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Aerendel's Community Links:

An Extensive List of Links Is Growing Here Now.


Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual Health
Physicians for a National Health Plan Self Realization Fellowship
'Food First' Organization (Worried about Genetically Altered Food?)
'Food News' Organization (Trying to get the EPA to enforce laws already on the books
...trying to stop big Corporations from selling contaminated food)
CT Coalition for Health Care

Niam Parsons'(<-- Click there to hear Music, provided by Green Linnet Records
See their link in the 'Culture' section (below))

(September 4, 1999) Viet Nam Era Vets...(U.S.A.)

If you are not already 'In The System' at the V.A. (Veterans' Administration)
Get to the nearest V.A. Facility and register NOW! (Or the V.A. will not be there for you
later on when you really need it.) (I'll check for any possible on-line registration and get back here.)
Tell your friends.

Where to Get Culture (Arts, Music, Radio...)
WPKN FM in Bridgeport, CT (Radio on the web, Community Services Coming Outta their Ears....)
The Buttonwood Tree (Coffee House) in Middletown, CT Folk & Jazz Music, Poetry & Theater & More.
Undertow (Virtual Open Mike) (Website in Connecticut)
Jazz & Blues Line (WPKN's weekly calendar of Who's Playing Where in the Connecticut/ Long Island/ NYC area) 
WPKN's Arts & Humanities Calendar 
Green Linnet Records (MP3, Streaming Audio...) Specializes in Celtic, World, and American Folk Music.

Local Talent / Musicians & Musical Groups: 
McGowan & Morse (Alternative Folk Artists) (Southeastern New Hampshire) Web Page
Ricky Bux, Guitars & Vocals (E-Mail) Hamden, CT
Undertow (Virtual Open Mike) (Website in Connecticut)
  Poets, Artists, & Other Creative People
Nyssa M Morse (Poet)
'ScullyRaptor' (Artist)
Frank Skawinski (Young Artist)

News & Politix : 
'The 'White Rose Political Calendar' (News and 'Issues' Not found in Mainstream News Broadcasts)
Union of Concerned Scientists Political and Environmental issues (etc) tackled by Concerned Scientists 
Witness For Peace (Currently trying to shut down a School for 'Torture, Governmental Terrorism, and Systematic Disregard for Human Rights')
Between the Lines (Weekly Update of lotsa news the mainstream media doesn't cover.) 
Food News dot Org. Currently trying to stop big corporations from selling contaminated food. They have a letter writing campaign to pressure Al Gore to 'advise the EPA to enforce the 1996 Food Quality Protection Act.' They claim that '...each day nearly one million children consume pesticides above a safe level of exposure.'
The Connecticut Green Party 
The Connecticut Labor Party 
Institute for Global Communications (Pro-Ecology, Pro Women, Anti Racist, Progressive Organization) 

Computer Specific Goodies: 
'The Free Site (dot com)" Gazillions of Freebies (& Reference Source that steered us to a lot of the Animations, Graphics & Goodies We Have Here.)
'Designs 4 Free' (Generated the Aerendel Logo with the crackling electicity behind the letters. (Jim added more blue to the original green letters))
'CJB.NET' (Redirection Service Plus) Besides making it possible to get here by typing ''- They supplied the new Forum/Message Board on Our Home Page.
A-1 Icon Archives    (dj spent some time here and downloaded a *LOT* of the Graphics, which he later uploaded and splashed around this web site. One minor problem is, He grabbed so many things he forgot what came from where, but, 'Most of the animations and graphics that aren't Angelfire's came from A-1 Icon Archives.")
ALX Polls (Where we got the polling applets that are scattered around this site) 

'Features' (Astrology, Weather) 
Pretty Good (and wide ranging) Astrology Site (also has free net greeting cards) & offers customization of services.
'Adze' Astrology Site (Same Site, but all signs' 'forecasts' displayed at once.)
'Weather Underground' (place where we got all those weather applets in the 'Services' area.)


Blue Mountain (Animated Web Cards) Read their files that tell you how they sued Microsoft & WON!
Maps 'Received' by psychics depicting what they believe the Earth will look like 'After the Fit hits the Shan.'
Maps & driving instructions from Yahoo (other big search engine sites have similar services)


Mac Stuff 
The Mac Orchard Large site full of information and links to downloads on tons of Mac Stuff.
Mac Addict Magazine's On-Line Presence Check out the Art Galleries for a possible start up screen picture of Bill Gates as a Borg inside high tech 'sights'.
A When Used Computers Pretty good prices on used Macs (& that other platform too....)


Local Businesses:
Desk Top Supplies Everything You'll Need for Desktop Publishing Computer Renaissance's Countdown to Y2K Site.
The Bargain News On-Line (Connecticut Wide Classified Ads)
Consigning Computers Plus, On Route One in Orange. Not a web presense yet, but call them @ (203) 799-8200.


Dolphins, Whales, the Jason Project and the Environment: 
David's Whales and Dolphins Page (Lotsa Photos)
The Mystic Aquarium- Mystic Connecticut & the Jason Project (Underwater Exploration) & Environmental Issues


Consider the Following Professionally Designed Links To Be Whole-Heartedly Endorsed By Aerendel (Even if they look like they belong to Abject Materialistic Endeavors) ((We Have Not Been Compensated For This Endorsement, We Believe In These Guys: ))

The Free Site!
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