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The No.5 Enfield Jungle Carbine.

This variation of No.5 Enfield Jungle Carbine was manufactured with a steel noseguard.

Close-up of the buttstock and rear sling swivel on the No.5 carbine.

The bolt knob was hollowed out on Jungle Carbines to save on weight.

The No.5 Enfield Jungle Carbine had cuts to the receiver and barrel to make it lighter. The top action in the photo is a No.4 MKI compare it to the lower No.5 and you can see the cuts near the rearsight base and on the barrel shank.

The same type of cuts can be seen on the reverse side of the receiver..

The rearsight on the Enfield Jungle Carbine was a modified MKI Singer sight,
elevation went only to 800 yards instead of 1200 yards of the no.4 .

The triggerguard was lightened at the front.

A No.5 Enfield Jungle Carbine that was reconditioned in India.

The bolt knob was hollowed out even more, on Indian reconditioned Jungle Carbines.

Close-up of the re-enforcing screw that was added on all Indian reconditioned Enfield rifles.

The forestock on the reconditioned Indian No.5 carbine is longer than on the british models.

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