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Based out of Stafford, VA (the so-called center of the heavy metal universe, probably only because we happen to live there), Sid Wigner is more of an extended family than a band. We are dedicated to keeping the spirit of heavy rock alive through our band. The true essence of heavy rock is the soul of this band. The object isn't mere money, it's the pure excitement of rockin' out!

Sid Wigner began as "The Ravens" back in 1978, playing for a variety show at Stafford Middle School, then progressing until 1981 with Scott Simonton on bass guitar, Sean McClure on lead guitar, John Lutinski on drums, and David Renner on vocals.This band was known as "Surface" and we were playing mainly Zeppelin, Priest, and Scorpions then. "Total Eclipse" then arrived, Richie Altstaetter replaced Scott Simonton and Charles Tull replaced John on drums as John moved to vocals. The last big gig before we separated for college came in 1982 at Andy Tyler's outdoor party. Despite chilly temperatures, the band zipped through 2 sets of originals. Too heavy for the high school crowd, no one (except for a couple of freaks up front) knew quite how to take us.

Then college came and went, Sean drifting away into the military and settling down. Local phenom "Buddy" Dittman took up the guitar duties. The name "Sid Wigner" was also thought of during this period in 1985. Then, Kevin Brown stepped into the drummer's position and the band was back again in the late '80's. The awesome Bill Stokes briefly joined the band on lead guitar, and then "Buddy" solidly took back the position. This period was probably a high point for the band, culminating in several important dates for the band. "Buddy" Dittman would permanently occupy the lead guitar position, while Kevin Brown, John Lutinski, and Richie Altstaetter would remain the core of the band. As a sidenote, Richie briefly joined "Bad Vibes," an important DC-area band at the time.

In 1993, a reunion of sorts took place. Sean came back to lead guitar, Richie took up the bass guitar again, John played rhythm guitar, Kevin nailed the drums, and the band adopted a pretty good singer named Scott (?). On the edge at the time, during the Seattle invasion of grunge bands, Sid Wigner played tunes from Trouble to Santana to Alice in Chains. Alas, artistic tensions arose when the singer, who was more of an alternative fan, announced that he couldn't stand Black Sabbath (in particular Ozzy). An alien statement to everyone else in the band, Scott soon disappeared and the band kind of fizzled.

Nowadays, Sid Wigner still rocks with a vengeance. Bands like Sweet, Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Diamond Head are covered, as well as our originals. It's usually the highlight of the year when we play. As a sidenote: the Richie Altstaetter Project (RAP) consisting of several Sid Wigner members recently played live to critical raves. The soundman, formerly a bass player for Black Oak Arkansas, was overheard to exclaim "just listen to this band!"

Sid Wigner is one of many small garage (or basement) bands that embody the heavy metal spirit. And that's why this page is done the way it is. Below are the many band members associated with the heavy entity that is "Sid Wigner."

Richard McClure rhythm guitar, inspiration (1978)
Eddie Ortega bass guitar (1978)
John Lutinski drums, guitar, vocals (1978-present)
Sean McClure lead guitar, bass (1978-present)
Jeff Clemmons vocals (1978)
Scott Simonton bass guitar (1979-1980)
David Renner vocals (1979-1980)
Richie Altstaetter bass guitar (1981-present)
Charles Tull drums (1982)
Claudio Serrapiglio inspiration, vocals, smokerings (198?-present)
Bill Stokes lead guitar (1988-1989)(?)
"Buddy" Dittman lead guitar (1987-present)
Kevin Brown drums (1988-present)
Will Jeffords drums (1995-present)
Terry McGinn guitar (1999-present)