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This is where you can listen to sounds or songs me or/and my friends have created. It is tons of fun and everything on here is of top quality. So enjoy and please listen responsbly.


Nasty Man and Porkebina

Nasty Man is a touching song about a DJ whose true love was his sea anemomie, Porkebina. Sadly she is stolen and brutally murdered into a sausage. Really. I'm not kinding. Its very sad and at times funny. The singing voice is me and the song was mixed and other voices are by Yair Charutz. Visit his website.


My Impression of my cat

This is me making fun of my cat. Since you probaly won't see some one else making fun their cat on any other website it is a must download.


To play the above you need Winamp

 To play the above you need a .wav player. If you don't have one then get Winamp.

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Every thing on this page is(C)copyright Adam Harms 2000.Nasty Man and Porkebina is (C)copyrighted by Yair Charutz and Adam Harms