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You may be tired of hearing that everything is perfect and beautiful and that everyong is happy and well fed, etc., etc.

I am. Itís time we faced the facts, brought ourselves to reality. Everything is not perfect and happy. Things have happened. We are no longer living in the beautiful world we used to know.

As I said, things have changed. They have changed drastically. I wish we could look at what we used to have, and what we have now, and choose between which we wanted. I wish we could go back and make the right choice.

But now itís too late for second thoughts. Life isnít a game you try to win, with choices to make that donít really make a difference.

Life is something you have to think about, to decide. If we want a clean, happy world with no poverty or if we want a smoggy, black, garbage-filled world with empty stomachs all over every morning, noon, and night. But now, it doesnít matter because itís too late.

Letís face what has happened, and understand it before it gets worse.

Letís work together and do what we can.