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Cal. 11 mm

Caliber: 11 mm
System of operation: Breechloading
Length overall: 50.4 inches
Barrel length: 35.7 inches
Feed device: Single Shot
Sight:Front: Blade
Sight:Rear: Ramp & Leaf sight graduated to a 2000 Alen (1370yd)
Weight: 9.25 lb

Remington Rolling Block Rifle.

Close-up of the rifle action.

Another view of the rifle action.

Top view of the rifle action.

Close-up of the bolt in the open position.

Close-up of the markings of the rifle.

Close-up of the buttstock of the rifle .

The rearsight of the rifle .

Close-up of the middle band of the rifle.

Close-up of the nosecap of the rifle.

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