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How to run a pro tryout camp

Running a pro tryout camp can be very beneficial way to screen prospects in your area. Here is a few guidelines to running a successful pro tryout camp.
SCHEDULING: The most benefical tryout camp to a MLB scout are run a few days before the First Year Player Draft or within a few days after the draft.Spring Training tryout camp are best held in late Feb or early March prior to Spring Training.
LOCATION: Schedule tryout camps where they are is noted for producing prospects: San Diego, Los Angeles, New York City,Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, St Louis, Cincinnati, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Houston,Dallas and Tempe.
FACILITY: The facilty can be a high school, college or minor league field. Just make sure it has 4 bull pen mounds, a batting cage, L Screen plus a concession stand, bathrooms and water. The facilty should have plenty of parking space too.
STAFF:You should have a minimum of 3 people working the tryout camp with stop watches and radar guns. Make sure they know the tryout camp format and are organized. Your staff must be able to grade hitters, position players and be able to hit fungos and throw batting practice.
HAVE AGE RESTRICTIONS: The more succesfully run pro tryout camps have age restrictions on who can attend, usually 17-22 years old unless the players have previous pro experience. Tryout camps allowing players 18 and up to attend can end up having 200-300 people showing up with players over the age of 50 years attending.
INVITE PROSPECTS: The better talented tryout camp always have a number of players that were invited to attend. Nothing worse for a MLB Scout to have a tryout camp and have players with no talent show up.Explain to the tryout camp players exactly what tools you are looking for in a player.
POSITION PLAYER timed in 60 Yard Dash: (TARGET TIME: 6.9 seconds and under)
Infield Throwing:(TARGET TIME: 86-87 mph)
Outfield Throwing:(TARGET TIME: 90-91 mph)
Catchers Release Time:(TARGET TIME: 1.90 seconds and under) 84 MPH
Batting Practice and Games
PITCHERS: Throw in bullpen and Games.(TARGET TIME: 90-92 mph)
If over 60 players attend, make a cut after the position players run and throw and let the remaining players take batting practice and face live pitchers. Pitchers need to throw in the high 80's to make it into a game.
TRYOUT CAMP REVIEW: Tell the prospects how they were graded on the MLB (20-80)
Position Players:60 YD, Arm Strength,Fielding, Hitting and Power
Pitchers:Fastball, Curve, Slider, Change, Mechanics and Control.