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Cal. 10x60R mm

Caliber: 10x60R mm
System of operation: Bolt action
Length overall: 51.55 inches
Barrel length: 33.05 inches
Feed device: Single shot
Sight:Front: Blade
Sight:Rear: Ramp and Leaf sight graduated to 1600m
Weight: 9.1 lb
Muzzle velocity: 1485 f.p.s.

Murata Type 18 Rifle.

Close-up of the Type 18 action.

Close-up of the bolt, note the extractor is missing.

Another close-up of the bolt.

Markings on the Murata barrel shank.

Markings on the Murata action.

The Type 18 buttstock.

Close-up of the rear sight.

Close-up of the middle barrel band.

Close-up of the Murata front sight.

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