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Team One Showcase

Team One
(Anup Sinha )

How long have you been running your showcase?

10 years, but we do several events each year

$ Costs to attend


How many days does the showcase last

Three days.

Number of pro scouts and college coaches that usually attend

The National Showcase is the premier event in terms of talent. The standards for invitation to this event are the highest of any summer baseball event. We invite players who we feel to have the potential to be drafted in the first ten rounds the following year, ie. the very best rising high school seniors in the country. Several hundred scouts and recruiters show up for this annually, including the majority of Scouting Directors and National Cross-checkers and top-40 college programs.

The Regionals feature the top players from each of those geographical areas. They are attended by 100-150 or more scouts and college coaches. Many players get drafted out of the Regional Showcases as well (including some first-rounders), and most sign Division I college offers. Since our Regionals are attended by major league scouts and DI college coaches, our standards for invitation are players who are legitimate prospects to play on that level.

how does a player get invited

We scour the nation every year, looking for the top high school juniors. Anup Sinha does a lot of traveling to see as many players in person as he possibly can. Obviously, a staff of three is limited, so we rely on a network of contacts throughout the country to help cover the ground. Players who believe they are deserving of an invitation can always nominate themselves. (Nominating a Player for Team One Showcases.) We will follow up on them from there. If we decide to issue an invitation, the player will hear from us through the mail. Because of the volume of requests and candidates, we are unable to respond to every applicant. If after six weeks you have not heard from us, you're welcome to inquire with Anup Sinha at "" for an update on your status.

The 5 best players that have attended your showcase.

Ryan Anderson, Corey Patterson, Rick Ankiel, Eric Chavez,and Josh Hamilton,
38 Team One Players in Big Leagues During 2002

Is housing provided


How many players that attended your showcase been taken in the amateur baseball draft?

The Team One National Showcase is attended by over 300 scouts and recruiters each year. Our National Showcase has featured over 60 first-round draft picks; more than 20 future Major League players; hundreds of top draft picks; over 30 players who have received signing bonuses over $1 million; and many of college baseball's top players over the last decade. The event has also led to players receiving millions of dollars in college scholarship money, and a wider range of schools for each player to choose from. The Team One Regional Showcases have featured hundreds of draft picks (including several first-rounders) and dozens of future College All-Americans. More importantly, each player has the best opportunity possible to attract the attention of a wide variety of college coaches. The Showcase helps players get seen by the top Division I schools, but also by other Division I and junior college programs that may be a better fit for some prospects.