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GEWEHR 98/40 RIFLE CAL. 7.92 mm.

Caliber: 7.92 mm
System of operation: Bolt-Action
Length overall: 43.2 inches
Barrel length: 23.6 inches
Feed device: 5 shot Internal Box magazine
Sight:Front: Blade type with hood
Sight:Rear: Tangent-Leaf sight
Weight: 9 lb
Muzzle velocity: 2475 f.p.s.

The Nazi Model 98/40 were purchased from Hungary. The basic hungarian design was modified
by adding a mauser magazine and a K-98 bayonet bar so the german blade could be used.

Close-up of the 98/40 action, note the mannlicher designed bolt.

Close-up the markings on the 98/40 action.

The 98/40 had a two piece stock similar to the british Enfield rifle,
note the K-98 system for attaching the sling on the buttstock.

Close-up of the K-98 style bayonet bar and forward swivel loop.

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