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All Souls Church


"To the Glory of God this church is erected by the British Army and civilian communities for Christian worship in Cameron Highlands."

                                                 - Plaque commemorating the opening of the present church,
                                                                                                                            September 1958.

     11.09.1958      First service. Officiated by the Rev. T.H. Jones and the Rev. G.A.

     30.04.1959     Consecration of All Soulsí Church by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Henry Wolfe
                            Baines,Bishop of Singapore & Malaya, assisted by the Rev. J..J.E.
                            Sampson, Vicar of Ipoh.

     26.04.1960     Official transfer of land from Miss Anne L.P.Griffith Jones to the
                            Secretary of  the Synod of the Diocese of Singapore and Malaya.
     23.06.1963     Last service to be conducted at Habu in connection with the inauguration
                            of the Hydro Electric Power Scheme.
     01.09.1963     The Rev. John Stott, Rector of All Soulsí Church, Langham Place,
                            London preaches at the Morning Service.
     13.01.1964     Chefoo School pupils begin attending Morning Worship Service at
                            All Soulsí Church.
     15.12.1964     Slim School pupils attend service for the last time at All Soulsí Church.
     21.08.1994     Licensing of the Rev. Kalaimuthu, the First Resident Priest of
                            All SoulsíChurch.
     30.10.1995   Vicarage purchased for the use of the resident priest at Desa Anthrium,
                           Tanah Rata.
     30.08.1998     Inauguration of All Soulsí Church as a Missionary District of Cameron
                            Highlands by the Rt. Rev. Datuk Dr. Lim Cheng Ean, Bishop Of West
     30.08.1998 - 31.12.2006     Rev. Dr. Vijendra Daniel served as Priest-In-Charge of All Soul's Church.
     01.01.2007     Rev. David Cheong begins his ministry as Priest-In-Charge of All Soul's Church Missionary District