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Vermont Young Playwrights - Opportunities

The Vermont Young Playwrights Project was founded in 1995 by Vermont Stage Company executive director Dana Yeaton. Through this program, playwrights lead intensive two or three day workshops at high schools with groups of up to twenty students. Students write and rewrite scripts and then submit them to the VYP panel. One script from each school is selected to be given a staged, rehearsed reading at the VYP festival in May. This festival takes place over two days at UVM.

My experience with VYP started when I was a freshman. My first year participating in the project I did not finish my script, but as a sophomore my play (Thanksgiving) was chosen to be given a staged reading. I was also able to take a playwriting course last summer with Dana Yeaton through FlynnArts. All of these have taught me a lot about writing for the theater.
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