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    • The New Owner says:

      "The site is back, and hopefully, better than ever!"

    Hello Everyone! This shrine has been up since January 1999, and hope to go much longer! Welcome to the NEW Shrine to the most evil person in all of the Dragon Ball/Z/GT Series.He has taken the most hits and still lived through them. Lived through being hit with the Genki Dama, getting sliced in half, even a battle with Super Saiya-jin Gokou.He has even killed some of our favorite people, Kuririn, Vegeta, and well everyone on Namek. Hell couldn't even keep this evil monster at bay! So come on in, look at our site and have a fun time.

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    3/08/02 Hello Hello. I brought the poll back, cuz I know how much you people love um. That's about it. Lata.
    2/24/02 -Update- I fixed the error on the Coolist. You can subscribe now. Sorry everyone!- Hello again. Sorry about the complete lack of updates. I have had major computer trouble. I now have a newsletter sign up for our site. So, if you want explanations for downtimes, lack of updates, etc., sign up! Plus, members get special info and surprises. More updates later today, so come back. I also want to say welcome to Dr.Bond from Ginga GIRI GIRI!! I submited the site for linking. Jus call me little Mr. Suck Up. Lata.
    1/3/02 I managed to get the internet pictures back, it seems that BK, the original owner, had his pics hosted by another site. I have him on my AIM, I will ask him when he comes online next time. In the mean time, enjoy the pics that are here now. Lata.
    1/1/02 Hello Again!!!!! Its 2002! I worked my ass off on this layout, and it looks horrible. Anyshit, I added some little banner thingys above the menu bars. I got a fanfic in the mail by fizz, so that addition will be on the next update. I am also converting all the pages to the new layout, so that will take awhile. See ya lata.
    1/1/02 Hello Everyone!!!!! Happy New Year! I decided to give you guys the new layout right now for well, you know, the new year! It looks totally crappy right now, but it will get better! I promise! So, if you like or hate it, please e-mail me! The link is over to the left! Til next update! Bye!
    12/29/01 Hey All. Here I am! I am the new owner of The Shrine To Frieza! I am here to bring this site back to the way it was, back to the glory days of updates, fun things to look at, and of course, admiring Freeza for who he is!!!! Keep Coming back, The Shrine To Frieza has RETURNED!!!


    The Disclamer
    I did not make DragonBall Z nor did I make any items from it. Thanks to TOEI, FUNimation, Telemundo,Akira Toriyama, and the rest of the people who help make DragonBall/Z/GT. I take only pictures, movies, sounds, and so on. I do not claim the drawing of those as my own. I do not claim the movies as my own. I only put it on my site.