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Swiss Quartz

he knows he is driving much faster
than his '86 Chevy should go
but it's almost 2:30
and soon he will be too late.
she still loves me! I have to tell her...
he wonders
how she looks today:
he knows she is beautiful in white
but a wedding dress with all its layers
and a veil...
checks his watch-- three minutes.
how far into the ceremony do they exchange vows?
the church is just around this corner.
he double-parks, doesn't even take the keys
from the ignition
plenty of time. she's probably still walking down the aisle.
as he enters, he hears the steeple clock chiming three
and realizes just then
his watch is slow.
he stands framed in the doorway
as the couple looks up from their vow-sealing kiss

she always was beautiful in white.

21 August 2001