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Lesson 43: Protection

Written by Avery Starowl

Making Magick By Edain McCoy
Earth, Air, Fire, Water By Scott Cunningham


Shielding: Used to stop or filter psychic energy.
Shielding is simply a visualized energy barrier between you and everything else. A shield is usually visualized as a bubble, red and purple are strong protection colors. To stop psychic energy all together, visualize the bubble being solid. If you wish only to filter, visualize it as a lace or with lots of openings. Specify what you want to be filtered in, like only positive energy.

Aura Shield: Blocks psychic energy and protects aura from negativity.
Pull energy up through your body and push it out into your aura or energy field. Visualize it reaching the edge of your aura and forming a hard shell around you. (Caution: this will not allow any negative energy to leave your aura.)

Amulets: Protection.
Amulets are something that you wear often like a necklace, ring, etc. that is charged for protection. Charge the object by holding it in your hands and visualize it turning the colors of protection (red, purple, or black) or by asking it to protect you from specific things like negative energy. (See stones and symbols of protection)

Closing Chakras: protects specific areas from negative attack.
Areas that need most protection are third eye and solar plexus these areas are most vulnerable to negativity. Should you feel that another area is being attacked (second chakra from sexual harassment, someone’s jealous of your voice, etc.) protect those as well.

Circle of Salt: Salt is a wonderful protection tool but we remind you that it kills plant life and suggest that you leave it for indoors.
Place yourself or something you wish to protect inside a circle made of salt.

Witch Bottle: Protection
Take one or more jars (preferably glass with lids) and fill with broken glass, bent nails, broken mirrors (we recommend that you do not break a mirror for this spell but find one already broken) and other nasty things that you wouldn’t want to touch. Then put part of yourself in to it (i.e. hair, fingernail clippings, urine) and bury it far from where you live.

The witch bottle works by drawing any negative energy directed at you toward the bottle, the broken bits then cut it up, and being buried grounds it.

Protecting your home/space:

Our suggestion: Always physically and psychically clean your space before performing any of these things. Otherwise, you will lock any negativity into your home.

Shielding: works the same way as for self-shielding. Can be used on home, dorm, apartment, car, and other objects.
Imagine the thing your protecting surrounded by red or purple light. To strengthen shield use protective herbs (see bottom). Seal weak areas (doors and windows) by placing protective herbs or stones on them or by visualizing or placing a protective symbol over them.

In cars protect doors, windows, tires, and engine.

Protection Bottle: Protection
Fill a bottle with small stones, soil, and/or sand. Charge it for gathering and grounding negative energy. (Worked well on campus in a suite shared by eight men.)

Invisibility: Caution: Working with invisibility does not truly make you invisible but rather plays tricks with other peoples minds. People who are psychic or work with energies will be able to see you but will also be able to sense that you want to be left alone. Working with invisibility over a long period of time will leave you feeling alone and left out. It is best to be used only for short-term things.

Amulet: Ritually charge an amulet to make its wearer invisible

Mist: Visualize yourself shrouded in a mist.

The Chameleon: Make yourself blend in with the room. Warning: room blending will leave you very psychically open.

Aura: Visualize your aura turning clear.

Shape shifting: (Caution: Advanced Magick!) Visualize yourself becoming something else. Shape shifting is usually done with animals, we do not suggest doing it for long periods of time or very often. Remember to always shift back to your human form.

Stones for Protection: onyx, garnet, diamond, turquoise

Herbs/Plants for Protection: basil, angelica, rosemary, garlic, onions, birch, African violet

Symbols for Protection: