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CAL. 8 mm Lebel.

Caliber: 8 mm Lebel
System of operation: Bolt-Action
Length overall: 37.2 inches
Barrel length: 17.85 inches
Feed device: 3 shot clip loaded internal Box magazine
Sight:Front: Blade type
Sight:Rear: Ramp-and-leaf sight
Weight: 6.66 lb
Muzzle velocity: 2090 f.p.s.

Model 1892 artillery carbine with bayonet.

Berthier 1892 Artillery Carbine.

Close-up of Berthier 1892 carbine action.

Close-up of the special 3 round clip that was needed to load the Berthier 1907/15 rifle Mannlicher type magazine.

Close-up of nosecap and stacking hook.

Typical French ring-shape sling swivel used on french arms since 18th century. Please note that the Berthier carbines were modified in 1927. See the patch in the stock and the swell on the nosecap were a cleaning rod used to be mounted.

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