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East Coast Professional Showcase

East Coast Professional Showcase

How long have you been running your showcase?

6 years

Costs to attend


How many days does the showcase last

4 days.

How are players invited

Players are invited after attending regional tryout camps run by the East Coast Professional Coaches. They also invite players based on recommendation of Major League Scouts. All teams are coached by Major league Scouts.

Number of pro scouts and college coaches that usually attend ?

200-300 Colleges recruitors and Major League Scouts

The 5 best players that have attended your showcase

  • Scott Hodges
  • Austin Kearns
  • Mark Texiera
  • Danny Wright
  • Macay Mc Bride
  • Gavin Floyd
  • B. J. Upton
  • Alan Horne
  • Justin Upton
  • Prince Fielder

    Is housing provided

    Yes, Detroit Tigers Minor League Complex will provide housing and meals for a costs of $140.

    How many players that attended your showcase been taken in the amateur baseball draft?

    Over 250 players