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Let's pretend for just a minute that
you're not under my spell
when the lights dim and the music swells
(B-grade movie style)
We'll keep it secret-- for now, anyway--
that joining my lips to yours was
almost as enjoyable as licking a January metal swingset
that holding hands was like clasping a lit matchbook.

Let's imagine that you're learning self control.

By breathing I can leave you speechless
You think you have all the power,
but I'm the one who can have you trembling on the floor
with a twitch of my lip
If I raise an eyebrow, you'll appear,
shoulders heaving expectantly
hoping maybe at last I've come to my senses
and realized how brilliant and philosophical you are
You can try it, but I know the sound of one hand clapping isn't much different
than the noise of pushing you out the door and latching it.

6 July 2000