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"you are a slave," I said.
"you are owned. you are a female.
you will be forced to be a woman.
If you were free, and Gorean, you might be permitted by Men to remain as you are, but you are neither Gorean, nor free.
The Gorean Man will accept no compromise on your femininity, not from a slave. she will be what He wishes, and that is a woman, fully, and His. If necessary you will be whipped or starved. you may fight your Master. He will, if He wishes, permit this, to prolong the sport of your conquest, but in the end, it is you who are the slave; it is you who will lose. On Earth you had the society at your back, the result of centuries of feminization; He could not so much as speak harshly to you but you could rush away or summon magistrates; here, however, society is not at your back, but at His; it will abet Him in His wishes, for you are only a slave; you will have no one to call, nowhere to run; you will be alone with Him, and at His mercy.
Further, He has not been conditioned with counterinstinctual value sets, programmed with guilt, taught self-hatred; He has been taught pride and has, in the very air He breaths, imbibed the Mastery of females.
These are different Men. They are not Earthlings. They are Goreans.
They are strong, and they are hard, and they will conquer you.
For a Man of Earth, you might never be a woman.
For a Man of Gor, I assure you, my dear, sooner or will be."

Tarl Cabot --Tribesman of Gor p. 12

Greetings and Welcome!
to the kajirae informational pages of the Koroba Inn

Often times, Ppeople will wonder why the training system here at the Koroba Inn is so lengthy, and involving.
Here are a few quotes to answer that question

"A good deal of the training of the slave girl, surprisingly, to my naive mind, was in relatively domestic matters. For example, the Pleasure Slave, if she is trained by a good house, must also be the master of those duties commonly assigned to Tower Slaves. Accordingly, they must know how to cut and sew cloth, to wash garments and clean various types of materials and surfaces, and to cook an extensive variety of foods, from the rough fare of Warriors to concoctions which are exotic almost to the point of being inedible."
Book 5, Assassins of Gor, page 204

"Elizabeth was, however, to my satisfaction, taught a large number of things which, to my mind, were more appropriate to the training of slave girls, including a large number of dances, dozens of songs, and an unbelievable variety of kisses and caresses. The sheer mechanics of her repertoire, theoretically outfitting her to give exquisite pleasure to anyone from an Ubar to a peasant, are much to complex and lengthy to recount here. I do not think, however, that I have forgotten any of it."
Book 5, Assassins of Gor, page 205

Our training, because it was limited to a few short weeks, did not include many of the elements that are normally included in a full training. I remained ignorant of Gorean cooking and the cleaning of Gorean garments. I learned nothing of musical instruments. I remained ignorant even of the arrangements of small rugs, decorations and flowers, things that any Gorean girl, slave or free, is likely to know. But I was taught to dance, and to give pleasure, and to stand, and move, and sit and turn, and lift my head and lower it, and kneel, and rise."
Book 7, Captive of Gor, page 169

"We had also received lessons in the proper performance of domestic servilities, such as cooking, sewing, laundering, cleaning, and such. Other lessons were almost lessons in customs, manners and decorum. For example, we were taught how to serve at a table, deferentially, skillfully, unobtrusively and, for the most part, silently, and how to move and walk, and kneel and rise, gracefully, and even such tiny, interesting things, as how to pick up a fallen object, by crouching down, retrieving it, rather than bending over. We were being taught, it seemed, to be graceful and beautiful. Too of course, we were taught our place, and proper relations to men. A significant portion of our training was intimate and erotic, or sexual and sensual, in nature, ranging from such things as make-up, body ornamentation, cosmetics and perfumes, to techniques, psychological and physical, generally a combination of both, of pleasing men."
Book 22, Dancer of Gor, pages 69 - 70

And why, might one ask, is so much information just made available, instead of held for solely classes?
well, because -

" 'Do you know, ultimately,' I asked, 'who will prove to be your one best trainer?'
'No, Master,' she said.
'You, yourself,' I said, 'the girl, herself, eager to please, imaginative and intelligent, monitoring her own performances and feelings, striving lovingly to improve and refine them. You yourself will be largely responsible for making yourself the superb slave you will become.'"
Book 17, Savages of Gor, page 210

The below three links, will carry you through all of the information that you eventually learn about the planet itself, the inner workings of your own mind, and of course, the first basic steps you should take as kajira.
one hopes the new and improved set up will make your discovery of who you are, an easier road to travel.

Enjoy the trip sisters!


Specific Training Information