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Membership Application

"Vermont Icelandic Riding Club was formed in the spring of 1996 for the purpose of furthering the sport and enjoyment of Icelandic Horse riding. We meet once every month to organize rides, competitive and instructive events, and to educate ourselves and the public about the unique and fascinating animals we have come to love - Icelandic Horses."

Come Join Us!

By becoming a member of the Club, you can help to support the continuation of these events, and you will receive our newsletter letting you know about upcoming events. If you like, you may attend meeting and help us plan for the rest of the year! If you do, you will also receive the minutes of each meeting.

Meetings are currently held every third Thursday of every month in the Mad River Valley of Central Vermont. Events take place all over New England. For more information call Jill Merkel at (802)496-7632 or see our website at Membership dues are $25 per person or $35 for a family membership. Send checks directly to our treasurer, Karen Winhold, at P.O. box 577, Waitsfield, VT 05673. Dues are always due March 1st.

Hoping to see you very soon!

Please copy and paste this application to Jill Merkel at or print it out, and mail it with your check to our treasurer, Karen Winhold, at the address below(above). Thank you!




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Do you own an Icelandic Horse or horses?

Write any information you would like to share with Club members about your horse(s) (e.i. Name, gender, age, where and when you got them, adventures or problems you and your horse currently have or had):

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