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Registration Forms



Name _________________________________________________ 

Address __________________________________________________________

City __________________________ 

State __________________ Zip _________

Phone Number _______________________________

Email Address _______________________________

Birth Date ___/___/_____  

High School ______________________ Grad. Date 2012______

Junior College ______________________ Grad. Date 2012 or 2013______

College ______________________ Grad. Date 2012 or 2013______


Height __________  Weight __________  Bats _______ Throws ________

Primary Position __________________ Secondary Position __________________

Baseball Honors/Awards ____________________________________________


I have read all the Pre- Draft ID Camp rules in this section above and agree to abide by them. I do hereby waive, release and discharge Pre- Draft ID Camp,Prospect Watch, W.L.ill Evans Field, City of College Park and their respective staffs, employees assigns and sponsors, of and from any and all rights and claims for damage resulting from injury of my person or property, which may be sustained or suffered by me in connection with my association with or participating in, or arising out of my traveling to or from the Pre-Draft ID Camp. We, the parent (s) or legal guardian, agree to the above waiver and we join therein.

Player's Name_________________________________________________

Parents/ Guardin (Signature)______________________________________________


Registration Fee

The registration fee $75.00(Non-Refundable)
Please make money orders payable to Prospect Watch

Roster spots are filling up fast, Pre-Draft ID Camp report time is on Sunday April 8, 2012 at 4:30 PM.
Pre-Draft ID Camp starts at 5:00 PM.

Mail to our address:

Prospect Watch

51 Peachtree Way

Atlanta, GA 30305


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