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The Year 2000 (Our Idea) - by Megan Estey and Katie McEachen

Max Lent looked out his window and groaned. Everything was blurry because he was holding his glasses in his right hand, but he could barely make out the faint outline of the air bus waitin for him. “I’m not even dressed yet!” he yelled to the bus driver. The driver simply ignored him and yelled, “Get your lazy self out of bed and into this air bus before I count to ten or your mommy is gonna have to drive you to school!” The driver started counting. “1— 2— 3— 4— 5— 6- 7 8 9 10!” Then he sped away. Max looked after the bus forlorny then flopped down on his bed, exasperated. A sudden BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! Awakened him from a nap. He must have dozed off. “Dear? Where are you? Have you gone to school yet? Just stay home if you’re this miserable!” Max lifted his face off the pillow. “Thanks Mom,” he mumbled. “This day is going to be harder than I thought!” he thought. Another BEEP-------- snapped him into attention. “Yikes!! A distress call! THIS IS A JOB FOR… MYSTERIOUS MAX!” Max jumped into his closet and after a 3rd of a second came out dressed as MYSTERIOUS MAX THE KID CRIME FIGHTER OF THE 21ST CENTURY! He flew out the window, screaming as he went. Suddenly he dropped out of the sky, and into a pool of freezing cold water! “AHHHHHH!” he screamed. “Hey you Mr. Author! This is your fault isn’t it!?!?! This is probably the setting for a diving contest or something! Get me back where I belong!” “Oops, sorry,” said the author, “wrong story!” In about 11 seconds Max was back in the air trying to find the person in distress. A woman’s shrill screams broke the silence. “OHHH! Help!! This guy is trying to steal my money filled purse!! HELP!!” WILL MAX SAVE THE WOMAN IN TIME? OR WILL THE ARMED THUG RUN OFF WITH THE MONEY FILLED PURSE? FIND OUT NEXT TIME IN THE YEAR 2000 (OUR IDEA)