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CAL. 8 mm Lebel.

Caliber: 8 mm Lebel
System of operation: Bolt-Action
Length overall: 51.4 inches
Barrel length: 31.6 inches
Feed device: 5 shot clip loaded Box magazine
Sight:Front: Blade type
Sight:Rear: Ramp-and-leaf sight
Weight: 9.24 lb
Muzzle velocity: 2300 f.p.s.

Model 1916 Infantry Rifle.

Close-up of Berthier 1916 rifle action.

Close-up of Berthier 1916 rifle Mannlicher type magazine, a special 5 round clip was needed
to load the Berthiers and small trap door was added to prevent dirt from clogging up the magazine.

Close-up of Berthier 1916 rifle special 5 round clip.

Close-up of the rearsight.

Typical French ring-shape sling swivel used on french arms since 18th century.

Close-up of the nosecap and stacking hook on the 1916 rifle.

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