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Cal. 8X56R mm

Caliber: 8x56R mm
System of operation: Bolt action
Length overall: 39.5 inches
Barrel length: 19.7 inches
Feed device: Integral clip magazine, 5 rounds
Sight:Front: Blade
Sight:Rear: Tangent-Leaf sight graduated to 2400 paces (1970 yards)
Weight: 6.8 lb

Steyr Model 1895 Cavalry Carbine.

Close-up of Model 1895 action.

Close-up of the markings on the receiver ring of the Model 1895 action.

Top view of the 1895 bolt.

Another view of the 1895 bolt.

Reverse side of the 1895 Carbine.

The rearsight of the Model 1895 .

Close-up of the noseguard and front sight of the Model 1895 Cavalry Carbine.

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