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Sucide Squad (DC Heroes) PBeM

The Suicide Squad PBEM since May 1999 restart Unknown

Suicide Squad Issue #1This PBEM (Play by e-mail) is based on the Suicide Squad series (66 issues, 1987-1992, plus an Annual, crossovers with the Doom Patrol, Checkmate, Manhunter and Firestorm) Written by the Great John Ostrander.

The Suicide Squad itself was a covert team of super-heroes and super-villains. The super-villains were offered a pardon (or a deduction from their sentence) in return for their participation in the squad. The Squad was supported by the Goverment of the United States of America.
The super-heroes worked with the Squad for various reasons, money, psychologic help, deadwish, it could also provide to feelings of patriotism.

This story will be situated after the Suicide Squad`s last appearance in Superboy #13. They will be recruited as a mercenary group by Amanda Waller, who has decided to summon new and old members to accomplish several missions with $500.000 as a fee per mission completed (divided within the group members). The meeting site will be Diabloverde Island, governed by Waller.

UPDATE: April, 14th 2004

If you want to know more about the History of the Suicide Squad, or E-mail Me

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Game Rules

Now that you know the rules scroll down pick a character (try to know something about it) or suggest one that isn't here (Try not to create one) and E-mail Me (ADD the character you have chossen / if you know anything about the Suicide Squad / What comic books you read and your favourite characters? / Where are you from?)

Before You Choose a VILLAIN character NOTE that they still Are In Prison and for that reason they Must Wear the EXPLOSIVE BRACELET (that will surely take your character`s hand or arm off and maybe his life)

Available Characters (THE GAME IS NO LONGER ONLINE)
Arsenal Catwoman Jewelee* Poison Ivy*
Atom II Checkmate Knight Knockout* Punch*
Black Orchid II Count Vertigo Makoa, Sam Question

Block Buster*

Deadline* Manhunter/Privateer Shade, The Changing Man
Bronze Tiger Deadshot Nemesis Slipknot (with metallic arm)*
Captain Boomerang Doctor Light* Nightshade Tattooed Man*
Captain Cold* Green Arrow (Connor Hawk) Outlaw Vigilante
Catalyst Javelin* Penguin* Vixen
* with explosive bracelet * number of applicants for this character (e.g. **** = four)

Game Options (New Squad):

Adventure: The summary of this new Suicide Squad Cast.
Characters (NSS): Who is playing in this New Squad? Take a look.
Allies & Enemies (NSS): New allies, enemies made? Take a look.
Bodycount (NSS): Everyone who died in this New Era of the Suicide Squad.
Suicidal Vote: The player of the month you enjoyed reading the most and other awards.

Suicide Squad Options:

History: A summary of the Suicide Squad`s history since WWII
Bodycount (Original Squad): All the members and enemies who died since 1987 until 1999
Squad Members: Backgrounds of some characters and the crew.
Allies & Enemies: Other heroes joined the SS, allies and enemies.

News: May, 9th 2004

For those that send me emails every month... THE GAME IS NO LONGER ONLINE. Although a former player "Floyd Lawton" is planning on running a SS game, I´ll add a link to his page as soon as its up.

Some old updates:

WOW It´s been like 2 years with no updates. Still no new things, PBEMing takes a lot of time that I still don´t have. Some time last year I almost have some legal problems with another website (in spanish) that literally translated all my material and the one generated during the games. How did I know? Spanish is my native language and I instantly detected it. They were rosting characters that are not actually on the SS´s roster.

The review of the New Suicide Squad Series still some issues missing. (Buying them here is pretty difficult and expensive.)

Here is a bit of 1999´s adventure. and 1999´s created characters.

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