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you see her waiting
the girl all your poems are for
but you never knew it until this very moment
you see her, legs bare against the black sky,
arms flung wide and head thrown back,
hair swirling as she spins.
you ache to touch her skin
to wind that hair around and around your fingers,
feel it brush your face
as she settles her head into that little spot
between your shoulder and your neck.
could she be waiting for you?
the tightness in your chest grows
as she notices you and stops her dance
she approaches
and reaches out one hand gingerly.
"come," she says, "dance."
but it is too dangerous and you can't and you tell her you are just watching
she smiles a little and says:
"if you watch too long, sometimes you can no longer see
what you really want."
she dances away,
and you are alone.

9 July 2001