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Here are the Wavs. Just click and download. Some are a little messed up or on a LOW volume. So you might have to change but oh well better then nothing. Also the wavs go by Frieza's forms.

Form 1
Frieza back scratcher 2
Frieza back scratcher 2
Frieza saying that is a bunch of baloney
Frieza is a little TOO happy about blowing up some planets
Frieza saying the chamber is dead
Frieza saying he is good at something....
Frieza calling some Namek a fool
Frieza going to be a god
Frieza calling a Namek a Green Blob
Frieza telling Nail the ground rules
Frieza hates you
Frieza calling his Ginyu Force some Idiots
Frieza can't wait to be immortal
Now you die!
Frieza telling some Nameks that there weak as...
Frieza's wish

Form 2
Frieza is disgusted at Piccolo
Frieza going to eat some Kulilin
Frieza telling what he thinks of a Namek

Form 3
Frieza going to beat some tail
Frieza telling Piccolo its time for school

Form 4
Frieza making a stew
Frieza saying he only used 1% of his power
Frieza talking about crushing and ripping Goku apart
Frieza telling Z Gang that them and the Planet is dust
Frieza fin thing
Frieza going to kill you
Frieza telling Vegeta he has some High Hopes
Frieza telling SSJGoku that he be impressed when he is dead
Frieza telling Goku he beat him with no hands
Frieza telling Goku to prepare for battle
Frieza playing eye spy
Frieza is almost tickled
I am sorry but this one is just..just download it
Frieza going to blow up Goku
Frieza telling the dragon his wish
Frieza showing his love for SSJGoku
Frieza has never been...
Only one of them will leave alive
Frieza wants to know what SSJGoku is smiling about
Frieza just telling what he thinks SSJGoku is
What time is it?
WAVS Sent In From RainbowI983

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