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DBZ Links

Here are some GREAT Sites!

Goobernutt Dragon BallZ/GT site-This site has info, movies, picutures. Almost everything.

The Ultimate DBZ Information Site-Are you a newbie? Need to know what REAL Dragon Ball Z is? Well, go here and check it out. This is the infomation of DBZ and trust me it is the best out there.

Temple of Trunks-Love Trunks? Need something to laugh at? Come here cause I am sure you get a kick out of what this girl is doing.

DBZ Uncensored-I might not like the guy's views but, he still has a great site. He tells you what you are missing in DBZ

Ginga GIRI GIRI!!!!-A new info site that came along. Still Castor got his Shrine to Vegeta (good for those "Vegeta" fans) but other then that you might want to go there for a laugh or two.

FUNimation-Dub Dragon Ball Z. Nuff said.

Nathan's Dragon Ball Z Planet-Another great infomation sites about DBZ and more!

The Unrival Dragonball Source-GREAT layout and much, much, MUCH more.

Xtream Dragon Ball Z-What can I say about this site? Go help this dude get some hits.

Lady Frieza's Launch Pad-I though I had the best Frieza site out there. This site is just...WoW! Fanfics, pictures, infomation, the whole works. You just have to check this out. It is the greatest thing since slice bread!

Vold The Dragon's Lair-This site made the picture "No Saiyans Allowed!!!!!". It's a site full of Dragon Art, a Chibi Frieza and many more. It's a nice site I must say.

Planet Namek-Just go here.....go god if you don't go you will miss out on THE best site there is on DBZ Info and News. Just go!

Retardeus- As the banner says, it's a "SUPER PAGE OF ORIGINAL ART!" It is. This has great Fan Art on it. Some of the best I've ever seen. So just click, click, and go.

Frieza'z Domain- It's an up and coming Frieza site. Go help the guy and go to his site. GO GO GO GO!!!!

Anime Palace- It's my co-owner's old site. Full of Anime goodies and some more. So check it out.

E.V.I.L NOW!- This is the most evilest site out there. If you want to know all the greatness of being evil and so on then come on and go.