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Strike Bulletin, May 30th:
Copley Nurses Stick Tight, Win Many of Their Demands; Vote to Return to Work Next Week.
See Today's Barre-Montpelier "Times-Argus" News Report.
Their Fight for Good Health Care is Our Fight, Too!
The Nurses at Copley Hospital in Morrisville, Vermont are on STRIKE!

      After months of fruitless negotiations, the members of the Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals (FNHP) Local 5191 voted overwhelmingly to take to the picket line April 30th to win Dignity on the Job and Quality Patient Care. The nurses are determined to win the respect they deserve.

Jeanne Jose 802-658-3113 or Tom 802-223-5229


Note: Support lines (pickets) rotate locations around the town. Please come and join us at the following times and places:

  • Friday, May 22 -- 7:30-9 AM -- Informational Picket @ Copley Hospital
    8:00 AM-2:00 PM -- Informational Picket @ Copley Hospital (sign up for 2 hour block
    3-7 PM -- Meet at Stowe Playground (by Elementary School) for Informational Picket -- one group into Stowe Village and another group to Commodore's
  • Saturday, May 23 -- 8:30 AM -- Meet at Morristown Ambulance Bldg. and at 9:30 out in pairs into community with Fact Sheet and Petition [Hardwick Parade @11:00!]
    9 PM-1 AM Benefit Dance @ the Charlmont, Morrisville.
  • Sunday, May 24 -- 1-4 PM -- Stowe Village Informational Picket -- meet at playground at 1 PM
    6-8 PM -- Informational Picket @ Copley Hospital
  • Monday, May 25 -- 11 AM-3 PM -- Petition @ Ames Plaza in Morrisville (sign up for 2 hour blocks, 11 to 1 and 1 to 3)
    6-8 PM -- Informational Picket @ Copley Hospital -- BBQ (bring chips, soda, salad, etc. -- hamburgs/hotdogs provided)
  • Tuesday, May 26 -- 7:30-9 AM -- Informational Picket @ Copley Hospital
    6-8 PM -- Informational Picket @ Copley Hospital; then @ 9 AM will spend rest of morning traveling to Board businesses to picket (can travel together!)
    6-8 PM -- Informational Picket @ Copley Hospital
  • Wednesday, May 27 -- 10 AM -- Informational Picket @ Northgate Plaza in Morrisville (plan to cover until Negotiations over)
    11 AM Negotiations @ Plaza Hotel
    6-8 PM -- Informational Picket @ Copley Hospital
  • Thursday, May 28 -- 7:30-9 AM -- Informational Picket @ Copley Hospital
    9:00 AM-6:00 PM -- Sign up for 2 hour blocks to picket @ Copley Hospital
    6-8 PM -- Informational Picket @ Copley Hospital
  • Friday, May 29 -- 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM -- meeting to review any updates from Negotations and VOTE
    11:00 AM-5:00 PM -- sign up for blocks Informational Picket @ Copley Hospital

    Please do as much as you possibly can!

    Contact: Jeanne Jose
    FAX: 802-658-3113
    Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
    One Lawson Lane, Mailbox #6
    Burlington, Vermont 05401

    (Meeting on MONTPELIER City Hall steps; below are times cars will leave, so arrive a little earlier)

  • Tuesday, May 19 -- 5:20 PM
  • Wednesday, May 20 -- 7 AM
  • Thursday, May 21 -- 5:20 PM

    For more local information, call:
    Jason or Tanya, Central Vermonter for a Livable Wage: 456-7456
    Chris Wood, Washington County Progressive Coalition: 229-0800
    Hal Leyshon, Vermont Labor Party: 223-4172

  • Where is Morrisville, Vermont located?
    To help find your way,
    Click Here.

    The Copley Nurses are affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals,


    Copley Hospital Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, Local 5191, AFT, AFL-CIO


       The Copley Hospital Nursing administration has adopted a reckless concept for hiring, assigning and providing nursing care to patients. It's called the Resource Pool. And it is bad for nurses and much worse for patients. In the near future every single nurse at Copley Hospital will be lumped into one over all nursing pool called a "resource pool". No nurses will be based on specialized nursing units.

       To understand the negative impact that this radical plan has on patient care, consider the following. Virtually every hospital in the. country today and up until 1- 1/2 years ago Copley Hospital recognized the critical specialized skills of nurses in the different areas of the Hospital. For example, OR nurses work in the OR, Emergency Room Nurses in the Emergency Room, Maternity nurses in the birthing center, etc. The high level of skills required in each area are quite different. Consequently, nurses were unit-based and specialized. Patients received high quality specialized nursing care under this model. Also, with the same nurses working in the same areas, -continuity -an important ingredient to quality care is assured.

       But now, the administration is rejecting the important principles of continuity of care and specialized nursing skills. All nurses will work out of one big pool. Instead of working in one area, nurses will work in many areas. Instead of having a core of highly-skilled Emergency Room nurses working all their hours in the Emergency Room, many more nurses will work some time in the Emergency Room and some time elsewhere in the Hospital. Continuity of care, specialization of skills, sharpness of skills and team work will suffer greatly.

       Common sense dictates that one would not hire a criminal lawyer for a corporate tax law case. One would not go to an OB/GYN Physician with a cardiac problem. So Why would a patient in the Emergency Room want to be cared for by a Birthing Center nurse? The answer is a patient wouldn't.

       Common sense seems to be missing at Copley Hospital these days. Registered Nurses at Copley Hospital are defending quality care and demanding that this nonsensical resource pool be drained. Over 90% of the staff nurses recently authorized their new Union, the Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, to issue a 10-day intent to strike notice to the Hospital if substantial progress is not made to restore quality to patient care at the Hospital.

    Support Quality Patient Care
    Support Copley Hospital Nurses

    Principles to Guide Negotiations for First Contract:

    • Commitment to Quality Patient Care

    • Appropriate Staffing

    • Core Primary Group of Nurses Specifically Unit Based

    • Control of Nurse Practice

    • Fair Wage Increase and Fair Benefit Improvement

    • Registered Nurses will be Treated with Dignity and Respect

    • Open! Posting of Vacancies and Fair Selection Process

    • Consistency in Application of Policies, Regulations and Contract Standards

    • Guaranteed Hours Worked

    • Work Schedules that are Fair and Consistent

    • Increased Educational Opportunities and Benefits

    • Recognition of RN Seniority

    • Increased Opportunities for Full-time Work Status, Recognizing Nursing as a Profession

    • Personalized, Focused, Unit Specific Orientation

    • Ongoing Communication Mechanism

    Web site prepared by Central Vermont supporters of the Copley nurses.