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Books Reviewed

We have found certain books to be invaluable in people's recovery process and have shared some of them with you in the following pages.

A student, Carol Allard, in a Victimology course developed a set of criteria for evaluating recovery books:

1. Does the title clearly define the subject matter of the book?

2. Who is the author--victim or professional? Is there a description of their qualifications? Are there endorsements of the book enclosed? Who wrote them?

3. Is there an overview of the contents?

4. Does it appear to be a clear progression of work (introduction through goal setting)?

5. Is there opportunity for active participation such as questions/homework for the reader, or is it strictly reading?

6. Is the book user-friendly? Is it easy to understand, is terminology defined, are examples given?

7. Who are the sources used and quoted in the book?

8. Is there concern for reader impact?

9. Are goals encouraged? Is it work that can be carried on?

10. Are there sources for further reading and referrals listed.

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