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Selectfest Baseball Showcase

Selectfest Baseball Showcase

How long have you been running your showcase?

Since 1994.

Costs to attend ?

$250, but we do provide financial assistance to an invited player who couldn't come otherwise

How many days does the showcase last ?

2 Days -- Day 1 is a full Skills Day for evaluation / Day 2 is a Game Day

How are players invited ?

Application process which requires a recommendation and evaluation from a coach or pro scout

Number of pro scouts and college coaches that usually attend ?

Approximately 100

The 5 best players that have attended your showcase

  • Bob Brownlie (Rutgers, Cape Cod Pitcher of the Year, recent cover of Baseball America)
  • Corey Smith (1st Round draft pick, U of Miami) Karl Nonemaker (Vanderbilt University, 2000 pre-season All-SEC)
  • Wes Swackhamer (University of Florida, drafted by Chicago White Sox)
  • Josh Noviskey (Signed with Cleveland Indians, 7th round)
  • Chris Neylan (Signed in pro draft, North Carolina State)
  • Mike Rogers (North Carolina State)

    Is housing provided


    How many players that attended your showcase been taken in the amateur baseball draft?

    17 players