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Lesson 45: The Knotted Cord

Written by Kim

Isis was the Egyptian goddess associated with the magick of knots. It was believed tat the priestesses could control the weather by braiding or unbraiding their hair as well as tying or blowing on knots. Isis could also have an influence in someone’s life by using knot magick.

The Greek goddess Circe was also associated with knot magick. She is more commonly known as the goddess of agriculture, which is why she adorns the dome of the Vermont State Capitol building. Circe controlled the forces of creation and destruction by placing knots and braids in her hair in a similar fashion to the priestesses of the Egyptian goddess Isis.

Both goddess can be known as Fate Goddesses who where associated with the magickal tying and loosening of knots. The Triple Fate Goddesses of the Norse and the Norns are fate goddesses as well. These goddesses were able to use knots to tie up or release energy.

Control of the weather was one of the most common usages of knots. Especially for sailors who needed the power of the wind in order to go from place to place. For example, when the wind would die down, they would untie a knot. British witches were thought to be able to control a nosebleed by tying knots into a red cord. (I wish all EMS was that easy.)

Special cords are sometimes presented to initiates for use in ceremonies and magick. These cords are worn around the waist until needed during a ritual. Some groups weave these cords temporarily together during a ritual for spell work. However, most cord and knot magick is done with smaller, more flexible cords or thread.

Knot magick is also used to store magickal power to use at a later time. For example, full moon magick is knotted into a cord and released during a spell during new moon days and vise versa.


(Editors Note: This is just a guideline, use colors that you feel fit your purpose.)

Black: banishing, crone magick, morning, loss, meditation, abstinence, feminine divine

Brown: animal magick, home, locate lost objects, fertility

Blue: peace, healing, tranquility, truth, sleep, prophetic dreams, friendship, physical protection, hope, sensuality

Gold: solar deities, God (masculine divine), protection, possessive

Silver: neutral, remove negativity, encourage stability, psychic protection, Goddess (feminine divine)

Green: beauty, employment, fertility, healing, success, good luck, prosperity, money, rejuvenation, masculine divine, marriage, family, good for finding monogamous partners

Orange: creativity, attraction, stimulate energy, legal matters, success, new home

Pink: love, honor, friendship, fidelity, femininity, romance

Purple: psychic ability, wisdom, spirituality, success, independence, spiritual growth, power, healing, feminine divine, imagination

Red: lust, strength, courage, power, health, energy, vitality, love, magnetism, willpower, passion, good for finding non-monogamous partners

White: meditation, healing, truth, peace, spiritual strength, lunar magick, purity, protection, happiness, masculine divine

Yellow: charm, confidence, attraction, wisdom, visions, psychic powers, mental powers, new home, communication, intellectual


To Bind From Harm:

Use this spell to prevent someone from harming themselves and others. Tie nine knots in a cord while saying each time, "I bind you, (name), from harming yourself and from harming others." When you are finished say, "Thee times three, I bind you, (name), from harming yourself and from harming others." Then burn the cord so that the knots may never come undone.


Tie nine knots in a length of thread and then tie the cord around the afflicted body part. Wear for a few minutes, visualizing what ails you, and then untie all the knots, releasing the ailment. Throw the thread into running water. (Please, please, please use a natural fiber.)

To Prevent Nightmares:

Suspend from the ceiling or hand on the wall above your bed a holed stone on a cord containing nine knots.

Love Spell:

(Editors Note: As with all love spells never visualize a specific person. This spell may be used in an already existing relationship to help strengthen it but both partners must agree to it.)

Take three cords or string of the color(s), which symbolize your need. Knot one end to represent yourself. Braid the cord/string until you reach the other end. Knot that end to represent the one you love, or to represent a loving relationship. Visualize the two of you coming together as one and knot the center of the braid. Keep the braid in a safe place if it is used in an existing relationship. If you are using it to attract love, keep it on your person or wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet until love is found.

Releasing Hate/Anger:

Focus all of your hate and anger and then tie a knot. Visualize your anger tied up in that knot. Then undo the knot, releasing your anger and throw the cord into a fire.


Tie nine knots in a cord while visualizing a protective image such as a shield or a circle of white light. Carry the cord with you for personal protection or hang inside your home.

Simple Needs Knot:

Take a cord in the appropriate color and visualize/feel your need. Once you’ve built up as much emotion as you can, knot the cord firmly once. Keep the cord in a safe place until your need is met.

To Rid of Troubles:

Concentrate on something that is troubling you. When you are full of emotion, firmly tie a knot in the cord and then leave the room and the cord behind for a while. Later one, after you’re relaxed and focused, go back into the room and untie the knot, releasing what had been troubling you. Visualize it disappearing.

After Your Need is Met:

There are three things you may do with the cord after your need is met:

1. Burn it so that the knot may never come undone.
2. Keep it in a safe place where it won’t be disturbed.
3. Bury it in the earth.

Undoing Knot Magick:

Simply undo the knot. This doesn’t always work so be sure that what you are doing follows the Rede.

Celtic Myth & Magic: Harness the Power of the Gods and Goddesses By Edain McCoy
The Complete Craft By D.J. Conway