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Best In Virginia Showcase Camp

Best In Virginia Showcase Camp
(Scott Gines)

How long have you been running your showcase?

The Best In Virginia Showcase Camp has been offered consistently each year since 1988.
Scott Gines and Dennis Womack have served as the directors of this event for the duration, and entering their 19th year of coaching together. The BIV was initially developed under the premise that, the state of Virginia, having 11 Division I baseball programs and an assortment of literally some of the top academic schools in the country (see US News & World Report Top 100 List), could greatly serve the H.S. baseball players of VA--and be of great service to the collegiate programs of VA--by marketing the duality of a great baseball and academic product.
The BIV Showcase Camps have sold out each session since 1992, and, in our understanding, perhaps represent the only "instructional showcase" offering in the country today. Our mission statement began as a simple document and continues as such today:
  • Hire great teachers of the game and have a tremendous coach-to-camper ratio (our ratio is advertised at 6:1 but typically operates between 4-5 to 1. In essence, we do not want our campers to take from camp the experience of waiting in line or having very few reps and game experiences).
  • Be equipped for everything. That is, if someone wants 2 crates of balls, we'll deliver 3.
  • Be simple and organized, and employ the father of learning--repition. Every minute is literally planned, as well as contigencies for weather, etc. We want them to leave camp totally exhausted, mentally, physically and even spiritually.
  • Build character. That is, we operate off of two rules: 1. Be on time, and 2. Be a man. We continue to operate with an honor system, and even operated for 6 years without keys for any dorm room doors. In 16 years of operation, we have never had a damage report.
  • Let exposure unfold on its own. Look down the hall, and about every 4th room is a staff room. Our staff eat with the campers, and spend in the neighborhood of 10-11 hrs/day with them. Good recruiting is usually done for both attitude and ability. Our detailed and demanding camp format tests each camper attitudinally, and allows for scouts and staff the find out what cut of clothe each player is made of.

    Costs to attend

  • Early registration = $ 450.00 in full
  • Late registration = $ 500.00 in full
  • Campers attended from 27 states in 2001, and our average academic profile is typically 1120-1160 and 3.1 + gpa. The latter has historically unfolded on its own.

    How many days does the showcase last

    We open on Saturdays (1500 hrs) and conclude on Wed afternoon. Tuesday evening begins Showcase B.P. and all day Wednesday is Showcase Day (12 games on 2 adjacent fields).

    How are players invited

    Best in Virginia is open to all rising 10th, 11th, 12th graders. Admission is secured on a first come, first serve basis. Early registration is strongly encourged. Each session of the Best In Virginia Showcase Camp has sold-out since 1992.

    Number of pro scouts and college coaches that usually attend ?

    This number has been very stable and consistent for many years and sessions, and typically totals between 45-50/session. Collegiate coaches represent the heaviest concentration here. Perhaps the most powerful thing I can share is that I annually hire about 105 instructional slots for our 4 sessions of camp (we do 2 Father-Son Weekend Camps @ Graves Mtn Lodge also), and I have been able to fill my staff list for four years running in less than 14 days and without making a phone call. I also annually have a 2-pg waiting list for staff.

    The 5 best players that have attended your showcase

    I never even think about it this way, so I'll have to do some recollecting....The camp has sold itself and sold-out for so many years, we're simply not used to charting these on paper....Let me say it this way: In 2001, the freshman player of the year was a BIV camper the previous summer. Those leagues were the ACC, CAA and Ivy. Some recent campers that come to mind who were also high draft picks include Brian Buchanan, David Wright, etc.

    Is housing provided

    Yes. The cost is turn key

    How many players that attended your showcase been taken in the amateur baseball draft?

    Again, I have never put it to paper. The total is, understandably, significant. However, our focus has always been as an instructional and collegiate showcase. As a result, the percentage of our campers who have gone on to play collegiate baseball is extremely high (approximately 84-92 %). About 4-5 years ago, my partner (Dennis Womack, Head Coach, UVa) picked up an "odd timed" airport arrival: camper from Chicago. Dennis asked the boy how he heard about camp. The boy responded by saying that he had called Baseball Today and asked them for the best place to go to camp if you wanted to play college baseball. Apparently, whoever the boy talked to responded by saying that the choice was easy, go to a little place in central Virginia named the Best In Virginia Showcase Camp.