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Maybe you値l pick me up at eight,
drive downtown in your rusting pickup truck
Maybe I値l wear a sundress, and you値l wear a baseball cap
Maybe we値l go to some scary movie,
so you can feel strong when I have to cover my eyes
Maybe we値l go out to eat after,
Suck thick milkshakes through skinny straws,
And spill ketchup on the gingham tablecloth
And leave the waitress a larger tip than she really deserves
Maybe we値l drive home in the honey-colored starlight
With the windows down and the radio playing
Maybe we値l kiss goodnight, between my lip gloss and your breath mint,
On the porch, like some 50痴 sitcom,
And maybe my brother will watch like Beaver Cleaver
Maybe then you値l drive off into the lilac-scented night,
Leaving me to slip into the silent house,
Since it痴 past my curfew.

Or maybe I値l sit home alone,
Watching M*A*S*H reruns and bonding with the couch,
Waiting for the phone to ring.

May 1999