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By the numbers: The first-year player draft :2002 Star Tribune

Round Joe Mauer chosen: 1 (First overall)
Round Jake Mauer chosen: 23 (667 overall)
Total rounds in draft: 50

Players drafted in 2001 by Major League Baseball: 1485
Players signed to contracts: About 700
Players likely to see time in the major leagues: 56
Players likely to be regulars in the major leagues: 21
Players since 1965 who have gone straight from the draft to the major leagues: 19

Joe Mauer's contract: $5.15 million, with $1 million up front. By the end of the 2002 season, he will have half of that money. Includes college scholarship and incentive bonus plan.

Standard Minor League contract: Players sign contract that assigns rights to the team for 7 years. Never sign another minor league contract, but each year the player signs an addendum. Includes incentive bonus plan. College seniors typically receive $1-2,000 signing bonus. Jake Mauer received $5,000 signing bonus.
Rookie season pay: $850/month
Second year pay: $1050/month