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things my former eyes had cried for came asking to be pitied.





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6-28-01- ok yes, I've updated scars and spill.

6-28-01- Today I kept thinking it was Friday. It was very exciting for a while, I was going to be paid today, after all. It is really Thursday, though. I've changed the layout of this place, once more. I wish I had my own domain name, I'm so sick of this URL. I suppose I could change it, but it seems like such a huge effort. I've really got nothing new up, besides the daily 'journal' thing over at livejournal. I think I'll write in scars today, maybe a little spill.

6-22-01- something new

6-19-01- oh sob and ache. I don't cling to this hard, ribbed core like peach meat.

6-18-01- There is a new poem in the poetry section. It is still being edited, but that is the skeleton.

I've put up a collection of all the pictures of me and Zach that I could find. under You and I
Just to make you all envious of my marital bliss.

(snipped, because I'm not really like this)

Nostalgia is killing me. Zachary's sister now lives in her very own trailer that she wants to "Fix up real pretty". Her boyfriend is 22 and she will be a senior in high school. I remember when she was a skinny little girl with a bad haircut.

6-7-01- I've decided to make a page for poetry brainstorming This is just for spilling
, there won't be anything coherent or interesting to anyone but me, but it's open to visit if you are deadly bored.

6-7-01-If you will, note my new Poets that matter
section. I've put some people who have influenced me and made me feel generally insufficient as a poetaster because of their obvious brilliance. I've linked them to pages that showcase their work, for your reading pleasure.


6-1-01- an old poem of mine and a self portrait are up at Stirring

5/31/01- I've updated the poetry section, and fixed the broken link to Paris pictures, I believe. They are still highly crappy, but I think i'll upload some more soon, from people who took much better pictures than we did.

I like blue, it is a hopeful color, right?

I've been writing badly. I wrote a terribly boring story about France. I'm working on a story about myself that has more life, but still is bad, on account of it's self-awareness. Ruins everything. I wrote a poem called 'Surgeon, Surgeon', but it's just a baby and isn't even appearing on the message boards yet.

I want somebody to tell me I suck, so I'll get on with things and forget about poems. I'll just post my poor little surgeon poem at everypoet, I have a feeling I'll get the desired comments.

Old Thoughts

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