friends from the following countries for all their help and support ; england, denmark, germany, holland, sweden, canada , and austria...muchos gracias...danke, danke...* , we live in the states and most of this music is hard to obtain in this country...and we would also like to thank our friends in pennsylvania, frisco, conn., missouri, san jose,and north carolina,you guys and gals know who you are....and a special thank you to Deb in Canada who had the original Flower Power site back in 2002 for helping us to restore this site.......:) .........and we did not do all this by ourselves we've had a lot of writeups sent in over the yrs, and maybe about 12 people out there in the universe like us since this site is linked up to about a dozen or so sites......


we enjoy listening to all kinds of music other than the categories mentioned above such as; experimental, classic rock, 70's funk and soul, 30's-40's-50's music, reggae, blues, jazz, classical, electronic-a, gospel, soundtracks, ethnic, some hip-hop, and some country,etc, etc. but none of that ol'molly hatchett-wynonna judd-toby keith-shania twain-trailer trash, yeehaw!...

this site has music reviews by 2 idiots who like every category of music that exists, so since many well known artists have sites, were mining the lost and obscure artists here....

we love bands like the ROLLING STONES, SEX PISTOLS, N.Y. DOLLS, ROXY MUSIC, LOVE and ARTHUR LEE, BLONDIE, PARLIAMENT-FUNKADELIC, PETER, PAUL, and MARY, etc. , but you will not find sections on these bands here ( well we do have sections on Love and Parliament ), cause there are already several websites on these particular bands for example, rather here we try to shed light on related but lesser known bands while making musical references to well known bands, so you may discover the music on your own....

what were doing on this page is shedding light on obscure artists of the 70's/60s THAT ARE MENTIONED HARDLY ANYWHERE ELSE, small tiny bands who may have only released one or 2 singles, or only an lp, or none because their music only got out on bootlegs...ever hear of a band like FOX starring NOOSHA FOX who predated BLONDIE's sound by 2 yr ? she also sang on a long lost sci-fi track called 'AMANDA IN A SILVER WORLD' which can be found on an lp by KENNY YOUNG circa '73, you'll find this info atop our gateway 6.......how about others like PAPER LACE ?...remember ...'the night chicago died'? and how songs like that influenced punk..... how about RICKI WILDE's 'TEEN WAVE', which may be the GREATEST glam novelty single of the 70s......

a lot of the ~ FOCUS ~ on the 70s invasion are bands who made small, even tiny contributions on teeny, tiny, microscopic labels that thus somehow or another lead to the punk explosion in '76/'77, elsewhere a lot of the focus are on pop bands and bands hard to categorize, underground music of the past gets more popular all the time, not just with music fanatics but with everyday simpletons from all corners of the globe.......

we have other sections devoted to UNDERGROUND punk bands like the SCREAMERS who were from L.a., and bands such as the WASPS who were from the u.k.,.................also music from the Summer of Love too, do you love 'ITCHYKOO PARK' by the SMALL FACES as much as we do ? well you'll find bands who made songs just as great,how about the superb 'FOREVER CHANGES by ARTHUR LEE and LOVE,......... .........as well and unknown women in rock like BONNIE ST. CLAIRE and UNIT GLORIA who released some EXCELLENT singles in the 70's , and lost pop of 70s featuring gals like the beautiful STEPHANIE de SYKES, also find out about unknown 60's singers like GAYLE HANNES, the long lost 60s masterpiece lp by THE NATIONAL GALLERY,

and 70s soul and funk singers such as PAT HALL, BETTY DAVIS, and many others.......along with the pages on UNKNOWN WOMEN in ROCK and POP; 2,3,4,5, and so on, see our gateway's 1 - 8, for many galleries, you'll find quotes in general praising women as well :).......and you'll find reviews also on gals who were well known but don't get much radio airplay these days such as CARLY SIMON, RITA COOLIDGE, etc....


all over the site you will find many obscure artists, with musical references to well known bands, allthough NONE ARE IN ANY PARTICULAR ORDER...let's begin with :



perhaps the most UNDERRATED singer of all time, although they did get some radio airplay in the states in the 70's, today HARLEY is known to few americans, the closest comparison would be ROXY music, and although were HUGE ROXY fans we think COCKNEY REBEL were better... some songs also reflect the KINKS and BOWIE,............listen to 'DEATH TRIP'from the 1st lp, '73, ( no not the STOOGES, classic, rather a completely different original ) where HARLEY -calls out for TEENAGE REVOLUTION - this song is on the same level as the DOORS 'THE END',......... or listen to the plastic pop of 'RED IS A MEAN,MEAN COLOUR' ' from the superb lp 'TIMELESS FLIGHT', one of the best from the golden year of '76 where he asks 'do you remember being south of brighton'....? the lp ended with an incredible SCI-FI pre-punk number called 'DON'T GO DON'T CRY'...his vocal approach pre-dated the 70s punk bands with own art-punk take on vocals, he also sang some of the periods greatest ballads, and did spaced out sci-fi pop such as 'back to the farm',

the best lp they did was the live 'face to face' lp from 77, which has an incredible acoustic version of 'the best years of our lives', while 'LOVE IS A PRIMMA DONNA' is the best studio lp, every song is a could have been hit, it ends with a FANTASTIC surreal pop number called 'IS IT TRUE WHAT THEY SAY', where HARLEY asks 'is it true what they say' ? while the english girls croon 'is it true, is it true' ?? with wonderful organ shimmering thru and the whole band sings along to one of the best songs of '76 ..later on HARLEY's solo lp from '78 called 'hobo with a grin', this one has him singing songs about l.a., and the homeless, the lp features MARC BOLAN playing on guitar shortly before he died,..the closing song on side 1, the beautiful, majestic 'RIDING the WAVES' is definitely one of the best songs of '78...

...allthough a couple of tunes on side 2 of his 1st solo lp are wretched and sound dated..........Cockney Rebel put out some great singles and b-sides not on the lp's like 'big, big deal, 'LAY ME DOWN', and 'THROW YOUR SOUL DOWN HERE'',which can be compared to LOU REED 'TRANSFORMER' era,......... his biggest commercial hit was probably the EXCELLENT POP hit 'MAKE ME SMILE' ' 75 covered by many people, perhaps this was an answer to the happiest song ever composed by STEPHANIE de SYKES - 'BORN WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE', which was a number one hit in the u.k. the previous year in ' 74 ( see page 4 and our Gateways for reviews of her ) and as we've read elsewhere ( The Great Glam Rock Explosion - 70s comp.)that some of Harley's music echoes the music of the 40's during the war, and some of his ballads rank right up there with SINATRA's best !

a bad lp ? well most fans say 'the candidate' '79 does not sound like HARLEY at all, he seemed to have lost direction, to put it lightly it really blows, the songs are way out of step with all the new wavers and punk rockers who took over music's creative end...... however it has a couple of gems, the most noteworthy the rocker 'FROM HERE TO ETERNITY'....................COCKNEY REBEL influenced many artists such as 70s glam acts GRAME GRACE, and VILLIAN, see page 12 for reviews of them, and also the BOOMTOWN RATS, ( see page 6 for reviews of that band )....elsewhere ELLIOT MURPHY and AQUASHOW from N.y. played some music around the same time as COCKNEY REBEL began recording '73 - '74, search out especially 'ANASTASIA' and compare Harley's vocals, even 60s Tin can alley folk artists like ERIK ANDERSON sounds like he may have influenced Steve a bit.....yes Harley is still recording and touring today, his latest record is called 'Poetic Justice' , and yes there is a lot of footage available thru bootleg videos online, one great one from '75 is called 'BETWEEN THE LINES', COCKNEY REBEL begins with 'BED IN A CORNER' into 'SLING IT', then 'BEST YRS OF OUR LIVES', followed by 'MAKE ME SMILE', and at the end is an abbreviated version of 'TUMBLING DOWN', and at the end the crowd sings 'oh dear what have they done to the blues, blues, blues'.... ............ here is a link to the COCKNEY REBEL website .....*


( new addition added here feb. '05 )........ quote from Harley from an interview conducted by IRA ROBBINE, Trouser Press # 8, apr - may ' 75 ' So the Biggest bands in america are MORONS, MILLIONAIRE MORONS. They haven't got any real talent. I'm not saying that I don't care, I think there are a lot of people out there, a lot of various tastes - some people like cabbage, some people don't like cabbage. ( new addition added fall of 2016 )...... quote from Harley from the book on 70s glam called Shock and Awe .......' To be onstage is to be a messiah he told Melody Maker, our job is to take 1000 people up to cloud 9, that's all were there for. Sometimes he invoked the almighty as the reason for both his unshakeable self belief and his ability to hold an audience's attention. I was purely saying, Look, I feel like God's touched me and sound, here's a mission and someone's gotta do it.

for those of you interested in HARLEY's musical taste, start with his BBC 70s radio show, back in 2003 he began with ALICE COOPER's 'I WANNA BE ELECTED' '73,next he played JIM CROCE's 'OPERATOR', and his list ranges from 70s; GLAM,POP,DISCO,PUNK, etc. here -


you can get there directly by going to our downloads page.........there you'll also find links to artists such as LOU REED, SUZI QUATRO, and STEVE JONES who also have jobs as dj's playing great music....:)


So now we're on a death trip listen to the blood drip oozing from a curled lip ever thought of dying slowly ever thought of dying totally unholy

someone's trying to fool us maybe it's your daughters can you hear the Walrus offering a sad solution he's calling out for teenage revolution

and "Can you think of one good reason to remain?" To you afficianados fooling with bravado to keep me on my guard-o and cause a consciousness explosion it's getting difficult to keep my mind in motion

images of sunshine lease, to make the words rhyme let me die in eight-time let me write a tale to no-one let me write a tale to make you think you're someone

and "Can you think of one good reason to remain?"

Interval: We'll grow Sweet Ipomoea

To make us feel much freer Then take a pinch of Schemeland And turn it into Dreamland "Softly, Lautrec," she whispered in awe

"Build me a picture of children at war"


the most underrated PUNK band of all time ?? thats because all their releases from '77 to '80 came out on bootleg, and none were to be released as 'official', such was a big crime, as a result many people were robbed of hearing a band who gave who would have given the SEX PISTOLS a run for their money had they opened for them in San fran in '78, naturally the PISTOLS were better, but listening to this band or seeing their concerts on videos, opens up a whole other door.......allthough the AVENGERS and NUNS did a great job of opening for the PISTOLS that famous nite, no one played like the SCREAMERS, in fact the band came on like a cross between the PISTOLS, and SUICIDE( see page 6).......many of u reading this have saw the GREAT show the PISTOLS put on in dallas on jan 10 '78,.......remember the 2 gals blond haired punk gals HELEN,and TRUDIE who were dancing in front of SID all night ? well they eventually married 2 of the SCREAMERS, see his link for more info -


the SCREAMERS were led by LUNATIC singer TOMATO du PLENTY, and keyboardist extraordinaire TOMMY GEAR, they actually began as the TUPPERWARES playing in seattle in '76, playing a few numbers that would become SCREAMERS CLASSICS....yes some recordings of the TUPPERWARES exist,...the band relocated to l.a. sometime in '76 giving the scene a big boost.....in early '77 when the DAMNED were the first u.k. punk band to tour the states, they made friends and stayed with TOMATO and TOMMY, then the SCREAMERS would go onto record their first FANTASTIC demos on '7-77, and record other great songs throughout the next few yrs, .....the special thing about this band was; NO GUITARS, NO BASS, ALL THE MUSIC WAS FROM KEYBOARDS, AND SYNTHS, and DRUMS played by EXCELLENT drummer K.K. BARRETT, who was in a band or somewhat involved before in a band called DEBRIS who had 1 lp in '76......( see our gateway 1 for a picture of Debris )

at one point DEVO even asked them to open for them, but for reasons even unknown to some band members now, ( we have some rare music by DEVO from ' 72 reviewed on page 7 )......the SCREAMERS did not go and just never had any official releases....some of their best included 'I'M GOIN' STEADY WITH TWIGGY' with such lyrics as 'PENELOPE TREE DON'T DO A THING FOR ME, JANE ASHER IS A TEENAGE THRASHER, ....I'M GOIN' STEADY WITH TWIGGY' !....other incredible numbers include ; '122 HRS. of FEAR', 'EVA BRAUN', 'PUNISH or be DAMNED', and 'BETTER WORLD' again with revolutionary lyrics,..........and a whole batch of others, please see our videos reviews of concerts on dec '77 ( page 6), 1-6-78, and 9-2-78( san fran) on pages 7, and the demos of '77 and '78 on our page 19 below,.......there u can read some info about a film the band were in also called 'POPULATION 1' with Tomato's girlfriend SHEELA EDWARDS, the film was produced by RENE DAALDER......and please check out RAMSEY's site dedicated to one of the alltime greatest punk bands ever, yea they make the top 5 for the greatest punk bands, . . . at the same time in '77 a band in france surfaced called Metal Urbain, who sound kinda like the Screamers, they had guitar, bass, and a synth plus a drum machine, all members had short spiky hair and the look, an overall futuristic attack, see our page 6 for reviews on them, ( see you can also see a video clip of 'VERTIGO' accessible from our links page.......here is the SCREAMERS site-


lyrics to the SCREAMERS -

'I'M GOIN' STEADY WITH TWIGGY' !! '77 I got a face full of Marianne Faithful Penelope Tree don't do nothing for me Jane Asher is a teenage trasher

I'm going steady with Twiggy I'm going steady with Twiggy I'm going steady with Twiggy Going steady Going steady Going steady

(Repeat Chorus)

Jean the Shrimp, she leaves me quite limp Mary Quant is not what I want How can I feel for Miss Emma Peel?

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Speech varies from show to show)

Dear Twiggy

I look at your picture every day I think that you are so cool I love your face I want to stab it

My friends, they all laugh at me They say that you're dead already But I know, someday, you and I will always be I love you, Tomata !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Repeat Chorus 2X, last time add)

Going Steady (Ready Teddy) Going Steady (Ready Steady) Going Steady

Enforcing the meaning of scriptures like these into one's life amounts to turning poetry into truth, making the poetry of the religions come true in one's life. It is the reverse of writing an autobiography, putting the truth of one's life into words, turning truth into poetry. Gandhi evidently did both: first he turned poetry into truth enforcing the meaning of the Gita and the Sermon on the mount, and then he turned truth into poetry, writing the story of his experiments.

excert from 'The Way of All the Earth' - by John S. Dunne.


writeup sent in on a recent ( aug '04 ) SUZI show in germany below from our friend, also a new song 'SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS' reviewed....

we've been infatuated with this gal ever since we were idiot kids who seen her on HAPPY DAYS as LEATHER TUSCADERO,...Suzi started playing rock music with her sisters in the mid 60's... as the PLEASURE SEEKERS,.......... 'WHAT A WAY TO DIE' of '66, their first single is a TEENAGE-garage-punk classic ! ....suzi shrieks , squeaks, and sings about the delight of a colt 45 , and other assorted beverages...! true camp...the b-side 'never thought you'd leave me is a soft rocker with pulsating organ, and pleasant vocals....

...they released another single, and a 3rd single which is very rare...they toured vietnam in support of the troops in the late 60's , changed their name to Cradle, and then in '72 suzi released her first solo single 'ROLLIN' STONE', it is a real gem, really like that one *, then came 'can the can', 'DAYTONA DEMON', and a whole string of hits, she became big in japan also, there is a famous video of a concert from ' 75 their with SUZI interacting with the japanese fans... the lp's to start with would be 'QUATRO' and the 1st one 'SUZI QUATRO',both from '74, definitely amongst the campiest lp's of all time, they have a T.REX/N.Y. DOLLS kind of sound, hold off on 75's 'your momma won't like me' lp unless your fanatics like us, some of the music on this lp is so bad it's good...

she does a GOOD cover of HARLEY's 'make me smile' on the import only 'AGGROPHOBIA' lp, of '76...this lp has many GREAT songs like 'american lady'...*, and 'THE HONKYTONK DOWNSTAIRS', while other glitter stars were fading, suzi went on to release some SUPER singles like 'I MAY BE TOO YOUNG' '75 , which is one of her shining moments, and ' TEAR ME APART ' ! released jan 77 !, these are both bright moments for her as these 2 singles are exceptional, the later is kinda power-pop with a sing-a-long chorus........

in '78 she released 'IF YOU KNEW SUZI'.......a great album that finds her playing many different styles, and some great folk songs too,'don't change my luck' the lead song features acoustic guitars and wonderful vocals, 'SUICIDE' is a ballad where Suzi sings one of her best songs, nice ambiance there, .........' THE RACE IS ON' and 'IF U CAN'T GIVE ME LOVE ' are both sing-a-long acoustic numbers where her vocals excell......the 1st with lyrics 'Here we stand like a couple of fools, And the race is on,Hand in hand as we break the rulesAnd the race is on,What's the cost to the one who's lost,When the race goes wrong'.....the closing 'WISER THAN U' shows her songwriting improving with sophistication and intelligence.... 'rockhard' the lp she released in '80 has some good numbers too whereas others are somewhat bland, she went on to a big career, not playing music for most of the 80's, instead working in british tv, and returned to the music in the 90's, we have her latest 'UNRELEASED EMOTION' among the highlights are 'pardon me', strange encounters, 'good girl' and she even does a 30 second cover of 'suzi q' * .... not as good as her 70's output, but she comes shining through nonetheless... her producer MIKE CHAPMAN went on to produce lp's for BLONDIE in the late 70's,.......

to read about a 90's band called TUSCADERO who do a tribute to suzi scroll down to our 90's section..... take a look at page 4 in the GLITTER GALS section for other female glam artistes of the 70's who played music similiar to SUZI ; ZENDA JACKS, BOBBIE McGEE, BONNIE ST. CLAIRE, STEPHANIE de SYKES, HEART the glam dutch band featuring PATRICIA PAAY, and a few others....

this writeup on a recent Suzi show ( aug '04 ) in germany was sent to us by a lovely gal who is from that country and has been loyal to our site for some time, we posted the original german transcript as well....

The beach party in Duisburg has been a complete success this year.

Die Beach-Party in Duisburg-Wedau war dieses Jahr ein voller Erfolg.

And in the prime time there was a real blockbuster: Suzi Quatro, the ?First Lady of Rock?, an unforgotten international star in the 70?s, lived up to her name and showed that she - as a meanwhile 53 years old bass singer ? is still going strong as a ?wild one? and also still finds young fans in the audience in front of the stage. With a 10 boys band manning she didn't only fly from England to the Beach Party in Duisburg-Wedau, she also showed to the people what good rock music really is.

Einen richtigen Knaller gab es dann zur Hauptzeit: SUZI QUATRO, die "First Lady of Rock", in den 70ern als unvergesslicher internationaler Star, machte ihrem Namen alle Ehre und zeigte, dass sie als mittlerweile 53j䨲ige Bassistin und S䮧erin immer noch als "wildes M䤣hen" immer noch junge Fans vor der B?indet. Mit 10 Herren Bandbesetzung flog Suzi nicht nur aus England zur Beach Party in Wedau ein, sondern zeigte auch, was man unter guter Rockmusik versteht.

SUZI did a GREAT song called 'safety instructions' in recent yrs which is reviewed on our Suzi gallery in our Gateway 1, to find it easier u could copy and paste this link -


lyrics to SUZI QUATRO's


Hey, ya heard about Suzi from Baton Rouge, yeah But let me tell ya 'bout her, yeah

Well little Suzi here was raised at the Baton Rouge Suzi was fooled, she was bou-ound to lose She could be seen keepin' company wherever she went With her long haired, blue eyed, southern trend

She said I may be too young to fall in love But I'm still ha-angin' 'round She said I may be too young to fall in love But I'm still ha-angin' 'round

I'm waitin' for you, I'm just-a waitin' for you She said I'm waitin' for you, you, I'm just waitin' for you

Well you know when girls are wheasy and the nights can do To a back street gir-irl with the southern blues Fifteen and fast and straight out of school She was hard to handle, she was easy to fool

They said go, go, go little Suzi Too old to scold and too young to choose Suzi was fooled and goin' to lose And that's how they talk about her down in Baton Rouge

She said I may be too young to fall in love But I'm still ha-angin' 'round She said I may be too young to fall in love But I'm still ha-angin' 'round

I'm waitin' for you, I'm just-a waitin' for you She said I'm waitin' for you, you, I'm just waitin' for you

She said I may be too young to fall in love But I'm still ha-angin' 'round She said I may be too young to fall in love But I'm still ha-angin' 'round

I'm waitin' for you, you, I'm just-a waitin' for you, you She said I'm waitin' for you, you (I may be too young to fall in love) I'm just waitin' for you, you (I may be too young to fall in love)

She said I'm waitin' for you, you (I may be too young to fall in love) I'm just waitin' for you, you (I may be too young to fall in love) She said I'm waitin' for you, you (I may be too young to fall in love) I'm just waitin' for you (fade)







yea thats right MUD!

Mud started back in the late 60's and released magical songs like 67's 'FLOWER POWER', a real pop-psych GEM if you can find it, 'Jumpin Jehosaphat' is another, closer to bubblegum pop, go to page 2 for a review of MUD special tunes of the 60's * in the early 70's they went on to work with the same producers as SUZI QUATRO and SWEET CHINN/CHAPMAN, MUD released some of the best singles of the glitter era like; ROCKET!!, TIGER FEET *, DYNAMITE, AND L-L-LUCY!, to quote Ken Barnes on an article on 70s glitter from BOMP magazine he said that 'TIGER FEET' was the most hypnotic mindless groove ever released !

these singles had the glam signature handclaps, electric guitar and that HYPNOTIC beat and sent them straight up to the top of the charts.....some had direct influence on punk and new-wave bands that would emerge a few years later...other songs like the 'hippy hippy shake', 'MOONSHINE SALLY', (straight from the gutter), and on 'so fine' showed their versatality, what a slummin' number, it's so bad it's GOOD, look also for other songs like '43792', (from '75 sounds a lot like the PISTOLS cover of 'something else' )......'HULA LOVE' has a hawain sound and GREAT vocals,.......'shake it down' (disco!) they also had many songs in a more 50's rock-doo-wop style,........they released a single under the alias DUM, in '74 it was a cover of GLENN MILLER's old instrumental classic 'IN THE MOOD', and Mud killed it !

on songs like 'LONELY THIS XMAS' and 'secrets that you keep', they sound like ELVIS himself, these songs are really good, they stand the test of time....... their cover of 'oh boy' features campy vocals from ELAINE HOPE from the band ELLIE... and in the mid 70's some songs had a pub-rock sound that would open the door for punk, on their lp 'it's better than working'released in 76 they take a departure from their usual craziness and go a different route and came up with an lp of GREAT songs, allthough more laid back, on some songs they use the sci-fi keyboards that some rock bands in the mid 70's were using,

and other tunes have the rinky-dink 50's guitar sound/ among the highlights are 'it don't mean a thing' 'BEATING 'ROUND THE BUSH'!,.... 'NITE ON THE TILES',this one very SWEET-like and the closing 'VAMBO RULES' is superb, it sounds like a musical snake with thick guitars.......,'HAIR OF THE DOG' was a superb glitter tune from '75,and they had an excellent, and unusual song in '77 called 'slow talking boy', with keyboards and later in '79 songs such as '1-2 love' showed them still writing GREAT rock songs ! one article ( Bomp mar '78 )is quoted as 'they descended into the spiritual cabaret', actually their next to last single 'DROP EVERYTHING AND RUN' '79 featured a girl singer named MARGOT HENDERSON who today is an active teacher in the u.k. for young people.......

MUD were a lot of fun, and they were what rock and roll was all about, someday someone will write the book 'the story of abigail rocketblast!',........you can get to an active MUD message board at our Links 3 page, you can see 2 pictures of MUD in our gateway, one close to the top, gallery # 5, and another of them from the 60s also on our gateway 1, our latest MUD project in the spring of '04 was a spotlight page on MUD with MARGOT HENDERSON with reviews of the singles and b sides she sang with MUD, see our gateway 2, gallery # 49, you'll also see a MUD concert review from '78 at the bottom of that page, and in our 60s section on page 2 we reviewed 2 RARE MUD tunes in the spring of '04 MUD link -




'SIDE by SIDE', yea the BRILLIANT film DAVE MOUNT, and MUD appeared in and saved the day,......... in-depth reviews and photos of the film are posted in our gateway 3.....MUD also starred in a film called 'NEVER TOO YOUNG TO ROCK' which was from '74, allthough there are some great perfomances by them, the GLITTER BAND, and SLIK, the rest of the film meanders like some pointless reject show of DOCTOR WHO,....it is worthy for the stage perfomances alone though, the finale has MUD and others doing a sing-a-long finale, 'SIDE by SIDE' is a far superior film.......

MUD 'FLOWER POWER' '67 Imagine this, of the flower power, My every wish is your command We will love each other, Help one another. Let there be fools who look and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Chorus - Flower power stays on your mind. Flower power makes you be kind. All the time, you love your neighbour to keep with the trend (love, love, love).

Flower power will grow and grow, Flower power, let the people know, There??s peace on earth we??ll love until the end. Let??s spread the news Of the hippy??s views The bell has rung and war must cease. As the rose will grow and the weed must die. And long life makes us beautiful.

Chorus Imagine this, I??ve got flower power Imagine this, I??ve got flower power


Unreleased Trevor White and Hampton songs, info is at the bottom of this JOOK section,

RPM records has released an official JOOK cd in May '05 with 7 demos that have not been available on the bootleg thats been circulating for yrs, reviews are on our 3rd JOOK section in our gateway 4/JOOK Gallery 4, scroll a bit for the link

.......... see the RPM site for upcoming info on JOOK's 'Different Class' cd at this site -


JOOK were the real thing, this uk band were based in the town of Edmonton......one member drummer CHRIS TOWNSON was in 60's band JOHN's CHILDREN (see page 2) with MARC BOLAN, the band played super-charged glitter rock, they sounded like a teenage WHO meets SLADE, bet better than SLADE, and able to compete with the best rock stars iof the day,imagine an early 70s mod band doing glam rock,... in the period from '72 - ' 74 they all had short cropped hair and sometimes straight-leg jeans, dressing a bit early for punk, and out of place at the time, they never had commercial success,the 1st EXCELLENT single came out in '72, 'ALLRIGHT WITH ME/DO WHAT U CAN' is FANTASTIC STONES-type rock, the 2nd 'SHAME/SUBURBAN CITY BLUES' was great also, but the 1st single was better ,( these 4 tunes are reviewed on page 21, with lyrics) everything to come after that was better ! such as 'OO-OO RUDI' '73, a really GREAT rock tune that has the same spirit of SLADE's 'excellent 'my friend stan'....'ALL WE HEAR AND ALL WE SEE, AND EVERYTHING WE LEARN FROM IS PLANNED BY THE OLDER GENERATION, IF THEY KNEW, IF ONLY THEY KNEW WHAT WERE ALL ABOUT, MAYBE THEN THEY'D UNDERSTAND THAT THEIR WAY WON'T LAST,...OO-RUDI WE DON'T CARE, WERE NOBODY's FOOL' !.....towards the end someone screams 'jook rules'...the b-side 'jook's on you' is allright, features solid drumming, and heavy bass......a punk band in belfast would name themselves after this Jook tune a few yrs later,,,,

next 'KING KAPP'...'73, this one is another SUPERB glam rock song with handclaps and charging electric guitar, and GREAT vocals...sounds quite a bit like MUD...and the b-side 'RUMBLE' is an instrumental track where jook shows their versatality...this is very different from their other songs...it features electric guitar that sounds like the type of sound from the black exploitation flicks of the era... and in march of '74 they released an INCREDIBLE single called 'BISH, BASH, BOSH', a crazed MUD-like glitter song, where it sounds like they out mud MUD :)

........and the b-side 'CRAZY KIDS' is even better ! a definite anthem for the glitter age, .....later the song was redone by Jook member TREVOR WHITE, his version is a great one indeed, the tune came out in jan '76 !....sounds like a pre-new wave tune with an ONLY ONES guitar sound...this song is an ANTHEM ! this version featured WHITE, CHRIS TOWNSON, and MARTIN GORDON, the difference is in the first it sounds like 2 guitars going in different directions whereas white's version has both guitars playing the same note, sounding more futuristic.....'ALL I WANT IS MY R-n-R MUSIC, AND THAT AIN'T NO GOOD UNLESS U PLAY IT LOUD, I'M STANDING ON THE FLOOR, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, I THINK I'M GOING INSANE........CRAZY KIDS, THERE JUST CRAZY KIDS, AND THEY NEVER LEAVE US ALONE '.....

and the b-side 'movin' in the right direction' is a solid glam rocker with a rock bottom heavy bass, that sounds a bit like the KINKS, it was actually recorded by JOOK in '74, supposedly he used it as the b side 2 yrs later for his solo version of 'CRAZY KIDS', if anyone knows anything about a RARE single TREVOR released called 'MISUNDERSTOOD', please write us, our addresses are close to the bottom...........the easiest 45 to find of them is the 4 song 'AGGRAVATION PLACE ' ep recorded in '74, and released by BOMP in '78 long after they had disbanded, this 4-song ep is one-hell-of-a-shabang! 'AGGRAVATION LACE', 'everything i do', 'la,la, girl', and a cover - 'WATCH YOUR STEP', all songs are in top form...'AGGRAVATION PLACE' sounds like SLADE crossed with a teenage WHO.....'THEY CALL IT AGGRAVATION PLACE, BLACK AND WHITE RED AND YELLOW TOO, CALL IT AGGRAVATION PLACE'.....perfect lyrics........'EVERYTHING I DO' is pure SLADE-type rock, good time glam, 'LA, LA, GIRL' is reminsicient of JOHN's CHILDREN, with some exciting guitar bursts, and 'WATCH YOUR STEP' is a cover of an old 50's rocker, really HEAVY and FAST glam rock rates with the best of SWEET, ......

BOMP magazine says 'crazy kids' is one of the all-time greatest power-pop songs JOOK/JOHN's CHILDREN drummer CHRIS TOWNSON went onto play in a band in '75 called JET with ANDY ELLISON, and MARTIN GORDON of SPARKS, we have very rare info on JOOK along with a discography on page 5, also reviews of MILK and COOKIES,( an N.y. glam-pop band of the mid 70s ) and some writeups sent in by a friend who was involved with that whole scene all on our 2nd Jook section on page 5,see also page 21 links at the bottom for a rare discography on JOOK, and MILK and COOKIES,mentions 3 unreleased songs JOOK gets our award for the 70s 'best singles band', see page 5 also for a review of JET this website link here has info on a JET cd with unreleased songs and a reunion ! -


some current info on JOOK, TREVOR WHITE has been playing with MARTIN GORDON, and CHRIS TOWNSON and others in JOHN's ADULTS, they have done some covers and toured the uk as of 2001, a recent live version of 'CRAZY KIDS' was recorded and TREVOR saying 'i never played this song onstage ever'.....the cover was super, a viewer sent in a picture of the JOOK bootleg cd that surfaced in '02, all singles, b sides, plus the 4 song ep 'AGGRAVATION PLACE'......u can see this in our 'gateway 2 accessible from the gateway......

see MARTIN GORDON's site also, there is a message board there -


yes JOOK have gotten together and have been talking about a possioble reunion, hope they play the states......a picture off all 4 original members taken recently in in our Gateway 4 with our most recnt reviews of their demos at this link


in '07 a myspace for JOOK with 3 downloads and one for TREVOR WHITE surfaced, TREVOR got together after the SPARKS tour in '75 with IAN HAMPTON, ADRIAN FISHER, and DINKY DIMAOND, they recorded 4 songs which have never been released till now, check out these a cover of JAY and the AMERICANS 'I SEE THE LIGHT', and also 'SHOT FROM A GUN', 'ADRIAN'S BOOGIE', and 'IF IT'S LOVE THAT YOU', see our 3rd JOOK section for reviews on this lost artifact :)


.......JOOK were real big SLADE fans as were the SHARPIES of melbourne australia, the Sharpies as they were called were built around a scene of gangs of youths who just happen to dress like JOOK complete with skinhead look, and straight leg pants, boots, and all including dedicated female followers, many were fans of glam and pre-punk music especially bands of australia, see this link and also check out our downloads 4 page for links to video clips.....



well we thought we'd mention this pretty gal who released a RARE single in '73 called 'I Can See the Changes' cause it sounds like it was influenced from the JOOK camp, she even has a crewcut, the sound is a definite pre-punk / glam style, for more info see reviews in our 2nd Glam Girls section accessible from the bottom of page 21, the same review is also on page 4, and see our gateway 8 for a photo of her :) ***************************************************


- the n.y. groove -

HELLO's biggest fan sent us this recent interview in jan. '07 done with singer BOB, see this link ~


recently recieved many cds of HELLO, including 'U GOT CLASS BABE' of which has been reviewed on page 14, and we are curious about one we have called 'GOOD TIMES', if anyone knows if this cd of songs recorded by the band were 70s demos let us know PLEASE.....all HELLO updates will go atop page 14 for now....

...HELLO started in 71, when they were all 15 yrs old, they were playing in a neighborhood in england called barnett under the name AGE, and 3 years later they were releasing songs on the same level as MUD and SWEET... 'TELL HIM' was a great cover version, definitely one of the best from the class of '74, also the singles 'games up',' * studded sham' and 'N.Y. GROOVE' were among the best of the era, their sound is a T.REX/STONES/SWEET/RAMONES sound with a little ROLLERS flair,

remember the classic 'saturday night'?? we have the original version of 'ny groove' on the lp 'the great glam rock explosion' which is even better then the single,and they were also featured on the'BELL U.K. 75' lp, and a compilation of 20 fantastic songs on the biff record label was released in the late 80s, it features INCREDIBLE songs like 'let it rock' complete with tropical ambiance, 'c'mon', and a GREAT ballad called 'SHINE ON SILVER LIGHT' complete with acoustic guitar and strings, which was different from the majority of their output, a good cover also of'hi, ho silver lining' was released, actually now there are many cds available out there..... HELLO's songs remind us of all things 70's - evel knievel, slurpees from 7-11, rainbow colored frisbees, throwing rocks at other kids, etc.

other great tunes they did are 'another school day'which made the VELVET TINMINE comp. released in '03 ( see page 21) , allthough we'll say that one is far from their best, they shoulda used another song like 'SLOW MOTION' with great glam guitar and campy vocals from some gal...campiness abounds in tunes like 'where's the party', and 'hooray hooray' which sounds like the GLITTER band...'walking midnight' and 'BACK SEAT TALKING' are tough-rock glitter tunes, and 'WE GOTTA GO' is definetely one of their best...whoever thought a band could make so many great songs with the signature handclaps, and electric guitar....

they did a decent version of 'dynamite' even before MUD got their hands on it...while 'SOME KIND OF MAGIC' is a lovely ballad that reminds one of those old-time visits to the beach *, and 'JENNY DREAM' is another irrestible pop rock tune... definetely one OF THE MOST UNDERRATED BANDS OF THE 70's........... some great b-sides to look for are 'C'MON LET's GET TOGETHER' '73, that one blows away most glam bands of the era... 'do it all night','74, 'little miss mystery''75 (power-pop), and 'GOTTA LOTTA SOUL' '77...with nice synthesizers, and great vocals, they were still going strong, making GREAT music as punk was starting to appear on the scene.....they are said to have been fans of punkrock when it came about................naturally.

...RUSS BALLARD ( see page 4) wrote some of their songs, they were featured in a FANTASTIC 70s glam rock movie called 'SIDE by SIDE'(see our gateway 3 for reviews) and one member of HELLO had a brother in ULTRAVOX....JEFF ALLEN produced a girl glam band called the TEEZERS who today are considered fabiously osbcure, we have a section for them on page 4, and a picture in our gateway 4, we have made another page about HELLO, KEITH MARSHALL, ALAN MERRILL and ARROWS and others, scroll down go to page 5 for a review of their lp in '76 - KEEP US OFF THE STREETS - and for more info on one of the best teen glitter bands of the 70's ! * !

see this link for HELLO video downloads, !! -


see our downloads 2 page as well....

VIC FAULKNER got a site up sometime in 2005 -


HELLO VIDEOS, you can find at YouTube.com, free, and there are 2 here at this link von germany ~



( far from their best, but the lyrics were right for the time)

( Lyrics by (J. Allen / C. Allen )

Bout my generation 1981 sensation Here's my situation fighting to unite our nation (spoken) get back, every one, watch out, here we come

Teenage revolution Run in to the night Natural Evolution Sure to blow your mind

Teenage! Revolution! Natural! Evolution!

A'int no relaxation when a rebel starts his action I won't let my hair down Gonna start a whole new fashion

(spoken) look around you, everywhere, they all stop you know, they all stare

Teenage revolution Run in to the night Natural Evolution Sure to blow your mind

Teenage! Revolution! Natural! Evolution!

Revolution, run in to the night Revolution, sure to blow your mind

Revolution, run in to the night Revolution, sure to blow your mind

Revolution, run in to the night Revolution, sure to blow your mind

to see the best section on HELLO online see our friend's site at the IMPOSSIBLE DISCOGRAPHIES from our links page below....



in 76 the doctors relesed 2 lp's that bridged the gap between glitter and punk, drawing inspiration from ROXY and LOU REED, they come off sounding a bit like the DAMNED with whom they were friends with in the early days..... .....'MAINLINES' from their 1st lp 'late night movies, all night brainstorms' gets our vote as one of the greatest songs of all time!....'MAINLINES' is an epic numnber, over 15 minutes long, some passages features BLITZ's violin adding a touch of avant-garde bizzarreness, other parts are rough and primitive, listening to the end where the band screams one can hear them passing the torch along to the new breed of punks, one can hear the sound of rock changing right here....

( this band used to provoke the audience in the early days as punkrock was just being formed, kid strange once threw a chair into an audience, they did play with the PISTOLS at an early gig, where it was reported that STEVE JONES stole from them while they were onstage, at another concert they were apparently hit with mince pies :)

the song MAINLINES sounds like the MISSING LINK *, every song ranges from good to great such as ; 'afterglow', 'waiting', 'nioses of the evening', and 'B-MOVIE BEDTIME'... these albums feature dark and serious music, sounding different, yet as GOOD as the top punk bands of the day, also they had a single called 'bulletin' with 'waiting' as the b-side released in '77.......

the second lp 'figments of emancipation' is almost as good as the first, songs like 'in camera' burn into the grooves...'MARIE AND JOE' is a ballad about a couple whose lives are wrecked by too many drugs, 'DOCTORS OF MADNESS' is a song about the band which again sounds close to the DAMNED's style, listening to them makes one wonder who invented punk in england afterall......... the lp's have a low-budget-b-movie feeling about them, and thats a compliment, they also released a 3rd lp in '78, the 2nd lp also features STEPHANIE DESYKES ( see page 4 )on backing vocals, on "Suicide City" and "Perfect Past" in 1976, this was confirmed by STRANGE himself, quite a departure from her pop stuff, and makes her career more intriguing, we have several galleries of her in our gateway's 1, and 3, leader RICHARD STRANGE went onto release some solo records in the early 80's after the doctors disbanded, 'the phenomenal rise', and 'kid strange and the engine room' are fine records,

'WON'T RUN AWAY' is a great song about never running away from one's friend's in the end.....'WHO CRIES FOR ME' is another great one with keyboards, but was actually done better live at their last show ( see page 6 )....'THE ROAD TO THE ROOM' is very sophisticated, conjures up images of nighttime.... on RICHARD STRANGE and the ENGINE ROOM he comes up with a different sound, a bit of techno mixed with new wave of which maybe 'DAMASCUS' is one of the best (it charted in israel !)... and he released a single called 'next' which is decent,with a GREAT b-side called 'WILD TIMES'.......but this time around he is competing more with GARY NUMAN, THE HUMAN LEAGUE, and SUICIDE (see below) they have a good sound , but are nothing like his days with the DOCTORS OF MADNESS...

this band took rock as far as it could go, before punk rose up...to read a little more about them go to www.allmusic.com and hey mr. STRANGE himself giving approval of the reviews, and has wrote us to tell us about a new batch of music he has been making we would LOVE to hear it,the DOCTORS cd's are now available on a label in england called OZIT.

before the doctors , kid strange was in a band called the GREAT WHITE IDIOT, - here is a site on the band and one for RICHARD STRANGE as well -



see our 2nd DOCTORS of MADNESS section on page 6, there u will find reviews of demos and live material from their last show in '78....

some recent findings in '06 are the Doctors' appearance on the Twiggy Show from 1976, featuring the songs 'Doctors of Madness', and 'Perfect Past', this number featuring TWIGGY herself as co-vocalist....



'waiting on a signal, coming down the line, load your magazine clip, i'll load mine'....and, 'don't you know i feel proud just to make a stand'...and 'POWER TO THE PEOPLE WHEN WE RISE'!...so sang the band THIRD WORLD WAR on their first lp, on the song 'ASCENSION DAY'...( the complete lyrics are at the bottom of the 1st page )JOHNNY ROTTEN USED TO PLAY THEIR MUSIC BEFORE THE PISTOLS CAME ON STAGE, HE WOULD SAY WHAT A GREAT UNDERGROUND BAND THEY WERE....

this band combined the raw power of bands like the STOOGES and the MC5, with protest lyrics, working class values, a really crude raw sound, and an anti-government stance, they released a SUPER lp in '70, and another in '72, both INCREDIBLE pre-punk lps that we think are essential for punk fans, there was a 90s band with the name but forget them, having long disbanded the name today, TERRY STAMP, and JIM AVERY are still playing great heavy rock and some folk music too such as the recent ' 2 BUCKETS OF BLOOD',and now 'GODS of the WEST' , which contains tracks from other TWW members such as MICK LIEBER,......... previously they were played together in the 90s in -L.A. ROCKMOTOR,......BACK IN '01 we reviewed both of thee THIRD WORLD WAR lps, on page 4, also you'll find lyrics for them at the bottom of page 4, plus writeups sent in by TERRY STAMP himself on page 4, and see the bottom of page 21 as well for a review of his GREAT lp of '75 called 'FATSTICKS', from the bottom of the page 21 links you'll notice also a page for JIM AVERY, who was in a punk band in '78 called RAZAR, complete with pictures of these musicians and writeups sent in, the BUCKETS of BLOOD cds are very authentic uk folk and rock music that goes very well with a pint of guiness, great music to listen to alone or with friends,

the new cd which came out in july '04 is called 'BOOTLACE JOHNNNIE AND THE NINETY-NINES' it contains reowrkings of songs taken from the 'BUCKETS' cds, many of the songs are glossier than the raw sound that came forth on 'Buckets', u could classify some of them as authentic u.k. caballero ballads, please go to our TERRY STAMP page on the bottom of page 21....

to order this new music see this GSL Music link -




this 70's superstar specialized in street poetry, his lp's are full of socio-political poems, spoken word free-form jazz, funk, soul, rock, etc. 'THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED' should be the theme song for this site! he also had great funk/soul/rock singles like 'johannesburg' great background vocals on this one,, 'WINTER in AMERICA', slow, soothing soul,

'livin' in a bottle', about the black man's struggle with alcoholism,'SEE THAT BLACK BOY RUNNIN' SCARED NOW HE's LIVIN' IN A BOTTLE'.....and 'B-MOVIE', this song discusseshow hollywood is basically ran by white squares, and make it difficult for blacks to get the parts they deserve.....many of the songs discuss the corruptness of american society and oppression of black americans such as the superb 'AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT A NEW THING'......maybe we'll get the lyrics for this one up somewhere on this site ...HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED...

lyrics for GIL SCOTT HERON's 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'

You will not be able to stay home, brother. You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out. You will not be able to lose yourself on skag andskip, Skip out for beer during commercials, Because the revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be televised. The revolution will not be brought to you by Xerox In 4 parts without commercial interruptions. The revolution will not show you pictures of Nixon blowing a bugle and leading a charge by John Mitchell, General Abrams and Spiro Agnew to eat hog maws confiscated from a Harlem sanctuary.

The revolution will not be televised. The revolution will not be brought to you by the Schaefer Award Theatre and will not star Natalie Woods and Steve McQueen or Bullwinkle and Julia.

The revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal. The revolution will not get rid of the nubs. The revolution will not make you look five pounds thinner, because the revolution will not be televised,Brother.

There will be no pictures of you and Willie May pushing that shopping cart down the block on the dead run, or trying to slide that color television into a stolen ambulance. NBC will not be able predict the winner at 8:32 or report from 29 districts.

The revolution will not be televised. There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down brothers in the instant replay. There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down brothers in the instantreplay.

There will be no pictures of Whitney Young being run out of Harlem on a rail with a brand new process. There will be no slow motion or still life of Roy Wilkens strolling through Watts in a Red, Black and Green liberation jumpsuit that he had been savingFor just the proper occasion.

Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Hooterville Junction will no longer be so damned relevant, and women will not care if Dick finally gets down with Jane on Search for Tomorrow because Black people will be in the street looking for a brighter day. The revolution will not be televised.

There will be no highlights on the eleven o'clock news and no pictures of hairy armed women liberationists and Jackie Onassis blowing her nose. The theme song will not be written by Jim Webb, Francis Scott Key, nor sung by Glen Campbell, Tom Jones, Johnny Cash, Englebert Humperdink, or the Rare Earth. The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be right back after a message about a white tornado, white lightning, or whitepeople. You will not have to worry about a dove in your bedroom, a tiger in your tank, or the giant in your toilet bowl. The revolution will not go better withCoke.

The revolution will not fight the germs that may cause bad breath. The revolution will put you in thedriver's seat. The revolution will not be televised, will not be televised, will not be televised, will not betelevised. The revolution will be no re-run brothers; The revolution will be live !

see this site for great info on GIL SCOTT HERON -


In May 2015 a film came out called 'WHO IS GIL SCOTT HERON'.


we had to make a section on this 70s pop singer as she is we think the most underrated of 70s pop singers, FOX starring NOOSHA FOX were more glam-pop while BLUE MINK made some similiar music also but they were more a soul-pop band, and BLONDIE which came few yrs later were a new wave-pop rock band and DEBORAH HARRY surpassed all women in pop-rock, ( and is our personal favorite ) but Stephanie de Sykes made pure pop especially with her band RAIN who had an excellent lp in '74, the super pop song 'Caroline' by TWINKLE is in this vein but is rather unknown, Mrs Dr Sykes did a lot of session work and sang backing vocals from everyone from the First Class to the Doctors of Madness,. . . Her solo work and songs with Rain rate with the best of the Carpenters, Barbara Streisand, and even say Beverly Bremers. . .

we have 17 galleries on Mrs. de Sykes in our gateways, and in our first gateway is a shrine to her.......*, see also page 4 for our original section and reviews of her, for now see this video of her from the film SIDE by SIDE, and you'll see one of the very best of 70s lost pop, categorize this # as - SUPER-POP !


an interview with Mrs. de Sykes at this link ~



so now perhaps you'd like to read about more obscure music of this era ?........ RICKY WILDE, whose 'TEEN WAVE' '74.......was probably the greatest glam rock song of all-time, or at least the campiest, how about 70s glam girls like ZENDA JACKS or BONNIE ST. CLAIRE, or sci-fi punk like the ROCKETS, or the REZILLOS, , well you'll find sections on all these people and related music all over our site, here are a few more mentioned to give u an idea, then reading the section after that is required before proceeding -
so would you like to find out who the 60's garage punks the MONKS are ? the fantastic LOVE - led by ARTHUR LEE, and BRYAN MACLEAN ?

and how about TERRY JACKS old band the POPPY FAMILY ? and what about the


country rock of the FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS led by GRAM PARSONS ?

actresses GWEN WELLES and BARBARA HARRIS who had incredible performances in the film NASHVILLE circa '75 ?

Japanese stars such as CARMEN MAKI, ? ADAMS also from Japan, ( we have several pages, and galleries on japanese music )

how about the glitter-pop of FOX lead by NOOSHA FOX, who had some of the most unique vocals ever recorded on vinyl, FOX predated BLONDIE's sound by 2 years ! the superb BARRY BLUE ? super reggae of JIMMY CLIFF ? pyschedelic-soul-lounge act ROTARY CONNECTION ?

70s Funk of Gloria Jones ? . . . Betty Davis ?

Glam en espanol from brazil like SECOS Y MULHADOS ? ultrarare singles from the glamrock class of '74; ERASMUS CHORUS, or VULCAN who had maybe one single ? SPACE WALTZ from austraulia ?

the mystery of PANDORA ?

wonderful niose oF XENAKIS ?

bizarre music of the 7th WAVE ?

sci-fi glam/punk of ZOLAR - X ?

glam-pop of MILK and COOKIES, a n.y. mid 70s band who had an early BLONDIE meets RAMONES sound ?

60s folk by VISIONS of SUNSHINE ?

60's bubblegum psych pop by THE TINGLING MOTHER's CIRCUS ?

Wilson McKinley one of the great Christian rock bands of the early 70s and part of the Jesus Movement ?

More obscure late 60s - early 70s Christian acid rock like Earthen Vessel ?

The Sharon People ( who were in a class all by themselves ) ?

GO GO Music from the d.c. era ? . . ..this is funk with emphasis placed on percusssion,

U.X.A. featuring vocalist Dee Dee Detroit ?

remember the TELEVISION PERSONALITIES new wave pop gem 'PART TIME PUNKS' ? and what about obscure punk bands from the class of 77 like the WASPS and the MANIACS ? .......

Late 60s pysch such as The SPLIT LEVEL ? . . . how about . . .The SOUND of FEELING

...well you'll find these obscure artistes and more on the different pages of the invasion, but Next you MUST read the next section before proceeding, or you will not be allowed to read anymore... ************************************************

:) img

************************************************ The name CHRIST is derived from CHRISTOS which is the greek version of the word KRSNA......Christ means one who is anointed with oil, and JESUS means healer...


well aside from all being great musicians they were all at one time or another HARE KRSNA devotees... the Krsna devotees believe in GOD,JESUS and Reincarnation,( transmigration )........ SRILA PRABHUPADA the one who brought Krsna consciousness to the western world says that all major religions in the world worship the


...........religion is basically man's attempt to communicate with God.....

the main goal of the movement is Self Realization, also VEGETARIANISM, after all Jesus said 'THOU SHALL NOT KILL', and scripture suggests we go against the lord when we eat meat,chicken, fish, eggs,etc. JESUS was from nazareth, and there was lots of evidence to suggest he was a vegetarian as the nazareans were a vegetarian society,. . . others say his diet included fish, the body remains healthier by sticking to a vegetarian diet, if you look at all the animals who have sharp teeth they consume meat, see a few paragraphs below for more info, you only degrade your soul and body by eating dead animals, and degrade our environment as well....the u.s. government has conned us all for years into thinking meat is essential for our diets, when the truth be told it is extremely harmful to our bodies, most people end up with large medical bills in their later years.....best to consume lots of RAW FOOD ( see medical article close to bottom ) to keep oneself healthy

Corinthians 12: 4-7

Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same spirit, and there are differences of administrations, but the same lord, and there are diversities of operations, but it is the same god which worketh all in all, but the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit withal.......

the literary source of the Hare Krsna movement are the Vedas from india, they predate the new testament by thousands of years, if one looks closely they will notice a lot of overall parallels between the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita.......*

.....it is said that JESUS sailed to india with one Joseph of Arimathea and lived there and studied for a while, Jesus taught to look upon your fellow man as an equal, and was a teacher not just for his apostles, but for generations to come......

Hare Krsna is the oldest documented religion in the world, and the word is preserved in the VEDAS, which goes back to the beginning of creation along with the bible,........ joshua ben yusif is another name for Jesus , since there are many languages in the world, then one realizes God has many names like ;jah, jehovah, krsna,etc.

We Believe that all people sometimes ought to be talked to like children, after all Jesus said 'humble oneself and become childlike' and thats what people like about Krsna devotees, they have great insight and have creative youthful personalities and most retain the childlike qualities of their youth, now some Christians do as well, however Christian fundamentalists ( conservatives ) who for the most part assume a career and develop one dimensional personalities resembling cardboard.........

...unfortunately most people in america only view life from an american point of view rather than from the viewpoint of a self-realized soul...And our government does not give Krsna consciosness any light in the media, because Krsna consciousness makes people very aware,...aware of how evil our government is...among other things...


* Prabhupada said that we are not these bodies , but rather spirit souls and that no one is really white, black, asian etc. but this is only a temporary situation, and if everyone understood that we are not these bodies at all, but spirit souls all equal under god's eyes then there would be less hatred in the world,

'not these bodies at all, we just HAPPEN TO BE IN THEM...' * Prabhupada also suggested that men and women are on an equal level mentally and spiritually, unfortunately some religions do not place women on the same level as men.......and another thing......... people always want to SEE God for proof that he exists,....so much emphasis is put on this human sense of our 'to see', why not use one's sense of hearing to realize God ? start with the transcendental sound of Krsna devotees chanting and you'll hear the sound of God.........you can also hear a similiar sound through gospel music , bible hymns, etc....

* if any of you are feeling tired of your church's service, you feel that they are not meeting your spiritual needs , well then go to your local Hare Krsna temple anytime for a vegetarian feast, and on sundays it's FREE, there are temples in all major cities throughout the world, setting is very casual, you will have homeless people sitting next to millionares, as the way a service should be, hey Jesus was homeless and you can be too !

*...if God came to you tomorrow and asked 'would you ever gave up everything you had for everything you wanted' what would you say...?

well there are 2 ways to answer this question; materially and spiritually...when one begins to look at everything from a spiritual and material point of view , then that is the beginning of real knowledge... for example your 'thoughts' are they spiritual or material ? well they are material, but when you think of God , your thoughts become instantly spiritualized, and thats the job of devotees , to make you think of God... :)

If you ever visit a self realization temple you will notice that they have a picture of Jesus next to Krsna, and maybe he perhaps he wants us to to look at 2 frames of reference when trying to communicate with , and understand him... allthough one must realize there is only one God, in these 2 frames of reference I am referring to is to try and perceive him not just in the mind but in the heart as well.....afterall Jesus was God in the flesh, and spirit,and he wanted long ago for us to understand him in both human and spiritual form.......now some of you are asking what about Mohammed, what about Buddha and so on.......Calm down, don't get excited, take a deep breath, look outside the sun is shining,......... we are just speaking from our expierence,......however God has descended to earth in these and many forms whenever there is a decline of spirituality throughout history, seems God has always been represented by one individual and not several at a time, but only 1 person.......and we now live in the Age of Kali Yuga....

KRSNA's spiritual energy pervades the material world....and it is the spiritual energy which sustains matter... GOD created sound as a fantastic medium for us to communicate with, sound as music for example, sound is the most powerful force in the universe, and one can accomplish a lot by concentrating on the transcendental sound of the Hare Krsna mantra,....go ahead give it a try....



( added feb 10th '04 ) :)

' All that belongs to the body ( must be considered ) as the product of ignorance. It is visible; it is perishable as bubbles of air ( on the surface of water ) ; but that which has not these signs must be recognized as pure spirit which says of itself, " I am Brahman. Because I am distinct from body, I experience neither birth, old age, decreptitude, nor extinction, and detached from organs of sense, I have no longer any connection with objects such as sound ."

This conception, " I am Brahman itself ," incessantly entertained, disperses the hallucinations born of ignorance, as medicine disperses sickness. Seated in a desert place, exempt from passion, master of senses, let man represent to himself this spirit one and infinite, without allowing his thoughts to stray elsewhere. Considering the visible universe as annihilateed in spirit, let a man, pure through intelligence, constantly contemplate the One Spirit, as he might contemplate luminous ether. :)

PSALM 150 3-6 : 3 'praise him with the sound of the trumpet:praise him with the psaltery and harp'. 4 'praise him with the timbrel and dance:praise him with stringed instruments and organs' 5 'praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the HIGH-SOUNDING cymbals' 6 'Let everything that hath breathe praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord'...

pick up Glenn Kimball's excellent book 'THE POLITICS OF THE CRUCIFIXION' to read more about the time of Jesus leading up to his death, JULIUS AFRICANUS 'the persian narrative gives an interesting perspective about the birth of jesus and places emphasis on the * of bethelem, going into detail a lot more than the bible...and THE BOOK OF ENOCH is very interesting as well, as is a book called THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, released in '94 or so it explains about energy between people and nature and our relationship with God, also THE SACRED ROMANCE by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge brings up unique points and can make you really think . . .

of interest are the 2 books - the BIBLE CODE, and the BIBLE CODE II, an ancient computer code was placed there by God foretelling all the major events in the world and the nuclear holocaust that will destroy the world, so far all the predictions have come true, the book is by MICHAEL DRSONIN, we thought it fiction at first, but the author states it is true, and we placed some quotes with our own words on page 21 of the 70s invasion,....and in our galleries in our gateway as well....

....the book 'Jesus lived in India' is a book that has a very different account on the crucifixion , as for Krsna consciousness all of Prabhupada's books are the best we've ever read for advancing oneself spirituality, as well as many Christian based books which you will find excerts on all over the 70s invasion, in other words we have done extensive research on the Vedas as well as books written from the viewpoint of ancient Christian scholars,....... there are many Christian vegetarian society's out there as well such as the Seventh Day Adventist.. . .

- - . - . You will find text next to text and photos that has nothing at all to do with one another all over this website called - 70s invasion . . . well now isn't this just like the world we live in :) . . - - . - - . . many people very different from one another all live together and interact all day long

Side by Side

start with THE SCIENCE OF SELF REALIZATION, and CHANT and BE HAPPY Prabhupada's conversations with GEORGE HARRISON AND JOHN LENNON, PERFECT ANSWERS TO PERFECT QUESTIONS is another Great book for an intro, and the BHAGAVAD-GITA is essential for those who are serious about serving God, and we serve God by serving others, like the creation of a website like this for example....for we are here to serve God and to enjoy the material world... and to FIGHT THE SYSTEM...! ! !

( comment on GEORGE harrison added may 17th '04 )

George Harrison asked Srila Prabhupada if he should become a full-time devotee and live in the temple with the other devotees, but Prabhupada said no, that he was doing much greater service than many of the temple devotees anyhow and that he should continue writing songs about Krishna and that way preach. So he followed the correct procedure. He approached Srila Prabhupada and asked his advice and then followed Prabhupada's order. He is therefore properly situated, even though, from our mundane vision, it could be said George didn't strictly follow the principles always, etc.

He followed Srila Prabhupada's instructions, he didn't falsely present himself as a big devotee, he just tried to tell people about Krishna through his music and by giving the devotees heaps of money. [He purchased "Bhaktivedanta Manor" in London, paid for a fleet of busses used for traveling book distribution in the States, paid the entire printing cost for the original hard-cover printing of Srila Prabhupada's beautiful "Krishna Book", he produced the "Radha Krishna Temple Album" on his record label (Apple) and gave all the profits from the RKTA record sales to the devotees, etc...

a quote added July 1st '04

says SOJOURNER TRUTH ( Isabella Baumfree )a woman who lived in the 1800's

Where did your Christ come from ? 'From God and a Woman! Man had nothing to do with him'

search out 'FESTIVAL of the HOLY NAME' recorded in '84 also 'RADHA KRSNA TEMPLE' recorded in '96, both featuring WONDERFUL chanting by HARE KRSNA devotees...

an obscure art rock band from n.y. called The NATIONAL GALLERY put out a superb single in '67 under the name BHAGAVAD GITA ( see pages 2 and 13).......and on our 'Gateway's 1 and 2 for rare pictures of both their lp and single..... MARC BOLAN said it best on his first record from '68 'my people were fair' on the song 'frowning atuhualpa'...you can hear him chating Hare Krsna,....lyrics on page 2...........*

* HARE KRSNA HARE KRSNA, KRSNA KRSNA HARE HARE, HARE RAMA HARE RAMA, RAMA RAMA HARE HARE...... simply means 'oh energy of the lord,please engage me in your service'

try chanting and you'll be happy,.....there is more on krsna consciousness on this first page, on most of our other pages,and below close to the bottom along with quotes from GEORGE HARRISON, SENECA, KAHLIL GIBRAN , and others as well...

here is a GREAT site that talks about JESUS , and KRSNA...


humans are the only ones with straight teeth who eat animals, this is the mistake of the western world... for a great link that has quotes from the bible, and many famous philosophers that support vegetarianism try see our links page....





the govt.and the meat industry has been selling bad meat to humans for years going against nature, and later in life people get HUGE medical bills, which goes indirectly into the pockets of conservative doctors and rich politicians.....conventional medical doctors are simply trained to sell pharmacuetical drugs for the corporations which for the most part do not work and only make the symptoms worse, whereas most cures can be found in Homeopathic and Natural medicines ( more on this subject below and throught this site )

the world's most famous scientist ALBERT EINSTEIN was a vegetarian, the greatest baseball player HANK AARON is a vegetarian, eating vegt. food builds strength, thats how Hank hit all those home runs.....and the Japanese baseball team THE SIEBU LIONS, after all members switched to a vegetarian diet ( yes all the members ) won 2 Pacific championships in a row !

and here is a site that list many famous people who are VEGETARIANS



-most of the people in the world are vegetarians-

Proverbs 15:12 'better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith'.......

in sept '01 a female devotee who lives on the east coast sent one of us this message in an email ;

Thanks for the email. I visited your site; lots of interesting info and great graphics. I'm sure you reach many who otherwise would not hear about Krsna. Best wishes,

Jesus said " I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. " John 15:5

here is a GREAT message board about Krsna consciousness, and Jesus, new topics are discussed daily, go here if you have any questions


look at page 2 to read about some bands who chanted HARE KRSNA in the 60's , and pages 4-5 to read about BOLAN's offspring......a lot of info on Rock and pop bands can be found on our page on the BHAGAVAD GITA, yes that was the 2nd name of the NATIONAL GALLERY a mysterious band who released one on the 60s best lps, and singles.....for this and related info please go to this link here,


you can get there directly by clicking on the Gateway link at the very bottom , keep scrolling clicking the bottom link till you gte to the very end of our site

. . . So long that is we who have to look for God, we must often lost heart. But it is the other way about; He is looking for us . . . SIMON TUGWELL

and if you need help or have questions try


their phone # - (386) 462-1241

this is their site ~


here is a site that lists references to Hare Krsna in modern culture; music, films, books, etc.


you know DONAVAN wrote the song 'HURDY GURDY MAN', about PRABHUPADA in '68 Prabhupada said WE ARE NOT THESE BODIES, we just happen to be in them, and that no one is really Black,white,asian,etc. , but that this bodily form is just a temporary situation, and that WE ARE SPIRIT SOULS, AND IF EVERYONE would realize that we are not at all these bodies, but EQUAL under god's eyes then there would be a lot less hatred in the world...*

quotes from GEORGE HARRISON *

GEORGE on chanting....

'thats the real beauty of chanting, you directly connect with God, i have no doubt that by saying KRSNA over and over again, he can come and dance on the tongue, the main thing though is to keep in touch with god'

.....'i guess thats the business of devotees , to make you think of god'...... 'from the first time i heard the chanting, it was like a door opened somewhere in my subconsciousness, maybe from some previous life'

DEVOTEE - 'anyone who is sincere about making spiritual advancement, whatever one's religion may be, can usually see the value of chanting. i mean if that person was really trying to be god consciousness, and trying to chant sincerly'

GEORGE - 'that's right, it's a matter of being open, anyone who is open can do it, you just have to be open and not prejudiced, you just have to try it, there's no loss you know. But the 'intellectuals' will always have problems, because they need to know, there often the most SPIRITUALLY BANKRUPT PEOPLE, because they never transcend the intellect, but an ordinary person is more willing to say okay, let me try and see if it works, chanting HARE KRSNA CAN MAKE A BETTER CHRISTIAN TOO'

'Friends are all souls we've known in other lives. We're drawn to each other. That's how I feel. Even if I have only known them a day, it doesn't matter. I'm not going to wait till I have known them two years, because we must have met somewhere before, you know.'

'Everybody is looking for KRSNA. Some don't realize that they are, but the are. KRSNA is GOD, the Source of all that exists, the Cause of all that is, was, or ever will be. As GOD is unlimited, HE has many Names. Allah-Buddha-Jehova-Rama: All are KRSNA, all are ONE. God is not abstract; He has both the impersonal and the personal aspects to HIs personality which is SUPREME, ETERNAL, BLISSFUL and full of KNOWLEDGE.

As a single drop of water has the same qualities as an ocean of water, so has our consciousness the qualities of GOD'S consciousness...but through our identification and attachment with material energy (physical body, sense pleasures, material possessions, ego, etc.) our true TRANSCENDENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS has been polluted, and like a dirty mirror it is unable to reflect a pure image.

With many lives our association with the TEMPORARY has grown. This impermanent body, a bag of bones and flesh, is mistaken for our true self, and we have accepted this temporary condition to be final. Through the ages great SAINTS have remained as living proof that this non-temporary, permanent state of GOD CONSCIOUSESS can be revived in all living Souls. Each soul is potentially divine'.Krishna says in Bhagavad-gita: 'Steady in the Self, being freed from all material contamination, the yogi achieves the highest perfectional stage of happiness in touch with the Supreme Consciousness'. says MR. HARRISSON



My sweet lord Hm, my lord Hm, my lord

I really want to see you Really want to be with you Really want to see you lord But it takes so long, my lord

My sweet lord Hm, my lord Hm, my lord I really want to know you

Really want to go with you Really want to show you lord That it won't take long, my lord (hallelujah) My sweet lord (hallelujah) Hm, my lord (hallelujah) My sweet lord (hallelujah)

I really want to see you Really want to see you Really want to see you, lord Really want to see you, lord But it takes so long, my lord (hallelujah)

My sweet lord (hallelujah) Hm, my lord (hallelujah) My, my, my lord (hallelujah) I really want to know you (hallelujah) Really want to go with you (hallelujah) Really want to show you lord (aaah)

That it won't take long, my lord (hallelujah) Hmm (hallelujah) My sweet lord (hallelujah) My, my, lord (hallelujah) Hm, my lord (hare krishna) My, my, my lord (hare krishna)

Oh hm, my sweet lord (krishna, krishna) Oh-uuh-uh (hare hare) Now, I really want to see you (hare rama) Really want to be with you (hare rama)

Really want to see you lord (aaah) But it takes so long, my lord (hallelujah) Hm, my lord (hallelujah) My, my, my lord (hare krishna) My sweet lord (hare krishna)

My sweet lord (krishna krishna) My lord (hare hare) Hm, hm (Gurur Brahma) Hm, hm (Gurur Vishnu)

Hm, hm (Gurur Devo) Hm, hm (Maheshwara) My sweet lord (Gurur Sakshaat) My sweet lord (Parabrahma)

My, my, my lord (Tasmayi Shree) My, my, my, my lord (Guruve Namah) My sweet lord (Hare Rama) [fade:]

(hare krishna) My sweet lord (hare krishna) My sweet lord (krishna krishna) My lord (hare hare) [*]

Acts 18 : 13 to 15

This man, they charged, is persuading the people to worship God in ways contrary to the law.

14 Just as Paul was about to speak, Gallio said to them, If you Jews were making a complaint about some misdemeanor or serious crime, it would be reasonable for me to listen to you.

15 But since it involves questions about words and names and your own lawsettle the matter yourselves. I will not be a judge of such things.



******************************************************* the following bands are in no particular order... ******************************************************



No you won't find boring dull indie bands like say Death cab for cutie ( boring !! ), ( Death Cab for Cutie = Steely Dan ) rather we've reviewed a wide variety of rock, pop, punk, folk, hip-hop, etc.......

Fancy Space People added spring of 2018

Childish Gambino added spring 2018

Chicano Batman added beginning of 2017

In aug 2016 we added a new review to our section on Ann Magnuson whom we had a small mention of yrs ago below

In the summer of 2016 we added Laura Karpman with Jessye Norman

In the summer of 2016 we added the Avett Brothers

In the summer of 2016 we added Houndtooth

In the spring of 2016 we added Cloud Cult

In 2014 we added LAKE STREET DIVE

In 2012 we added the POLYPHONIC SPREE

In 2012 we added WORLD MUSIC, also MICHAEL FRANTI....

In 2011 we added CE-LO to our downloads section and to here

In the fall of 2010 we added TONSTARTSSBANDHT

In July '10 we added CHRISSIE HYNDE and JP JONES

Sometime in '09 we added BECK and also the LIVING SISTERS...

On July 1st '08 we added LYKEE LI

On Oct 21st '07 we added SPOON....and the Go TEAM

In Sept '07 we added SPACE LADY also the band JUSTICE,

in aug '07 we added REMI NICOLE

in june '07 we added the DECEMBERISTS,

in may '07 we added the LCD SOUNDSYSTEM, also FATBOY SLIM....

in april '07 we added PETER BJORN and JOHN,

in nov '06 we added THE BIRD AND THE BEE

on may 16th '06 we added NEIL YOUNG also the GUILLEMOTS

on Dec 23rd '05 we added the LIKE, on Oct 12th we added GREEN MILK FROM THE PLANET ORANGE....


we thought we would start our new music section with someone well know, he's far from obscure but the song we heard on the radio 'LET's IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT' is so great we had to review it here, as far as his music goes, yes we've been big fans like all of you for yrs, from his days with the Buffalo Springfield thru the 70s to his recent hard rock period of recent yrs, on this song he has a chorus of people singing to impeach the president with a soulful chorus, also sounds like a bullhorn in there...... and they sound like they really mean it, and in parts are recorded segments of Bush's vioce, FOX news has a commentary here -




This song of Laura Karpman who collaborated with Jessye Norman is just one excert of 12 sections of a large composition, a poem really originally composed by Langston Hughes in the early 60s called 'Ask Your Mama : 12 Moods for Jazz', but was unfinished before he died, the music of this project comes from an orchestra and also members of the hip-hop group the Roots, along with vocals by Norman, deAdre Aziza, Tracie Luck and others....so then this musically can be classified as avant garde but more than that as there is spoken word verses amongst the classical and jazz interludes as well as hip hop, pop, operatic voices here and there, spoken word comments and much more, so the it sounds like background music for a movie in parts but as a whole it is much much more, so then here we are reviewing the excert 'Shades of Pigmeat'.......some selected lyrics are ....' hear ye, hear ye this court is in session......in the court of the negroes......there goes cast shadows in the court of the negroes.....answer the question.....never had a black house...... to Jesus Lord amen......hhhhhmmmmm, shadows, shadows, shadows,.......oppression by any other name is just the same' . .. .

the show debuted in 2015 and in 2016 they plan on going on tour :)


' Were All Mad' is the leadoff track from Ann's new lp 'Dreamgirl' released in sept of 2016 . . . at first listen we thought we were hearing a long lost psych track circa '68 to '69 ( think White Noise or The United States of America ) with what sounds like disembodied angelic voices and electronic sounds from sophisticated sounding elec piano or a synthesizer . . .' this is where were put away, were all mad, ha, ha,......it's nothing to laugh about are selected lyrics sung very well from this song, this music will surprise you if you have never heard her music before,......previously here we mentioned how much we liked her version of Bowie's 'Moonage Daydream' whom she also acted with in the past as she is an actress as well, she has also sang for quite a few bands one of whom - Bongwater were old fans of as that one was a cool band that played in the 80s thru sometime in the 90s, she also has done an ep as a tribute of sorts to 70s glam rocker Jobriath, see this website below -



'BREAKING IT UP', from her new lp 'YOUTH NOVELS' released summer 2008 is part of the new bubblegum movement, complete with a kids choir, multi chatter, and she uses a bullhorn with great effect ! sounds like hyperactive kids singing and making niose not unlike the GO TEAM's 'Doing it Right', her band are very talented and play everything from guitars, synths, accordions, tambourines, etc. Lykee is from stockholm and has lots of cool music to download from her myspace page, check out the latest youtube offerings and you'll find a wide range of styles such as

'INNER ISLAND' w/EL PERRO DE MAR'......,SARAH ASBRING is the sole member of El Perro De Mar, this is really great, synth based song, together they create a surreal sound w/ unique vocals, love this song, Lykee shows that she is capable of mastering all different styles with her unique approach to pop-rock, and on more dramatic songs she shows wisdom far beyond her yrs, oh and she dances up a storm too :) check out also Lykee doing 'I'M GOOD,I'M GONE', great guitar riffs , good beat, and GREAT vocal work, love that bullhorn effect on these songs ! at youtube see the video for this song titled - THE BLACK CAB SESSIONS -, she looks great with her hair up, and the band plays the unusual instruments with wild effects........also 'A little bit', is another GOOD one, this is some great pop-rock music ! 'tonight' is a nicely sung ballad she offers on her myspace page, the band could do a GREAT cover of RITA PAVONE's 'MY NAME IS POTATO',....just a thought :) ( well Mrs. SARAH SILVERMAN could also do a great cover of 'My Name is Potato' too.....only if.....) :) ....here is the link for 'inner island'


and her myspace page -




a few yrs ago 2011 or 2012 we read in the Los Angeles Weekly, our local music scene newspaper about this band and curious we listened to their theme song, which was a cool sounding futuristic number about space travel and so on, and they wore cool silver futuristic clothing, so it was the kind of song you file away and say to yourself i must listen to this band more, but then......fast forward but in april of 2018 we read in the same paper that member Don Bolles ( Germs ) and friend Noah who are in this great band were doing a special radio show called Kitten Sparkles Glitter Best on 70s junkshop glam at a site called dublab.com......for many of you who are fans of this site know that we help to start this phenomenom back when we started in 1999 of obscure 70s glam pop, bubblegum and pre-punk of which the 3 categories of 70s music that the phrase junk shop kinda describes, we were even contacted by the ones who put out the famous Guardian Article in the uk and brought a lot of this 70s trash to life and a broader audience, later many others followed the band wagon and released numerous compilations many of which are reviewed on page 21 and elsewhere on this mess....

not to go off subject but going over this subject will prepare you for what you are about to hear and witness with this band Fancy Space People, first we want to mention also maybe in 2015 to 16 a small article was written on Hammered Satin in this same paper ( Noah's band ) a kinda retro band and they mentioned Jook and Milk-n-Cookies, and to our minds no one has ever mentioned really Jook at all in the los angeles paper , but we could be wrong', however we were not that impressed by this band,..... but watching live concert footage of Fancy Space People with a what seem like 7 people, 2 of which are girls go into an area that intrigued us, the footage is from 2011, what is offered first at youtube is the slower spacy music like their ( Theme ) song and Pyramids, what we suggest for junk shop fans is to check out their live offerings of songs like 'Kingdom of the Sun', check out lead singer Nora Keyes with space suit leading the band forward into what we can describe as starting off like very skilled musicians honoring the 70s retro sound and coming up with something brand new, and this girl with lovely spaced out vocals really has a great stage approach and style and seems to be commanding the whole entourage, thumbs up ! check out this performance of Kingdom of the Sun ~




TOGETHER WERE HEAVY was the name of a great cd / dvd from this band which has over 20 members using all kinds of instruments to create wonderful orchestrated pop, just check out the video from 2004 for 'SOLDIER GIRL' with the coolest theremin sound ! the lp has all kindsa great tracks such as 'WHEN A FOOL BECOMES A KING' and many other, singer TIM DeLAUGHTER really has great vision.... :)


indie rock band recorded this cool country rock tune ' my cousin greg' in 2015 and it has been getting airplay in 2016 in los angeles and elsewhere.......it is one of the types of songs that sounds like it coulda been recorded in the 70s, so one can say it has that retro sound . . . 3 guys and one girl are in this band and this tune the male takes the lead and is accompanied with melodic female vocals, cheerful enthusiasm and the musicians play well especially the guitarist, ' well he's a greedy son of a bitch, he's makin his way from florida to L.a., he left the tropicana'.......( chorus ) .... ' if your gonna live the good life, well you better stay away from the limelight'..., if you like this number you would also enjoy the cheerful song they recorded 'Sedona' which may be about this town in Arizona, Matt Myers (guitar, vocals), Zak Appleby (bass, vocals), Shane Cody (drums, vocals). Keyboardist Katie Toupin ....this band is not to be confused with Houndstooth which consist of some cute girls who make nice pop rock music :)



this is a modern funk act who have released great funk, soul, and pop music, they are the creation of one Donald Glover who writes the music....'Awaken My Love' is the name of the lp they released in 2017, apparently they have been releasing videos since 2012, we just discovered them in 2017.....we added a download of 'Have Some Love' to our download section last year in 2017 because it is so funky and catchy, it has the pure 70s sound of Parliament Funkadelic.....again we added another track from this lp 'Stand Tall' because it is such a standout track, the background singers sing in perfect unison and add handclaps.... 'When the sun is rising over streets so barren since the evening colours flash before my eyes....i feel like a child so......( chorus )...keep all your dreams, keep standing tall. :)....this music is so good and we've heard other songs of the lp and newer music in 2018 that we would strongly recommend this band for fans of 70s funk, soul, pop......


here's a gal to be on the lookout for, in case you have not heard her instant classic 'Rock N Roll' , you should go to her myspace page and give it a listen, reminiscient of girl-pop from the past, or maybe the future, definitely a song for NOW, this song is bouncy pop-rock, overflowing with enthusiam and ideas, and the lyrics are a standout too.....' YOU CAN WIND UP LOW, BE LIKE THE GIRLS ON THE VIDEO, BUT FOR ME THATS A NO, NO, CAUSE I PREFER R-n-R' ! ......this song is kinda a statement against all the phony mtv dance bands wherein the character prefers rock over pretention, and it works, works so well that we'll stop there and say were impressed , this should become a BIG hit !

'Go Mr. Sunshine'.............is another tune from her newly released cd that just came out in the summer of '07, it too is joyful pop-rock in a similiar style as the above....'WE'LL RICE UP IN THE SKY AND SAY HELLO, THE STARS ARE LIKE A FASHION SHOW, .............GO MR. SUNSHINE GO ', this song is the title track, check out her video for 'FED UP', where she states 'YOU SAID YOU WERE GONNA CHANGE, BUT AS USUAL YOU STAYED THE SAME'......here are the links to her myspace page + her website - http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=101582978



from San Fransisco, SPACE LADY composes beautiful ethereal music, more info to come, for now see these links to hear her great music, see also our downloads 3 section -




really GREAT indie rock song from ' 06 sung with VICTORIA BERGSMAN also from sweden like this band, unique begins with a cheerful whistle that brings a sense of deja vu to mind, is that a drum machine ? sounds like one but the song is full of soul, white soul sung in an electronica pop format that bristles and shines out far above the norm, look at these words....

it doesn't matter what we do where we are going too we can stick around and see this night through

and we don't care about the young folks talkin' 'bout the young style and we don't care about the old folks talkin' 'bout the old style too and we don't care about their own faults talkin' 'bout our own style all we care 'bout is talking talking only me and you

see their site for more info ~



heard this GREAT song from Chrissie back at the end of May '10 on L.a. radio where she dueted with her new music partner JP JONES, really good folk tune here that brings to mind some old tune but can't quite place a finger on it, it's called 'PERFECT LOVER', well it aint as good as the lost bubblegum treasure 'I found a new love' by The Tingling Mother's Circus, but it's good, and has lyrics such as I found my perfect lover but he's only half my age / He was learning how to stand when I was wearing my first wedding band / I found my perfect lover but I have to turn the page / But I want him in my kitchen and standing on my stage.. . . �



This band has an interesting approach, s o u l f u l to say the least, part jazz, part soul, part pop-rock, and they do some great covers as well of the JACKSON FIVE, BF2's and so on....singer RACHEL PRICE has a lovely unique voice that harkens back to old-time torch singers who excelled in jazz-pop :)......Mike Olson on guitar, trumpet, and vocals, pretty good guiatarist indeed, Bridget Kearney on standup bass, and vocals and backed by a solid drummer - Mike Calabrese......they have had 6 lps since 2006, check em out !!


'O VALENCIA' is the name of this band's HIT single for '07 and what a hit it is, gets played a lot on indie 103.1, Tucker Martine has produced some of their music as well as for the band Spoon whom we also have a song reviewed here......this song has vocals somewhat like MORRISSEY's pop-rock appraoch, this is GREAT pop-rock, the kind of song that comes along once every few yrs, full of enthusiasm and great spirit, girl backs up guy on lead vocals, some lyrics .......'When first we laid eyes I swore to no compromise Til I felt my caress on your skin', Well, how soon we were betrayed Your sister gave us away And your father came all unhinged,

So wait for the stone on your window, your window Wait by the car and well go, well go'.......

see this site for more info -


'North American Scum'

kinda punk, kinda rock, somewhere in between, on this track the Soundsytem sound like they mean it and praise u.s. bands with male/female vocals, love it when the gal screams in the background,...'NY's the greatest but we got to play the part.......(later).......you see i love this place i've come to know, we are north american'.......now if they really want to one up this single they should cover 'ALMOST AMERICAN' by the GLITTER BAND, a great original rocker from '75, if they covered it then they would really upset the applecart so to speak.......yea they been around for a while, check out their site


we've been hearing this song 'Say Hey I love You' on radio in 2012, it's so great we had to make a small section for him, this is a mix of dance music, hip-hop and he sounds like he has a jamaican accent, but he is really from oakland, wherever he's from when he wrote this song he went for gold cause it's really catchy and makes you feel good, check out our downloads section 9 to see the video....in 2016 he came on Jonesy's Jukebox on L.a. radio ( see below close to the bottom )


you may have heard some radio friendly hits by this artist who does a cross breed of pop-soul, and pop-rock guess you can say, we like this song 'F___ You' a lot, has good riffs and he's a talented vocalist, he goes for a more soulful approach on 'Crazy'


'THE UNDERDOG'......perhaps you've heard this indie band over the past few yrs singing pop-rock on the radio, this song has gotten lots of play on indie 103.1 in the fall of '07 and it's a real catchy pop-rock tune with sparse horns that come in the rythm and bounce along just right, some songs blare the horns all the way thru and end up becoming jazz, this is pop-rock with an added horn section that makes it bouncy !........'You got no time for the messenger, got no regard for the thing that you don't understand, you got no fear of the underdog, that's why you will not survive' !


'Ain't No Man' is a single released in 2016 by this folk band . . . this song has a basic simple beat built around handclaps and cheerful music sung together by these brothers, don't know much about them but they have been around for yrs and have many lps, we liked the lyrics so we posted a sample here ~

There ain't no man that can save me, There ain't no man that can enslave me, Ain't no man or men that can change the shape my soul is in, There ain't nobody here, Who can cause me pain or raise my fear 'cause I got only love to share, If you're looking for truth I'm proof you'll find it there


don't know much about this band which we heard in the summer of 2012 but the song 'Run To Mama' is a good one, sounds like a girl glam band of the 70s with asian vocals and drumming, kinda like FANNY, cool music, wonder if the rest of their output is this good ?


this 4 piece ; 3 guys and a gal play some very fined tune pop-rock that brings to mind newer bands like BEN FOLDS FIVE with it's approach wwith piano and shiny organ sounds, older comparison can be made to THE BOOMTOWN RATS and even ELTON JOHN maybe even HARLEY, the band plays sophisticated pop-rock on GREAT songs like ' WHO LEFT THE LIGHTS OFF BABY', and ' JETS TO BRAZIL ', see this site for more info ~



-------- THE BIRD and the BEE

debut ep released as of Oct 31st '06,......... we were lucky to catch a live set from this unique pop band, a duo really, their approach to pop music in kinda unparalleled in that they are doing something new with an old format, think back to the 60s pop wonders by BURT BACHARACH but they add a twist on those songs that they come out kinda pop-psych but very experimental with added effects like echo, reverb etc, songs like 'because', and 'broken heart' are really really GOOD........

'BIRD AND THE BEES', as in the same title to their name, this is very soft pop, BACAHARACH-like style, sings the girl 'SADNESS TURNS UP TO GLADNESS, WHEN EVERYTHING's BURNIN', KNOW WHAT I MEAN'.........on another tune called.......'FCKING BOYFRIEND'.......... it's obvious someone does not like their boyfriend, so says she 'YOU WAKING UP TO SOMETHING, BUT YOU GIVE ME ALMOST NOTHING'........somewhere within the confines of electropop this band added a 60s pop twist to the sound, think ASTRID GILBERTO 2007, and they dress cool, sometimes thrift store mod, and the girl looks neato.............'AGAIN AND AGAIN' is a polite dance song were they sing 'WOULD YOU PLEASE CLAP YOUR HANDS ', ...........hence the name of the lp 'PLEASE CLAP YOUR HANDS'..........here is their site -



EYE of the ROBOT

listening to KXLU f.m. 88.9, l.a. back in feb '02 we had the pleasure of hearing an excellent band doing what sounded like new wave punk music but with a strong STEVE HARLEY and COCKNEY REBEL influence, as well as the 7th WAVE, in fact it sounded like they had listened to the 7th WAVE's 'SCI-FI'( see page 5) over and over and were using that as a blueprint, who ever 'EYE of the ROBOT' are remains a mystery to us, in an interview they did sound fairly young in their 20's, anyone with any info on this band please write us , our addresses are below.......


this band led by Craig Minowa is comprised of several members whom as a unit began releasing music back in the 90s, their song 'The Arrival - There's so much energy in us' is quiet dreamy music that is able to build up an intense sort of quietness is a good way of describing this tune which features electric violin, electric piano, and acoustic guitars . . .the first thing one notices is Minowa's voice sounds a little like Tim DeLaughter the singer of Polyphonic Spree, and so his songwriting is much better than his singing, lyric excert ....We feel our hearts break as the engines fade. Still need to find it. Still need to find it. So we took the written words of our philosophers, and built a fire from it. Let's get those engines lit.....

DOUG MARCH - 'STAYED on JESUS' EXCELLENT power rock with punk edge, heavy bass and guitar, i think this is from the year '02,...here are some lyrics 'woke up this morning with my mind, stayed on Jesus' !...


'amps for christ' from the lp the oak in the ashes, this is either from the late 90's or fairly new, an instrumental led by a BAGPIPE with feedback distortion, more info soon.........


'DANCE' is the name of the single from this band which has released a very unique 3-d video to accompany the song, GREAT sing-along bubblegum dance-type music, has kids singing all the way thru abc's and 1,2,3, reminds us of the kids from one of those afterschool specials from the 1970s, they are from France, see this link here -



'....do it, do it allright !....do it do it allright !.....cheerful dance music from the u.k. in a similiar style of Justice, happy vioces of young people can be heard singing in the background, we like this music and you will too, see this link for downloads of 'DOING IT RIGHT' and others :)


MODEST MOUSE 'ALL NIGHT DINER' released '01, 'have i told ya, have i told ya, we can really get it on, we can really get it on' are some lyrics from this great pop-punk song....buy it !


'MY FIRST UFO', WONDERFUL new wave SCI-FI pop with m/f vocals, A REAL STANDOUT ! true camp..........another supreb song from FIGURINE is 'WAY TOO GOOD'.....the synths roll over easy, and soar similiar to STEREOLAB.....the members are ; David Figurine, James Figurine, and Meredith Figurine, :) ~ !



'INSECT PERSPECTIVE'.........very good experimental folk song from this gal, brings an ancient sound to a modern folk song, she's an L.a. gal from Sierra Madre, which is just north of L.a., the L.a. Weekly gave her a best new artist award in '03, check out her site.....http://www.gwendolyn.net/


at first we thought we were listening to MIA DOI TODD, but the girl with the extraordinary vioce they said in the 1st week of march ( '06 was it ? )on KXLU L.a. radio is named BETTY STARK, with her band the MYSTICAL UNIONESS ( is that right ? ) play a captivating, almost hypnotic set of music, she is in the league with other great folk singers such as JOANNA NEWSOM....... the folk songs have overflowing emotion, and a gentle power within the music, some lyrics ; 'THEN I WILL SEE THE ETERNITY IN YOUR EYES, SALVATION I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE TO FOLLOW THE WAY'........

another number she used a dulcimer and acoustic guitar....'DON 'T GO TO SLEEP, KEEP THE LIGHT ON, IT's DARK OUTSIDE, DON' T CLOSE YOUR EYES, KEEP THEM OPEN.....NOW IT's NIGHTTIME'........on another ethereal number she evokes the ancient past...... perhaps it is called 'CRADLE', sang she.... CRADLE ME, CRADLE ME, IN YOUR ARMS IF U CRADLE'......

she said she was playing with some bands Jupiter ghost fire, and Old time religion , she sang again on Kxlu on july 27th '04, she is now the singer for LAVENDER DIMAOND see this site for more info -



these 3 gals are part of the L.a. folk scene like MIA DIOD TODD and others of that genre who are what one would call folk purists, they are a trio comprised of BECKY STARK, ( see above ), INARA GEORGE ( see above - the bird and the bee ) and ELENI MANDELL, they dress in spiffy outfits and sing like birds, beautiful happy birds with very feminine vioces, they sing better than most of you, check out youtube for happy go lucky clips :)



UNIQUE band, as unique as their name, they are a band of brothers who hail from montreal and create soundscapes, somewhat similiar to say ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, using synths and other studio instruments to create unique sounds to say the least, one tune we like a lot is called 'LITTLE APRIL SHOWERS' wherein they sing drip, drip, drop little april showers and the music imitates the sound of rain is it ? judge for yourself, check out thissong at youtube, also on our downloads 8 page, and see this link here -



this rocker does not need any intro as he is very famous, as much as Jeff Beck was in his heyday perhaps, he has a long history of music including when he was 7 he saw some shows by early L.a. punk bands at the Masque back in '77 ( yes photos exists ), the song we want to review here is a single from about '09 or so titled 'WHERE IT's AT ).......'WHERE IT'S AT, I GOT 2 TURNTABLES AND A MICRPHONE, WHERE IT"s AT'....where it's at indeed....judging from the video of some clowns doing community service of some b.s. work for the county of L.a. probably which is definitely not where it's at,but this song is right ON !....solid rock beat and defiant singing and wham slam guitars make this single one of the best for this year for indie rock :)


don't know much about her but her song 'I WISH I WAS A PUNK ROCKER WITH FLOWERS IN MY HAIR' is right on !...aside from the commercial sensibilities this is a cool folk rock song with great lyrics such as ''I WISH I WAS A PUNK ROCKER WITH FLOWERS IN MY HAIR IN '77 AND '69 REVOLUTION WAS IN THE AIR'....:)

-------- THE LIKE

1 " What I say, what I mean "

ok riot gal music, 1000's of bands sound like this though, the next one is much better,


GOOD song.......slow paced pop-rock, melody guitars....... ' WAKE UP IT's OVER, AGAINST THE DAY's GETTING COLDER, HEADACHES MY MIND BREAKS, KICKIN' THE CLOTHES ON THE FLOOR, .........DOWNSTAIRS THEY'RE LAUGHING, EVERYBODY SEES ME HAPPY......( later )......who you want me to be......


GREAT rock number kinda new wave sound, cool guitar, Great female vocals............... 'LOOKS LIKE THE END OF DAYS, BUT IT TAKES SO MUCH MORE FOR ANYONE TO SAY,......... WE NEED ANOTHER WAY............', the LIKE are 3 young gals who have been together for sometime now and are recently touring wih Giant Drag see their site on this link -



very slow folk song , lovely and like the title itself it evokes mysteries, at least she was a mystery to us till we found out she was the former singer for a u.k. band named Portishead, this great acoustic song leads off her 2002 lp 'OUT OF SEASON' a colloboration with PAUL WEBB............' wwooooo, GOD KNOWS HOW I ADORE LIFE WHEN THE WIND TURNS ON THE SHORELINES ON ANOTHER DAY I CANNOT ASK FOR MORE, WHEN THE TIME BELL BLOWS MY HEART AND I HAVE SCORED A BETTER DAY, WELL NOBODY MADE THIS WAR OF MINE......................AND THE MOMENTS I ENJOY A PLACE OF JOY AND MYSTERY, I'LL BE THERE ANYTIME'....


we dont have time to review all these upcoming bands but this one we though we'd give mention as these youngsters have a cool 70s sound especially very much like Led Zeppelin and that class of 70s rockers, they formed in 2012 and got a release in 2017 and another ? in 2018 of which songs like 'when the curtain falls' and 'highway tune' are strong songs and very well played, it would be col if they could cover a junk shop glam band as doing so would benefit both bands, they could do cool covers of anything by Granicus or Pandora we think !


.......GREAT new punk band from L.a., they sing mostly in english with some spanish in parts, the female singer has great vocals and she and the band perform with lotsa enthusiasm,they play keyboards with electric guitar ; LADY P. on vocals and ukulele, DON VERDE, co-songwriter and lead guitarist, VIRA LATA on bass, and G* ESTARR on drums, they have a demo tape out now which you should buy at AMOEBA records on sunset close to vine, on their site they have 4 songs to download;

1 'ME QUIEREN EN CHILE' fast punk with guitar breaks, vocals in spanish.... 2 'Blindness' pop new wave sound.....'here's another letter from me that you'll never see, another selection to add to your collection' 3 ' VAN NUYS' ( es very nice ), our favorite of the bunch, this is punk with pop and rock thrown in, GREAT vocals from LADY P....this song is being featured in an upcoming film called 'A DAY WITHOUT MEXICANS'..........another tune '(I didn't mean) to stalk u' is a heavier track and we'll say not as good as the above 3, anyways this band shows a lot of promise, they are planning to record an lp this spring....see their website -




' ROCKAFELLER SKANK'.............don' t know about this guy, but this is one cool track, we thought they were black till we checked out slim's site, this is really funk rock / rock leaning towards a hip hop sound....lyrics are pretty much 'right about now funk soul brother, check it out now, the funk soul brother'.........kinda hypnotic and RIGHT ON !........you won' t find too many bands praising the rockafellers though


yea, ELVIS's one and only daughter has had a singing career for the past few yrs, her 1st lp came out in '03, in april '05 she came on JONESY's JUKEBOX and he played 2 of her songs that featured him playing guitar ! The 1st song is called 'IDIOT' this is a GOOD rock number with all the right elements, and NICE vocals from Lisa which lend the right touch, and the 2nd song was a RAMONES cover ! 'HERE TODAY GONE TOMMORROW' and STEVE does a GREAT job on guitar, on this ballad she changes the pace to make it more a slow atmospheric pop-rock number, we liked this song indeed.........very different from her father's music, but then how could anyone even attempt live up to ELVIS music, they talked and Steve said yes she should cover an ELVIS' song one day, and we agree, a good chioce would maybe be 'DON' T BE CRUEL', speaking of the King we here at the 70s invasion are BIG fans, love the 50s stuff, and the period of '68 thru the 70s, music fans should check out the film 'VIVA LAS VEGAS, ok see this site on LISA MARIE PRESLEY -



yes sir thats the name of this japanese sci-fi avant garde -punk, pop, outfit, check out their recent song 'CIRCUIT CITY BREAKDOWN', a long over what maybe 10 - 15 minutes of non stop guitar asault full of screams and happy go lucky singing, it is actually somehwhat beyone description, check out their site


We first heard this band on the radio maybe about 2014 to 15 an were impressed by their kinda retro leanings to the 70s with a mix of different styles, kinda soulful, kinda funky, a little rock and so on, their music from Cycles of Existential Rhyme was getting airplay on los angeles radio nd we liked hat we heard..... they kept getting better as time went on we think an by the time they released 'Angel Child' in early 2017 they really came up with something special, a funky rock song with soulful vocalist from the lead singer and 2 great female vocalists to back them up, ' freedom' is also a good song, an this is a band to eat h.for in the future, we were so impressed with Angel Child that we posted it atop our downloads section 15 at the beginning of 2017 :) . . . but then we moved it down a notch to the 2nd slot when we came across what we had been searching for on youtube and hoping someone would post - Adams - The Bible, a real rare treasure from a Japanese band from 1968 . . .


don't know much about this u.k. band's output but we really like the campy song they released maybe 2006 or '07 'I'M CONSIDERING A MOVE TO L.a.', it's a campy pop-rock number with unique lyrics and perfect vocals :)


we were drawn to this folk singer solely for her name SYKES, as in STEPHANIE de SYKES, we asked her in june of '05 if she was of relation to the u.k. pop singer, she replied 'no relation', we decided to give her songs of folk and country-folk a chance and felt the music was rather good, and Jesse had a special quality to her vocals that makes her standout amongst many others who sing in a similiar style, her music partner in the band is PHIL WANDSCHER formerly of Whiskeytown ( wonder if that name was taken from an old Procal Harum song ? )......they met in a dive in seattle, and have been playing music together since, this band also had Tucker Martine produce some of their music as he did for Spoon and also for the Decemberists of whom we review a couple of songs by these bands ( see above ) here are our reviews

' THE DREAMING DEAD '.........dreamy elec. guitar notes lead a country pop-rock number with interesting vocals.......' WHAT DID I HAVE, OF WHAT DID I HAVE, SEARHCING FOR THE DIAMOND SHINGING THRU THE DOOR, WHATEVER I DID LORD I WOULD DO AGAIN'.........( later )..........' TURN UP THE FUTURE, TURN UP THE PAST, WELL ONLY IN YOUR ARMS WILL THIS FIRE LAST '.......( equal parts BUFFY SAINTE MARIE and JOHNETTE NAPOLITANO, well kinda, at least she has similiar qualities in her vioce as Mrs Napolitano )........'DORALEE' is a quiter offering from the band, in fact a very quiet acoustic folk song with sweet vocals.......' THERE's WATER IN THE BASEMENT SIR, YOU'LL BE SLEEPING IN THE TREE, GONE ARE THE WEEDS THAT YOU TENDED TO LIKE CHILDREN'..........

' DON' T LET ME GO'.......this melodic folk pop song sounds a bit like 'ALL OF ME' an old song, well it does have a similiar melody, it is pretty.......' KEEP ME DON' T LET ME GO, WHEN I'M LOSING MY HEAD IF THE ANGELS WON' T HAVE ME, MEET ME AT THE BAROOM INSTEAD, KEEP ME DON' T LET ME GO, GO.............GO............., I GO TO THE PLACES WHERE THE LIGHTS ARE OUT '...........all in all a well played song, as we suspect the rest of the lp to be, now if only we could convince her to cover STEPHANIE de SYKES 'BORN WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE', then you'll hear a huge would be, could be hit ! see this link and get your copy today -


---- RIDE the BLINDS

'TAKE BACK WHATS MINE'.......this band plays old-time roots rock very much like the STONES, in fact this song from their new lp sounds very influenced by the STONES, think 'Exile' era.......so why would u buy their cd rather than 1000 bands today who claim allegiance to this brand of rock ? don't know, why are u reading this site ? here is their site -



VESSY is an L.a. gal who plays in the SMILING MINKS an a capella trio of galswho play in that style as well and CAMP it up in jazz, old tin pan alley music, etc. really GREAT vocal performances from VESSY, MOIRA SMILEY, and SUZY WILLIAMS, her other band the LOVESICK LUNATICS are Vessy and 2 guys on elec guitar, and violin, this band are more of an experimental folk/punk band, they play all styles, with emphasis on vocals on many songs, and u can download several of their performances thru this site, VESSY MINK currently plays around the Venice area on a weekly basis....see also our downloads page 2 to watch her sing !




' 3 GREAT ALABAMA ICONS'..........'SUCH IS THE DUALITY OF THE SOUTHERN THING............THERE's FEW THINGS MORE LOVED IN ALABAMA THAN FOOTBALL AND THE MEN WHO KNOW HOW TO WIN AT IT,.......AND ME I WAS ONE OF THEM PUSSY BOYS CAUSE I HATED FOOTBALL, SO I GOT A GUITAR, AND A GUITAR IS JUST A POOR SUBSTITUE FOR A FOOTBALL WITH THE GIRLS IN MY HIGH SCHOOL, AND I CAM E TO REBVEL AGAINST THE MUSIC OF MY HIGH SCHOOL PARKING LOT, SO MY BAND TOOK TO THE ROAD AND WE DIDN'T PLAY NO SKYNRD EITHER' !!............................. are some selcted lyrics from this current band who play some of that downhome country rock with anti-rascist lyrics about the south and the 3 great alabama icons ; GEORGE WALLACE, BEAR BRYANT, and RONNIE VAN ZANT, if u like SOUTHERN CULTURE on the SKIDS y'all will appreciate this here band, yeehaw !........the band are from Muscle Shoals Alabama, and have had about 6 lps over the past few yrs dating up to '04, another good tune we have of theirs is called 'Wallace', about ol' george, see this site for more info -


BELA FLECK and the FLECKTONES....'BALLAD OF JED KLAMPETT'.........GREAT hip-hop song with banjos all throughout, features a female singer talking about visiting L.a., all the while making fun of hicks, available on their new cd....


well we heard this one around the end of '03 on kxlu L.a. radio, someone wrote in to say it was O'ROURKE after we asked a ? here of who this was......, it's new wave inspired synth led pop with lyrics 'WOMEN OF THE WORLD TAKE OVER, CAUSE IF YOU DON'T THE WORLD MAY END SOON, AND IT WON'T TAKE LONG', actually a GREAT song,....


4 guys and 3 gals called the TUBE TOPS, in L.a. are playing music that is a mix of ,70's glam rock, and bubblegum music, a real - Retro - sound here - http://www.teenmachine.net/ go to page 9 of the 70s invasion for a review...

HANG on the BOX

these gals hail from bejing , china, the band plays punk, and pop music, strong late 70s uk punk influence, they released their first lp 'YELLOW BANANA' in '01, and on 3 -'03 we did a promo for their 2nd lp 'DI,DI,DI' which was sent to us by BENTEN records , this one is a GREAT punk lp, and with some very quite folk songs, see below on page 24 for reviews, they toured the states in '03 with BRAIN FAILURE another GREAT punk band and it was a success !we recieved 'Yellow Banana' in '07 and thought it too to be a great lp of super pop-punk....on that page you'll also find a section for PETTY BOOKA, girls from china that play ukelele music.......


JANET is a Hollywood sensation, allthough this band is new and they often play shows in and around the l.a. area, their music is the polar opposite of all thats trendy in music today, in fact they sound like an old-time vaudeville band with their 30s style pop, JANET sings originals as well as OBSCURE old covers, see our reviews of a demo tape she sent us on a link accessible from the bottom of page 21, look closely for a small writeup she sent in....

FOR MORE NEW MUSIC SEE PAGE 12 for info of new glam bands like the T.REXSTACY, the ARK, BABYLON ZOO, SHAKESPEARE SISTER, etc.

Some bands that made GREAT music in the 80's are bands like YOLETANGO, THE FEELIES,SONIC YOUTH, GALAXIE 500, REPLACEMENTS,PUSSY GALORE, WORLD PARTY,etc. we would like to add some 90's bands that make great music, we could include 1000's since there are so many new bands making great sounds, but since this is called 70's invasion, we will include a few more...


great experimental art-punk-funk-niose, he puts on a hell of a live show, they have released several albums, spencer cites the STONES as a major influence, i had the pleasure of seeing a concert of his old band PUSSY GALORE back in '86, they have done a whole cover version of EXILE ON MAIN STREET... and spencer and his wife also are in a pretty good band called BOSS HOG...


THE PINK ALBUM...from 94, pop-punk sung by 2 gals and 2 guys, many great songs and the song 'leather idol' is a tribute to mrs. SUZI QUATRO's character from happy days, and her sister PINKY, aka ROZ KELLY...


from hollywood's silverlake neighborhood, on their 97 lp 'post minstrel syndrome' they have a great pop sound, singer stew cites ARThUR LEE and LOVE from the late 60's as a major influence, they had a GOOD line from their 1st lp that stated 'WHAT DOES ROBERT HILLBURN KNOW ABOUT ROCK and ROLL' ? they were right on as the man is a robot, and the NEGRO PROBLEM's new tunes from the 2nd lp are pretty good also, allthough one sounded pretentious...hope they don't sell out...


are making a lot of fuss around hollywood, high energy PUNK with a zing!, they recently toured with SYLVAIN SYLVAIN of the DOLLS....one of us caught a live show they did together on kxlu l.a. radio, and they were excellent, reminded me of STOOGES, MC5, DOLLS,etc. i believe they have an lp split with THE BELLRAYS, another band in l.a. who are playing a mixture of hard-driving rock, punk, and gospel- SOUL...


....they make fun of rednecks, and we love them for it, better than a hootenanny in yer ol grandpa jethro's farmhouse....YEEHAW!!!!!!!!!....they've been making lps since '85, their new one 'SMILEY YEAH, YEAH, YEAH' released '04 has a retro 70s sound with lotsa enthusiasm....:)


...they have indeed caught our attention with tunes like FREE ARTHUR LEE (LOVE's singer has been framed andjailed) and hey ! just the other day i heard their version of 'hey joe' ... really good...*... they have a crazed punk-soul-funk sound...


IDHA OVELIUS is the name of the pretty swedish singer but she goes by the name IDHA, she released 2 lps in the 90s, the 1st was in '94 was entitled 'MELODY INN', it contains pop-rock, some folk music leaning towards country folk such as her cover of 'HICKORY WIND' by GRAM PARSONS......not bad but much better is her cover of the SMALL FACES 'RED BALLOON' as is the JANIS IAN cover of 'From me to You', one member of SMALL FACES even plays on this lp, as for her own compositions she sings pretty pop in the opener 'HIGH OVER HOLLYWOOD' and inside there is a picture of her with RODNEY BINGENHEIMER with a note that says.....well were not gonna tell you, you'll have to buy the cd to find out ! .........she does well on songs like 'Get Undressed', and saves the best for last with a pop song very well crafted called 'MUSIC CARRIES ON'......her next lp that came out in '97 was called TROUBLEMAKERS is said to be even better allthough we don't have that one, it does feature BUZZCOCKS TONY BARBER who helped to release the Junk Shop Glam comps by RPM records that fans of our site love....here is a link to a mini site on IDHA by popboy ~


if you want to buy some terrific compilations then start with:


features many bands doing great covers of the songs of the 70's saturday morning classics such as the FOLK IMPLOSION 'i'm just a bill' the LEMONHEADS 'my hero 0','hip-hop artist SKEE-LO's great version of 'mr. morton',and PAVEMENT's 'no more kings'.....for a schoolhouse rock link look below in our link section


features the wonderful PEBBLES and BAMM BAMM song 'LET THE SUN SHINE IN' !! as done by FRENTE, and the VIOLENT FEMMES good version of the JETSONS 'eep ork ah ah' , the highlight is the KROFT SUPERSHOW's 'SIGMUND and the SEA MONSTERS' as done by TRIPPING DAISY,

and 'H.R. PUF-n-STUFF' as done by teeny bopper dingbats the MURMURS....great songs to remember your youth by... although some bands do pretentious covers of songs, this lp also features JULIANNA HATFIELD's good version of 'josie and the pussycats' and the RAMONES doing a good version of 'spiderman'....

here are just a few more of are favorites and we would highly recommend them; REMAINZ (featuring 2 RAMONES), JOE STRUMMER and the MESCALEROES ,SHONEN KNIFE (japanese girl punkers),AZALEA SNAIL, GUITAR WOLF, FOLK IMPLOSION, JUNE TABOR, HELLACOPTERS, GRANT LEE BUFFALO, RADIOHEAD, TRIPPING DAISY,

SON VOLT, WILCO w/BILLY BRAGG (new song 'mermaid ave. Cal. *'s' is GREAT!!) , LUCINDA WILLIAMS, STEREOLAB, JAYHAWKS, MIA DOI TODD(best current folk singer !)

Also AIR, POUNDSIGN, and pop-punk band PAPAS FRITAS, ... JUNE (SUPER version of 'all of me'), and ROBYN HITCHCOCK as well, the CRANBERRIES 'dream' is a real gem also... and FUTURE BIBLE HEROES have a good electronica sound..... DRESSY BESSY have a good punk pop sound with female vocals , , back in the mid 90s ROCKBAND 47 had a GREAT one with 'SHE'S GOT A NEW BOYFRIEND' .........and in l.a. there is a band called EAGLE who have released a single called 'SUZI QUATRO'...don't know how it sounds though...someone left a site for them in the old guestbook... also the DYLANS made some good music in the 90's.......

GLASS CANDY have a great version of the old l.a. punk band the SCREAMERS 'i wanna hurt' out now.... KEVIN WALSH '8 more miles' good country-folk tune.... BLACK BOX RECORDER's version of 'Seasons in the sun'*,and in l.a. there is a band called the CENTIMETERS who are making a big name for themselves with an original punk sound.....also the VACATION are making the rounds in southern california with their brand of T.REX inspired punk rock....

ROSIE THOMAS had a nice folk lp sometime back with nice songs like 'Bicyle Tricycle'....the MOONEY SUKUKI are a GOOD rock/punk band out of n.y., they were on JONESY's JUKEBOX in oct '04, they did a GOOD acoustic # called 'OH SUSANNA', see our spotlight on this show on our SEX PISTOLS gallery 2 in our gateway 2........speaking of the PISTOLS

ARTICHOKE have released in ' 06 a whole cover version lp of NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS, but the songs are all quiet folk songs that sound gentle but still loony, we had first mentioned this band ARTICHOKE few yrs back, so were giving them more than a small mention here, as they have a very good pop sound,see their site for more info -


BRAINWASHED ......is a good site on new music releases http://www.brainwashed.com/



don't know much about the current state of hip-hop, however sometimes we hear some great songs on alt. radio such as the show Chocolate City hosted by Garth Trinidad which we have listened to for yrs, some of the hopsters style reflects 70s jazz and funk to a degree, here are some of the artists in this filed we enjoy listening to :


makes some good futuristic type hip-hop, with lots of space-background music, try DR. OCTAGON also for more of this sound with songs like 'EARTH PEOPLE' full of streamlined synths and spage-age lyrics...


GREAT rap/hip-hop song, the singer sounds real confident and delivers a cheerful message, one of the best songs in this genre we've heard, this song has hypnotic flutes and background vioces all the way thru, .......'DOWN WITH THE HOMES, DOWN WITH THE BEATS..........AND TELL ME WHO PROTECTS ME FROM YOU ?.......ALL I SEE ON THE TV IS COP CORRUPTION, SAY WOOOOOO'........much later he added a hip hop beat to a song from 60s folk band the National Gallery if you can believe, or someone did, maybe a mashup as thats what we found at youtube of the song 'Diana in the Autumn Wind' . . . . .and as a reference an old 60s band called the Phoenix did a song called ' Fuck the Police',( musically that one is allright ) also another song about the police is a song on page 15 by HOG of the early 70s . . . . . . .see this link for more info on Jay D -


( Folks reading this should realize most music is a mixture of instruments and lyrics, and most songs are for entertainment puropses, and to inspire people and so on, music lyrics can be interpreted many ways, conjured for the sake of fantasy, so as far as actually harming police when one does this or takes a life of one, then one not only gets oneself in trouble but can cause irreversible damage to their spouse, friends and family, etc.

Realize that aside from a lot of the bad cops out there, that most cops are just ordinary guys doing their jobs, just like anyone else in the world, if people understood this as well as people who cause mass shootings that they are not only destroying bodies, but will bring bad karma upon themselves in the afterlife, so sit back and try and absorb a lot of what you will read on this site and it will make you a happier person and hopefully you will put that gun away and find something more meaningful to do with your life, if approached by a cop, best thing to do is just smile, be nice :)


'Ryde or Die Bitch'......this is a rap song and it's FUNKY !...catchy, bouncy too, bounces all over the place with a girl singing backup vocals, it must be a girl named EVE cause she is listed as jioing them for some song on their 2nd lp released around 2000 or so called 'Out in the Streets'.......this one has rhymes and just the right vocal touch,....(seems most rap and hip hop bands feel the need to rhyme all the time, why ? we would like to hear some songs that don't rhyme, like you know the reference in the old song 'School's Out ? someone out there could do a cool cover of that one by Alice Cooper, and a rap or hip hop band could do a good cover of T.rex's 'Ripoff too ), anyway here are some selected lyrics from this cool song . ..'Don't matter what size panties, fitting her small And she don't got no problem hittin' us all And she said, she got a man but he in the fed And she miss him so much that she pee in the bed'


'the 7th seal' with lyrics such as 'the moon took a trip, and the sun stood still' is a good one to look for, features strong vocals, and interesting wordplay...and


'a.a. stutter'with a defiant approach is pretty good also...

(for a SUPER funk band that was a d.c. phenomenon in the 80's, check out)


of the d.c. go-go scene,if u like PARLIAMENT, JAMES BROWN, and old hip-hop, we have a section for these and related artists on page 5, this band has been called 'THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN BLACK MUSIC', by TROUSRE PRESS magazine, their sound crushes every funk band out there, they've been at it since the late 70s, and gained fame in the early - mid 80s,.......search out the compilation lp GO GO CRANKIN' which showcased the D.C. GO-GO sound of the time ( 1985 ) which has other EXCELLENT bands such as CHUCK BROWN and the SOUL SEARCHERS, E.U., REDS and the BOYS, and so on, ends with a super tuns called 'Happy Feet' by MASS EXTENSION.........here is a link, and don't forget to see our section for TROUBLE FUNK on page 5,....




laid back soulful singer, with a penchant for writing hook filled pop-rock songs, The Headphone Masterpiece was his double lp which put him on the map natiowide so to speak,


this song was a minor hit for Mr Chesnutt, funky cheerful pop-rock...' LISTEN, I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT BECAUSE II LOOK GOOD IN LEATHER, I CAN TALK ANY KIND OF TALK CAUSE I LOOK GOOD IN LEATHER, TELL YOUR FAMILY', ........see a video for the song with happy people dancing here at this link -


song from Cody's myspace

this one has a more laid-back downtownsound, soulful with electric guitar....'I'M SPEAKING FROM MY MIKE, I'VE STUMBLED IN THESE STREETS OF MINE......DYING OR MY ( ? )........I MIGHT COMPREHEND, LOOKING AT AN IMAGE '.......Cody released a really good lp in 2002 called ' THE HEADPHONE MASTERPIECE '.......well worth seeking out,

others in this genre making some cool sounds are ; REESE, and JAZZY FAT and NASTY, here is the link for Cody -



.....GREAT soul/funk tune with female vocals very atmospheric....lyrics - 'i'm addicted to the finer things in life; gospel chiors, and soul sisters singing, and black skin, black eyed peas, and collard greens'.........this one came from their lp of '97, they had a few lps in the latter part of the 90's....


the man who has been called the 'Mozart' of the 20th century, the composer of the fantastic 'ROCK and ROLL McDONALD's', and other novelty songs, part hip hop, part rock,he passed away in '03, check out this site -



not sure of the spelling, this is a new soul band with 70s influence, the song 'LIVIN THE LIFE' is pretty good, with GOOD vocals by a female singer, nice ambiance....


not sure about the name spelling, but this guy does a GREAT hip-hop song called 'NO CHANCE' with MICKEY AVALON, as of april '04 it has yet to be released, the song is campy hip-hop with good beats, and the vocals are a plus, the dj says they combine a 'punk rock' element into their sound, they may have bene connected with a band called the SHEPHERDERS.....anyone have the correct info ?


* we are still afraid of wynonna judd * how about you ?

...SENECA wrote that 'although the fate of mankind is predetermined, and no matter how insignificant a bum's life may be, he still has the power to alter history through the power of prayer'... to that we'll add that one can also alter one's own fate through singing ,chanting and devotional service as well...

and from KALIL GIBRAN's book the PROPHET ; 'For what is prayer, but the expansion of yourself into the ether, and if it is your comfort to pour your darkness into space, it is also for your delight to pour forth the dawning of your heart'...

This comment about the events on sept 11 , 2001 was sent to us :

The date of the attack: 9/11 - 9 + 1 + 1 = 11 September 11th is the 254th day of the year: 2 + 5 + 4

= 11 After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year.

119 is the area code to Iraq/Iran.

1 + 1 + 9 = 11 Twin Towers - standing side by side, looks like the number 11

The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11

There's More....... State of New York - The 11 State added to the Union New York City

- 11 Letters Afghanistan - 11 Letters

The Pentagon - 11 Letters Ramzi Yousef - 11 Letters

(convicted or orchestrating the attack on the WTC in 1993)

Flight 11 - 92 on board - 9 + 2 = 11 Flight 77 -

65 on board - 6 + 5 = 11

Pentagon and Pennsylvania, both start with the word 'PEN'.

from the book 'THE ROOT of RIGHTEOUS', by A.W. TOZER-

'one marked difference between the faith of our fathers as concieved by the fathers, and the same faith as understood and lived by their children, is that the fathers were concerned with THE ROOT OF MATTER, while their present day descendants seem concerned only with the fruit.' *************************************************

and whats the root of matter ? answer - spirit :), and at this site we are always seeking the root :)


site on JESUS - http://www.meetjesus.org/

site on KRSNA - http://www.supersoul.com

Vegetarian Food and recipes :) - http://www.islandnet.com/krsna/science/tas te/prasadam/recipes.htm


The Homeless Man

http://www.laughsonline.com/lol/99/0930.ht m#CarpeDiem

It was a cold winter's day that Sunday. The parking lot to the church was filling up quickly. I noticed as got out of my car fellow church members were whispering among themselves as they walked in the church.

As I got closer I saw a man leaned up against the wall outside the church. He was almost laying down as if he was asleep. He had on a long trench coat that was almost in shreds and a hat topped his head, pulled down so you could not see his face. He wore shoes that looked 30 years old, too small for his feet, with holes all over them, his toes stuck out. I assumed this man was homeless, and asleep, so I walked on by through the doors of the church.

We all fellowshipped for a few minutes, and someone brought up the man laying outside. People snickered and gossiped but no one bothered to ask him to come in, including me. A few moments later church began. We all waited for the Preacher to take his place and to give us the Word, when the doors to the church opened.

In came the homeless man walking down the aisle with his head down. People gasped and whispered and made faces. He made his way down the aisle and up onto the pulpit where he took off his hat and coat. My heart sank. There stood our preacher ...he was the "homeless man".

No one said a word. The preacher took his Bible and laid it on his stand. "Folks, I don't think I have to tell you what I am preaching about today."

our old homestead link for page 6 can be now seen here at the bottom, and also through the SEARCH AND DESTROY punk site's message board under '70's punk'......

our new page 6 with exactly the same info, with less pictures can be accessed thru page 21...


'COURTESY OF THE RED, WHITE, and BLUE' ONCE MORE ON THE RADIO WE will GET SICK AND NO LONGER BE ABLE TO MAKE UPDATES.........this is the worst song of all-time, yes worse than anything zztop or nirvana has ever put out, and they're total crap ! . . . yea that's right we are part of the millions in the world who think nirvana was a horrible rock band, Rolling Stone magazine had a readers poll and 1000's of their readers voted them as one of the all time worst bands of all time, they got famous because someone in the music business decided to make them famous figuring they could make a lot of money and basically con millions of gullible people into thinking their music had merit . . . several of our friends agree . . . ( we do have a small review of a 60s pysch band who went by this name though, maybe on page 2 of this website )


back in the 90s, past 2000 for several yrs Phil Hendrie had the best comedy show on the air, eventually he went off of 640 Kfi am and changed to a different time before leaving altogether, he went nationwide sometime back so check your local a.m. stations... just type his name into a search engine to see his site :).....or try this link



these are great archives from his miami seesions, yrs before he came to l.a., you can also get there from our downloads page below....and if you like this sort of humor be sure to check out our downloads section for comdeian ROY MERCER !

and also knx 1070 used to have some nice old-time radio shows that start at 9 p.m., such as SUSPENSE, and ESCAPE...mon-fri....

Once again THANKS to all our friends from the following countries for all the music and support ; denmark, england, germany, holland,sweden, austria, and our friends in Pa , Frisco, and San Jose also.....muchos gracias, danke, danke,... and special thanks to Deb for helping us to restore this site * :)

If you would like to write us you can do so at

alan - alan75x@yahoo.com

calvin - skyelight7@yahoo.com

we have not had a guestbook for a long time now since the end of '02,our old guestbook is on page 11....... well this is the homepage also refered to page 1 the old url was


******************************************************* *******************************************************

Spanish proverb - 'God writes straight with curved lines' *******************

'government is a cancer masquerading as a cure *******************

'one should be able to stare an eclipse in it's face without thinking of lost possibilities' -mike nowak-



For many Christians, major stumbling blocks are the belief that Christ ate meat and the many references to meat in the New Testament. But close study of the original Greek manuscripts shows that the vast majority of the words

translated as "meat" and "trophe, brome," and other words that

simply mean "food" or "eating" in the broadest sense.

For example, in the Gospel of St. Luke (8:55) we read that Jesus raised a woman from the dead and "commanded to give her meat." The original Greek translated as "meat" is "phago," which means only "to eat." The Greek word for meat is kreas ("flesh"), and it is never used in connection with Christ.

Nowhere in the New Testament is there any direct reference to Jesus eating meat. This is in line with Isaiah's famous prophecy about Jesus's appearance, "Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, they shall call him name Emmanuel. Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil and choose the good."

; "Who can be more cruel and selfish than he who augments his flesh by eating the flesh of innocent animals?";

and "Those who desire to possess good memory, beauty, long life with perfect health, and physical, moral and spiritual strength, should abstain from animal food."


DISRUPTED THE VATICAN when they were brought to public attention yrs back........ :)


- N.y. DOLLS '73

Add Me!


this poem sent in by our friend Skye:

you can see another poem of hers at the bottom of page 5, she's our close friend and ally......

They love to read of


told Brave and Bold

young and old

yet what of pieces

In Between

cleaned no more


spoiled and

All those many whose

time yet


dwindled away

never wrote

never met

spent not a dime

on Calling But

in line they


Rotten Spaded

and who reads them

lines old


pens and where

do we go those




analogies old


Sold ho hum the

days pass and


just glance



and another from our close friend known as Skye

so naturally


seems to

be as

wind to




The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

- Helen Keller




Bhagavad Gita

Chapter 13; text 30

'Nature, the Enjoyer, and Consciousness....'

prakrtyaiva ca karmani kriyamanani sarvasah yah pasyati tathatmanam akartaram sa pasyati


prakrtya--by material nature; eva--certainly; ca--also; karmani--activities; kriyamanani--engaged in performing; sarvasah--in all respects; yah--anyone who; pasyati--sees; tatha--also; atmanam--himself; akartaram--non-doer; sah--he; pasyati--sees perfectly.


One who can see that all activities are performed by the body, which is created of material nature, and sees that the self does nothing, ACTUALLY SEES.


This body is made by material nature under the direction of the Supersoul, and whatever activities are going on in respect to one's body are not his doing.

Whatever one is supposed to do, either for happiness or for distress, one is forced to do because of the bodily constitution. The self, however, is outside all these bodily activities. This body is given according to one's past desires.

To fulfill desires, one is given the body, with which he acts accordingly. Practically speaking, the body is a machine, designed by the Supreme Lord, to fulfill desires. Because of desires, one is put into difficult circumstances to suffer or to enjoy.

This transcendental vision of the living entity, when developed, makes one separate from bodily activities. One who has such a vision is an actual seer.

Please Chant......


.......And Be Happy!


And Jesus continued:

"God commanded your forefathers: 'Those shalt not kill.' But their heart was hardened and they killed. Then Moses desired that at least they should not kill men, and he suffered them to kill beasts. And then the heart of your forefathers was hardened yet more, and they killed men and beasts likewise. But I do say to you: Kill neither men, nor beasts, nor yet the food which goes into your mouth.

For if you eat living food, the same will quicken you, but if you kill your food, the dead food will kill you also. For life comes only from life, and from death comes always death. For everything which kills your foods, kills your bodies also. And everything which kills your bodies kills your souls also. And your bodies become what your foods are, even as your spirits, likewise, become what your thoughts are.

'Veganism has given me a higher level of awareness and spirituality'. -Dexter Scott King

son of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Vegetarian Times, 10/95

previously an article by William Blum 'The myth of America's "booming economy" ' was here he was the author of Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II and Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower, basically it discussed how corrupt our govt. is, we'd like to shed some light on a fact that many know about, but many more are unaware of -







this article on the FDA was written by us in march '05, the best food to consume for your health are RAW FOODS, organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains are the best antioxidant along with nature foods like raw chocolate, and check your town now for a Raw Food restaurant, eat raw food and maybe likely never have high doctor bills in your life........and old people are basically killed off by pharmacuetical meds by the time they reach 65 - 70 yrs of age, that way the government gets to keep their ssi money, figure it out, to see an unedited version of this article see page 8,

. . . To govern the people you must place yourself below them, to lead people, you must learn to follow them . . . ( from the Tao Te Ching )



JUSTICE DENIED ! there is nothing worse in our world of folks who have spent yrs in prison for crimes they never committed, Republicans want to sweep these issues under the rug, please see this site -



Is the Illumanti controlling the weather in various parts of the world causing un-natural disasters ? seems to be the case where they are able to manipulate the weather for land and population control, when they have completely suceeded then they'll be able to take over large parts of the world, see the famous book written by STEVE QUALYE at this link here -


any of you protesters/anarchists get into trouble or in jail then call 215-925 6791

there are innocent people in prison just like you, go ahead , write one today , see this link -



(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

Fingerprint file, you get me down You keep me running Know my way around.

Yes, you do, child Fingerprint file, you bring me down Keep me running You keep me on the ground Know my moves Way ahead of time Listening to me On your satellite

Feeling followed Feeling tagged Crossing water Trying to wipe my tracks

And there's some little jerk in the FBI A keepin' papers on me six feet high It gets me down, it gets me down, it gets me down

You better watch out On your telephone Wrong number They know you ain't home

And there's some little jerk in the FBI A keepin' papers on me six feet high It gets me down, it gets me down, it gets me down

Who's the man on the corner; that corner over there I don't know. Well, you better lay low. Watch out

Keep on the look out Electric eyes Rats on the sell out Who gonna testify You know my habits Way a head of time Listening to me On your satellite.....*

And there's some little jerk in the FBI A keepin' papers on me six feet high It gets me down, it gets me down, it gets me down It gets me down

Hello, baby, mm-hmm Ah, yeah, you know we ain't, we ain't talkin' alone Who's listening? Well I don't really know....

But you better tell the SIS to keep out of sight 'Cause I know they takin' pictures on the ultraviolet light

Yes, uh huh, yeah, but these days it's all secrecy; no privacy Shoot first, that' s right... you know

Bye bye.

Right now somebody is listening to......


Keeping their eyes peeled...... on you Mmm, mmm, what a price, what a price to pay

All right. Good night, sleep tight

Ignorance is the cause of our bondage, and knowledge is the cause of our liberation. This knowledge is the mature fruit of devotional service, and when one is situated in transcendental knowledge, he need not search for peace elsewhere, for he enjoys peace within himself. In other words, this knowledge and peace are culminated in Krsna consciousness. That is the last word in the Bhagavad-gita."

~ B. Gita As It Is, 4.38]



always something going on here, you can take cues from this site if you feel like doing something about people who are killing animals.....


also VEGAN FREAK RADIO for the latest in Vegan news


a few of you folks in L.a. have heard of ERIC NORDMARK, he was a homeless man living in garden grove, california, whom 3 pre teen girls said he attacked them, he spent 8 months in jail,then only to have found out the girls lied completely, what happened to the girls ? NOTHING ! just some probation, what a crime, read the story here


. . . I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it . . .

_ excert from the book ' Deepest thoughts' by Jack Handey

Check out a book called LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME, wherein the author exposes the truth that we've been brought up on history textbooks filled with lies and told from a bias point of view of the conservative white man, it seems that American Indian tribes were tortured, enslaved and had their land, homes, religion and way of life stolen from them, here are 2 excerts from author James Louwen that tell the truth

"Textbooks stifle meaning by suppressing causation. Students exit history textbooks without ever having developed the ability to think coherently about social life."

Textbooks also keep students in the dark about the nature of history. History is a furious debate informed by evidence and reason. Textbooks encourage students to believe that history is facts to be learned. . . .Because textbooks employ such a godlike tone, it never occurs to most students to question them. . . . As a result of this, most high school seniors are hamstrung in their efforts to analyze controversial issues in our society." -

We have more quotes and info from Louwens book which exposes The lies the govt has done against native American Indians in our gateway 9 , see some of the most recent galleries there.

History shows that in general, the white man viewed native American spirituality to be nothing more than a bunch of superstitions and old wife tales. Tribal leaders who practiced native American spirituality were sometimes subjected to a

jail term of thirty years.

The United States and Canadian governments forcibly tried to change the way native American spirituality was practiced by converting them to their so called suitable religions.

A musician whose family was part American Indian mother received letters of love from fans all over the world, but many letters of hatred from racist and conservatives was told Gladys Presley, you and Vernon are gonna burn in hell for bringing that boy Elvis into the world

Zarifa Ghafari.

Read this link from oct 4th 2019 about this girl with a cool sounding name who became the first female mayor of a town in Afghanistan who is under a very oppressive conservative society entitled. Afghanistan Female Mayor awaits her assassination. More power to her we say !


More Obscure Music...........sure there are more folks like us who have sprung up recently and are posting info online on lps and 45s not available on cd, so then try these 3 great sites here ~









in L.a. at 103.1 from 12 - 2 every afternoon mon - fri was JONESY's JUKEBOX,....SEX PISTOL guitarist STEVE JONES himself was the dj and played the hits including lotsa old punk/new wave lost pop, novelty music, new music, etc. well this was the way it was from 2004 - 2009 then the station went off the air, . . . at the end of 2015 he resurfaced on 95.5 Klos on the fm dial an now can be heard 5 days a week from 12 - 2 :) .. .. best show on the airwaves !

at the end of Jan '06 he had RAT SCABIES as a guest and they were talking about secret socities, and they discussed his book on religion and other issues, and also the fact that the Pharmacuetical industry are the same Corporations that own the majority of the Media; Tv, Radio, etc. Rat aka Chris Miller has a book out now exposing SECRET SOCIETIES and the TEMPLARS called - 'RAT SCABIES AND THE HOLY GRAIL'

also see our JONESy's JUKEBOX / SEX PISTOLS gallery 2 in our gateway 2 for more details, and great stories about the show, and some info when he wrote back to us ! simply try this link here -


'The Windmills of Your Mind' by dj Taylor 2000 gets our vote for 2nd best radio show in L.a. for the past several yrs as this young lady plays a lot of folk-pysch and pop mostly from the late 60s to early mid 70s on kxlu sun nights 10 - 12 :)


the counter for the site as of oct 2nd, '02 was at 15,136, guess we had to start over on the counter below....and in early 2007 we began to notice that sometimes our counter is faulty and loses hits, when we were at about 36,500, the next day it dropped DOWN 2000 hits, so it must have been a technical difficulty.....in mid 2011 we were up close to 60,000 then it went back to zero again....and since then it has not worked at all, it goes up a little only to go back down again...

NOTE: The future stability of this site is in question, since it has been destroyed a few times in the past we ask one of you out there to preserve this time capsule, go ahead copy and store all the info on all the pages onto disc in case one day one of you wakes up and cannot find the 70s invasion, perhaps one of you out there will store it on disk so if and when it does happen that the server crashes, then one of you would be able to reinstall it online :)


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the following lyrics are from THIRD WORLD WAR, a hard rock / pre-punk band who released 2 lps in the early 70's we typed these lyrics in ourselves cause they don't exist anywhere online at the time.........the singer is an old friend of ours, see above and page 4 for reviews, and an interview.........and see our revised in depth reviews atop our gateway 2, the link is at the very bottom of this homepage....









WHEN WE RISE, POWER to the poor,








if you can't be a poet, be the POEM....

* go up to someone in the street tommorrow and tell them of the ANIMAL HOLOCAUST *

and remember the TASK AHEAD of you, is not GREATER THAN the POWER BEHIND YOU *

'Side by Side'

( original lyrics from by Gus Kahn and music by Harry M. Woods 1927, this song has been covered by many people ) . .p i c k. Your favorite *.

Oh we ain't got a barrel of money, Maybe we're ragged and funny, But we'll travel along singin' our song side by side,

Don't know what's comin' tomorrow, Maybe it's trouble and sorrow, But we'll travel the road sharin' our load side by side,

Through all kinds of weather, What if the sky should fall ? Just so long as we're together, It doesn't matter at all,

When they've all had their quarrels and parted, We'll be the same as we started, Just travlin' along singin' our song,

Side by Side . * . * .

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