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Lesson 44: Love Magick

Written by Isa Moon

Love magick is the most popular magick performed today with prosperity magick a close second. One of the biggest issues around love magick is free will, or the violation there of. When performing a love spell never, ever visualize a specific person. Violation of free will can cause many complications in a relationship (remember the Craft). Therefore, when doing love spells do not visualize a specific person rather the feeling of being loved.

Timing of your spell: The best times for love magick are nights during the waxing moon. Fridays are the day of Venus and doing your spells on this day will make them more powerful. Summer also increases the power of love spells as does rainstorms.

Spell for Self-love: In order to find love without you must first love within.

Mirror Spell: (Modified From Cunningham, Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Tools: mirror; fresh, sweet smelling flower; pink candle

Place the mirror on a table. Charge the candle with loving energy and place it in a holder beside the mirror far enough back so it is not reflected and light it.

Sit before the mirror and gaze at your reflection. Try not to think about the things you donít love about yourself. If you do, dismiss them and tell yourself that you are a beautiful and loving person, or something similar.

Pick up the flower and hold it between yourself and the mirror. Visualize the beauty and love from the flower flowing into you. Repeat the following or something similar 3 times:

Shine, mirror, shine:
Shine with power;
Reflecting love
From this flower!

Repeat spell every night for a least a week.

Spells for Attracting Love:

Fiery Love: This spell involves burning. (From Cunningham, Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Tools: charred stick, piece of paper, rose petals

Using the charred stick draw two interlinked hearts on the paper. Visualize yourself enjoying a satisfying relationship (remember, do not be specific.)

Hold the petals in your hand and charge them with fiery, loving energy. Sprinkle the petals over the hearts. Wrap the paper around the petals and throw package into the fire. Or, light package with a candle and place in a fire safe container.

To Attract Love: (From Cunningham, Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Tools: Lodestone

Charge the stone by visualizing yourself in a happy, emotionally healthy relationship, again, not with anyone specific. Hold the stone and say the following or similar:

Stone, which draws from
Below and above,
Draw now to me
My one true love.

Wrap in pink cloth (if you wish) and wear or carry until your love appears.

Bring My Lover to Me Candle Spell: (By Isa Moon)
Tools: Two pink votive candles; thread: red or pink; cookie sheet or similar

Charge one of the candles with your energy, as this candle will symbolize you in the spell. Charge the other candle with all the things you want in a mate. (Ex. When I did this spell I placed things like kindness, love, humor, into the candle because those were qualities I wanted in a mate.) Tie one end of the string to each of the candles, it doesnít have to be perfect. Leave enough slack in the string to be able to place the candles in opposite corners of the cookie sheet.

On seven consecutive nights light the candles and pull them closer toward each other. When they are finally together allow them to burn out. I then formed a heart with the still warm wax and string. It hung on my wall until my love appeared.

This spell is also good to bring lovers together who are separated by distance. In this case, write their names on the candle. Make sure you have permission from both parties before you do it, even if you are one of the parties.

Spells for Strengthening Love:

Water Vow: This spell is for couples that wish to stay together for a long time. (From Cunningham, Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Tools: none

This is an old wedding vow. Therefore, it should only be used by those who wish to commit or for relationships that wish to strengthen their love.

Find a narrow stream or spring. Stand on one side with your love on the other. Clasp hands over the water and say together:

Flowing water, witness this act:
Our hands are bound; we make this pact.

A Penny for Loving: (From Cunningham, Earth, Air, Fire, Water)

Copper is the metal of the planet Venus and the element water, both of which have great influence over matters of love. Warning: only effective if both parties want to smooth out the relationship.

Tools: a penny

Visualize the happy times that you and you partner have shared, emphasize the love. Put this energy into the penny and toss it over your right shoulder into a well or body of water while saying:

Coin of the realm,
Metal of Venus,
Ensure that naught will
Come between us.
Strengthen our love
This magical day,
This is our will
And this is the way.

Spell For a Broken Heart:

Clay Spell: (From Cunningham, Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
Tools: red clay (play dough works), wax paper, round box

Form a circle by pressing together the tips of your thumb and ring finger of your hand. Your ball of clay should be able to pass through this space.

Now, (not blaming the other person) take out all your emotions on the ball of clay but always return it to a ball. When you feel ready, smooth the ball onto the wax paper and make a rough heart shape.

Lift the clay from the paper and rip it apart saying:

This is what was.

After a few seconds, tenderly lay the pieces back onto the waxed paper and put them back together, smoothing over the broken edges until youíve returned your heart to its original appearance. Release all the anger, fear, hatred, and guilt that you feel about the relationship, affirming that these emotions are not in the past. Say:

This is what is.

Carefully lift the heart and lay it over your own. Feel its energy entering you, healing you, soothing you.

When finished place the heart in the box and leave it there for uses as needed. If the clay hardens fill the box with rose petals and keep is as a symbol of your self-love.

For Love:

Herbs: Use in cooking as aphrodisiac or in spells to make more powerful.
Basil, lavender (do not eat), rose, rosemary, thyme, and many more

Stones: Use as charms to carry or wear or in spells to make them more powerful.
Amethyst, jade, moonstone, olivine, pearl, rose quartz, topaz,

Aromatherapy: Use to sent yourself or your space.
Gardenia, hyacinth, jasmine, lemon verbena, lilac, lotus, magnolia, musk, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, ylang ylang