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Never under estimate the power of a vegetable

*3-29-01* Ok there are some more you might be obsessed with Vegeta if's up. And I have some sexy new images for you around this weekend so Stay with me.

Also if you have any suggestions at all for how I can make this page better do email me. However don't tell me to trash the Bulma hating section, cause that will never happen. Speaking of the blue haired wonder I have another piece of news for you. Along with a few other Saiyajin women who hate Bulma we have opened a new page. You can find the link in the Bulma hating section. This page is for anyone that says they like Bulma, and they should get there as soon as they can.

*Appetizers* Just a little something to wet your taste buds. Just the stats on the Saiyajin Prince, the 411 if you will.
*Beverages* Go on and drink up. the story of our hero's past. The events that made him who he is today, and we thank the events greatly.
*Entrées* (coming) An explination of what the Prince's life is like at each saga durring the series.
*Sides* If the Entrees aren't enough, go to these Veggie Cafe recomended sites and get your fill of Vegeta.
*Desert* Images of the benevolent Prince. The best treat one could ask for.
*Frequent Costumers* How to tell when your admiration has turned into an obsession.
*The Staff* A bit of background and credit to the villagers, the hard working staff of the Veggie Café.
*Nappa* The mamoth Saiyajin man, and what we have to say about him..
*Bulma Breifs* Our opinion of the ... er ... woman (if you can call it that) that Vegeta is (unfortunately) married to.