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Elven Dictionary:

Table of Contents:

1. Greetings. 2. Farewells.
3. Compliments. 4. Insults.
5. Common Questions 6. Common Exclamations
7. Common Commands 8. Common Phrases
9. Positive Endearments 10. Negative Endearment
11. Battle Cries 12. Places
13. Guilds 14. Spells
15. Compass Directions 16. Proffesions
17. Races 18. Days Of The Week
19. Months 20. Holidays
21. Pronouns
1. Greetings ~Elven Translation ~

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A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting -- Elen sila lumenn omentilmo
Good (day/morning/afternoon/evening) -- Quel(re/amrun/andune/undome)
Greetings (everyone) -- Vedui (iler)
Hail -- Aaye
It has been too long -- Nae saian luume
My heart sings to see thee -- Cormamin lindua ele lle
Pleasure meeting you -- Saesa omentien lle
Well met -- Mae govannen

2. Farewells ~Elven Translation~

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Fair winds -- Vanya sulie
Farewell -- Namaarie
Good (day/afternoon/evening/night) -- Quel (re/andune/lome/du)
Good hunting -- Quel fara
May the leaves of your life -- tree never turn brown -- Aa lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha
May the wind fill your sails -- Aa isul nora lannelle
May thy paths be green and the breeze on thy back -- Aa menle nauva calen ar ta hwesta ealequenle
May your ways be green and golden -- Aa menealle nauva calen ar malta
My heart shall weep until it sees thee again -- Cormamin niuve tenna ta elea lle au
Sweet water and light laughter till next we -- Lissenen ar maskalalaith tenna lye omentuva
Until later (then) -- Tenna telwan (san)
Until next we meet -- Tenna ento lye omenta
Until then -- Tenna san
Until tomorrow (then) -- Tenna tulre (san)

3. Compliments ~Elven Translation~

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Ever is thy sight a joy -- Oio naa elealla alasse
You are a mighty warrior -- Lle naa belegohtar
You are a skillful bowman -- Lle naa curucuar
You are beautiful -- Lle naa vanima
You did well -- Lle ume quel
You look good -- Lle maa quel
Your beauty shines bright -- Vanimle sila tiri
Your heart is that of the lion -- Cormlle naa tanya telraa

4. Insults ~Elven Translation~

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Cowardly dog(s) -- Nadorhuan(rim)
Feast of wolves (slain enemy) -- Mereth en draugrim
Gate bird(slain enemy) -- Andodulin
Go kiss an orc -- Auta miqula orqu
I hate you -- Amin delotha lle
Listen to my laughter -- Lasta lalaithamin
Much wind pours from your mouth -- Antolle ulua sulrim
Son of snakes (dishonest person) -- Utinu en lokirim
You are king in your imagination -- Lle naa haran e nausalle
You disgust me -- Amin feuya ten lle
You smell like a human -- Lle holma ve edan
You're ugly an your mother dresses you funny. -- Llie n'vanima ar' lle atara lanneina
Your head is empty -- Dolle naa lost

5. Common Questions ~Elven

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Are you finished? -- Naa lle tela?
Are you joking? -- Naa lle lakwenien?
Are you ready? -- Naa lle desiel?
Care for (a drink/some food)? -- Malia ten (yulna/vasa)?
Care for some (wine/mead/ale)? -- Malia ten (fion/laure/sereg)?
Could you cast (invis) on me? -- Lle ista (amin quella) no amin?
Do (you/they) understand (me)? -- (Lle/Ron) rangwa (amin)?
Do I know you? -- Amin sinta lle?
Do you need a drink of water? -- Lle anta yulna en alu?
Do you need help? -- Lle anta amin tu?
Do you promise? -- Lle vesta?
Do you speak elvish? -- Lle quena ilambe tel Eldalie?
Do you want to dance? -- Lle merna salk?
Do you yield? -- Lle lava?
How are you (doing) (today)? -- Sut naa lle (umien) (sina re)?
How long? -- Sut an?
How? -- Sut?
Long journey? -- An lema?
Shall we go (hunting)? -- Lle merna aut (farien)?
Whats your name? -- Mani naa essa en lle?
What are you doing? -- Mani naa lle umien?
What did you say? -- Mani ume lle quena?
What do you want (for it)? -- Mani uma lle merna (ten ta)?
What have you been doing? -- Mani nae lle umien?
What is it? -- Mani naa ta?
What is that (thing)? -- Mani naa tanya (nat)?
What? -- Mani?
When do (we/you) leave? -- Iire uma (lye/lle) auta?
When? -- Iire?
Where (are/were) (you/you all/we) (from)? -- Manke (naa/nae) (lle/llie/lye) (tuulo)?
Where (are/were) you? -- Manke (naa/nae) lle?
Where are (we/you) going? -- Manke ume (lye/lle) autien?
Where are we meeting? -- Manke naa lye omentien?
Where did that come from? -- Manke ume tanya tuula?
Where is the meeting? -- Manke naa iomentien?
Where? -- Manke?
Which one? -- Mani er?
Whos leading? -- Ya auta yeste?
Who (is/was) that? -- Ya (naa/nae) tanya?
Who? -- Ya?
Why did you do that? -- Mankoi ume lle uma tanya?
Why do you want to know? -- Mankoi uma lle irma sint?
Why? -- Mankoi?
Can I kiss you? -- Kinta verde lle

6. Common Exclamations ~Elven

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Ah! A! At last! -- Yallume!
By the sea and stars! -- Ed iear ar elenea!
Eek! Yee! Help me! -- Tua amin!
It is a trap! -- Ta naa neuma!
Look! -- En!
Now! -- Sii!
Oh! -- Aiya!
Run for it! -- Rima tenta!
Stop (that)! -- Tampa (tanya)!
That hurt! -- Tanya awra!

7. Common Commands ~Elven Translation ~

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Be silent -- Dina Camp
here -- Estolada sinome
Circle around behind them -- Mallen pelu e nalaquel en sen
Come here -- Tula sinome
Come to (Longsaddle) -- Tula (Uialtum)
Come, sit near the fire -- Tula, hama neva inaur
Dont kill (it/him) -- Nndengina (ta/ho)
Dont worry -- Uuma dela
Flank them -- Ela sen
Follow (them/it) -- Soora (sen/ta)
Follow me -- Khila amin
Give it to me -- Ona ta aamin
Go away -- Kela Hide Nurta
Hold onto this (for me) -- Tessa sina (ten amin)
Hurry -- Asca
Kill (it/him) -- Ndengina (ta/ho)
Look out / Be carefull! -- Tira ten rashwe!
Memorize your spells (here) -- Rina istorlle (sinome)
Rest here -- Esta sinome
Take this -- Sana sina
Tell (us) the tale -- Kwentra (lye) inarn
You go first -- Lle auta yeste

8.Other Common Phrases ~Elven

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Thank ye -- Diola lle
(He/She) had too much (wine/mead/ale) -- (Ro/Re) caele beika (fion/laure/sereg)
(I/we) am yours to command -- (Amin/Lye) naa lle nai
(It was) my pleasure -- (Ta nae) amin saesa
After (I/we) finish (here) -- Ale (amin/lye) tela (sinome)
Come, eat and drink of the feast -- Tula, vasa ar yulna en imereth
Coming -- Tulien
Dont look for trouble, it will come to you -- Uuma ma ten rashwe, ta tuluva a lle
Good luck -- Quel marth
Have a seat -- Hama sinome
Hold this for me -- Kwara sina tenamin
Im going to bed -- Amin autien rath
Im sorry -- Amin hiraetha
I (dont) want it -- Amin (uuma) merna ta
I agree (with you) -- Amin weera (yassen lle)
I am thirsty -- Amin naa fauka
I am worried about (him/her/them) -- Amin naa dele ten (ho/he/sen)
I am your servant -- Amin naa tualle
I dont care -- Amin uuma malia
I found it -- Amin utue ta
I have (an idea/no idea) -- Amin caela (noa/nnoa)
I know your strength in battle -- Amin sinta thaliolle e dagor
I love you -- Amin mela lle
I need to (rest/sleep) -- Amin anta (est/kaim)
I shall treasure your gift in my heart -- Amin harmuva onalle e' cormamin
I will go first -- Amin nauva auta yeste
I wish to speak -- Amin merna quen
I would like some (wine/mead/ale) -- Amin irma (fion/laure/sereg)
I yield -- Amin lava
If you wish -- Manka lle merna
It (is/was) my pleasure -- Ta (naa/nae) seasamin
Looking (good/bad) -- Maien (quel/nquel)
My bow shall sing with your sword -- Cuamin linduva yassen megrille
My pleasure -- Seasamin
Thank you -- Diola lle
That was funny -- Tanya nae eina
That was not good -- Tanya nae nquel
That will suffice -- Tanya farnuva
The best Drow is a dead Drow -- I'quelin Mori'Quessier naa ba Mori'Quessir
The bones of our foes will gleam under the sun -- Inarr en gothrim glinuva nuin Ianor
We will defeat them in battle -- Lye nuquernuva sen e dagor
Welcome my friend -- Creoso, mellonamin
Welcome to my dwelling -- Creoso abaramin
Youre welcome -- Lle naa creoso
You deceived me -- Lle wethrine amin
Your choice -- Detholalle

9.Positive Endearments ~Elven

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Ancient one(s) -- Yaaraer(ea)
Bearded one(s) -- Spangaer(ea)
Foe of my foe -- Goth en gothamin
Friend of my friend -- Mellon en mellonamin
Friend(s) -- Mellon(ea)
Little father (An adult male dwarf) -- Ai atar
Love of my life -- Mela en coiamin
Lovely one(s) -- Lirimaer(ea)
Loyal one(s) -- Voronwer(ea)
Lusty one(s) -- rwalaer(ea)
Mighty one(s) -- Beleger(ea)
My beloved -- Amaelamin
My champion -- Aratoamin
My friend -- Mellonamin
My friends -- Melloneamin
My lady (familiar) -- Arwenamin
My lady (non familiar) -- Arwen en amin
My lord (familiar) -- Heruamin
My lord (non familiar) -- Heru en amin
My love -- Melamin
Pure one(s) -- Poikaer(ea)
Short one(s) -- Aier(ea)
Tall one(s) -- Hallaer(ea)
Valiant one(s) -- Astalder(ea)
Visionary -- Elear
Wise one(s) -- Hodoer(ea)

10.Negative Endearments ~Elven

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Abominable one(s) -- Thaurer(ea)
Angry one(s) -- Ruthaer(ea)
Blood-sucker(s) -- Agaryulnaer(ea)
Dark one(s) -- Morier(ea)
Deceitfull one(s) -- Wethrinaer(ea)
Disgusting one(s) -- Feuyaer(ea)
Dreaded one(s) -- Gayaer(ea)
Evil one(s) -- Ksher(ea)
Excessive one(s) -- Beikaer(ea)
Fearful one(s) -- Gorgaer(ea)
Hollow one(s) -- Unguer(ea)
Hostile one(s) -- Kotyaer(ea)
Icy one(s) -- Helkaer(ea)
Ill one(s) -- Engwarer(ea)
Impetous one(s) -- Ascarer(ea)
Lofty one(s) -- Taraer(ea)
My foe(s) -- Goth(rim)amin
Old one(s) -- Ianter(ea)
Silent one(s) -- Dinaer(ea)
Stern one(s) -- Telcoer(ea)
Tormented one(s) -- Nwalmaer(ea)
Unwilling one(s) -- Avarier(ea)
Wide one(s) -- Lanner(ea)

11.Battle Cries ~Elven Translation~

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Death to our foe(s) -- Gurth goth(rim)lye
Death to the foe(s) of the Elves -- Gurth goth(rim) TelQuessir
Death to the foe(s) of the Grey Company -- Gurth goth(rim) Tel Mithrim
I will follow you to death and beyond -- Amin khiluva lle a gurtha ar thar

12.Places ~Elven Translation~

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Berun (Rangers Bane) -- Dagnir en taurohtar
Crossergate (Path Crossing) -- Menomenta
Floodblest (Under River) -- Nuduin
Longsaddle (Twilight Valley) -- Uialtum
Luskan (Icy Beach) -- Kheleksii
Neverwinter -- Nhrive
Neverwinter Islands (Isles of Gloom) -- Tolea Fuin
Neverwinter Woods (Starlit woods) -- Silmataurea
Nightsedge (Watchfull City) -- Anthatal
Port Llast (Ship Dwelling) -- Cairbara
Red Larch (Red Ridges) -- Caran Pinnath
Sewers (Stained Water) -- Waenen
Southwall -- Harnram
The Lost Hills (The Wandering Hills) -- TelRanaemyn
Triboar (City of Battle) -- Tal Dagore
Vilnask (Metal Soil) -- Tincokemen
Westbridge (Dwarf Bridge) -- Naugiaur
Windycliffes -- Sulcabedoo

13.Guilds ~Elven Translation~

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Brotherhood of PathfinDers -- Toror Taurohtarie
Clan Axepeak (Flat Metal) -- Laaratincoras
Grey Knights of the Balance (Neutral warriors) -- Qualohtarie
KAAOS (Dark demi-gods) -- Morimaikarea
Knights of the Eternal Flame (KEF) -- Ohtar en Oionaaru
The Black Wind (ITB) -- Morsul
The Grey Company -- TelMithrim
The Harpers (HG) -- Nandaror
The Night Masks -- TelDomeduathea
The Shadow Alliance(The Grey Shadows) -- TelSindavathar
The Sun Guild (Sun Champions) -- TelAnor Arator
Undead Lords (UDL) -- Guinahiroo

14.Spells ~Elven Translation~

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burning hands -- naar cam
charm monster -- nai uuvanimo turamin
charm person -- nai turamin
cloudkill -- loomi en gurth
cone of cold -- ring wing
dimension door -- irma haeannon
dispel magic -- lietha guldur
enlarge -- bragol alaa
fear -- gorgamin
feeblemind -- amin vasa lle sinta
fire shield (cold) -- naur tinchor ostring
fire shield (hot) -- naur tinchor osturra
Fireball -- bragollach telllach
Haste -- asca melloneamin
hold monster -- ntess uuvanimo
hold person -- ntess gothamin ice storm khelek hurro
invisibility -- amin quella
invisibility 10 -- lle quella
lightning bolt -- lanta en kalale
Magic missile -- templa pilini
minor globe -- pela tanya tempa aiguldur
mirror image -- karn aduamin
read magic -- parm templa tengwa
shield -- tinechor
sleep -- lanta kaima
stinking cloud -- loomi tanya lirva amin
strength -- bragol thalion

15.Compass Directions ~Elven

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East -- Rhun
North -- For
South -- Har
West -- Numen

16.Proffesions ~Elven Translation~

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Archmage -- Valistar
Assassin -- Seregwethrin
Bard -- Lindar
Cleric -- Amandil
Druid -- Tauramandil
Illusionist -- Itaistar
Paladin -- Nimohtar
Ranger -- Taurohtar
Thief -- Camwethrin
Warrior -- Ohtar
Wizard -- Istar

17.Races ~Elven Translation ~

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Centaur -- Rahedan
Drow -- Moriquessir
Dwarf -- Naugrim
Gnome -- Nogoth
Gray elf -- Mithquessir
Half-elf -- Elandili
Halfling -- Peredhil
High elf -- Calaquessir
Human -- Edan
Moon elf -- Ithilquessir
Orc -- Glamhoth
Sea elf -- Earquessir
Silver elf -- Mithquessir
Sunrise elf -- Amrunquessir
Sylvan elf -- Taurquessir

18.Days of the week ~Elven Translation ~

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Monday -- Elenya
Tuesday -- Anarya
Wednesday -- Isilya
Thursday -- Alduya
Friday -- Menelya
Saturday -- Valanya
Sunday -- Tarion

19.Months ~Elven Translation~

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January -- Narvinye
February -- Nenime
March -- Sulime
April -- Viresse
May -- Lotesse
June -- Narie
July -- Cermie
August -- Urime
September -- Yavannie
October -- Narquelie
November -- Hisime
December -- Ringare

20.Holidays ~Elven Translation~

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Winter Solstice -- Yenearsira
Spring Festival -- Sheelala
Vernal Equinox -- Ehtelemele
Autumnal Equinox -- Yavieba
Summer Solstace -- Faradome

21.Pronouns ~Elven Translation~

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he -- ro
her, hers he him, his -- ho
I, my, mine -- amin
it, its -- ta
she -- re
that -- tanya
them, their -- sen
they -- ron
this -- sena
we, us, ours -- lye
who -- ya
you, yours -- lle
you, yours (plural) -- llie