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In that single weak-kneed, heavy-breathing moment
you recognize me
the freshman who you flirted with after senior class meetings
the field hockey player who cheered at your baseball games
the actress who searched the audience for your face
and wouldnít relax until she saw
you lead the standing ovation
the performer who stood on the stage crying
when she should have been singing
because the end of the song meant the end of a journey
and you were leaving again
You recognize that hopeful girl
whose yearbook you signed "Love"
I am afraid to touch you
I canít bear for this to be a dream
so I close my eyes and wait for your hand
on my waist
we waltz, slowly,
in the wet grass
and you lace your fingers through my hair
and try to speak

I wept for you in front of two hundred people
but you canít remember my name

27 August 2000