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How to run a high school baseball showcase

How To Run A High School Showcase

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With the number of people running high school baseball showcase exploding. Here is a few guidelines to run a successful high school baseball showcase.

  • 1) Have players worth recruiting and scouting:
  • Nothing can kill your showcase worse than not having players worth looking at. Colleges are hoping to find many players in one place worth recruiting and scouts are looking for potential draft picks to follow for next year.

  • 2) Pick a good facility:
  • Nothing makes a good or bad impression better than the facility the showcase is being held at. The baseball field should be either a minor league complex or a Top 25 Division 1 Program. The showcase can be a great recruiting tool for the college hosting it, so if your showcase is well respected, colleges will want to host your event.

  • 3) Be near an airport:
  • At most of the top showcase, players and colleges will likely be flying to your showcase. No one wants to have to take a flight and then drive another hour just to get to your field.

  • 4)Use wood bats:
  • Nothing upsets major league scouts more than attending a showcase and seeing hitters swing metal. The most respected high school showcases use wood for a reason, it gets the MLB scouts there and you get a true reading of the hitters ability. Especially if they might be turning pro next year.

  • 5) Be selective of who you invite:
  • The most heavily attended showcases for MLB scouts and college recruitors, are the toughest for players to get invited to. Players know they will get the best exposure at these events.

  • 6) Use the major league scouts to screen players:
  • The best attending showcases for major league scouts are Area Code Games and Eastern Pro Showcase mainly because they conduct the tryout camps and coach the teams at the events. If a showcase doesn't require MLB scouts as a reference to get invited, the talent level will not be very good.

  • 7) Hold a college recruiting semanar:
  • Parents of players will have alot of questions about how the college recruiting process works. It is best to have a number of college recruitors explain the process. Allow parents to ask questions to the college coaches that speak.

  • 8) Hold everything on one field:
  • Most colleges will have only one college coach attending, so if you are using more than one field, it will be hard for everyone to get seen.

  • 9) Keep the number of players low:
  • Once you get over 100 players at a showcase. Too many things can get neglected. Showcases should have a few basic things and too many players will lessen the chance that all get seen. Not all college coaches will stay around for the whole showcase.

  • 10)Show the tools.Colleges and scouts want to see the basics tools.
  • 60 yard dash, Home to first times.
  • Catchers Release Times.
  • Infield/ Outfield fielding and throwing
  • Batting Practice
  • Hitters facing live pitching

  • 11) Let people know in advance what players will be there.
  • Colleges and scouts make decisions on whether they will attend your showcase based on who will be attending. They should put out some type of roster before the showcase is held, either in the mail or on a website.

  • 12) Provide a list of 60 yard times, release times, and velocity times and addresses on the players to the colleges after the showcase is over.
  • The more information you provide the colleges and scouts the better it is for the players being scouts and recruited. Not every college and scouts will be able to attend your showcase. But if they can still contact the players, they might still recruit them.

  • 13) Use the media:
  • Place ads in Baseball America, Baseball Weekly, or USA Today, you have the best chance to publicize your showcase to the largest amount of people.

  • 14) Have a web site:
  • The internet gives the chance to update information about your showcase the fastest and for the lowest costs. A good web site will provide:
  • short bio on players attending.
  • directions to the baseball field.
  • Motel information
  • Team assignment
  • Game schedules