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Information on Anglican churches in Malaysia:
The official home page of the Diocese of West Malaysia

Selection of pages explaining the work & beliefs of the Anglican Church:
The official Church of England home page

Latest news, discussions of hot issues, clergy, youth, music topics: Anglicans Online

Up to date information about the Worldwide Anglican Communion:

The Anglican Communion

History of Slim School & All Souls Church:
Slim School

For listings and networking of Christian activities and events in Malaysia:
Malaysian Christian Guide

Other Anglican Churches in West Malaysia:

St.Peter's Church, Ipoh
St.George's Church, Penang
Christ Church, Kuala Lumpur
Church of the Good Shepherd, Johor Bahru
St. Katherine's Church, Kajang
St.Gabriel's Church Life Sanctuary, Petaling Jaya
St.Christopher's Church, Johor Baru