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Who is Mummy X?

Author’s Note: This was a school prompt, and we were told to make a “history” about a mummy that was found in Egypt and studied. I presented the facts that were discovered in the mummy (which as in the title, was called Mummy X) in my story.

11-year-old Hanaluua ran to her grubby blanket that she used as a bed and cried into her hands. She had to go to bed hungry again for the third night in a row. Every night it was the same thing: there wasn’t enough food for everyone, so the youngest, Hanaluua, was left out of dinner. She wiped her eyes and got up to go down to the river and bathe herself. She looked a horrible mess. Her cheeks were dirt covered from searching for food all day. Her eyes were red from crying all d . Her hair was a black tangled mass of hair screaming for a washing and brushing.

She was just getting back from the river when her brother, Arbetuuken, met her inside.

“Where were you?” he asked. She told him that she was bathing in the river. “Oh. Mom was searching for you. She seemed angry,” he told her. Hanaluua smirked and wiped a bread crumb from her lip. She had stolen a piece of bread from the kitchen before he went down to the river. Arbetuuken gaped at her for a moment, and then patted her on the back.

“Just don’t let her find out,” was all he said. Then he went outside. Hanaluua was putting some of her things down when she heard her mother’s shrill voice.

“HANALUUA!” screamed her mother. Hanaluua dropped her things and ran out the door to escape her mother’s wrath. She ran past her brother, and then another boy, on his way home from school. She didn’t see the rock. The next thing she knew, she was spr led out on the ground, with her brother and the boy over her.

“My dad’s a doctor, so we should take her to him. My house is right there,” the boy was telling Arbetuuken while pointing to a house nearby. Arbetuuken began hoisting Hanaluua to take to the boy’s house.

The boy’s father set the leg back in place (after announcing that it was broken) and wrapped casting around it. He made chatter with Arbetuuken and Hanaluua and got to know both of them. The doctor for some reason was in deep thought before saying, “ kensu, go get this girl’s parents. I want to talk to them.” The boy ran out to retrieve Hanaluua’s parents.

It was set. Dakensu and Hanaluua were to get married right after Hanaluua turned twelve. That was not far away at all. It was only 2 weeks.

“I’ll miss you,” Arbetuuken told her, only a few days before the wedding.

“Don’t worry,” she assured him. “I’ll let you visit as often as you want to.”

Arbetuuken snorted. “But you’ll be rich while the rest of the family gets zilch,” he complained. Hanaluua didn’t say anything.

In the next few weeks, Hanaluua found that she was not happy at all. Dakensu, her husband that was a wealthy scribe, did not give her the attention she wanted. He ignored her often. He left her a small allowance that she lived off of, but that wasn’t nough for her. And she dealt with the ignorance for 25 years. She had bore him one child, already twenty years old and gone. Now she was pregnant with another one.

She sat moping at a table when Dakensu came bursting in.

“Guess what!” he exclaimed. “I’ve been promoted to the third Queen’s scribe!”

Hanaluua mumbled, “Great,” and sighed.

“What?” he said, annoyed at her lack of excitement. “Aren’t you happy for me? It means more money for us and the little one!”

Again, Hanaluua sighed. “I’m bored, Dakensu,” she told him.

“Why?” he said with ignorance in his tone. “Do you need something to do? Why don’t we celebrate for my promotion. Go buy me some pork and make it. That’ll take your mind off of whatever you’re brooding about.” He plopped down at the table as Hanaluua eluctantly went and bought pork. She made it, and served it to him. She ate a small portion as well.

Hanaluua was depressed. She stayed depressed. Dakensu paid no attention to her, because he had to keep his mind focused to be quick to write out whatever the Queen tells him.

Hanaluua was also diagnosed with a minor case of tuberculosis. Stress was mixed in with depression. Her many friends helped her some, but the depression had taken over. She dearly wanted the baby, since she had many miscarriages before. She told ever ne that she was divorcing Dakensu right after the baby’s birth. People told her not to. He was the reason for her wealthiness, and what kept her from her rough childhood. The stress was really hurting her mentally. Some noticed, but since she was so res cted, everyone kept their mouth shut about it.

A couple weeks later she had her baby. But her stress and depression mixed too well and she died. Dakensu felt really sorry that he was mostly her cause of death because of his ignorance. He wished that he could change that, but he couldn’t. He wante her properly mummified, instead. She was slowly mummified, and each finger was wrapped individually.

Dakensu loved his baby son that reminded him of her. He wouldn’t dare let him go with Hanaluua, so a baby baboon was killed and mummified with her. This note/story is buried with her, written by me, Dakensu.