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Left Handed

Barrett Phillips- LHP, B-L, 6-0/175 lbs, Spartanburg Methodist College (2010),Belton, SC
Signed a minor league contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. 2007 All Conference. 2008 1-AAA All Region. 2008 1-AAA All Strength. 2008 All State. 2008 North-South All Star Game. Fastball:88-90 mph Curve:75-77mph
Dashone Kirkendoll- LHP, L-L, 6-5/240 lbs, Ohio Dominican Univ. (2010)Dayton, OH
Signed a minor league contract with the Traverse City Beach Bums of the Frontier League. Fastball:85-87mph Curve:72-74mph Change:69mph
Noah Mull- :LHP, L-L, 5-10/175 lbs, Wheeling Jesuit Univ. (2009)Wheeling, West Virginia.
Drafted in the 38 round by the San Diego Padres. 2008 WVIAC Pitcher of the Year. 2008 ALL WVIAC: Honor Mention. 2005 WV State:All State. 2005 WV State:MVP. Fastball:86-88 mph Curve:73-75mph Video
Lucas Laster- LHP, R-L, 6-0/175 lbs, Cornersville HS (2011)Lewisburg,TN
2010 District 11A:MVP. 2010 District 11A:All District. 2010 Cornersville HS:MVP. 2010 Cornersville HS:Pitching Award. Fastball:83-84mph Curve:67-69mph Change:75mph Video
Kyle Taylor-LHP, L-L, 6-0/165 lbs,Greer HS(2012)Greer, SC
Fastball:81-83MPH Curve:69MPH Video
Bobby Wilkins-LHP, L-L, 6-2/180 lbs,USC Salkenhatchie(2007)Charleston, SC
Fastball:84-86 MPH Curve:72-73 MPH
Joshua Naylor- LHP, L-L, 6-1/193 lbs, Jones JC (2008),Hattiesburg, MS
2008 All Area. 2008 Jones JC MVP. Chris Rice-LHP,L-L,6-2/155lbs.Gabriel Richard HS (2009),Taylor,MI 2008 All Region. 2008 All C. 2008 Catholic.2008 All District. 2008 All Down River:Pitcher of the Year.2008 Gabriel Richard HS: MVP. Fastball:83-85 mph Curve:70-71 mph Video
Tanner Gordon- LHP, L-L, 6-3/172 lbs, Auburn Montgomery Univ. (2011)Macon,GA
2007 Dugout Club Player AA Year. 2007 High School Honorable Mention. 2007 GISA AA Player of Year. 2007 All State. Fastball:82-84 mph Curve:73mph Change:74MPH Video
Caleb Graham- LHP, L-L, 6-3/225 lbs, Bishop State CC (2011)Foely,AL
Fastball:85-87 mph Curve:73mph Video
Brad Griffis- LHP, L-L, 6-3/175 lbs, Gulf Coast CC (2012)Lake Butler,FL
2009 All-First Coast. Fastball:84-86 mph Curve:73-75mph Video
Josh Griffis- LHP, L-L, 6-0/170 lbs, Gulf Coast CC (2013)Lake Butler,FL
2010 Gulf Coast CC Top Showcase:Prospect Wire #6 Rated Prospect. Fastball:86-88mph Curve:73mph Video
Jonathan Ortega- LHP, L-L, 6-1/193 lbs, Bendict College (2011)Columbia, SC
Fastball:84-86mph Curve:73mph Change 75mph Video

Right Handed

Nathan Williams-RHP, R-R, 6-3/200 lbs,Talladega College(201) Lincoln, AL
Signed a minor league contract with the Trinidad Triggers of the Pecos League. Fastball:84-86 MPH Curve:75-76 MPH Change:78-80 MPH Video
Arthur Clyde- RHP, R-R, 6-3/208 lbs, Alabama A & AM (2010)Vero Beach, FL
Fastball:90-92MPH Curve:75MPH Video
Nate Russ- RHP, R-R, 5-11/180 lbs, Univ. of Montevallo (2010)Montevallo, AL
Signed a minor league contact with the Atlanta Braves. Fastball:92-93MPH Slider:80-81MPH Split:82MPH Video
And He's in
Kenneth Wise- RHP/1B, R-R, 6-5/205 lbs, East Hall HS,(2008)Gainesville, GA
Drafted in the 19 round by the Baltimore Orioles. 2007 MVP Showcase. Fastball:89-92 mph Slider:82-84 mph 60YD:6.94 seconds ARM:81 mph Video
Jeremy Atkins- RHP, R-R, 6-1/190 lbs, Lafayette College (2010),Mahwah, NJ
Signed a minor league contract with the Peach State League. 2007 Louisville Slugger Freshman All American. 2007 Patriot League: Rookie of the Year Runner Up. 2007 Patriot League: Rookie of the Week. 2009 Patriot League: Pitcher of the Week. Fastball:88-90 MPH Slider:76-78 MPH Curve:71 Change:76MPH Video
Justin Hall- RHP, R-R, 6-0/205 lbs, Mars Hill College(2010),Christianburg, VA
Signed a minor league contract with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. 2010 All _SAC. 2010 SAC Pre Season All Conference. Fastball:89-90 MPH Slider:80 MPH Curve:75 Change:74MPH Video
Gardner Adams- RHP/3B, R-R, 5-10/165 lbs, Asbury College (2011)Lexington, KY
Drafted in the 36 round by the Atlanta Braves. 2008 All Conference: Honorable Mention. 2009 All Defensive Team:3B. Fastball:86-88 mph Curve:76-77mph
60YD:7.41 seconds ARM:88mph Hitting Video
Pitching Video
Andrew Rudnay- RHP, R-R, 6-3/200 lbs, Mars Hill College (2010)Solon, OH
Fastball:90-91MPH Slider:81MPH Change:76MPH Video
Brantley Yu- RHP, R-R, 6-4/210 lbs, Evans Christian HS (2009)Evans, GA
Fastball:91-92MPH Slider:83MPH Change:83MPH Video
Glennon 0'Leary- RHP, R-R, 6-2/190 lbs, Ritenour HS (2011)St Louis,MO
Fastball:77-79 MPH Curve:63 MPH Change:70 MPH Pitching Video
Hitting Video
Chad Higginbottom- RHP, R-R, 6-1/170 lbs, Bowden HS (2011)Carroltown, GA
Fastball:85-87MPH Slider:76-78MPH Pitching Video
Hitting Video
Michael Venturelli- RHP, R-R, 5-11/190 lbs, Brewton Parker College (2013)Mc Donough, GA
2010 Pitcher of the Year. 2011 Sunbelt League All Star Game. Fastball:85-86MPH Curve:64 MPH Change:75 MPH Pitching Video
Justin Johnson- RHP, R-R, 6-0/177 lbs, Wilkes CC (2011)Old Fort, NC
Fastball:87-89MPH Curve:72MPH
Donald Williams- RHP, R-R, 6-4/215 lbs, Benedict College (2011)Sicklerville, NJ
Fastball:76-78MPH Curve:70MPH Video
Dakota Thomas- RHP, R-R, 6-0/235 lbs, Pitt CC. (2013)Ellenboro, NC
2010 All Conference. 2010 All State. 2010 All County. 2010 All Region: 2nd Team. 2009 All County. 2009 All Conference. 2008 East Rutherford HS: Sophomore of the Year. Fastball:87-89 mph Curve:74-78 mph Cutter:79 mph Change:78-80 mph Video
Cody Bentley- RHP, R-R, 6-1/200 lbs, UVA Wise (2012)Wise, VA
2007 All State. 2008 All State. Fastball:89-92MPH Curve:77-78MPH Video
Kchristopher Clark- RHP, R-R, 6-2/242 lbs, Tri City HS (2004) Atlanta, GA
2004 Tri City HS:MVP.
Joey Razer- RHP, R-R, 6-2/205 lbs, Brevard CC (2012)Mims, FL
2011 Edmond Waters College: Pitcher of the Year.2011 All East Coast Conference. Fastball:87-89MPH Curve:75-78MPH Video
Mark Czerniawski- RHP, R-R, 6-2/190 lbs, Nassua CC (2008)Glen Cove, NY
2006 All County.2004 All Division.
Zack Fernandez- RHP, R-R, 6-1/175 lbs, Nantyr Shores HS(2008),Innisfil, Ontario
2007 Nantyr Shores HS MVP. 2006 Nantyr Shores HS MVP.
Corey Brewer- RHP, R-R, 6-2/20 lbs, Alice Llyod College (2013)Stranton, KY
Fastball:83-85MPH Curve:73MPH Change:72MPH Video
Mike Delong- RHP, R-R, 6-4/220 lbs, West Texas A&M (2011)Windsor, Ontario
Fastball:89-91MPH Curve:75-77MPH Video
Casey Davis- RHP, R-R, 6-3/210 lbs, Woodlard HS (2008),Cartersville, GA
Fastball:81-84MPH Curve:68-71MPH Video
Alan Schmidt- RHP, R-R, 6-0/190 lbs, Esko HS (2008),Proctor, MN
Fastball:83-85 mph Curve:63-66 mph
Joshua Giles- RHP, R-R, 6-3/185 lbs, Southern Wesleyan (2008),Six Mile,SC
Fastball:81-82mph Curve:73mph
Barrett Hernandez- RHP, R-R, 5-10/180 lbs, LSU Alexandria(2012),Gretna,LA
Fastball:77-78 MPH Curve:65-66 MPH Change:71 MPH Video
Matt Mc Call- RHP, R-R, 6-4/180 lbs, Lowndes HS (2009),Hahira,GA
2008 Lowndes HS: Best Pitcher Award. 2008 Georgia Dugout Club Showcase. Fastball:84-86 mph Curve:69-73mph
Karl Elwurtzel- RHP, R-R, 6-1/177 lbs, Lakeside HS (2008),Decatur,GA
2007 Sports Tech Showcase. Fastball:83-8mph Slider:79 mph
Greg Fietsam- RHP/C, R-R, 6-3/185 lbs, Griffin HS (2008),Griffin,GA
2007 Griffin HS:Golden Glove. 2006 Griffin HS:Golden Glove. 2005 Griffin HS:Golden Glove. 2007 Griffin HS:Best Pitcher Award 2006 Griffin HS:Best Pitcher Award 2005 Griffin HS:Best Pitcher Award. Fastball:82-83mph Curve:70-71mph 60 YD:7.34 seconds ARM:81mph Release Time:1.87 seconds
Joshua Blocker - RHP, R-R, 6-3/190 lbs, Alabama A & AM (2012)Birmingham, AL
Fastball:87-89 mph Curve:73-75mph Change:80mph Video
Zachary Sterling- RHP, R-R, 6-3/190 lbs, Olney Central JC. (2010)Lima, OH
Fastball:87-89 mph Curve:73-75mph Video
Brian Bentley- RHP, R-R, 6-1/225 lbs, Union Grove HS (2008)Stockbridge, GA
2007 GSU Baseball Camp/ 2007 Gordon College Baseball Camp. 60 YD:8.10 seconds ARM:80 MPH Fastball:83-84 mph Curve:72-73mph
Eric Faint- RHP, R-R, 6-5/190 lbs, University of Pitts Johnstown (2009)Johnstown, PA
Signed a minor league contract with the Tuscon Toro's of the Golden League. 2008 KIT League All Star. 2008 WVIAC:2nd Team. Sidearm Fastball:74-77 mph Curve:64-66mph
Steven Young- RHP, R-R, 6-7/220 lbs, Hillsborough CC (2008)Tampa, FL
2005 Baseball Factory All American.
Steven Chaffee- RHP, R-R, 6-1/155 lbs, Mauldin HS (2009)Greenville, SC
2004 Clemson University Baseball Camp. Pitching Video
Hitting Video
Fastball:82-85mph Curve:66-68mph 60YD:7.47 seconds
Steven Wilson- RHP, R-R, 6-0/170 lbs, Northgate HS (2008)Newnan, GA
Fastball:(Sidearm)75-77mph Curve:61-63mph.
Will Rankin- RHP, R-R, 6-0/180 lbs, Hartselle HS (2007)Hartselle, AL
Fastball:84-86mph Curve:70-72mph.
Mike Manfro- RHP/SS, R-R, 5-9/170 lbs, UNC Greensboro(2011)Greensboro, NC
2011 UNC Greensboro:MVP. 2011 USA South All Conference. 2009 USA South All Conference. 2009 Rawlings Gold Glove. Fastball:89-90MPH Curve:74MPH
60YD:7.07 seconds ARM:90 mph Pitching Video
Hitting Video
Joseph Marrano- RHP, R-R, 5-9/215 lbs, Nassua CC (2008)New Hyde Park, NY
2006 All County.2006 A3 Conference MVP. Fastball:79-81mph Curve:61-63mph.
Patrick Gilbride- RHP, R-R, 5-9/145 lbs, Nassua CC (2008)East Meadow, NY
2006 All League .
Robert Hugli- RHP, R-R, 6-1/164 lbs, Nassua CC (2008)New Hyde Park, NY
2006 All League. Fastball:81-83mph Curve:70-71mph.
Josh Jennings- RHP, R-R, 6-1/181 lbs, West Georgia Univ. (2008)Orangeburg, SC
Signed a minor league contract with the Continental Baseball League. Fastball:85-87 mph Curve:75-77mph
Joseph Bonet- RHP, R-R, 6-2/210 lbs, Darton College (2010)Stone Mountain, GA
Fastball:81-82 mph Curve:65-67mph Video
Tiago Rodrigues- RHP, R-R, 5-9/165 lbs, Nassua CC (2008)Mineola, NY
2006 All County. 2006 All Conference.
Corey Watts- RHP, R-R, 6-2/215 lbs, Southern Union CC (2008)Williamson, GA
Fastball:85-87 mph Curve:73-75mph


Jon Adams- C, R-R, 5-10/163 lbs, Asbury College (2011),Lexington, KY
2009 All Conference:2nd Team. 60YD:7.47 seconds ARM:81 mph Release Time:1.93 seconds Hitting Video
Mendez Elder (C/OUT)Grady HS, Atlanta, GA(Class of 2012)
2010 East Coast Pro Showcase Tryouts. 2009 East Coast Pro Showcase Tryouts. 2008 Most Viable Prospects Tryouts. 2007 BCS 13u Southeast Regional:MVP. Perfect Game Who's Hot 60YD:7.07 seconds Release Time: 2.00 seconds ARM:83 MPH OUT ARM:90 MPH Video
Jamie Turner- C, R-R, 6-1/195 lbs, Valdosta HS (2009),Valdosta, GA
60YD:7.62 seconds ARM:72 mph Release Time:2.04 seconds
Noah Watkins- C, R-R, 6-2/205 lbs, Truett Mc Connell (2008),MC Donough, GA
2005 Georgia Dugout Club:Top 80 Showcase. 60 YD:7.0 seconds. ARM:77 mph. Release Time:2.0 seconds.
Cody Davis- C, R-R, 6-2/215 lbs, Redan HS (2008),MC Loganville, GA
2005 Georgia Dugout Club:Top 80 Showcase. 60 YD:7.37 seconds. ARM:80 mph. Release Time:2.0 seconds.
Brad Tynan- C, R-R, 5-11/210 lbs, Jackson CC (2008),Waterford,MI
2007 MCCAA:All Region XII.2007 NJCAA Freshman All State.
Dustin Noah Huff- C, R-R, 6-1/187 lbs, Carter HS (2011),Strawberry Plains, TN
2010 All District. 60 YD:7.94 seconds. ARM:70 mph. Release Time:2.32 seconds. Video
John Feltner- C, R-R, 5-8/180 lbs, Oakland City University (2010),Indianapolis, IN
Signed a minor league contract with the Schaumburg Flyers in the North American League. 60YD:7.03 seconds. ARM:82 mph. Release Time:1.81 seconds. Video
Kalin Dreyer- C, R-R, 6-2/200 lbs, Georgia Perimeter CC (2008),Dunwoody, GA
2006 World Baseball Classic. 60YD:7.47 seconds. ARM:77 mph. Release Time:2.07 seconds.
Freddy Garay JR- C, R-R, 6-1/190 lbs, Truett Mc Connell College(2010),Alpharetta, GA
60 YD:7.35 seconds. ARM:76 mph. Release Time:1.94 seconds. Video
Joe Manbodh- C, R-R, 6-0/195 lbs, Rogers State(2010),Orlando, FL
60 YD:7.51 seconds. ARM:84 mph. Release Time:1.94 seconds. Video
Jacob Keen- C, R-R, 5-11/200 lbs, Trinity Christian HS(2012),Soperton, GA
2011 Central Georgia Showcase. 2011 Tournament MVP. 2010 Perfect Game WWBA 16U National Championship. 60 YD:7.28 seconds. ARM:74 mph. Release Time:2.06 seconds. Video
Alex Fowler- C, R-R, 5-11/180 lbs, Decatur HS(2012),Avondale Estates, GA
2009 Decatur HS:JV MVP. 2010 Decatur HS:JV MVP. 2011 Decatur HS:Team Captain. 60 YD:7.85 seconds. ARM:73 mph. Release Time:2.09 seconds. Video
Leonardo Rojas- C, R-R, 5-6/165 lbs, Georgia Perimeter College(2012),Austell, GA
2010 Leadership Award. 60 YD:7.56 seconds. ARM:72 mph. Release Time:2.10 seconds. Video
Jamison Armstrong- C, R-R, 5-11/195 lbs, Naaman HS (2008),Garland, TX
2005 All District. 2004 All District. 2005 Naaman HS:Coaches Award. 2004 Naaman HS:Coaches Award. 60YD:7.03 seconds. ARM:87 mph. Release Time:1.89 seconds.
Justin Greiner- C, L-R, 6-4/215 lbs, Texas A &M: Corpus Christi (2009),Houston, TX
Signed a minor league contract with the Laredo Broncos of the United League. 60YD:7.38 seconds ARM:77 mph. Release Time:2.00 seconds. Video
Ryan Gant- C, R-R, 6-3/230 lbs, Richmond University(2011),Pawtucket, RI
Signed a minor league contract with the New York State League. 60YD:8.25 seconds ARM:76 mph. Release Time:2.09 seconds. Video
Max Schott- C/1B, R-R, 6-1/225 lbs, Montreat College (2010),Stella, NC
60YD:8.06 seconds. ARM:76 mph. Release Time:2.05 seconds.
Barry Thomas- C/1B, R-R, 6-2/225 lbs, Mundy's Mill HS (2008),Jonesboro, GA
2007 All Region.2007 Mundy;s Mill Golden Glove. 60 YD:7.94. ARM:84 mph.
Hank Lanto- C, R-R, 6-0/190 lbs, San Diego Christian College (2008),Modesto, CA
Signed a minor league contract with the Schaumburg Flyers of the Northern League. Drafted in the 46 Round by the Anaheim Angeles in 2003.2006 All Conference. 60 YD:7.56. ARM:81 mph. Release Time:1.88 seconds.
Craig Maddox- C, L-R, 6-0/190 lbs, Southeastern University(2007)
Signed a minor league contract with Detroit Tigers. 2005 NCCAA Division I All American 1st Team. 2005 NCCAA Division I All South Region 1st Team. 2007 NCCAA division II All-American. 2007 NCCAA division II National Player of the Year.Batted .365 with 18 home runs and 71 RBI's in 2007. 2005 Southeastern University "Best Single Game Performance." 60YD:7.1 seconds ARM: 82 mph Release Time: 1.91 seconds
Justin Harris- C, R-R, 5-10/218 lbs, Albany HS(2009),Albany, NY
2008 Sportsmanship Award. 2008 Most Improved. 2008 Empire State Games: Silver Medal. 60YD:7.75 seconds ARM: 79 mph Release Time: 2.01 seconds
Chris Valerio- C, R-R, 6-1/195 lbs, Cranston East HS (2009),Cranston, RI
2008 All State.
Bracken Turner- C, R-R, 6-0/165 lbs, Madison CountyHS (2010),Colbert, GA
2009 Madison County HS: Most Improved.2009 Georgia Dugout Club Underclassman Showcase. 60 YD:7.70 seconds Video
Scott Musin- C, R-R, 5-10/175 lbs, Bayshore HS (2009),Bradenton, FL
2008 Perfect Game: Sunshine East Showcase. 2007 Perfect Game: Sunshine East Showcase. 60YD:7.30 seconds ARM: 78 mph Release Time: 1.93 seconds
Alex Bush- C, R-R, 6-2/208 lbs, Kennesaw State Univ.(2011),Maryville, TN
2009 World Port Tournament 60 YD:7.32 seconds. ARM:81 mph. Release Time:1.91 seconds. Hitting Video
Catching Video
Mike Dobre- C, R-R, 5-9/175 lbs, Mars Hill College (2009),Pompano Beach, FL
Signed a minor league contract with the Texarkana Gunslingers of the Continental Baseball League. 2007 All Conference. 2007 All Region. 2008 ABCA South Region: Gold Glove. 2008 All Region. 2008 ABCA All South Region:2nd Team. 2008 Daktronics All South Region:2nd Team. 2008 South Atlantic All Conference:2nd Team. 60 YD:7.40 seconds. ARM:75 mph. Release Time:1.85 seconds.
Christopher Hallum- C, R-R, 6-4/220 lbs, Peachtree Ridge HS (2008),Lawerenceville, GA
2007 Georgia Dugout Club Top 100 Showcase. 2007 Gwinnett County Player of the Week. 2007 Gwinnett County Player of the Month. 60 YD:7.70seconds ARM:82 mph. Release Time:1.90 seconds.
Wilfred Montas- C, R-R, 5-9/200 lbs, Union County College (2011)Elizabeth, NJ
2009 All Star Game. 60 YD:7.85 seconds ARM:69 mph. Release Time:2.33 seconds. Video


First Base

Cameron Cain- 1B, B-R, 6-1/170 lbs, Valdosta HS(2009),Valdosta, GA
2008 AAAAA All Region.
Nathan Tomazewski- 1B, L-R, 6-3/215 lbs, Letourneau Univ.(2012),Longview.TX
2010 Division III All West Region:2nd Team. 60 YD:6.93 seconds OUT ARM:88 mph INF ARM:81 mph
Cameron Cain- 1B, B-R, 6-1/170 lbs, Valdosta HS(2009),Valdosta, GA
Jordan Ramirez- 1B, R-L, 6-2/200 lbs, Burnaby Online(2012),Burnaby, British Columbia
2010 Pacific Coast Challenge. 60 YD:7.75 seconds ARM:80 mph. Video
Corey Merrill- (1B)R-R Cumberland University (2009)Nashville, TN
60YD:7.78 seconds. ARM:77 mph. Video
Jake Hook- (1B)B-R 6-2/300 lbs,Druid Hills HS(2010)Decatur, GA
60YD:8.09 seconds. ARM:68 mph. Video
Michael Miller- (1B)R-R Morris College (2014)Newberry, SC
60YD:7.35 seconds. ARM:75 mph. 2010 Rookie of the Year. Video
Bryan Bialecki- (1B)R-R Guilford College (2011)Greensboro , NC
2011 ODAC All Tournament Team. 60YD:7.30 seconds ARM:80 mph Video
Ryan Pearson- (1B)R-R SPSU (2008)Marietta, GA
2007 All Conference. 2007 All Conference. 60YD:7.08 seconds ARM:81mph Video
Tristian Toorie- 1B, R-R, 6-2/230 lbs, GCSU (2010),Snellville, GA
(2008),Hahira, GA 60YD:6.91 seconds ARM:74 mph Video
Alex Green- 1B, R-R, 6-1/245 lbs,Sandy Creek HS (2008),Fayetteville, GA
Cody Adams- 1B, R-R, 6-0/200 lbs, Georgia Southwestern(2009),Calhoun , GA
2004 All Area. 2005 All Area. 2005 Musco Lighting Award. 2005 Georgia/ Tennessee All Star Game. 60YD: 7.50 seconds ARM: 77 mph Video
Seth Mellen- 1B, R-R, 6-3/210 lbs, Claflin Univ.(2013),Atlana , GA
60YD: 8.00 seconds ARM: 72 mph Video
John Render- 1B, R-R, 5-10/220 lbs, Northgate HS(2008),Newnan, GA
2007 Most Viable Prospects Showcase. 2008 Perfect Game State Showcase. 60YD:7.83 seconds ARM:73 mph
Devin Foreman- 1B, R-R, 6-1/225 lbs, Jackson State University (2010),Chicago, IL
Drafted in the 29 Round By the Boston Red Sox(2006).2005 Area Code Games.2006 All State, 2006 All Conference.2006 Catholic League:MVP. 60YD:7.44 seconds ARM:77 mph
Curt Chambers II 5-10.5/215 lbs,(1B)Huntington HS, Shreveport, LA (Class of 2009)
2007 Centenany Baseball Camp. 2007 Evangel Baseball Camp. 2008 All District. 2008 All Area. 2008 All City. 2008 All State: Honorable Mention. 2008 Most Viable Prospects Showcase. 2008 Perfect Game:South Top Prospects. 2008 WWBA 18u National Championship:South Florida Bandits: Nationals. 60YD:6.94 seconds ARM:75 MPH Video
Jason Griffin- 1B, R-R, 6-3/235 lbs, Warner University (2011)Auburndale, FL
2009 Defensive Player of the Year. 2010 Defensive Player of the Year. 60YD:7.88 seconds ARM:80 mph Video
Ryan Gale- 1B, R-R, 5-11/185 lbs, Pope HS (2008)Roswell,GA
2007 Pope HS: Coaches Award. 2006 Pope HS: Coaches Award. 2005 Pope HS: Coaches Award. 60YD:7.30 seconds ARM:81 mph
Clayton Palicki- 1B, R-L, 6-0/200 lbs, Madison Academy (2011)Huntsville,AL
2010 East-West All-Star game. 2010 ALABCA Underclassmen Event All-Star Weekend. 2010 All-State by Alabama Sports Writers Association (ASWA). 60YD:6.88 seconds ARM:79 mph Video
Mark Olberding- 1B, R-R, 6-3/240 lbs, Wake Forest (2012)Knoxville, TN
60YD:7.24 seconds ARM:78 mph Video

Second Base

Zac Schwering- 2B, R-R, 5-9/160 lbs, Trinity HS (2011),St.Louis,MO
60YD:7.81 seconds ARM:67 mph Video
Michael Whiten- 2B, R-R, 6-0/175 lbs, Virginia State (2012),Petersburg, VA
2010 All CIAA:2nd Team. 2009 All CIAA:All Rookie Team. 60YD:6.85 seconds ARM:75 mph Video
Malcolm Mc Clure- 2B, R-R, 6-2/185 lbs, Galveston College (2010),Baton Rouge, LA
Gabriel Torres- 2B, B-R, 5-11/185 lbs, USCB (2012)Safety Harbor, FL
2010 UCSB MVP. 2010 NAIA Champion of Character Award.2008 Under Armour Pre Season All-American Honorable Mention. 60YD:6.99 seconds ARM:80 mph Left Video
Right Video
Lovis Savastano- 2B, R-R, 5-9/165 lbs, CC of Rhode Island (2009),North Providence, RI
2007 All State. 2007 All Area. (2008),Hahira, GA 60YD:7.30 seconds ARM:77 mph Fastball:82-85mph Curve:66-68 mph Video
Timmy Adams- 2B, R-R, 5-9/150 lbs, Home Schooled(2011),Charlotte, NC
2011 CABL All Star Game:MVP. 60YD:7.20 seconds ARM:77mph Video
Ryan Wynne- 2B, R-R, 5-6/138 lbs, Rick Central HS(2010),Olympia Fields, IL
60YD:7.41 seconds ARM:72mph Video
Aquiles Torrealba- 2B, R-R, 5-9/155 lbs, Atlanta Christian College(2008),Newnan, GA
60YD:7.19 seconds ARM:76mph
Eric Phillips- 2B, R-R, 6-2/180 lbs, Carrollton HS(2008),Carrollton, GA
2007 West Georgia Area Newceomer of the Year. 2007 USA Classic All Tournament Team. 60YD:7.57 seconds ARM:74mph
James Whitehead JR- 2B, R-R, 5-7/155 lbs, Forest Park Christian(2008),College Park, GA
2007 IBC World Series All Tournament. 60YD:7.06 seconds ARM:78mph
Jeffrey Pierce II- 2B, R-R, 5-9/175 lbs, Paine College (2010),Florence, SC
2008 All SIAC. 60YD:6.85 seconds ARM:79 mph
Tyler Collins- 2B, L-R, 5-9/180 lbs, Arkansas Tech Univ. (2013),Booneville, AR
60YD:7.25 seconds ARM:75 mph
Michael Martinez- 2B, R-R, 5-9/140 lbs, Everglades HS (2008),Pembroke, FL
60YD:7.52 seconds ARM:81 mph
Adam Fair- 2B, R-R, 5-11/180 lbs, Daniel Boone HS,Johnson City, TN (2005)
60YD:8.03 seconds ARM:75 mph Video
Justin Booth- 2B, B-R, 6-2/165 lbs, Tuscaloosa HS,Buhl, AL (2008)
60YD:7.44 seconds ARM:68 mph
Jared Steedley- 2B, L-R, 5-11/177 lbs, Spalding HS,Griffin, GA (2007)
2004 Spaulding HS: Rookie of the Year. 60YD:7.57 seconds ARM:70 mph
Josh Bennett- 2B, R-R, 5-10/174 lbs, Fox HS (2007),Arnold, MD
60YD:7.50 seconds ARM:76 mph
Robert Jennings-2B, R-R,6-0/170 Lemoyne College (2012) Olive Branch, MS
2010 All SIAC:2nd Team. 60YD:7.72 seconds ARM:71 mph Video
Eric Bechet-2B, R-R,6-0/170 Salem HS (2012) Covington, GA
60YD:7.00 seconds ARM:81 mph Video


William Smalls- SS/2B, R-R, 5-10/177 lbs, Albany State(2012)Decatur,GA
60YD:7.25 seconds ARM:80 mph Video
Devin Presnell- SS/2B, R-R, 5-10/160 lbs, Mars Hill College(2010),Boone, NC
60 YD:6.79 seconds. OUTFIELD ARM:92 mph. INFIELD ARM:87 mph.
Mike Kitt- SS/2B, R-R, 5-11/176 lbs, Mars Hill College(2010),West Islip,NY
Signed a minor league contract with the NY Federals of the NY State League.2008 NJCAA All American. 2008 Player of the Year. 2008 All Region. 2008 Gold Glove. 60 YD:6.75 seconds. OUTFIELD ARM:91 mph. INFIELD ARM:87 mph.
Walter Fanning- SS/2B, R-R, 6-1/160 lbs, Wenonah HS(2012),Birmingham, AL
2011 Wenonah HS: Golden Glove. 2011 Wenonah HS:MVP. 2011 Wenonah HS:Silver Bat. 2011 Wenonah HS:Most Improved.
Michael Jordan- SS/RHP, R-R, 5-5/135 lbs, Benedict College(2011),Miami Garden,FL
2011 SIAC East Division Co-Player of the Week. 2011 SIAC East Division Pitcher of the Week. 2011 SIAC East Division Baseball All-Academic. 60YD:6.78 seconds ARM:80 mph Video
Edwin Arias- SS, B-R, 5-10/165 lbs, Parkview HS(2012),Lilburn , GA
All County Player of the Month of April 2011. Region 8 5A First Position Player 2011. Scholar Athlete 2011, Braves 400 Club Award All Star Award 2011. 60YD:6.81 seconds ARM:89 mph Right Handed Video
Left Handed Video
Brandon Ponder- SS, R-R, 5-10/185 lbs, Shorter College(2008),Hahira, GA
Signed a minor league contract with the Continental Baseball League. 60YD:6.50 seconds ARM:85 mph Video
Bryson Sims- SS/OUT, R-R, 5-11/175 lbs, Brewton Parker College (2011),Griffin, GA
Signed a minor league contract with the Trinidad Triggers of the Pecos League.2007 All Region:2nd Team. 60YD:6.47 seconds ARM:85 mph Video
Greg Brown- SS, B-R, 5-5/135 lbs, Winthrow HS,Cincinati, OH
2007 All City.
Christopher Salgado- SS, R-R, 5-9/185 lbs, Tennessee Temple (2008),Chattanooga, TN
60YD:6.93 seconds ARM:84 mph
Michael Morgan- SS, R-R, 5-11/172 lbs, Indian Lake HS,Russels Point, OH (2008)
2007 Indian Lake HS:MVP. 2006 Indian Lake HS:MVP. 2005 Indian Lake HS:MVP. 2007 Indian Lake HS:Defensive Player of the Year. 2006 Indian Lake HS:Defensive Player of the Year 2005 Indian Lake HS:Defensive Player of the Year 2007 All Central Buckeye Conference: Honorable Mention. 2006 All Central Buckeye Conference: Honorable Mention. 2007 All Area. 2008 Miami Valley Top 50. 60YD:7.78 seconds ARM:78 mph
Chauncey Davis- SS, R-R, 5-9/160 lbs, Benjamin Mays HS(2008),East Point, GA
2006 Benjamin Mays HS:Gold Glove. 2007 Benjamin Mays HS:Gold Glove. 2008 Benjamin Mays HS:MVP. 2008 Benjamin Mays HS:Best Hitter. 60YD:6.50 seconds ARM:76mph
Avery Anderson- SS, B-R, 5-11/165 lbs, Sandy Creek HS(2008),Peachtree City, GA
60YD:7.06 seconds ARM:83mph
David Mc Farland- SS, L-R, 6-2/180 lbs, First Baptist Academy,Luffin, TX (2009)
2008 Honorable Mention. 60YD:6.91 seconds ARM:83 mph Fastball:80-82 mph Curve:64mph
Jamodrick Mcgruder- SS, L-R, 5-8/165 lbs, First Baptist Academy ,Mesquite, TX(2009)
2008 Perfect Game Nationals, 2008 RBIS Wrold Series. 2008 Most Viable Prospect Showcase 60YD:6.40 seconds ARM:86 mph Video
Andrew Spaulding- SS, R-R, 6-4/175 lbs, Malone (2008)Cincinnati, OH
Drafted in the 49 RD by New York Yankees.
Andre Nichols- SS, R-R, 5-10/185 lbs, Surry CC (2008),Windsor, VA
2006 All County. 2005 All County:2nd Team. 2007 American Legion Post 49 All Star. 2007 American Legion Post 280 All Star. 2006 Outstanding Player of the Year. 60YD:7.54 seconds ARM:79 MPH
Justin Hargett - SS, R-R, 6-0/170 lbs, Hartselle HS (2007),Hartselle, AL
Christian Watford- SS, R-R, 5-9/148 lbs, Lithia Springs HS (2010),Douglasville, GA
2007 Lithia Springs HS: Best Offensive Player.2008 Lithia Springs HS :Highest Batting Average.2009 Lithia Springs HS Best Defensive Player. 2008 All County. 2008 All Region. 60YD:6.94 seconds ARM 88 mph
Fastball:83-85mph Curve:74 mph Pitching Video
Hitting Video
Marcus Fuller- SS, R-R, 6-1/190 lbs, NC Central Univ. (2008),Charlotte, NC
60YD:7.00 seconds ARM:74 mph
Cody Adkins- SS, R-R, 6-2/170 lbs, Ola HS (2011)Mc Donough, GA
2009 Defensive Player of the Year. 2010 Defensive Player of the Year. 60YD:6.75 seconds ARM:81 mph Video
Nakeem Forte- SS, B-R, 5-10/155 lbs, Georgia Perimeter College (2012)Conyers, GA
60YD:6.78 seconds ARM:81 mph Video

Third Base

Bryant Prather- 3B, R-R, 6-0/190 lbs,Creekside HS (2012)Union City, GA
2011 Creekside HS:MVP.2011 All Region. 60YD:7.15 seconds INF ARM:82 mph OUT ARM:84 mph Video
Greg Marlett- 3B, R-R, 6-1/190 lbs, SFCC (2008)Orange Park,FL
Signed a minor league contract with the Israel Baseball League. 60YD:7.20 seconds ARM:74 mph
Niko Stathakis- 3B, B-R, 5-10/185 lbs, Lakeside HS(2010),Atlanta, GA
2009 Dekalb County: Honorable Mention. 60 YD:7.59 seconds. ARM:81 mph. Video
Garrett Deason- 3B, R-R, 6-2/205 lbs, North Georgia College (2011),Griffin, GA
2007 Spaulding HS:Offensive Player of the Year. 2007 Spaulding HS:MVP.2007 Georgia Dugout Club:All Star.2007 All Region:3B. 2007 All Region:Pitcher. 2007 Region AAA: Player of the Year. 60YD:7.62 seconds. ARM:81 mph. Video
Michael Garcia- 3B, R-R, 5-11/210 lbs, Hawthorne HS,Hawthorne,NJ
60 YD:7.28 seconds. ARM:71 mph Video
Kerry Starr- 3B/C, R-R, 5-8/180 lbs, Westlake HS,Atlanta,GA
60 YD:8.02 seconds. ARM:70 mph.
Quinton Henley- 3B, R-R, 5-11/215 lbs, University of Louisiana Monroe(2011),West Monroe, LA
2007 All District Class 3-4A.2007 All State. 60 YD:7.84 seconds. ARM:84 mph. Video
Alfredo Escalera- 3B, R-R, 6-1/175 lbs, IMG Academy (2012),Bradenton, FL
2011 IMG Academy:highest batting average.2010 PG WWBA Underclass World Championship. 2011 Perfect Game Southeast Top Prospect Showcases.2011 WWBA World Championship:IMG Academy. 60 YD:6.66 seconds. ARM:82 mph. Video
Mickey Monterroso- 3B, R-R, 6-3/205 lbs, Carrollton HS (2008),Barnesville, GA
60YD:7.20 seconds ARM:81mph
James Custard- 3B, L-R, 5-9/215 lbs, St, Catherines Univ.(2008),Cynthania,KY
2004 All State. 2005 All State. 2006 All State. 60YD:8.00 seconds ARM:75mph Video
Cory Willig- 3B, R-R, 6-0/200 lbs, Gordon JC(2010),Larenceville , GA
2008 Gwinnet County Player of the Month. 60YD: 7.08 seconds ARM:77mph Video
DeMario Cash- 3B, R-R, 6-1/205 lbs, Albany State(2007),Decatur, GA
Fastball:83-85 mph 60YD:7.22 seconds ARM:83mph
Ian Tabor- 3B/RHP, B-R, 6-0/180 lbs, Lee HS (2009),Huntsville, AL
2008 Lee HS: MVP. 2008 All City: Utility Player. 2008 All City:2nd Team: SS. 60 YD:8.11 seconds. ARM:79 mph. Fastball:81-83mph Curve:66-68mph
Alex Meadows- 3B, R-R, 6-3/205 lbs, Spalding University (2009),Goodlettsville,TN
2005 All County.2004 1st Team All-County Baseball Team 60YD:7.53 seconds ARM:84 mph
Leomar Geronimo- 3B, R-R, 6-0/223 lbs, Union County College (2010)Elizabeth, NJ
2009 All Conference. 60YD:7.81 seconds ARM:78 mph Video
Wayne Bailey Thompson- 3B/C, R-R, 5-9/160 lbs, Lamar County HS (2011),Barnsville,GA
60YD:7.47 seconds INF ARM:75 MPH
Release Time:2.10 seconds
ARM:74 MPH Video
William Mora 3B, R-R, 6-0/210 lbs, Norman Thomas HS (2012),Bronx,NY
60YD:9.18 seconds INF ARM:74 MPH Video
Quinn Finnegan- 3B, R-R, 5-10/170 lbs, UNC Greensboro (2011),Greensboro,NC
2011 USA South All Conference. 60YD:7.13 seconds INF ARM:81 MPH Video


David Triplet- OUT, R-R, 6-1/190 lbs, Shorter College (2009)Acworth, GA
Signed a minor league contract with the New York Yankees. Signed a minor league contract with the Laredo Broncos United Baseball League. 2004 Area Code Game Trials.2008 MLSB Tryout Camp. 60YD:6.41 seconds. ARM:95 mph. Fastball:93-95 mph. Curve:77-79 mph.
Williams Harkins- OUT, R-R, 6-0/190 lbs,Shorter College (2011)Rocky Face, GA
60YD:6.97 seconds ARM:92 mph Video
Demetric Alston- OUT, R-R, 6-1/175 lbs,Duluth HS (2011)Duluth, GA
60YD:7.25 seconds. ARM:81 mph. Video
Jon Matthews- OUT, R-R, 6-3/190 lbs, Pope HS (2009)Marietta, GA
Drafted in the 8 round by the Cincinnati Reds. 2008 AAAAA All Region. 2008 East Cobb Cubs:Defensice Award 2008 Georgia Dugout Club: Player of the Week 2008 Pope HS: Offensive Player of the Year. 2007 Most Athletic Player Award. 2006 East Cobb:MVP. 60 YD:6.78 seconds. ARM:89 mph.
Johnny Garrett- OUT, R-R, 5-11/195 lbs, New Mexico Military Institue (2011)Longview, TX
2011 WJCAC All State Game. 60YD:6.44 seconds ARM:92 mph Video
Kevin Valerio- OUT, R-R, 6-0/195 lbs, Union County College (2010)Elizabeth, NJ
60 YD:7.38 seconds. ARM:85 mph.
Brad Brumbelow- OUT, R-R, 5-10/165 lbs, Shorter College(2011),Rockmart, GA
60YD:6.75 seconds ARM:80 mph Video
Jeremy Capshaw- OUT, R-R, 6-2/190 lbs, Atlanta Christian College (2011)Senoia, GA
2009 Great South League All Stars West Division. 60YD:6.87 seconds ARM:90 mph Video
Xavier Ysabel- OUT, R-R, 6-2/180 lbs, Union County College (2010)Elizabeth, NJ
2009 All Conference:2nd Team. 60YD:7.06 seconds ARM:88 mph Video
Oliver Jenkins Jr.- OUT, R-R, 5-11/185 lbs, NC Central Univ. (2008)Rocky Mount, NC
60YD:6.94 seconds ARM:83 mph
Justin Smith- OUT, R-R, 5-10/180 lbs, WS Neal HS (2007)East Brewton, AL
60YD:6.97 seconds ARM:83 mph
Harrison West- OUT, R-R, 5-11/165 lbs, Valdosta HS (2009)Valdosta, GA
60YD:6.94 seconds ARM:83 mph Video
Brauncy Jenkins- OUT, L-L, 5-9/165 lbs, GCSU(2009),Milledgeville, GA
60YD:6.92 seconds ARM:82 mph Video
Dustin Jimenez - OUT, B-R, 5-10/160 lbs,Loraine HS(2012),Loraine,OH
60YD:7.82 seconds ARM:74 mph Left Video
Right Video
Daniel Watt - OUT, B-R, 5-8/145 lbs,Jonesboro HS(2009),Mc Donough, GA
60YD:7.47 seconds ARM:71 mph
Sterling Graham- OUT, R-R, 6-3/190 lbs, East Columbus HS(2009),Council,NC
2008 All Conference. 2008 All State. 2008 East Columbus HS:MVP. 2008 East Columbus HS:Outstanding Defensive. 2008 East Columbus HS:Outstanding Hitting. 2007 East Columbus HS:Outstanding Defensive. 2007 East Columbus HS:Outstanding Hitting. 2006 East Columbus HS:Outstanding Defensive. 2006 East Columbus HS:Outstanding Hitting. 60YD:7.19 seconds ARM:76 mph Video
Amonn Stewart- OUT, R-R, 6-2/185 lbs, Olive Harvey College(2010),Chicago, IL
Frankie Gerena JR- OUT, R-R, 5-11/217 lbs, Seminole CC(2012),Orlando, FL
60YD:7.78 seconds ARM:75 mph Video
Ryan Jamison- OUT, L-L, 6-0/195 lbs, Milligan College(2008),Sommerset, KY
2007 All Conference. 60YD:6.75 seconds ARM:79 mph
Rafael Humphrey- OUT, R-R, 5-11/162 lbs, Western Hills HS (2001),Cincinatti , OH
Signed a minor league contract with the NY Empires of the NY State League 2001 Western Hills HS: Most Improved.
Kenneth Smith : (OUT) Chattahoochee Junior College, Marietta , GA(Class of 2009)
2003 Kennesaw Mountain HS MVP. 2004 All Cobb County 1st Team.2005 All Cobb County 1st Team.2005 Perfect Game SE Top Prospect Showcase. 2006 Perfect Game World Showcase. 60YD:6.78 ARM:86 mph Video
Tony Hill- OUT/RHP, R-R, 5-10/188 lbs, Statesboro HS (2008)Statesboro, GA
Signed a minor league contract with the Continental Baseball League. 2007 Georgia Dugout Club Top 100 Showcase.2007 Most Viable Prospects Showcase. 60YD:6.7 seconds. ARM:84 mph. Fastball:86-88 mph. Curve:73-74 mph.
Carnell Montgomery- OUT, L-R, 5-11/180 lbs, Wilson HS(2011)Lake City, SC
2010 All Region.2010 Wlson HS MVP. 60YD:6.94 seconds. ARM:84 mphVideo
Georgie Malone- OUT, B-R, 5-8/150 lbs, Bevill State CC(2008)Hazel Green, AL
60YD:6.66 seconds. ARM:81 mph Video
Jefferson Beckles- OUT, L-R, 6-0/190 lbs,Alabama State University (2012)Lathrup Village, MI
2009 Michigan Junior College All Conference:Honorable Mention. 2009 Henry Ford JC: Rookie of the Year. 60YD:7.40 seconds. ARM:82 mph Video
Melvin Robinson JR- OUT, R-R, 6-2/205 lbs, Lincoln University (2011) Bear , DE
2011 NCBWA Pre-Season Atlantic Region:Honorable Mention. 2011 ECAC Player of Week. 2011 CIAA Player of Week. 2011 CIAA Offensive Player of Week. 2011 CIAA:2nd Team. 60YD:7.03 seconds. ARM:90 mph Video
Josh Wood- OUT, R-R, 5-9/172 lbs, Limestone College (2013)Gastonia, NC
2008 All Gazzette Team.2008 All Conference.2008 Offensive Player of the Year. 60YD:6.53 seconds. ARM:83 mph Video
Marcus Fortin- OUT, L-R, 5-11/175 lbs, Corcoran HS (2011)Syracuse, NY
2010 CNYCL All-League American Division:2nd Team. 60YD:7.22 seconds. ARM:83 mph Video
Nick Irwin- OUT, R-R, 6-0/215 lbs, Lehigh CC (2012)Fogelville, PA
60YD:7.09 seconds. ARM:78 mph Video
London Lindley- OUT, R-%, 5-11/157 lbs, Georgia Perimeter College (2013)Marietta, GA
2011 Sprayberry HS:MVP. 2011 Sprayberry HS:Golden Glove. 60YD:6.78 seconds ARM:74 mph
Kenny Graham JR- OUT, R-L, 6-3/225 lbs, Guiford Tech (2011)Laurinburg, NC
2004 Freshman of the Year. 60YD:7.03 seconds. ARM:82 mph Video
Kameron Brunty- OUT, R-R, 6-1/170 lbs, Gulf Breeze HS (2008)Gulf Breeze, FL
2007 All Area.
Vincent Hood- OUT, B-R, 5-10/165 lbs, Georgia Perimeter College (2009)Norcross, GA
60YD:7.35 seconds. ARM:85 mph.
Lamar Bridges- OUT, R-R, 6-0/170 lbs, Alabama A & AM (2013)Kennesaw, GA
60YD:6.64 seconds. ARM:81 mph Video
Paul Patterson- OUT, L-L, 5-11/160 lbs, Starrs Mill HS(2010)Peachtree City, GA
2009 Prefect Game Southeast Top Prospect Showcase.2008 Prefect Game National Underclassman Showcase.2008 Prefect Game SE Underclass Showcase.2009 Under Armour Pre-Season All-America Tournament. 60YD:7.03 seconds. ARM:86 mph.
Fastball:82-83mph Curve:70-73mph Hitting Video
Pitching Video
Alexander Wyche- OUT, R-R, 5-9/170 lbs, ABAC (2008)Macon, GA
2006 All Middle Georgia.2007 All Conference. 2007 All Tournament. 60YD:6.66 seconds. ARM:87 mph.
Jay Hoffman- OUT, R-R, 6-1/160 lbs, Cleveland State CC (2009)Woodstock, GA
60YD:6.7 seconds. ARM:87 mph.
Javaris Hall- OUT, R-R, 5-6/160 lbs, Lovejoy HS (2009),Jonesboro, GA
60 YD:7.00 seconds. ARM:68 mph.
Justin Taylor- OUT, L-L, 6-1/205 lbs, Ohio State Univ. (2010),Columbus,OH
2009 Perfect Game Spring Top Prospects Showcase. 60YD: seconds. ARM:77 mph Video
Kevin Clethen- OUT, B-R, 5-8/175 lbs, FAMU (2007),Tampa, FL
60 YD:7.01 seconds. ARM:80 mph.
Gerald Lewandowski III- OUT, R-R, 5-11/172 lbs, Long County HS,Glennville, GA (2008)
2007 Long County HS:Best Defensive Award. 2005 Long County HS:Rookie of the Year. 60YD:6.81 seconds ARM:83 mph
Michael Webber- OUT, R-R, 5-8/190 lbs, Katy HS(2009),Katy, TX
2006 WWBA 15U National Championship. 2008 WWBA 18U National Championship. 60 YD:6.96 seconds. ARM:84 mph. Video
William Dennison- OUT, L-L, 6-1/190 lbs, Daytona State(2010),Port Orange, FL
60 YD:8.26 seconds. ARM:64 mph.
Antonio Burke- OUT, R-R, 6-1/180 lbs, Lithia Springs HS(2008),Lithia Springs, GA
2007 BCS 16 U:MVP.2005 Lithia Springs HS:Rookie of the Year.2007 Lithia Springs HS:MVP.2007 Most Viable Prospects Showcase. 60YD:6.59 seconds ARM:84mph
Brad Channel- OUT, R-R, 6-0/230 lbs, TC HS,Buhl, AL (2008)
Brian Sincard- OUT, R-R, 6-0/205 lbs, HS,Dallas, GA (2008)
60YD:7.28 seconds ARM:82 mph
Marcus Mack- OUT, L-L, 6-2/205 lbs, North Carolina Central (2007)
Signed a minor league contract with Oneida Barge Bucs in the New York State League. Batted .330 with 3 home runs, 29 RBI's and 37 stolen bases in 2007. 60 YD:6.5 seconds ARM:83 mph
Kevin Thomas- OUT, L-L, 5-6/170 lbs, Beaumont Central Medical HS,Beaumont, TX (2008)
2007 All District.2006 All District.2007 All Southeast Texas. 60YD:6.81 seconds ARM:71 mph
Darian Sandford- OUT, R-R, 5-9/170 lbs, Meramec JC (2008),St Louis, MO
2007 All Conference.
Justin Richard- OUT, R-R, 5-9/165 lbs, Benjamin Mays HS(2008),Atlanta, GA
2007 Benjamin Mays HS:Rookie of the Year. 2007 AJC Player of the Week. 60YD:6.91 seconds ARM:76mph
Blake Snyder- OUT/RHP, R-R, 6-0/165 lbs, Peachtree Ridge HS (2008),Lawrenceville, GA
60YD:7.20 seconds ARM:89mph Fastball:82-85mph Curve:70-71mph
Patrick Langley- OUT, L-R, 6-3/191 lbs, Shorter College (2009),Rome, GA
2007 All Conference. 2006 GSAC: Freshman of the Year. 60YD:6.82 seconds ARM:89mph Video
John Cervantes- OUT, R-R, 6-2/190 lbs, Thomas Univ (2012), Port St. Lucie, FL
2007 All Conference.2007 All Area. 2007 Ironman Award. 60YD:7.12 seconds ARM:87mph Video
Carson Moncrief- OUT, R-R, 6-5/185 lbs, Vidalia HS (2009), Vidalia, GA
2008 All Region: 2nd Team.
Anthony Mathews- OUT, R-R, 5-9/195 lbs, Gadsden HS (2009), Quincy, FL
2008 All Big Bend. 60YD:7.30 seconds ARM: 68 mph
DeAndre Seay- OUT, L-L, 5-8/185 lbs, Mc Murray Univ.(2011), Arlington, TX
2008 JUCO Freshman Honorable Mention. 2009 All Conference:2nd Team 60YD: 7.00 seconds ARM: 82 mph Video
Nicholas Clayton- OUT, R-R, 6-1/175 lbs, Hiram HS (2008), Hiram , GA
60YD: 7.38 seconds ARM: 84 mph Video
Thomas Sappelt- OUT, R-R, 5-9/195 lbs, Patrick Henry JC(2009), Martinville, VA
2008 All Conference.2007 All Conference. 2008 Patrick Henry JC: Offensive MVP. 2007 Patrick Henry JC: Offensive MVP.2009 Pre Season Player to Watch: Region X. 60YD:6.60 seconds ARM: 81mph Video
Jared Norman- OUT, L-R, 6-3/210 lbs, Volunteer State CC, Springfield, TN
Signed a minor league contract with the NY Federals of the NY State League. 60YD:6.53 seconds OUT ARM:83 MPH Video
Shaquille Gillispie- OUT, R-R, 5-11/175 lbs, South Gwinnett HS(2011), Loganville,GA
60YD:7.53 seconds OUT ARM:68 MPH Video
Leopold Dixon- OUT, R-R, 5-9/173 lbs, Towers HS (2010), Decatur, GA
2010 All Dekalb County. 2010 All Dekalb County: Players of the Month(March). 2010 All Dekalb County: Players of the Month(April). 2009 All Dekalb County:2nd Team 60YD:6.72 seconds INF ARM: 87mph OUT ARM:89 MPH Video
Dion Pouncil- OUT, B-R, 5-11/180 lbs, Palm Beach Atlantic (2010), West Palm Beach, FL
2007 Colonial Athletic Conference: Rookie of the Year: Runner Up. 60YD:6.98 seconds INF ARM: 84mph OUT ARM:92 MPH Hitting Video Left Side
Hitting Video Right Side
Dearrian Ford- OUT, L-R, 6-2.5/210 lbs, South Carolina State Univ. (2010), Fork,SC
2003 All State. 2004 All State 2004 Lakeview HS:MVP. 60YD:7.31 seconds ARM:88 MPH Video
Ashton Thornhill-OUT, R-R, 5-10/180 lbs, Gordon College (2013), Stockbridge,GA
60YD:7.27 seconds ARM:65 MPH Video
Chadwick Jones-OUT, R-R, 6-4/180 lbs, SPSU (2013), Stone Mountain,GA
60YD:6.97 seconds ARM:90 MPH Video
Marcus Jones- OUT, L-R, 6-4/220 lbs, Duke Univ. (2009), Huntsville,AL
Signed a minor league contact with the Baltimore Orioles. 60YD:6.50 seconds ARM:83 MPH Video