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I don't get it!

Don't get what? If you still don't get some parts of my site email me. And I will add it to my site.

 The Title. What the heck does it mean.  The Monkey picture. What is with the monkey on the front page?
 The Jokes. Are they funny?  You. Who the heck are you?

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The Title

You don't get the title huh? Well this is how it works. Butt Monkey is not only a effective insult but also a laughable concept. But, Monkey! is a pun. It is like a monkey said to some guy "I have to kill you now." Then the guy would be like "But, Monkey!" I bet your laughing now that you get it huh? Probably not.

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The Monkey Picture

This is a very sad picture. The monkey was a test subject in a experimental lab. His name, which is tattooed on his forehead, is "Crap." You can't see the monkey that well because I edited it with Photoshop look nice for the front. This is a lesson. Don't promote animal testing, its sick.

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The Jokes

Ok, so the jokes are not that funny. Big deal! If you don't get them here are explanations:

The Marry had a little lamb jokes:

Why did the doctor faint? Marry gave birth to a lamb, she "had" it.

What was tasty? The lamb was tasty Marry ate it.

The Dick and Sally Joke:

How is this funny? You are led to believe that Dick and Sally are going to "make whoopie" but they didn't they just finished their project.

The Teacher and Student Joke:

Why is the student yelling? The student is yelling because he is a loud child. It is apparent that he does not have laryngitis because he has the ability to yell.

The Hot Dog Joke:

What was a one night stand? The hot dog was only at the game for one night. There for it was a "one night stand."

The Pirate Joke:

Why did the cereal go "Arrr.... matey" ? Because rice krispys makes a snap crackle pop sound. If it was mixed with a pirate it would supposedly make the sounds that a pirate would make.

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Who the Heck are you?

My names Adam Harms and I am very cool guy.

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