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Greetings, TF Fans! Welcome to my mini world of Transformers! Here is my collection of Transformer Sprites which I've collected, customized, and created for Fun. Some of these images are clickable, to view the full-resolution image still. Enjoy!

"Till All Are One!" ~Optimus Prime

G1 Autobots

Autobot Minis

G1 Fembots



G2 Autobots

Autobot Triplechangers

Autobot Cassettes


Autobot Headmasters

Misc. Autobot Giants

Beast Wars: Maximals


G1 Decepticons

Decepticon Cassettes

Decepticon Jets


Decepticon Triple Changers




G2 Decepticons

Decepticon Headmasters

Misc. Decepticon Giants


Beast Wars: Predacons

*Disclaimer: This Site is operated by Valor, for entertainment purposes only. Not for profit. Dedicated to the koolest animated genre of all time, "The Transformers". All images presented here are done so by the right of "fair use" on the internet. No copyright infringement intended. "The Transformers" are owned by Hasbro/Takara and Sunbow/Marvel/Rhino. If you believe you deserve credit for any of these images, please email me. Thanks to Motormaster for allowing me to use some of his artwork. Thanks and credit also goes to Nick Kelsch, whose artwork was used to make many of these Sprites.

Check out this TF Wallpaper I made in anticipation of the new TF Movie- Coming 7-4-7!

Want to see something added to the collection? Questions or Comments? Email me!