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Caliber: 7.35 mm and 6.5x52 Carcano
System of operation: Turn Bolt
Lenght overall: 40.15 inches
Barrel lenght: 22.15 inches
Feed device: 6 rounds, integral clip-loaded box magazine
Sight:Front: Barley corn
Sight:Rear: Fixed notch sight
Weight: 8.11 lb
Muzzle velocity: Approximately 2475 f.p.s.

Converted by the Fabrica Nazionale d'Armi, Terni, 1939-40. The 1938-pattern rifle was initially made by converting surviving 1891 guns. A selection of new parts was needed- from the barrel and bolt to the bands and stock-and a new folding-blade knife bayonet appeared.

The Carcano Model 38 was originally chambered in Cal. 7.35 carcano.

This Carcano Model 1891-38 was chambered in Cal. 6.5 carcano at the beginning
of WW2, when plans to adopt the 7.35 mm caliber were dropped.

Close-up of the Model 38 action, note the mannlicher type magazine.

Close-up of the special clip used in the Carcano rifles, the clip was loaded inside
the magazine and ejected when empty from a hole in the bottom of the magazine.

Close-up the M38 rearsight.

Close-up of the rear sling bar on the buttstock.

Close-up of the model 38 nosecap.

Close-up of the model 38 bayonet bar, note the recess in the stock were the bayonet blade rests when it is folded.

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